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Praise God: Scheduled Satanic Marches Fizzle in the Wake of Prayer

IFA Staff / BIN Staff : Jun 23, 2020  Intercessors For America

Please keep in mind that darkness abounds in our nation today and many dark agendas are overlapping. Let us continue to pray that the darkness would be pushed back! God is bigger than these attacks, riots, marches, and spells!

[IFAPray.orgThank You God for the answered prayer about the Luciferian marches fizzling! We are so grateful for the empowering of Your will through the prayer of your intercessors! (Image credit: Unsplash-Ben White)

What happened with the satanic Marches scheduled for this past weekend? Planned for 20-something cities worldwide, the marches were widely reported to have fizzled. PRAISE GOD! ANSWERED PRAYER!

Nearly 300,000 intercessors accessed Intercessors for America's Headline Prayer article about the satanic marches. It was a viral call for prayer.  We at IFA enjoyed seeing the community of intercessors offering prayer, information, and encouragement to others reading the article. (Go back to the original IFA article to see these comments here.)

Here is one account of what happened to the satanic marches, including one that was scheduled for the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. From Breaking Israel News:

"The global Luciferian movement called for events all over the world on Sunday during the solar eclipse. Most notably perhaps was the event scheduled to be held at the Western Wall in Jerusalem which called for a satanic Third Temple as part of the process to bring peace between Israel and the Palestinians...

The marches, held in dozens of locations around the world, are intended to create chaos. Most of the protests will take place at city capitols and it has been speculated by some that demonstrators may even try to erect satanic monuments at existing sites where Confederate and other allegedly racist statues have been torn down...

The organization has chapters all over the world and marches were held in multiple locations on Sunday. The invitation for the main march for the US in Raleigh, North Carolina calling for a New World Order did not mention the Temple in Jerusalem or peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

A group of Israeli Believers in Jesus were at the Western Wall, waiting to confront the Luciferians however none appeared at the appointed time. One of the Jewish participants explained that Christian eschatology as described in the New Testament describes a subversive attempt to create a unified world order in the end-of-days. For this reason, they were on hand to pray for the Luciferians and to try to convince them "through love" to abandon their goal.

Breaking Israel News reporter was on-site to report on the event. He saw a group of fewer than ten people wearing black t-shirts with satanic symbols. The Luciferians did not enter the Western Wall Plaza and it is unclear whether they held their event..."

In researching what happened with the marches in the US, IFA staff learned that according to one satanic website communication, one organizer shared, "It has been brought to light that the Antifa terrorists are arranging Luciferian satanic marches all over the United States on the 21st of June in order to attract more people to the dark side, and ultimately please Moloch and satan through joining this the antichrist movement…" Whoever was behind the marches was trying to empower the antichrist movement.

Wow. Please keep in mind that darkness abounds in our nation today and many dark agendas are overlapping. Let us continue to pray that the darkness would be pushed back! God is bigger than these attacks, riots, marches, and spells! We thank you, intercessors, for your many faithful prayers about these marches and we can praise God together for the lack of action that happened on June 21st! Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

Read this article in its entirety here.

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