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'Stand Fast': Woke Activists Try to Shut Down Colorado Church

James Lasher : May 22, 2023  Charisma News

"When pastors speak about Biblical sexual ethics in our day, it should come as no surprise that many in our culture are repulsed by it ... Ours is a very confused age. It is imperative that pastors hold the line and that the pulpit function as a bulwark of truth in order to equip the Church to stand fast." -Pastor Chase Davis to The Daily Wire

airlift[] There are many churches in the United States that have to rent space from a local business to hold their services, some by choice and others perhaps are not able to financially afford their own building in which to worship. (Image: Unsplash-James Barr)

When a public business decides to rent their space out on a Sunday morning for congregants to gather, they place a target on their backs for radicals to harass them if they disagree with the message being preached at the church.

This is the exact issue that The Well Church in Boulder, Colorado, is now finding itself as it stands firm on the Biblical principles they believe in.

Because The Well Church preaches that God's design is binary, male and female, and that marriage is to be between a man and a woman, activists, journalists and even a local school board member are trying to get the church evicted from their current home.

As reported by The Daily Wire, "The Well Church meets at The Rayback Collective, a food truck park located in Boulder and initially launched by Matt Patrick, one of the pastors and elders at The Well Church."

In what can only be called a "hit piece," one local guest columnist wrote in The Daily Camera, a local Boulder newspaper, that the church was "divisive," "misogynistic" and "potentially, an LGBTQ-hate group."

What was the catalyst for this fury of condemnation and false accusations?

The church reserved the Boulder County courthouse lawn to hold an Easter egg hunt the Saturday before Easter.

The author who was so outraged by the audacity of Christians to display religious activity in public, Doug McKenna, declared with furious anger: "I will not patronize the Rayback," McKenna wrote. To do so, in his words, would be to support "forced-birtherism, homophobia, patriarchy, Genesis-based 'complementarianism,' animus toward faiths not their own, and Bible-inspired ignorance anathema to a more just society."

The calls for a response from the Rayback led to the food park to release a statement saying "all are welcome" at their establishment, but the church is still allowed to meet there for services.

In an interview with the Daily Wire, pastor and elder at The Well Church, Chase Davis shared that they are in no way Christian nationalists, and have sermons online that affirm the doctrine of "sphere of sovereignty." Davis also refutes the article's claim that he desires to "merge church and state."

News of the woefully inaccurate article spread quickly in the liberal area of Boulder, helped in part by the vice president of the Boulder Valley School District Board of Education Lisa Sweeney-Miran, who said in a public post, "If you believe that homosexuality is a sin and you preach that harmful and violent belief at your church then I have no problem reasserting that you are a hate group.

Pastor Davis told The Daily Wire, "When pastors speak about Biblical sexual ethics in our day, it should come as no surprise that many in our culture are repulsed by it ... Ours is a very confused age. It is imperative that pastors hold the line and that the pulpit function as a bulwark of truth in order to equip the Church to stand fast."

This is the pushback that any church who preaches the unerring Word of God can expect from those who have chosen the ways of the world.

The article is biased, bigoted and contains outright lies, but that does not matter to the world, as Americans see lies pushed on mainstream media during the 24-hour news cycle every single day.

"In any culture, there will be a common cultus or shared guiding beliefs for right worship. It is not whether but which. Right now, in our culture, that ground is hotly contested. And that is precisely why pastors must be ready to offer a sufficient defense of the faith where the battle rages most fiercely," Davis continued. "Secularists have a moral vision which they seek to advance and impose on their opponents. This makes sense because they are working out what every human is by nature: a worshiper."

By denying the corrupted messaging of the world, The Well Church has become a target in an area that is openly hostile to Christianity. But that is exactly where God has called His faithful to go and make a difference in the community where they reside.

Davis and The Well Church congregation show no signs of abandoning God's Word for the earthly acceptance of the apostate church any time soon.

"We will worship. The question inevitably becomes who or what they worship. As Bob Dylan said, 'You're gonna have to serve somebody.'" Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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