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Anointing Oils from Israel - Buy 1 for You, Get 1 at no cost

The Elijah List : Nov 10, 2018  

November 1, 2018
Fragrant Anointing Oils

Anointing Oils That are Made, Packaged and Sent to us
Directly From Israel!

PLUS... During November ONLY,
For EACH 30ml (1 ounce) Bottle,
Get a 30ml Bottle of
Pomegranate Oil FREE

These Oils Make GREAT GIFTS

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
A unique collection of Premium Holy Anointing Oils... each bottle is attractively packaged in a beautiful gift box these oils make GREAT GIFT ITEMS!

Hand-crafted by mixing Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil harvested and pressed on the Judea Mountains just outside Jerusalem, these oils are the highest quality Essential Oils sourced from the Middle and Far East.

Each item is produced using Ancient Hebrew Biblical recipes, then soaked in prayer and dedicated to God for use as He sees fit before it leaves the manufacturer in Israel and sent to us.

And now... through November 30th (or while supplies last), with each of these 5 wonderful, premium anointing oils that you purchase, you will AUTOMATICALLY get a FREE 30ml (1 ounce) bottle of "Pomegranate Oil", as our way of saying "Thank you" for your support of Elijah List.

You do not need to do anything additional to get the FREE 2nd bottle... just purchase the oils you want, and we will AUTOMATICALLY include a free, same size bottle of "Pomegranate Oil" for each bottle you purchased. SIMPLE AS THAT!

You will not see the free Pomegranate Oil on your order or email confirmations, but you will automatically receive a free 30ml bottle of Pomegranate Oil for each 30ml bottle you purchase.


Note... In the event the Pomegranate Oil runs out of supply, we may substitute a different oil from the same supplier in its place.

Holy Anointing Oil

The oil of consecration.
The Holy anointing Oil is based on the Scriptures found in Exodus 30:23-33 where instructions are given by God to Moses concerning the making of it, which is symbolic of the Holy Spirit. Vessels were set apart unto God for sacred purposes, by anointing them with oil. With the mixture mentioned in this passage, Priests, Prophets, and Kings were also consecrated for service to God, during the Old Covenant days. This is an oil that speaks of a sacrificial and righteous walk. It speaks of commitment as the person is endorsed and empowered for a particular task that they have been called to.

Ingredients: Pure Extra Virgin Oil from Israel, Myrrh, Cinnamon, Cassia, and Calamus

30 ml Bottle:
(Includes a free 30ml "Pomegranate" oil through November 30)

Balm of Gilead Anointing Oil

The oil that reminds us that tears and a contrite heart are never forgotten by God.
The Balm of Gilead, is an aromatic resin used for medical purposes that was exported from Tyre and elsewhere. This is seen in Scriptures where it is mentioned that the Ishmaelites who carried Joseph into Egyptian bondage were also Gilead balm traders.
Balsam trees are native to the Gilead area. Incisions in the bark of a balsam tree yield three or four drops a day from each, and left to stand the balsam becomes a golden color and pellucid as a gem. Back in those days this balm was so scarce that the Jericho gardens yielded only six or seven gallons yearly, which was worth twice its weight in silver.

Ingredients: Pure Extra Virgin Oil from Israel, Rose of Sharon (Labdanum), Balsam, and Mint

30 ml Bottle:
(Includes a free 30ml "Pomegranate" oil through November 30)

Messiah's Fragrance Anointing Oil

The oil of joy and gladness.
As we take a closer look at the anointed life style of our Bridegroom Yeshua, we see how it has been dispensing its fragrance throughout the ages and will of course continue to do so. Consider what is said about Him and especially the scent He carries, in the Wedding Psalm in chapter 45:7-8.
Anointing with oil was no stranger during Yeshua's life on earth. We see this in the fourth chapter of Luke where Yeshua is anointed at the beginning of His ministry by a woman and again at the end before He is crucified by Mary of Bethany. Let us always remember what Proverbs 27:9 tells us when it shares with us that "oil and perfume make the heart glad!"

Ingredients: Pure Extra Virgin Oil from Israel, Myrrh, Aloes, and Cassia

30 ml Bottle:
(Includes a free 30ml "Pomegranate" oil through November 30)

Rose of Sharon Anointing Oil

The oil of new life.
In Hebrew this flower is called "chavatstzelet" and was probably a meadow-saffron or crocus. There were many disagreements over the Rose of Sharon as roses do not grow wild in the region. However today it has been established that it is most probable that Labdanum was the main ingredient of this wonderful anointing oil.
The exuberant joy of the new things that spring forth in former desert places is enhanced and celebrated by this fragrance. Our Bridegroom, "The Rose of Sharon", brings an exuberant breaking forth of joy in our hearts and in life's deserts. The Rose of Sharon is in close association with the Lily of the Valley as both are titles of the Bridegroom.

Ingredients: Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Israel mixed with Rose of Sharon (Farm Grown) essential oil

30 ml Bottle:
(Includes a free 30ml "Pomegranate" oil through November 30)

Bridal Garden Anointing Oil

The oil of intimacy between God and you, His beloved child.
One of the many delights portrayed in the Song of Songs, is fragrance. We become aware of the abundance of scents and aromas that perfumes the air around the Lover-Bridegroom and His Beloved Bride. In this atmosphere of love, their garments, speech and beings, send forth their savory scents. We like to call this the Bridal Garden perfume.
Picture with us an enclosed, private and secret garden on The palace grounds of a King. A sacred garden, filled with an array of colors, sounds, tastes and fragrances. This is what the Bride is likened to! As she yields graciously to the seasons of growth, her choice and fragrant "plants" brings forth much beauty and enjoyment. Established, tended and pruned by the hand of her God, she flourishes in secret behind their wall. In intimacy, fed and nourished by the river and fountain of life, she herself becomes an oasis of refreshment and truth.

Ingredients: Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Israel mixed with over 15 natural essential oils from around the world.

30 ml Bottle:
(Includes a free 30ml "Pomegranate" oil through November 30)

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