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Trump's Top Lawyer Giuliani Explains Dem's 'Big Mistake' That Exposed Rigged Vote-Counting Machines

Charles Robertson : Nov 20, 2020

“We found out about it because they apparently made a big mistake,” he said, referring to the 6,000 vote swing in Antrim County, Michigan...

airlift[] In a Nov. 18 video posted to YouTube, President Donald Trump's personal lawyer and former mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani detailed several anomalies in this year's election that he says constitutes evidence of widespread voter fraud, including the shady background of the voting machine software used to calculate votes and the problems with huge numbers of mail-in ballots. (Image: screengrab via YouTube /LifeSiteNews)

Speaking first about the Dominion software employed in many voting districts to calculate votes, Giuliani expressed shock that the actual counting does not take place in the United States. “There have been many surprises, but I was absolutely shocked to learn that many, many, if not all our ballots are calculated outside of the United States of America,” he said.

He then went on to discuss the history of Dominion Voting systems, saying, “When I tell you their real history, I think you'll be quite shocked that we use them at all for elections.”

He explained that Dominion uses a company called Smartmatic that has locations overseas where the votes are actually counted, noting that the machines used are “extremely vulnerable to hacking.”

He also outlined the origins of Smartmatic, saying it was founded 15 years ago by two Venezuelans with close ties to dictator Hugo Chavez, “and it was founded for the specific purpose of being able to fix elections.”

Urging viewers to check out his claims themselves, he said Smartmatic and its subsidiary Sequoia “were founded for the specific purpose of making sure that Chavez was elected and re-elected, and then also used in Argentina in order to make sure that the election was fixed in the way that Chavez wanted it fixed.”

“This all was exposed during the 2007 election in Chicago in which a company named Sequoia was counting the ballots in Chicago. There was a tremendous amount of confusion, the result of the election was delayed, and there was a great deal of concern with the voting machines,” he continued.

“When they did the investigation, they found this whole history of Smartmatic, that Sequoia was really a front for Smartmatic the way Dominion is a front for Smartmatic.” He also said a lot of Michigan used Dominion's software in this year's election without looking at its history “as a company that has been, number one, extremely ineffective, a lot of mistakes, but number two, suspected of directly interfering elections because that was the whole purpose for their origin.”

He then detailed what tipped off the Trump team on the problematic software while explaining what the software does to fix elections, both by subtly switching votes and by warning those in on the game when the opponent is in the lead.

“We found out about it because they apparently made a big mistake,” he said, referring to the 6,000 vote swing in Antrim County, Michigan.

“Usually, according to the evidence that we have so far … the way Smartmatic fixes an election is to very subtly change votes. So there isn't some big change in any one particular voting place … they use an algorithm in which they spread it out across the city so they can get you a two or three percent difference over your opponent,” he said, pointing out that this technique was used in both Venezuela and Argentina... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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