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Senate: 9/11 Bill—Vetoed by the President—will Have Override Vote on Wednesday

[It] must pass with a two-thirds majority—67 votes—to force the bill into law.

Friday, just hours before the deadline, President Obama vetoed the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, a bill that would have allowed the families of 9/11 victims to sue the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over its involvement in the nation's worst terrorist attack....(more)

How the Christian and Muslim Children in Aleppo Hope to End the War

"We trust in the fact that children's prayer is more powerful than ours." -Archbishop Marayati

(Syria)—[Christian Headlines] Muslim and Christian children in Aleppo, Syria, will join together next month in prayer to end the ongoing conflict that is taking more and more lives....(more)

Massive Turnout in Mexico City for March against the Same Cultural Woes Americans Battle

"We manifest our profound disagreement with gender ideology; an ideology that, lacking an objective foundation, seeks to impose itself in the laws, in schools, in families, in the media." -Manifesto from organizers of "March for the Family" 


Mourners in Washington 'Shine Light Into the Darkness' after Mall Shooting

"I lost a dear friend and that's why we're here."

[CBN News] Residents of Burlington, Washington, held a candlelight vigil Monday night for victims of the mall shooting there....(more)

You Won't Believe Where This Ancient Ten Commandments Carving Was Found

It is said to be the oldest known Ten Commandments written in Hebrew.

(Los Lunas, NM)—[CBN News] A boulder inscribed with a Hebrew translation of the Ten Commandments was reportedly found in the last place people may expect: America. (Photo credit: Roger L. Williamson B.A; M. Div/ AncientHebrew....(more)

Christian Singer, Fantasia's Journey Out of Darkness Now a Strong Testimony

When she's up on the stage and under the bright lights as she performs, Christian singer and "American Idol" winner Fantasia Barrino appears to be a woman of strength and inspiration. Some of her fans, however, do not know that she underwent a dark period in her life, which she overcame by relying on God... Click here to read....(more)

Healing the Black-White Education Gap: It's Really about the State of Marriage in America

The Institute for Family Studies found that, "the share of married-parent families in a county is one of the strongest predictors of high-school graduation rates for Florida counties; indeed, it's a more powerful predictor than family income, race or ethnicity."

[Charisma News] “You're getting your inheritance early." Those were my father's words to me as he explained that he was taking money that he might have left me in his will and spending it on my private school tuition....(more)

Netanyahu: The Enormous Struggle between Modernity and Radical Islam is the Root of the Real Conflict Rocking the World

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also said his differences with Obama are not based on personal animosity and only surround issues of Iran and the "settlements," which, he insists, are wrongly perceived by many as the main obstacle to peace.


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Please Pray for an Abundance of This to Happen in Israel This Winter

It's both a physical and spiritual prayer request.

airlift(Israel)—[CBN News] Following three consecutive winters of below-average rainfall, the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) is at a dangerously low level. (Photo: via Air Documentation Project/via Ynetnews....(more)

The "Monumental" Forgotten Gardens of Petra Are Discovered After 2,000 Years

Recent excavations at Petra have revealed a startlingly advanced irrigation system and water storage system that enabled the desert city's people to survive—and to maintain a magnificent garden featuring fountains, ponds and a huge swimming pool... Click here to read....(more)

Actor Chris Pratt Tells Stephen Colbert Why He Erected a Cross Last Easter in the Texas Desert

"It was like just so rewarding and awesome." -Chris Pratt

(Hollywood, CA)—[Christian Headlines] In a recent interview with Stephen Colbert, actor Chris Pratt discussed the time he and some friends erected a huge cross on Easter weekend......(more)

Huge Victory for Life as India Orders Google, Yahoo and Microsoft to Block These Kind of Abortion Ads

The three IT giants were forced to grudgingly agree to block 22 key words or be shut down.

airlift(India)—[LifeSiteNews] With an order from the Indian Supreme Court threatening to shut down Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo unless they stop carrying ads for prenatal gender testing that have led to millions of abortions of female unborn babies and a chronic imbalance of genders, the three IT giants grudgingly agreed to block 22 related key words. (Photo credit: Zeber/Shutterstock/via LifeSiteNews....(more)

Iowa: Cedar River's Crest Could Mean Second Worst Flood for Cedar Rapids

The Cedar River in Cedar Rapids was expected to crest Tuesday at levels that would cause the second worst flood in the city's... Click here to read....(more)

Jesus Rocks a Hard-Core Buddhist's World

"As an Asian-American that was always trying to seek approval and achieve things, it's meant everything to me to recognize that He loves me unconditionally and offers an eternal life with Him." -Alex Chu

[CBN News]—"I just remember when I woke up each morning, I would smell incense seeping into my room. And there were statues of Buddhas......(more)

Adopt-a-Battalion IDF Program Builds Strong Relationships Between Soldiers and Civilians

Not only does the adoption of a battalion increase army morale and help the well-being of soldiers, but it also builds a true bond between donors and soldiers.

airlift(Israel)—[BIN] For over a decade, the Israel Defense Force (IDF) has offered companies, groups and individuals the chance to "Adopt-a-Battalion". This unique program builds deep and lasting relationships between IDF soldiers and civilians who support them....(more)

The Beautiful Sistine Chapel Frescoes are Coming to Dallas

The frescoes are overtly religious, depicting God's creation of Adam and Eve as well as a variety of Biblical prophets and heroes.

[Christian Headlines] I'll never forget the first time I saw Michelangelo's frescoes on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. They are more stunning than any movie or photograph can depict. Soon, however, you won't have to go to Rome to view them. You will be able to see them in Dallas instead....(more)

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