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'Religious Freedom Prevailed': Houston Officials Agree to Permit Synagogue to Meet Following Religious Liberty Lawsuit

"...We are grateful that city officials followed federal and state laws protecting religious practice, and we are thrilled that Heimish of Houston can continue to meet the needs of its community. We are also hopeful that Houston's response will serve as an example to other cities of how a diverse city can welcome people of all faiths." -Justin Butterfield, Deputy General Counsel for First Liberty Institute

(Houston, TX) — [(more)


Latest Episode of 'At Home With The Robertsons' Tackles Tough Questions about COVID-19 Vaccine Safety

"I would recommend any of my family members to get any of them. I understand why people are nervous but it's incredible how we did it." -Dr. Michael Ayers

[CBN News] In the latest episode of At Home With The Robertsons, Willie and Korie discuss the important topic of whether or not it's safe to get vaccinated for COVID-19—a question weighing on the minds of many Americans....(more)

Arkansas Legislature Passes Bill Banning Planned Parenthood from Public Schools

[] Known as the "Arkansas Student Protection Act," the bill passed the state Senate on Monday in a vote of 27-5, having previously passed the state House of Representatives by a vote of 73-18....(more)

Verdict: Jury Finds Derek Chauvin Guilty of Murdering George Floyd

“...The remedy—politically and judicially speaking—is the blind eye of justice guiding our legislators and judges, but the remedy for the soul of America is empathy, understanding, and love of one's neighbor whatever the color of their skin. It begins with America's Judeo-Christian conviction that every single human being is made in the image of God. We will only reach our destination on this long march if we reach it together. " -Rev. Samuel Rodriguez


Oldest American Supercentenarian Passes into Eternity; Her Secret to Longevity? 'Living for the Lord'

"...Her light shined beyond her local area and she lived beyond a century with memories containing real life experience of over 100 years. She not only represented the advancement of our family but of the Black African American race and culture in our country. She was a reminder of how far we have come as people on this earth..." -from the Official Statement from family

[CBN News] The oldest living American—a woman whose life was marked by a strong Christian faith—died peacefully in her sleep over the weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina....(more)

Community Leaders Oppose Removing Protections for Police Officers

Before castigating the police for the sake of social justice, it is wise to look at the data. Research conducted by a notable African-American economist at Harvard University reveals a lack of racial bias in police shootings. According to the statistics used in Professor Roland Fryer's study, officers are more likely to fire their weapons without having first been attacked when the suspect is white. Fryer's research analyzed more than a thousand shootings in ten major police departments.

(Mansfield, OH) — [FrontlinesOhio....(more)

Young Pregnant Pro-abortion Leader in Argentina Dies after Legal Abortion

Her party campaigned for legal abortion, and while it is not clear whether she personally joined pro-abortion "green scarf" rallies, her party had always told her that legal abortion is "safe" and a question of personal choice.

airlift(La Paz, Argentina) — [] A 23-year-old woman died in a hospital in San Martin in the Argentinian province of Mendoza last Sunday, four days after having undergone a legal abortion in the neighboring town of La Paz....(more)

Biden Admin Axes President Trump's Rules Limiting Experimentation on Aborted Babies

Joe Biden's allowance of research on the bodies of aborted babies will "force Americans to be complicit in barbaric experiments using body parts harvested from innocent children killed in abortions, with no limits of any kind."

(Washington, DC) — [] ...Joe Biden's administration overturned restrictions on Friday relating to federal funding of the use of fetal tissue—body parts of aborted babies—for experimental purposes....(more)

Israeli Researchers Make Major Discovery in Fight against Brain Cancer

...Researchers used this knowledge about SELP to restore the brain's immune system's normal function and thus arrest the glioblastoma tumor growth.

[] Researchers at Tel Aviv University have discovered a protein that may hold the key to preventing the spread of glioblastoma, an aggressive brain or spinal cord cancer. While it is a relatively rare disease, glioblastoma is most often fatal and affects thousands of people each year, notably US Senators John McCain and Ted Kennedy, Beau Biden (Joe Biden's son), and Johnny Cochrane, attorney to OJ Simpson....(more)

Facebook Blocks Users from Sharing News Reports on Black Lives Matter Co-Founder's Mansions

As reported by the New York Post and the Daily Mail, 37-year-old Khan-Cullors (BLM co-founder) has in recent years purchased a $1.4 million property in Los Angeles (her third in the city) as well as a $415,000, 3.2-acre property in Georgia.

[] Facebook is working to quash distribution of revelations about how the leading Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization's homosexual co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors has enriched herself, as evidenced by the purchase of no less than four high-end residences totaling $3.2 million....(more)

Rep. Greene Vows to Introduce Resolution to Expel Maxine Waters for Inciting Violence

"As a sitting United States Congresswoman Maxine Waters threatened a jury demanding a guilty verdict and threatened violence if Chauvin is found not guilty. This is also an abuse of power ... After traveling across state lines to incite riots, her orders recorded on video last night at the Brooklyn Center, directly led to more violence and a drive by shooting on National Guardsmen in Minnesota early this morning." -Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

[] Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene says she will introduce a resolution to expel Democrat Rep....(more)

NASA's 'Ingenuity' Mars Helicopter Succeeds in Historic First Flight

"Now, 117 years after the Wright brothers succeeded in making the first flight on our planet, NASA's Ingenuity helicopter has succeeded in performing this amazing feat on another world. While these two iconic moments in aviation history may be separated by time and 173 million miles of space, they now will forever be linked. As an homage to the two innovative bicycle makers from Dayton, this first of many airfields on other worlds will now be known as Wright Brothers Field, in recognition of the ingenuity and innovation that continue to propel exploration." -NASA Associate Administrator for Science Thomas Zurbuchen


Prophetic Dream Led to an Ark-like Building for The Village Church and an Amazing Answer to Prayer

"Here's a church valued at close to $6 million and they deeded us that building. We didn't write a check for it. So here was a building the Lord gave us. This beautiful building that matched the dream that we had, that matched the prophetic words that were given to us about what could happen in that place. It also matched the prayers of their people. They had been praying for 10 young families. The Lord gave them 10 times 10. He gave them a multitude of families. So, He took their prayer of faith and He blessed their prayer of faith with thousands." -Pastor Steve Hardin


Former Vice President Mike Pence Recovering after Receiving a Pacemaker

"...The routine surgery was successful, and he is expected to fully recover and return to normal activity in the coming days." -from a statement by Mike Pence's office

[CBN News] Former Vice President Mike Pence announced on social media Thursday that he underwent surgery on Wednesday to have a pacemaker installed....(more)

Billy Graham Chaplains Help Minneapolis Suburb Process Pain [Photos]

Chaplains deploy from their homes across the nation to meet communities in the midst of crisis. They listen to stories of heartache and pray with others in their grief.

[] Crisis-trained chaplains from the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team are ministering in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, talking with locals and pointing them to a God who gives hope. Many in the Twin Cities are deeply hurting after 20-year-old Daunte Wright was shot and killed at a traffic stop on April 11. (Image: BGEA via (more)

'I've Never Seen Anything Like This': Tennessee Church Sees 1,000 Baptisms in Less Than Four Months

"I began sitting with the Lord for 10 months. Then, finally, Dec. 15, 2020, I'm on the porch, and I hear as clear as day these words in my head, after a season of silence and solitude: 'Spontaneous baptism...'" -Pastor Robby Gallaty

[] The spark that ignites the flame isn't always all that bright at first....(more)

Brazil's New Statue of Jesus will Surpass Height of Rio's Christ the Redeemer

In comparison, the Christ the Redeemer statue measures more than 124 feet high and spans more than 91 feet hand to hand. The iconic figure will mark its 90th birthday this October.

[CBN News] A new statue of Jesus Christ is under construction in southern Brazil and it will reach higher than the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue that overlooks Rio de Janeiro....(more)

FDA to Allow Abortion Pill Distribution by Mail during COVID-19 Pandemic

"Because of today's decision, women will be home alone delivering a dead child, unsure whether the volume of blood loss they see is 'normal' for the abortion procedure or them hemorrhaging and bleeding out. Unsure if the pain they feel is the 'normal' pain of the abortion procedure or pain from their ectopic pregnancy going undiagnosed and now threatening their life. Now, due to the utter carelessness of the FDA, the door has been opened for sexual predators to have the abortion pill delivered by mail so they can administer it to their victims and destroy the evidence of their sexual crimes." -from a Statement by Lila Rose, Live Action founder, president


She Wrote a Report About Discrimination against Religious Workers, Then Biden Fired Her

"We need to make sure that the federal government is fairly protecting all workers. That no one has any reason to believe that certain rights supersede other rights or are somehow given higher priority." -Sharon Gustafson

airlift[CBN News] Attorney Sharon Gustafson has worked in employment law for decades, including arguing a pregnancy discrimination case before the Supreme Court. In 2019, she became the first woman to serve as general counsel for the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC)....(more)

'The Birthing of a Miracle: Revival Is Coming to China!'-A Testimony and Prophetic Word

"...In March 2020, I was taken into another vision. This was the most vivid 3D-type of vision I have had thus far. In it, I saw a great revival happening in China. It was bursting out all over! People were dancing, celebrating, and worshiping God all over the streets of China..." -Sean Song

[] Testimony-Our Miracle Baby at Elijah List Conference: By 2015, I had been in the United States for thirteen years and a Christian for the same amount of time. In 2006, I married my wife, and like many other Chinese couples, we had every intention of building a family....(more)

Michigan Deputies Rescue an Abandoned 4-Month-Old Baby

"Even if my father and mother abandon me, the Lord will hold me close." Ps.27:10 (NLT)

[] A woman abandoned her 4-month-old baby in the woods of Michigan Wednesday morning. Thankfully, deputies found the baby....(more)

Pentagon Develops Microchip That Detects COVID When Inserted Under Skin

"It's a sensor. That tiny green thing in there, you put it underneath your skin, and what that tells you is that there are chemical reactions going on inside the body and that signal means you're gonna have symptoms tomorrow." -Ret. Col. Dr. Matthew Hepburn, a program manager for DARPA

[] Medical researchers at the Pentagon have been working to develop what is, in essence, a microchip capable of detecting a COVID-19 infection when inserted under the skin....(more)

TX Bill Would Make It Illegal to Change the Gender of Minors, Charging Parents Who Consent With Child Abuse

"Children are unable to give informed consent. This bill gives children a chance to get to adulthood with intact bodies." -Texas GOP Republican Executive Committee Member Jill Glover

airlift[CBN News] Texas lawmakers discussed a new bill on Monday designed to protect minors from getting gender-altering treatments when they're too young to make major lifelong decisions....(more)

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'I Heard God Speak to Me': Columbine Survivor Craig Scott Reflects on the Moments That Saved His Life, and How He Found Forgiveness

"Forgiveness was one of the biggest healing pieces. For a couple years, I just was so filled with anger, hating the shooters. To me, forgiveness was really letting go." -Craig Scott

[PureFlix Insider] It has been 22 years since two student gunmen entered Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, and killed 12 students and one teacher before turning their weapons on themselves....(more)

WATCH: Arizona Gov. Ducey Declares Border Emergency Because Biden Won't

"The federal government won't act—but Arizona will. To address the crisis at the border, I've issued a Declaration of Emergency and am deploying the brave men and women of our @AZNationalGuard to support law enforcement efforts and protect Arizonans." -AZ Gov. Doug Ducey


'We're Not Doing Fauci-ism': Ron DeSantis Defends Florida's COVID Response

The Sun-Sentinel reported last week that hospitals across Florida have registered a 46% drop in admissions for COVID-19 patients ages 70 and over since mid-February.

airlift[] Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is defending his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Sunshine State....(more)

'Stop Killing Our Children': Benjamin Watson Exposes 'Hollow' Apology for Planned Parenthood's Racist Roots

"I find it hollow to call out Margaret Sanger and talk about her association with white supremacist groups and talk about her connection to eugenics and try to distance themselves from her while they are still perpetuating her mission that is systematically targeting young, largely African American, largely poor women and families and children." -Benjamin Watson

[CBN News] Pro-lifers are responding to the effort by the president of Planned Parenthood to distance the organization from the racist views of its founder....(more)

WATCH: Lauren Daigle Returns to American Idol to Perform Hit Christian Song 'Look Up Child'

She had appeared on the show as a contestant more than 10 years ago...

[] Award-winning Christian singer Lauren Daigle returned to American Idol on Monday night for a special performance of her song "Look Up Child....(more)

Canada: Dad Sentenced to 6 Months for Breaking Gag Order, Objecting to Daughter Taking Testosterone

[] Robert Hoogland of British Columbia, referred to as "CD" in court documents, was sentenced last week to six additional months in jail for violating court orders by identifying himself publicly objecting to his trans-identifying daughter being put on testosterone... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click here to read. (more)

Report: Thousands of Reports of Menstrual Irregularities, Reproductive Dysfunction Following COVID Vaccines

While the media have focused on blood clots, the UK has registered another phenomenon taking place after coronavirus vaccines.

[] Thousands of women around the world are reporting disrupted menstrual cycles after receiving injections of COVID-19 vaccines....(more)

Are Scientists Now Using Human Cells to Create 'Planet of the Apes' Embryos?

"Nobody really wants monkeys walking around with human eggs and human sperm inside them. Because if a monkey with human sperm meets a monkey with human eggs, nobody wants a human embryo inside a monkey's uterus. I don't think we're on the edge of beyond the Planet of the Apes. I think rogue scientists are few and far between. But they're not zero. So I do think it's an appropriate time for us to start thinking about, 'Should we ever let these go beyond a petri dish?'" -Hank Greely, a Stanford University bioethicist


'Ontario Goes Communist' in COVID Lockdowns: Checkpoints at Borders, Churches Restricted, Playgrounds Closed

"We have implemented the strictest measures in all of North America. Understand the restrictions will be strongly, strongly enforced." -Premier Doug Ford

(Toronto) – [LifeSiteNews....(more)

Son of Slaves & Son of Slave Owners Say: 'We Can Rise Above Racism in America'

"This is an ethnicity-against-ethnicity conflict that the enemy is trying to raise up right now ... The whole nation is in a learning moment right now, whether we like it or not ... We're all facing this all together at the same time right now ... We're laying out Biblical principles for how the Church can engage on the race issues." -Will Ford, Matt Lockett

airlift[CBN News] African-American Will Ford and white Matt Lockett never expected to become warriors against the racial divide wounding our country....(more)

PRAY: Nation Holding Its Collective Breath as Closing Arguments Are Presented in Derek Chauvin Trial

[] Closing arguments are underway on Monday in the trial of Derek Chauvin amid heightened safety concerns after a National Guard and Minneapolis Police Department neighborhood security team was fired upon over the weekend in a drive-by shooting. Attorneys from both sides are seeking to distill three weeks of testimony in order to convince jurors to acquit or convict Chauvin on second- and third-degree murder and manslaughter charges in the death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020... (more)

Wow! More Than One Million People Have Responded Since Ministry's Live-Streamed Good Friday Service [Watch]

"Truly, this is an Ephesians 3:20, 'exceedingly, abundantly more,' moment as we believe God is bringing in an unprecedented harvest during these trying days..." -Nick Hall

[] While many Americans are still living life in a not-so-normal way, evangelism efforts haven't slowed down; they're just happening in new ways. That is certainly the case with Pulse, which brands itself as a "millennial-led evangelism movement....(more)

Amazon Reverses Ban on Book Helping Parents Rescue Kids from Transgenderism after Pushback

[] "We talk to new parents all the time and several support groups for parents on social media, and there's just more and more of an influx of them coming in. It's heartbreaking. Honestly, I've felt this way about the book for almost a week now, and every time someone buys it my heart hurts a little bit because I know that this is another family that's been impacted by this," [Maria Keffler] lamented. "I think a critical mass is growing and people are going to realize that this isn't just a trend with bad families or people who don't parent well or some weird sub-set....(more)

Pelosi Says 'No' to Court Packing Bill Pushed by Democrats

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ... at a weekly press briefing said she supports the commission but will not bring the bill to the floor for a vote.

airlift[CBN News] Less than a week after President Biden unveils plans for a commission to study changes at the Supreme Court, congressional Democrats introduced legislation to expand the bench....(more)

Pray: Shooting at FedEx Facility Leaves 8 Dead, 'Multiple' Injured

(Indianapolis) — [] Indianapolis police said at least eight people were shot and killed at a FedEx facility near the airport Thursday night and 'multiple' others suffered gunshot injuries. The alleged shooter died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department spokesperson Genae Cook said during... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click here to read....(more)

'Abortion Is Murder': Meghan McCain's Strong, Pro-Life Response to Planned Parenthood

"I believe life begins at conception—I will NEVER apologize or back down from defending the rights of the most vulnerable in our society, the unborn." -Meghan McCain

[] Meghan McCain defended her pro-life position on abortion after Planned Parenthood indirectly criticized her on social media....(more)

10,000+ Deaths after COVID Shots Reported by US, European Agencies

More than 7,000 deaths have occurred in Europe, and more than 200,000 injuries worldwide have been reported.

[] More than 10,000 people have died shortly after COVID-19 vaccination since December, American and European authorities have revealed. The deaths include more than 7,100 in Europe, according to the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and 3,005 reported by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC)....(more)

Congressional Democrats to Announce New Bill to Add Four Justices and Pack the Supreme Court for the Left

"Nine seems to be a good number. It's been that way for a long time. I think it was a bad idea when President Franklin Roosevelt tried to pack the court." -Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, in a July 2019 interview

[CBN News] Democrats are pushing a new bill in Congress that would pack the Supreme Court. They plan to unveil the measure today in a news conference at the steps of the high court....(more)

'The Lord Has Blessed Me': 104-Year-Old WV Man Packs 1,000th Shoebox for Operation Christmas Child

"As long as I breathe, I'm going to do something. The Lord's blessed me so I'm just going to keep on trucking." -Ira Miller

[CBN News] It may not be Christmastime anywhere in the world right now, but centenarian Ira Miller has Christmas in his heart all year round....(more)

Good News: Florida Reports COVID Deaths in Single Digits for First Time In Seven Months

Florida's Gov. DeSantis has taken a freedom-oriented approach to the pandemic, re-opening his state's economy last year, and lifting restrictions.

[] This week, the Florida Department of Health reported only a single-digit daily increase in COVID-linked deaths, the lowest figure since September of last year....(more)

Black Pro-Life Group Slams MLB's Decision to Pull All-Star Game Out of Georgia

[] Since [Commerce during the All-Star Game] "represents tens of thousands of employment options in Georgia" and the state's employment segment is majority-minority, they concluded that blacks will be "disproportionately harmed by MLB and other companies who think it's more important to socially preen about being 'woke.'" Although it was not mentioned in the letter, the MLB decided to move the All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver, Colorado, to protest the newly passed Election Integrity Act of 2021, which critics argue amounts to voter suppression....(more)

Dismantling Some Abortion Lies, Half-Truths, and Propaganda

"...Only 18 days after conception, modern technology can detect the baby's heartbeat. We can see it beat after about 22 days. To say that the baby is not a person when it has a heartbeat is counterintuitive to science and the system we use on Earth to "determine life." -Danielle D'Souza Gill

[CBN News] Abortion remains one of America's most divisive issues almost five decades after it was declared legal nationwide. On one side, the belief abortion means killing a human being. The other, a wider explanation boiled down to "choice....(more)

'She's Unbelievable!': Baby Girl Miraculously Survives to Hug Twin Brother

"They've never seen a baby like her, so small without having to have any oxygen or anything to help her breathe she's just doing it all on her own." -Laura Hough

(Liverpool, England) — [] Doctors expected this baby girl not to make it even before she was birthed, but she miraculously defied the expectations and survived to hug her twin brother....(more)

'This Means Everything': Sean Feucht Receives William J. Seymour Award at 2021 Azusafest; Reports ALS Sufferers Getting Out of Wheelchairs

"...Those who know me well understand that GLOBAL REVIVAL is what I live and die for—well beyond anything music-related—so this means everything!" -Sean Feucht

[CBN News] "Let Us Worship" leader Sean Feucht received the William J. Seymour award last week, an honor given to leaders in ministry who exhibit the characteristics of the late preacher who led the Azusa Street revival that fueled the modern Pentecostal movement. Past recipients include Lou Engle, Bishop T.D. Jakes, and the late Dr. Myles Munroe....(more)

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