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Christian Astronaut Says Sunrise, Sunset from Outer Space Remind Him of Psalm 30

"...Can you see the bands of color? They remind me of the Scripture in Psalm 30, 'weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.' It seems darkest just before sunrise. I wish you all love and light. Goodnight from the @iss." -Astronaut Victor Glover

[CBN News] Astronaut Victor Glover recently reflected on the beauty of a sunrise and sunset from outer space, adding that they remind him of a Bible verse in Psalms....(more)


Child Sex-Trafficking Victim SUES Twitter in Federal Court, Says the Site Facilitated His Abuse

...Not only did they refuse to take down the illegal material, Twitter claimed that the videos ... were not against its policies.

[] Twitter has a long history of turning a blind eye to child porn on its site. I have been a witness to attempts to mass-report accounts on Twitter for posting videos of what appear to be minor children engaged in sex acts on the platform....(more)

Republican Files Articles of Impeachment against Joe Biden on His Second Day in Office

Greene's impeachment effort is unlikely to gain any traction, but it does once again point out the notorious Burisma scandal.

airlift[] A House Republican officially filed articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden on his second day in office. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA)—infamous for supporting the QAnon conspiracy theory on a blog before running for Congress—launched a Quixotic attempt to impeach Biden over the Hunter Biden-Burisma scandal....(more)

'The End of Girls' and Women's Sports as We Know Them': Divisive Biden Executive Order Pushes Trans Agenda

"It doesn't take a crystal ball to know how Biden administration officials will interpret and apply these policies: men who identify as women must be allowed in women-only spaces, boys who identify as girls must be allowed to compete in the girls' athletic competitions, healthcare plans must pay for gender-transition procedures, doctors and hospitals must perform them, adoption agencies may not seek only married moms and dads to care for children in need." -Ryan T. Anderson, The Heritage Foundation


Franklin Graham: Why Praying over Politics Makes a Difference

"...Even if the political landscape appears grim, that doesn't diminish the power of Almighty God."

[] Prayer is at the heart of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA). In September, Franklin Graham led (more)

Fed Court Strikes Down Obama's 'Transgender Mandate' that Forced Some Doctors to Violate Their Faith

"We need to be compassionate. We also need to be truthful. And so, we need to be helping patients who feel uncomfortable in their bodies to once again feel comfortable in their bodies. But not to radically transform their bodies, because that does not bring the lasting wholeness and happiness that they seek." -Dr. Ryan Anderson


[WATCH] Trump Gets Warm Florida Greeting from Supporters after Arriving from DC: 'We Just Wanted to Show Him How Much We Appreciate Him'

[] Trump waved back to the crowd as his motorcade slowly made its way through the streets after Air Force One touched down in the Sunshine State. Daniel Rakus of Palm Beach told the Washington Examiner he was there to show Trump "he's not alone. He did a great job. We support him'"... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click here to read and watch the videos....(more)

Biden's Cabinet Picks: A Helpful List So We Can Intercede for Our Country

The Cabinet includes the vice president and the heads of 15 executive departments...

airlift[IFAPray.orgFather, we pray for these men and women and ask that You would draw their hearts close to You. We ask for revival among these cabinet members....(more)

Israeli Archaeologists Find 'Christ, Born of Mary' Inscribed in Ancient Valley

“This is the first evidence of the Byzantine church's existence in the village of et-Taiyiba and it adds to other finds attesting to the activities of Christians who lived in the region.” -Dr. Walid Atrash of the Israel Antiquities Authority

(Jerusalem, Israel) — [CBN News] Israeli authorities excavating in the Jezreel Valley have unearthed a 1,500-year-old inscription dedicated to Jesus....(more)

Israel to Name Train Stop at Temple Mount after Trump: 'He Is a Huge Friend of Israel'

"Here, in the Old City of Jerusalem, we will build the Western Wall train station and the Temple Mount, it will be named after Donald Trump, the president made history and recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel." -Finance Minister Yisrael Katz

[] An Israeli minister stated in an interview that he stands firm in his commitment to name the soon-to-be-built train station adjacent to the Temple mount "Donald J. Trump Station." Some rabbis note that the station will serve the Third Temple and, as such, the connection to the president is implicit....(more)

President Trump's 1776 Commission: National Unity for America's Founding Values

"Above all, we must stand up to the petty tyrants in every sphere who demand that we speak only of America’s sins while denying her greatness. At home, in school, at the workplace, and in the world, it is the people—and only the people—who have the power to stand up for America and defend our way of life." -From the 1776 Commission report

[] Father, bring unity to our nation and our leaders. Strengthen Your Body as we are in this process of transition as a nation....(more)

Biden and Harris Officially Sworn-in as New President and Vice President

[] Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been officially inaugurated as president and vice president of the United States at the US Capitol on Wednesday. The 78-year-old Biden, a Democrat, has become the oldest US president in history... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click here to read. (more)

President Trump Calls for Prayer for Incoming Administration, Wishing Them Well: WATCH His Departure Ceremony before Leaving for Florida

"...I just want to say goodbye but hopefully, it’s not a long-term goodbye. We’ll see each other again."

[CBN News] President Trump left the White House for the last time Wednesday morning en route to his home in Florida....(more)

Intercessors For America: How Are You Handling the Storm?

"We invite you to interact as a community of praying Believers–we are convinced that we can learn from each other and from what the Lord is showing each other..." -IFA Staff

[] Our Father, holy is Your name. May Your Kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven....(more)

Gov. Kristi Noem's No-Lockdown Win: People Moving to South Dakota in Droves

[] South Dakota GOP Governor Kristi Noem's rejection of instituting draconian "lockdowns" because of the coronavirus seems to be bearing fruit. In a survey conducted by United Van Lines in January that tracked customers' 2020 state-to-state migration patterns, South Dakota ranked fourth in the nation, virtually tied for second behind the state of Idaho. "Black Hills area realtors and builders say there's an influx of people who are relocating permanently or buying land in the region—and the trend isn't expected to slow anytime soon"... (more)

'It's the District of Afghanistan:' DC Security Reaches Unprecedented Heights Ahead of Biden Inauguration

"...I've never seen anything like this." -David Brody, CBN

airlift[CBN News] As the nation prepares for President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration, security is unprecedented in Washington, DC with a US military force five times larger than what remains in Iraq and Afghanistan....(more)

'The Greatest Honor of My Life': A Farewell Message from First Lady Melania Trump

"...Together, as one national family, we can continue to be the light of hope for future generations and carry on America's legacy of raising our nation to greater heights through our spirit of courage, goodness and faith. No words can express the depth of my gratitude for the privilege of having served as your First Lady..."

[] My fellow Americans,

It has been the greatest honor of my life to serve as First Lady of the United States....(more)

Check Your Freezer: Nestlé Recalls 762,000 Pounds of Pepperoni Hot Pockets

[] The frozen stuffed sandwiches—shipped to retail stores nationwide—are being recalled because they "may be contaminated with extraneous materials, specifically pieces of glass and hard plastic," the USDA said Friday... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click here to read. (more)

Goya CEO Boldly Tells It Like It Is: 'They Want to Cancel Our Culture, Our History, Our Liberty'

[] "We're one nation under God. We're not one nation under Twitter. We're not one nation under big media and or under central government. We're trying to have media, Big Tech control our lives, the government control our lives. They want to cancel God. They want to cancel our speech. They want to cancel our culture, our history, our liberty. They want to control us, the few controlling the many like a bunch of sheep. None of these people care about us, we cannot move away from God. We need to love and to build, not hate and destroy," he added... (more)

Alveda King: Martin Luther King's Inspiring Message to a Nation Plagued by Violence, Injustice, Discord

[] ...When Uncle ML was assassinated in 1968, I was 17 years old and in the restive way of teenagers, I wanted to blame all White people. I wanted to give hate room to grow in my heart. But my mother and father and my grandparents and Uncle ML reminded all of us that hate only begets more hate, and there should not be room in the world for animosity or mistrust or hostility. When my uncle was killed on April 4, 1968, I remember talking to my daddy about my feelings of hating White people....(more)

'Listen to the Sound of Silence Caused By a Generation Lost to Us': President Trump's Proclamation on National Sanctity of Human Life Day, 2021

"...Today, I call on Congress to join me in protecting and defending the dignity of every human life, including those not yet born. I call on the American people to continue to care for women in unexpected pregnancies and to support adoption and foster care in a more meaningful way, so every child can have a loving home..." -President Trump

[] Every human life is a gift to the world. Whether born or unborn, young or old, healthy or sick, every person is made in the holy image of God....(more)

Dr. Corinne: Signs You May Need to Detox, Especially after a Year Like 2020!

p>"Health is such a crucial aspect of wellness and disease prevention. When our bodies are functioning optimally, we feel better, think more clearly, have more energy, and look our best! I knew I needed to detox and clear my brain..."

Every January I enjoy cleaning my house and my body with a detox program but this year I was not motivated. My husband is a big planner and he already has our year planned out. He asked me a few days ago if I was going to take the Christmas decorations down. I really didn't want to take them down; they were in my background somehow uplifting my spirit....(more)

'75 Million Americans Are Fed Up With Inaction. It's Time to Take a Stand': Republican Congresswoman to File Impeachment Articles against Biden Jan. 21

"...I'm proud to be the voice of Republican voters who have been ignored. #ImpeachBiden #QidProJoe #BidenCrimeFamily." -Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene via Twitter

airlift(Washington, DC) — [] Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia said she would be filing articles of impeachment on Joe Biden on Jan. 21, his first day in office....(more)

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First-in-human Implantation of a New Synthetic Cornea a Success, Restoring the Vision of a 78-year-old Grandfather: 'It's My Treasure to Be Able to See'

“The moment we took off the bandages was an emotional and significant moment. Moments like these are the fulfillment of our calling as doctors." -Dr. Irit Bahar

[] Jamal Furani from Haifa wasn't able to see his new grandchild until January 3, when he became the first patient to receive the KPro artificial cornea from CorNeat Vision in Ra'anana. (Image: Jamal Furani reading a vision chart a day after receiving the KPro artificial cornea from CorNeat, surrounded by his surgeon, Dr. Irit Bahar, CorNeat cofounder Dr....(more)

National Guard Troops, Who Were Ordered to Take Their Down Time In the Capitol-area Parking Garage, Now Restored to Capitol Following Outrage by Lawmakers

[] The removal order meant retreating into nearby cold, unheated parking garages and elsewhere outside whenever guardsmen took breaks from their 12-hour duty stints. Many faced the cold night in facilities without adequate heat, electrical outlets, Internet reception or bathrooms. Word of the guardsmen's plight spread quickly in the early evening thanks in part to a news story in Politico, with multiple Members of Congress registering their concern and springing into action......(more)

Biden Hires Man Who Identifies As Woman to Manage America's Health

...If confirmed by the Senate, Levine would be the first openly transgender federal official.

[] As Biden selects his staff, it becomes clear that his choices are based on gender, race, or a history of loyalty to the Democratic party. His most recent pick will clearly raise a few eyebrows....(more)

On the 48th Anniversary of Roe, the Supreme Court Will Decide Whether to Hear a Case to Overturn It

The case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, challenges the state law prohibiting the direct killing of preborn children after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

(Washington, DC) — []  On January 22, the 48th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the US Supreme Court is scheduled to decide whether it will take up a major abortion case out of Mississippi....(more)

PRAY: Antifa in Seattle and Portland Smash Property, Oppose Biden, Police: 'We Are Ungovernable'

[] In Portland, black-clad activists with their faces covered broke windows and the glass door at the Democratic Party of Oregon business office, spray-painting an anarchist symbol over the party sign, video posted on social media showed ... "We don't want Biden....(more)

Biden Ends Trump's Terror-Travel Ban, Kills Keystone XL Pipeline, and Issues Federal Mask Mandate

...With a stroke of several pens, the incoming president then signed more than a dozen other executive orders, the most a president has ever done on his first day.

[CBN News] President Biden's first order of business on his first day on the job was to immediately reverse some of President Trump's key policies and agendas....(more)

Biden Admin Eases Israeli Concerns over Its Mideast Policies

Secretary of State nominee Blinken says US Embassy to remain in Jerusalem, calls Iran a problem, and rejects anti-Israel BDS.

[Israel Today] Jerusalem is Israel's capital and the US Embassy will not be removed back to Tel Aviv, Iran's accelerated nuclear program is a problem, and Israel cannot be labeled a racist state, President Joe Biden's selection as secretary of state, Anthony Blinken (pictured with Netanyahu in 2016), told the Senate on Tuesday....(more)

Ambassador Friedman Says Trump is Leaving Mideast Better Than He Found It

"What we did was in the best interest of the United States, not just of Israel. We were able to achieve once-in-a-generation agreements with Bahrain and the Emirates, Sudan, Morocco, Kosovo, all Muslim countries." -Ambassador Friedman

(Jerusalem, Israel) — [CBN News] One of the key architects shaping US foreign policy in the Middle East for nearly four years has been US Ambassador David Friedman....(more)

'Where Do We Go from Here?': Dr. James Dobson's Open Letter to Friends, Supporters and Despondent Christians

"I believe [God] is telling us to stay in the field. There is work to be done in His vineyard. We must not abandon our conservative politicians who are up against formidable opposition from the Left. Our Bible-believing pastors are facing unrelenting pressure, and it isn't going to get easier. Godly teachers and professors need to know we have their backs. Many Christians in the military may feel lonely and overwhelmed. Police officers and firefighters need to know we are praying for them. Those of us on the home front must not cut and run ... We must stay in the field."


President Donald Trump's Farewell Address to the Nation: 'I Want You to Know That the Movement We Started is Only Just Beginning'

Watch the video of President Trump's farewell address Here.

[Transcript via previous site] PRESIDENT TRUMP: My fellow Americans: Four years ago, we launched a great national effort to rebuild our country, to renew its spirit, and to restore the allegiance of this government to its citizens. In short, we embarked on a mission to make America great again—for all Americans....(more)

Tim Tebow Writes a Children's Book Celebrating Kids With Special Needs

His main focus of the story is to point kids to their purpose in life and remind them that God created each one of us to be uniquely His.

[CBN News] Faith and sports icon Tim Tebow, who founded "A Night to Shine" celebrating children with disabilities, is continuing his mission with a new book....(more)

'My Pillow' CEO Says Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohl's to Stop Selling His Products

[] "It's not their fault that they're scared because they don't realize these are fake people that are on, they're going 'we're going to boycott your store if you don't drop My Pillow.'" People should go into the stores and say they support My Pillow, he added... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click here to read. (more)

Judge Dismisses Charges against Idaho Church Deacon Arrested for Singing Outdoors

"We had done the Psalm Sing in the past under the same (mask) resolution and we weren't arrested, we weren't warned...we were just taking our constitutional liberties to do what we're allowed to do under the Constitution—worship." -Deacon Gabriel Rench

[CBN News] An Idaho court has now dismissed charges against a deacon who was among three Christians arrested last September in Moscow, Idaho for participating in an outdoor worship service....(more)

Look at What He's Done and You'll Agree, You're Going to Miss Trump

Donald Trump won't get a gold star for comportment, manners, and speaking off-the-cuff, but the accomplishments of the 45th president are far more than smack-talk and bluster. Indeed, Trump can hold his head up and compare his accomplishments to any president, certainly of recent times.


Research Finds 'Being Kind to Others is Good For Your Health'

[] ...Studies show, for instance, that volunteering correlates with a 24% lower risk of early death—about the same as eating six or more servings of fruits and vegetables each day, according to some studies. What's more, volunteers have a lower risk of high blood glucose, and a lower risk of the inflammation levels connected to heart disease. They also spend 38% fewer nights in hospitals than people who shy from involvement in charities... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click (more)

Actor Bryan Cranston Condemns Evils of 'Cancel Culture': 'There's Less Forgiveness in Our World'

"...Where can we accept someone's behavior if they are contrite, if they are apologetic and take responsibility?"

[] "Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston has condemned the evils of "cancel culture," calling for a resurgence of forgiveness in the new year....(more)

White House Lists a Full Inventory of All President Trump Has Gotten Done, and It Will Blow You Away

Has any other President accomplished this much good for our country?

airliftRecently, a full list of President Donald Trump's accomplishments in the last four years was posted on the White House website. Below is a short excerpt of that; the account is enormous! Click on the link at the end of this article to access the full list....(more)

In-person March for Life Canceled For All But 'Small Group Of Pro-Life Leaders,' in Light of Capitol Lockdown

"The annual rally will take place virtually [on Jan 29th] and we are asking all participants to stay home and to join the March virtually." -From the press release

(Washington, DC) — [] Organizers of the annual March for Life in the nation's capital have announced that the mass gathering against abortion is being effectively canceled this year in place of a virtual event, with only a "small group of pro-life leaders" invited to demonstrate in person....(more)

African Children's Choir Founder says 'Don't Tell Me It Can't Be Done'

"These children are a source of joy and they are ministering in all kinds of places not only in Africa but all over the world and they [have] very moving testimonies of God's miracles not only for them but generally in the villages where they come from all around. You know their presence in the choir has changed the lives of people in their villages. And it's been a thing that God ordained to bring attention to the potential of the African child." -Ray Barnett

(Vancouver, Canada) — [ASSIST News(more)

Missouri Becomes First 'Abortion-Free State' in the US, Pro-Life Group Says

"All abortion appointments are now being referred to the Fairview Heights Planned Parenthood facility across the Mississippi River in Illinois." -Operation Rescue

airlift[] A new report by a leading pro-life group has found that Missouri has become the first "abortion-free state" in America with the last abortion clinic in the state ceasing operations....(more)

'Revolution of Whistleblowing' Sparked by Exposure of Big Tech's Censorship: 'So Many Are Upset and Coming Forward Now With Videos'

[] "[Twitter is] explicitly saying they're going to be censoring days, weeks in the future," O'Keefe told host Sean Hannity. "So this person comes to me ... and gives us this video and it's kind of creating this revolution of whistleblowing in Big Tech"... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click (more)

Israel Reportedly Considers Plans to Strike Iran's Nuclear Program as Tehran Boosts Development

"It is clear that Israel needs to have a military option on the table. It requires resources and investment, and I am working to make that happen." -Defense Minister Benny Gantz

(Jerusalem, Israel) — [CBN News] The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is considering plans to attack Iran's nuclear program, (more)

Missionary With Covid-19 Receives Healing after Singing 'I Raise A Hallelujah'

"...I felt the evil spirits move to the edges of the room and the center was filled with light. As long as I praised, the darkness remained at bay. But when I stopped praising, they fluttered back to surround me. I continued to whisper praises and worship songs for about six hours..." -LaVonna Ennis

[] During the pandemic, a missionary infected with Covid-19 who served in Africa praises God for the healing she experienced after God prompted her to sing and worship....(more)

US Supreme Court Orders Nevada to Review COVID-19 Restrictions on Churches

"...With no record evidence that places of worship are greater sources of COVID-19 spread than are manufacturing facilities and professional offices, the governor treated places of worship less favorably and without trying less restrictive rules. That violates the Constitution." -from the Brief filed

[] A church in Nevada is one of the latest in a line of successful lawsuits against states over COVID-19 restrictions....(more)

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