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URGENT Prayer and Action: Give Him 15-'One of the Most Egregious Governmental Actions Yet'

Dutch Sheets : Aug 26, 2022  Give Him 15

"...For this situation, we must pray AND act now - before the September 12th deadline. Parents, grandparents, all of us who are concerned Americans, let's do this." -Dutch Sheets

[] Today I want to make you aware of the Biden administration's attempt to expand Title IX. This has been called "one of the largest, most aggressive social engineering overreaches of the government in America's history."[1] It is nothing less than a federally mandated indoctrination of our children. Vernadette Broyles of Child and Parental Rights Campaign, says this regulation "will directly affect 77 million children, requiring the normalization and unquestioned acceptance of gender identity ideology as part of their school environment. The threat to parental rights, children's physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, religious liberties, freedom of speech, girls' safety and sports, and more is potentially devastating."[2] (Screengrab image)

What is Title IX?

Title IX of the Education Amendments was enacted by Congress in 1972 to eliminate discrimination in education based upon sex (gender), against girls and women in particular.[3] It states:

No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance . . . [4]

When Title IX was passed, girls and women faced high barriers to pursuing educational opportunities, particularly in higher education.[5] Title IX was designed to remove those barriers, and now represents 50 years of progress in education made by girls and women.

Title IX regulates every public K-12 school, college, and university in the nation, as well as every private school that takes federal funding. As a result, it has wide-reaching implications for tens of millions of children and parents across the country. The regulations implemented in Title IX were binary (based on two genders—male and female), recognizing biological distinctions where they matter and prohibiting discrimination based on biological sex (gender), as Congress intended. Until now.

The Proposed Changes

On July 12, 2022, the United States Department of Education ("USDOE") published in the Federal Register a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to rewrite the federal regulations governing Title IX. The proposed revised regulations would expand the scope of Title IX, without Congressional approval, to include prohibiting "discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity." This effective rewrite of Title IX's fundamental purpose would have many devastating consequences for parental rights, Free Speech, Free Exercise of Religion, girls' sports, and children's health and safety. Members of the public will have 60 days, or until September 12, 2022 to submit Comments to the USDOE outlining these harmful effects. I'll say more about this momentarily.

Here's what the proposed new regulations will do:

Create a New Category of Sex Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

They declare that preventing a student from participating in any school activity "consistent with their gender identity" subjects that student to harm. Failure to follow the new rules will risk loss of federal funding.

Make Upholding Biological Reality a Form of "Sex-based Harassment"

In place of "sexual harassment," the new language is "sex-based harassment." Actions like using a child's given name and biologically accurate pronouns instead of a preferred name and pronouns may be regarded as sex-based harassment.

Create a Head-On Collision With Parental Rights

The new regulations require K-12 schools to affirm a child's asserted gender identity as a matter of federal law. This will involve school officials in life-altering decisions affecting the health and well-being of children. They will further encourage school officials to usurp parental authority without notice to or the consent of, and even over the objections of parents when it comes to gender identity. This will potentially drive a wedge between children and their parents at the time when children need parents most.

The regulations also expand Title IX's reach to include what occurs outside of school. Because they deem failure to treat students consistent with their gender identity subjects that student to harm, activists will be able to report to state child protective services parents who uphold biological reality and refuse to allow school officials to endorse their child's discordant gender identity.

Since this would be federal law, the obligation to comply with the proposed regulations is not "alleviated by any state or local law or other requirement." Therefore, these regulations will create legal uncertainty about the enforceability of state laws protecting parental rights where they conflict with the new federal Title IX regulations. This will assuredly be exploited by activist officials and likely require expensive court action to obtain a resolution to the conflicts.

Require Schools to Open Up Their Privacy Facilities Based on Gender Identity

Schools would be required to permit biological males who identify as females to use private facilities set aside for females and vice versa. Girls/women will have to surrender their right to privacy and be placed at increased risk for harassment or assault by males who claim a female identity.

Jeopardize Girls' and Women's Athletic and Educational Opportunities

These rules will require sex-separate sports to be based on gender identity instead of biological gender. This will force girls and women to compete on an unfair basis for athletic opportunities and scholarships against males and create significant risks of injury for girls and women.

Ultimately Normalize Gender Identity Ideology and Harm Children's Health

These regulations will promote and normalize gender identity ideology in our schools as mandated policy and wrongfully encourage students to believe that "children can be born into the wrong body."

Many children will then pursue chemical and surgical alterations that can have irreversible life-altering consequences for them, such as sterility and life-long sexual dysfunction, interrupting healthy growth and development, loss of bone density, cognitive problems, blood clots, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

Disproportionately Harm Minority and Other Disadvantaged Children

While the proposed regulations would ensnare all children in a harmful ideology, they would disproportionately harm minority and other disadvantaged children who remain trapped in public schools, unable to flee the system.

In May 2022, the US Department of Agriculture announced that in order for schools to receive funds for free student lunches, breakfasts, and other food items, they must comply with its interpretation of Title IX and other food-related programs.[6] To receive food assistance under the new rule, the Biden administration is forcing schools to comply with allowing boys to use girls' changing and restroom facilities, and forcing teachers to use inaccurate pronouns for children who believe they are transgender. The National School Lunch Program feeds nearly 30 million children every day.

None of these potential harms were contemplated by Congress when they enacted Title IX in 1972. Parents, faith and community leaders, and educators must speak out courageously and clearly about the many destructive consequences these regulations will have if implemented. We only have until September 12, 2022, to do so.

What We Must Do

For this situation, we must pray AND act now - before the September 12th deadline. Parents, grandparents, all of us who are concerned Americans, let's do this. Here's what we need for you to do:

  • Go to this website:

  • Watch the short but powerful VIDEO; then

  • Scroll down to HERE'S WHAT TO DO. It will give you all the information you need.

Please follow the instructions very carefully. CPRC has made this very easy as long as you follow their instructions carefully. They give you starter ideas/language for what needs to be said and where to submit your formal comment (it's only a click). If you are computer challenged, ask a friend to help you. This is important. We need hundreds of thousands of people to do this over the next 2 weeks. Please share this with others.

Pray with me:

Father, we have nothing but compassion for those struggling with gender identity. But we reject every plan that forces unbiblical ideals and philosophies on us and our children. Continue to expose the evil agendas of those who oppose You and Your ways. We thank You for revealing their plans and exposing their foolish ideologies. Continue shining Your light on their many efforts.

Forgive us as a nation for voting into government positions those who oppose and dishonor You and Your Word. And forgive us for allowing educators over the past 40 years to indoctrinate a generation of Americans with humanistic and unbiblical philosophies. Help us to reverse this.

As Your Ekklesia on earth, we bind and forbid these efforts to indoctrinate and enslave our children. We boldly declare that they will fail, that the insanity of it will become clear. We ask You, Father, to cause millions of Americans to rise up and say "Enough!"

Give wise strategies to those in government and legal professions. May they be given Your wisdom. And lastly, we ask You to move on hundreds of thousands of Americans to take action against this plan. We ask for all of this in the powerful name of Jesus.

Our decree:

We decree that the ungodly plans of the unrighteous will be exposed and will fail. Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

Click Here, then scroll down to watch the full video.

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