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Border Patrol Encounters 4 'Carrying AR-15 Style Rifles and Loaded High-Capacity Magazines' across Mexico Border

News Staff   |   Nov 28, 2022

Report: Thousands of Migrants Waiting in Mexico to Rush US Border When Title 42 Ends

John Binder   |   Nov 28, 2022

Second Key GOP Senator Announces Support for Religious Freedom Amendment to Dem's LGBT 'Marriage' Bill

Mary Margaret Olohan   |   Nov 28, 2022

The True Story of the Pilgrims' Thanksgiving

Derek Prince, IFA Founder   |   Nov 23, 2022

Ministry behind Ark Encounter Buys Toyota HQ for $31M to Expand Faith-Based School

Talia Wise   |   Nov 23, 2022

Breakpoint: Loving Our Neighbors, Telling the Truth about Identity and Gender

John Stonestreet, Kasey Leander-Breakpoint   |   Nov 23, 2022

Destroying the Leftist Narrative; the Club Q Shooter Turns Out to Be 'Non-binary'

Matt Margolis-Opinion   |   Nov 23, 2022

McCarthy to Mayorkas: Resign, or Risk Impeachment over SW Border Crisis

Patrick Goodenough   |   Nov 23, 2022

As Title 42 Comes to an End, ICE Nabs 138 Sex Offenders; More Likely on the Way

Lincoln Brown   |   Nov 23, 2022

A New Sheriff in Town: Musk Targets Child Sex Exploitation on Twitter as 'Priority #1'

Talia Wise   |   Nov 23, 2022

'The Chosen' Stuns Hollywood by Opening at No. 3: 'We're Shocking the Industry'

Michael Foust   |   Nov 22, 2022

Azerbaijan to Become First Shi'ite Muslim Country to Open Embassy in Israel

John Waage   |   Nov 22, 2022

Impassive and Silent, Iran's National Team at World Cup Sits Out Anthem Extolling the 'Imam'

Patrick Goodenough   |   Nov 22, 2022

'Another Crack': Former 'Nonbinary' Woman Who Detransitioned, Sues Health Care Workers for 'Abhorrent Misdiagnosis' to Undergo Trans Surgery

Dan Hart   |   Nov 22, 2022

National Black Farmers Association President Says Biden Admin. Hasn't 'Done Anything' on China Buying up US Farms

Ian Hanchett   |   Nov 22, 2022

Elon Musk Is Right: Mainstream Media Journalists Are Not the Arbiters of Truth

Andreas Wailzer-Opinion   |   Nov 22, 2022

GOP Underdog on His Victory over Top Democrat: 'Folks Were Fed Up in New York With One-Party Rule'

Lindsay Kornick   |   Nov 22, 2022

Google Attempts to Deter 'Election Fraud' Searches With Suggestions Like 'Ejection Fraction'

Emily Mangiaracina   |   Nov 22, 2022

Arizona Election: Update from Kari Lake; 'Whistleblowers Are Coming Forward'

Jack Phillips   |   Nov 22, 2022

Youth for Christ Celebrates 7,323 Kids Deciding to Follow Jesus, Doubled Since Last Year

Steve Warren   |   Nov 21, 2022

Elon Musk's Twitter Reinstates Donald Trump, Jordan Peterson, Babylon Bee

Calvin Freiburger   |   Nov 21, 2022

Ohio Faith Leaders Call Silicon Valley Earthquake 'Act Of GOD' after Intel Overlooks Their Concerns

Admin   |   Nov 21, 2022

Federal Trade Report: Globalization Cripples American Towns as Free Trade Moves Jobs Overseas, Crushes Wages

John Binder   |   Nov 21, 2022

Kevin McCarthy Vows to Hold Congressional Hearings at the Border

Susan Jones   |   Nov 21, 2022

The Shocking Truth Kamala Harris Wants to Bury

Liberty Counsel   |   Nov 21, 2022

Mike Lee Urges GOP Senators Who Voted for Radical Marriage Bill: 'Have the Courage to Protect' Free Exercise of Religion

Mary Margaret Olohan   |   Nov 21, 2022

Major Disney Shake-Up after Massive Stock Decline, Furor Over Content; CEO Bob Chapek Replaced by Former CEO

Billy Hallowell   |   Nov 21, 2022

Director Dallas Jenkins Shares Biggest Challenges for Season 3 of 'The Chosen,' as the Season's First 2 Episodes Premiere in Theaters Today

Virginia Allen   |   Nov 18, 2022

Why is the FBI Investigating the Israeli Defense Forces?

John Waage-CBN News   |   Nov 18, 2022

Black Lives Matter Supporter Who Murdered 6 at Christmas Parade Sentenced to 750+ Years in Prison

Matt Lamb   |   Nov 18, 2022

San Francisco to Give Guaranteed Income to Trans-Identifying People

Dan Hart   |   Nov 18, 2022

Senator Lee on Marriage Bill: 'There's Still Time... We Can Stop This Thing'

Suzanne Bowdey   |   Nov 18, 2022

How the Game is Fixed (If It Was Sports, No One Would Bother Watching)

Jack Gleason-Opinion   |   Nov 18, 2022

'Still In the Fight': Kari Lake Announces Formation of Legal Team, Vows to Contest Election Results

Ryan Ledendecker   |   Nov 18, 2022

Intercessors For America: Time for the Church to Wake Up

Gloria Robles, IFA Contributing Writer   |   Nov 17, 2022

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