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New Study: People Who Undergo Transgender Surgery Are 12 Times More Likely to Commit Suicide

Doug Mainwaring : May 24, 2024

"12x the suicide rate post 'gender affirming' surgery. The butchers and liars were murderously wrong. The Cass report indicated this, Canada and the US are still enabling this. That's you @POTUS and @JustinTrudeau, and it is utterly barbarous and inexcusable. Putting children to the knife. 'Follow the science,' gentlemen." -Dr. Jordan Peterson

[] A comprehensive new study provides unequivocal evidence that those who undergo so-called "gender reassignment" surgery put themselves at a vastly increased risk of suicide—an astounding 12 times that of the general population. (Screengrab image: via LifeSiteNews)

The giant study, "involving 56 United States healthcare organizations and over 90 million patients," analyzed data collected over a 20-year period, from February 2003 to February 2023, examining "suicide attempts, death, self-harm, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) within five years of the index event."

The researchers compared the experiences of persons aged 18-60 who visited hospital emergency rooms who had previously undergone "transition" surgery with those who visited emergency rooms without having undergone transgender surgery: A stunning 3.47 percent of those who had surgically "transitioned" were treated for suicide attempts, versus 0.29 percent for non-"transitioned" patients.

The study's major finding: "Individuals who underwent gender-affirming [sic] surgery had a 12.12-fold higher suicide attempt risk than those who did not." 

The study, which was uploaded to PubMed, the National Institute of Health (NIH) database of peer-reviewed studies, did not include minors.

The study is seen as authoritative because of its vast scope: It relies on medical records, not self-reports, thus eliminating a major source of bias; it examines millions of cases over a 20-year period, with no loss to follow-up; and it ably controls for confounders, including comparison with persons undergoing other medical interventions.

The researchers' bottom line conclusion:

Gender-affirming [sic] surgery is significantly associated with elevated suicide attempt risks, underlining the necessity for comprehensive post-procedure psychiatric support.

READ: Mayo Clinic study on damage from puberty blockers included 'transgender' two-year-old

The landmark study set off new alarm bells among those who were already skeptical about using surgical procedures in an attempt to imitate the genitalia of the opposite sex.

Jordan Peterson did not mince words on X, declaring that the study shows that "The butchers and liars were murderously wrong."

He then took ...Joe Biden and Canadian President Justin Trudeau to the woodshed:

Canada and the US are still enabling this.

That's you [Biden] and [Trudeau] and it is utterly barbarous and inexcusable.

Putting children to the knife.

"'Follow the science,' gentlemen," urged Peterson, citing the new study... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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