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Israel: Recently Discovered Ancient Factory for Blue Dye Techelet is 'Fulfillment of Prophecy in Zechariah'

Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz : Jul 5, 2019  Breaking Israel News

"For centuries, many things, like Techelet, have been hidden from us. We are currently witnessing them being revealed in vivid full-color and 3-D. Only in recent years was the Murex discovered. This week's discovery is even more evidence of Biblical truth..." -Rabbi Tuly Weisz, the head of Israel365

[] Shards of Phoenician pottery recovered fifty years ago from the archeological dig in Tel Shikmona located south of Haifa have finally been studied and revealed an amazing story. The site dates back to the Iron Age (11th to sixth century BC) and despite its existence on the coast being well documented, the purpose of the original site has puzzled researchers. It is located in a rocky section of the shoreline that is inaccessible to boats and the area is not suited for agriculture. For this reason, a recent discovery by Prof. Ayelet Gilboa and Ph.D. candidate Golan Shalvi of the University of Haifa may have been the key to finally explaining this mystery. (Image: Tzit tzit (fringe) strings and the shells from which the blue dye is made. Tzitzit are specially knotted ritual fringes worn by observant Jews, attached to the four corners of the tallit (Jewish prayer shawl)/Credit: Yaakov Naumi/Flash 90/via BIN)

The researchers focused on analyzing remnants of blue and purple dye left on almost 30 shards, the largest amount ever found in a single archeological site, which allowed them to determine that the dye was produced by... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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