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Alveda King: A Message to the Church on Love and Kindness, and a Warning to Beware of George Soros' 'Counterfeit Kindness Campaign'

"Mr. Soros just invested $5.1 million in his new 'Democracy PAC' ... 'Vote Common Good' sends out ultra-liberal pastors and speakers who identify as Christians and dress up their radical political agenda in Biblical terms. It reminds me of "wolves" in sheep's clothing." -Tony Perkins, Family Research Council

[Alveda King's Blog] I woke up to text that President Trump is abandoning the Syrian Kurds in favor of ISIS. That's fake news. POTUS tweeted that if Turkey goes off limit he will strongly address that. U.S. has not withdrawn. There are maybe 50 troops still there. BEWARE OF FAKE NEWS!

Meanwhile, "Kindness" is in the news this week, and it's about time. From Emily Zamourka, the homeless singer on the west coast to Brant Jean, the bereaved brother of Botham Jean who was murdered by Amber Guyger, and Judge Tammy Kemp who gave the killer a Bible along with a ten year sentence, we can hear the resonating message of repentance, forgiveness, love, and yes-kindness.

A few weeks ago after several ongoing conversations with friends and family members, I experienced a quiet desire to make an apology to my second, now ex-husband. It was during this same time that I was praying over several concerns; with the Holy Spirit quietly impressing in my heart: "Ask me for a miracle."

One by one, as I prayed over the situations, conditions reversed. God was answering my prayers.

One night, although I usually fall asleep peacefully and easily, I found myself troubled in my spirit and unable to sleep. I needed to make that apology.

Lying in bed, I wrestled within my mind, and googled page after page about how to make difficult apologies. Towards dawn, as I grew weary and yet still wrestled about what to say, I believe I heard an "inner voice" from the Spirit of God say, "You could have been kinder."

With a sigh of relief, I knew I had my answer. I recorded this message to my ex-husband on my phone, whispered a "thank you" to God, turned out the light, turned over, and fell asleep "as quick as a wink."

We must consider that kindness is akin to love. Let's pray for America and spread love and kindness all around.

"Love is patient and kind." - 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 NLT


After writing this message, I dozed off. In a dream there was President Trump issuing a new Executive Order to Americans: "To those who are benefitting from America's incredible turn around in our job markets, please do something kind for your neighbors in need."

I woke up, and read an email from Tony Perkins warning of a counterfeit kindness campaign from George Soros.

Tony writes: "You are probably familiar with the name George Soros. But have you heard about this socialist billionaire's plan of deception to divide America's evangelical voting bloc in 2020?

"Mr. Soros just invested $5.1 million in his new "Democracy PAC" that will likely continue his tradition of supporting political groups and democratic candidates promoting abortion, same-sex marriage, euthanasia, transgenderism, and the full LGBTQ agenda.

"You and I should expect that. But here's the most alarming news: Soros' money will support the far-Left group, Vote Common Good, and its "rent-an-evangelical" program.

"Vote Common Good sends out ultra-liberal pastors and speakers who identify as Christians and dress up their radical political agenda in Biblical terms. It reminds me of "wolves" in sheep's clothing.

"You know it's rare for me to send an email like this so early in an election season. But the thought of any so-called pastor being paid to promote abortion-on-demand, same-sex marriage, transgender confusion, the LGBTQ agenda, legalized prostitution, and other anti-biblical causes in the name of the Lord sickens my heart." Tony Perkins, FRC ACTION

This same "Rent A Leader" tactic has been used time and time again to fund political campaigns, grants, scholarships and awards to pay Leaders to abandon all morals and human kindness and accept the lure of money to work evil policies for abortion, sex trafficking, harvesting baby body parts, racism, eugenics, genocide, and many other evils.

I'm wide awake now, and am adding this caveat to this missive with a determination to echo and obey this scripture: "Don't be overcome by evil. Overcome evil with good." Romans 12:21 Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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