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Girl Scouts, Diversity, and Sodomite Patches: How Far the Once Wholesome Group Has Fallen

Milt Harris-Opinion : Sep 15, 2023  PJ Media

Unfortunately, scouting for both girls and boys no longer represents strong moral values. The left destroys everything it touches, and its agenda is to touch everything. My children are grown, but if I had a child in scouting, I would immediately remove them. These organizations can't hurt what they can't see: don't let them near your children.

BCN Editor's Note: If you are seeking an alternative to what the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts have become, Trail Life USA for boys and American Heritage Girls are scouting-types of organizations based on Christian moral values. Check them out. -Aimee Herd, Breaking Christian News

[] I stopped buying Girl Scout cookies several years ago when they began their trip to wokeville by supporting abortion, Planned Parenthood-style sexual education, and other LGBTQ agendas. I felt the same way when a few years back the Salvation Army called on Christians to "lament, repent, and apologize for racism." (Image: Pexels)

Now I walk unapologetically passed all of those card tables loaded with Thin Mints, and I am guilt-free during the holidays as I breeze past the bell-ringing liberals. Besides, only a fraction of the money stuffed into those kettles actually goes toward helping anyone.

A few months ago, I wrote a column on the moral decay of the Girl Scouts. That column was triggered when the Girl Scouts of Northern California (GSNORCAL.ORG) sent out their Camp Culture Code and many parents were shocked by it.

The Code is broken up into six Sections with either subgroups of instructions or Q&A segments for clarification under each. For the sake of this column, I'm only going to include section 5,"Racial and Ethnic Diversity," which I found to be the most offensive:

How does GSNorCal practice anti-racism?

GSNorCal strives to promote equity by centering our attention on our Black people, Indigenous people, and People of Color-identified (BIPOC) community members who are furthest from racial justice. Girl Scouts can be catalysts for change, promoting equitable outcomes for all members as they strive to make the world a better place. This is outlined in GSNorCal's Culture Code for Equity and Belonging.

The ongoing violence that is occurring against countless BIPOC reaffirms that racism is not a thing of the past. GSNorCal has made a continued commitment to becoming an antiracist organization. Antiracism is the practice of proactively working towards dismantling racist views, cultures, and systemic practices that have historically oppressed, and continue to prevent BIPOC from participating, prospering, and reaching their full potential in our society. Systemic racism affects everyone, including our campers, and requires care and commitment to dismantle.

What are GSNorCal's practices for equity, inclusion, and belonging?

At GSNorCal, we are part of a movement to build equity, inclusion, diversity, and belonging. We work to end all forms of oppression. As a leader, that means I...

DISCOVER myself in a racist and unjust world

I understand our world was built on structural racism.
I recognize there are intersections between racism and all forms of oppression.
I acknowledge that white people benefit from unearned privileges based on skin color.
I honor the legacy of Freedom Fighters who came before me.
I learn key terms to empower myself as a student of social justice... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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