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The Truth Behind St. Patrick's Day Celebrations in America: Surprise Discovery in St. Augustine

"It was certainly a surprise. It did not register the first time I saw the name 'San Patricio,' the Spanish name for St. Patrick. After a few seconds, it actually hit me that there was a St. Patrick's Day parade/procession in St. Augustine in 1601." -J. Michael Francis

(St. Augustine, FL)—[University of South Florida] Irish culture will soon be celebrated across the globe with parades, pub crawls and seas of green. But newly uncovered documents prove unlike previous belief, St....


Anne Graham Lotz: The Surprising Gift God Gave Me After My Father's Death

"To say I was beyond exhaustion physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually would not come close to describing my state of being." -Anne Graham Lotz

[] "He makes me lie down ..." (Ps. 23:2a)....


Undocumented Immigrant, Lizbeth Mateo, Appointed to California Government Post

"As a Hispanic American, this is just another sad day for the USA. Now we have an attorney who celebrates breaking the laws we live by. We have horrific politicians tearing up California daily. Way to take the opportunity from those waiting in line and fighting to be here." -John Young

(Sacramento, CA)—[] Lizbeth Mateo, a 33-year-old attorney and immigration rights activist, on Wednesday became the first undocumented immigrant to be appointed to a state post in California....


Incredible Facility for Pregnant Women in Crisis Opens, "All Completely Free of Charge"

Residents will receive professional medical care, parental training, counseling, educational opportunities, and job placement assistance, among other services, all completely free of charge.

(Austin, TX)—[] Texas Pastor John Hagee has opened a new facility dedicated to supporting pregnant women in crisis. The new home, Sanctuary of Hope, aims to assist women who are unsure about their capacity to raise a child because of their life circumstances....


Kentucky House Passes Bill That Bans Dismemberment Abortions

"Before the first trimester ends, the unborn child has a beating heart, brain waves, and every organ system in place. Dismemberment abortion then kills a baby by tearing her a part limb from limb." -National Right to Life lawyer Mary Spaulding Balch

(Frankfort, KY)—[] The Kentucky state House voted 71-11 Monday to ban dismemberment abortions. (Image: Illustration of a dismemberment abortion/LiveAction/via LifeSiteNews....


"Lord Have Mercy!": How This Teen is Transforming San Diego's Homeless Community

"Lord have mercy, our folks just wanted to participate. San Diego is going to be spotless by the time we are through with this." -Bob McElroy, Alpha Project

airlift(San Diego, CA)— [] San Diego's growing homeless population now have a better chance to find work thanks to one compassionate 16-year-old. A pilot program that provides basic jobs for people living on the streets is the brainchild of 16-year-old Kevin Barber....


Bizarre! After One Year in Space, Astronaut Scott Kelly Now Has Different DNA Than His Identical Twin Brother

[CBS Local, Denver] While Scott Kelly's height and 93 percent of his DNA returned to normal after returning to Earth, NASA confirmed that seven percent of his genes have remained changed and may stay that way... Click here to read. (Photo: the Kelly twins/NASA....


God Moving in Miraculous Ways: In One of the Most War-Torn, Oppressed Places, the Light of Jesus Shines

They came upon a mother unable to feed her baby because there was no breast milk. "The baby was crying all the time. In their traditional beliefs they thought they could put a root in the baby's mouth, but it was worse than before. When we reached that baby and mom and when we prayed in the name of Jesus, the crying suddenly stopped and to God's glory, after that the family came to church and dedicated their baby to the Lord."


Ford Issues Immediate Major Recall of 1.4 Million Cars: The Steering Wheel Could Fall Off!

Ford is telling owners not to drive their car if they realize it could be included in this recall. They are asking everyone to get the issue fixed immediately at a local dealer. Spread the word!

(Detroit, MI)— [] One of the most popular car manufacturers in America has just announced a massive recall. According to reports, Ford is recalling 1.4 million cars....


Just When You Thought You'd Heard It All: British Store Takes 'Mom' Out of Mother's Day to be Inclusive of Transgenders

[Penny Nance, CEO and President of Concerned Women for America] argues society should note that moms are often unsung heroes and that "Mothers are an essential and irreplaceable part of a child's life. They sacrifice on a daily basis for the betterment of their child and they deserve to be honored and respected."

airlift(United Kingdom)—[(more)

Trump Administration Hits Russia with 'Targeted Sanctions' for 2016 Election Meddling and More

[] The Trump administration on Thursday sanctioned 19 Russian individuals and five Russian entities for allegedly interfering in the 2016 election and engaging in cyber-attacks... Click here to read....


Prayer Alert: "Outrageous" Abortion Law Goes Before Supreme Court; It's Like the "Lung Association Forced to Promote Cigarettes!"

"If the government can tell us what we have to say, even when it's opposed to why we exist, then everyone is vulnerable, not just pregnancy centers." -Anne O'Connor

(San Diego, CA)—[CBN News] Josh McClure started the Pregnancy Care Clinic in San Diego with a desire to support women facing unplanned pregnancies and help save lives....


Disney's Version of 'A Wrinkle in Time' a Big Departure from Madeleine L'Engle's Beloved Book

"If I've ever written a book that says what I feel about God and the universe, this is it. This is my psalm of praise to life, my stand for life against death," L'Engle reportedly wrote in her journal about the book. Sadly, the movie seems to have dropped L'Engle's Biblical references and leanings.

airlift[CBN News] The writer of Disney's "A Wrinkle in Time" is defending her decision to remove Christian themes from the movie....


"Women in America are Making History Every Single Day": Vice President Mike Pence Honors Women's History Month

"They've built businesses, they've built communities, they've helped build families into this extraordinary fabric that we call American life." -Vice President Mike Pence

(Washington, DC)—[CBN News] Vice President Mike Pence addressed the Independent Women's Forum Tuesday night to celebrate Women's History Month and the many contributions women have made to the United States....


"Yiddle with a Fiddle": Fascinating Film on Violinist Itzhak Perlman's Life and 50-Year Marriage

The film is full of unusual facts about Perlman's extraordinary life. For example, after contracting polio when he was just 4-years-old, part of his treatment involved inhaling the smoke of burning parchment on which religious sayings had been written.

(Israel)— [] Itzhak Perlman, arguably the most famous violinist in the world, has fielded plenty of questions in his 50-year career. But when asked if his religious heritage has affected his playing, he sounds stumped....


University of Virginia, the #1 Seed in March Madness, Achieves Success through Biblical Principles

Bennet uses five Biblically-based pillars to teach his players lessons that will be of help to them both on and off the basketball court. "They are life lessons and they are very specific to basketball in ways you wouldn't think," Bennett said.

[] The NCAA March Madness basketball tournament begins this week, and the coach of number one seed the University of Virginia says Biblical principles have played a major role in getting them to this point....


100,000 Rally in Ireland to keep Right to Life for Unborn

"They have not even consulted us doctors. The basic law that governs our actions as doctors is first 'do no harm.' We are not meant to intentionally kill or harm any patient, least of all the most helpless, the unborn baby. The government has no right to impose this on us." -Dr. Judy Ceannt

airlift(Dublin)— [] As many as 100,000 people attended a rally in Dublin to show their support to the continued right to life of the unborn in Ireland, organizers say....


U.S. House Sets Vote on Bill Allowing Use of Unproven Drugs for Dying Patients

"...the bill has been a long time coming, but in striking the right balance for patients and their safety, the House is on track to deliver hopeful news for patients desperately seeking the right to try investigational treatments and therapies." -Committee chairman Greg Walden, R-OR, and the panel's health subcommittee chairman, Rep. Michael Burgess, R-TX

(Washington, DC)—[Newsmax....


Meet Mike Pompeo: President Trump's New Pro-Life, Pro-Traditional Marriage Replacement for Secretary of State

"As a Kansan, I hold a deep reverence for the sanctity of life, the solidarity of family, and the solemnity of marriage. I will continue the fight to uphold these fundamental ideals each and every day. I am, and always will be pro-life and will defend life from conception to natural death. I will continue to oppose any taxpayer funding for abortion. I also fully support the traditional institution of marriage. Strong families are the most important building block of our Republic, and we must preserve them for the sake of our community and our culture." -Mike Pompeo

(Washington, DC)—[(more)

College Student Kicked Out of Class for Saying There are Only Two Genders

[] A religious studies major was barred from Christianity class at Indiana University of Pennsylvania for saying during class that there are only two genders... Click here to read....


"Fight the New Drug": Major League Baseball Team Takes a Bold Stand against Pornography

"Words really can't express how much fighting the battle against pornography addiction means to me, and how grateful I am to be a part of the [The Kansas City Royals] organization, the first organization in professional baseball to actively fight against porn addiction. It says a ton about the kind of men we have in leadership roles and it makes me even more eager to serve under them." -Austin Womack

(Kansas City, MO)— [FaithFamilyAmerica....


Tim Tebow Foundation Celebrity Weekend Raised More Than $2.2 Million for Children Around the World

The events were packed with celebrities that stretched various realms, from sports legends to reality TV stars such as Chip Gaines & Joanna Gaines from HGTV's Fixer Upper and members of the Duck Dynasty family.

(Jacksonville, FL)— [] The Tim Tebow Foundation hosted its 8th Annual Celebrity Gala & Golf Classic, March 2 & 3, 2018, at TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL....


Unbelievable: Oakland Coffee House Bans Police Officers

...Heaven forbid the folks at Hasta Muerte Coffee ever find themselves in need of help from the police-but if they do-I have no doubt officers would be there in a heartbeat.

[Reprinted with permission from] No cops allowed. (Screengrab: Hasta Muerte coffe shop/KTVU....


'I Sincerely Apologize for What I Said' -The View Host, Joy Behar Relents and Apologizes to All Christians She Insulted

The apology comes one month after Behar made her remarks on the Feb. 13 "The View", setting off an outcry of protest, including more than 30,000 complaining calls to ABC and calls for a boycott.

(Washington, DC)—[CBN News] "The View" co-host Joy Behar publicly apologized Tuesday morning for her comments mocking Vice President Mike Pence's faith....


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MercyMe: 'I Can Only Imagine' Movie Stirs Emotions 'I Spent Most of My Life Trying to Bury'

The song's story surprised some of those closest to Bart Millard, even Amy Grant who he originally wanted to sing the song.

airlift(Nashville, TN)—[CBN News] While MercyMe's "I Can Only Imagine" became the most popular Christian song ever recorded. With more than two million downloads, the song reached double platinum status. And it's the only Christian single to reach that milestone....


Homeschooling "Soaring in Popularity": Tim Tebow Helps Explain Why

"We were waking up, doing chores. Doing Bible study. And then we would break up into our individual studies. The whole process was always something I knew had a great purpose."

[] Homeschooling families used to be the guaranteed outcast, often enduring a never ending stream of probing questions and funny looks. (Photo: Screenshot: GMA/via Faithwire....


"Their Religious Devotion and Tenacious Irish Spirit": President Trump Proclaims Irish-America Heritage Month

"My grandfather was very typical of the millions that would come to these shores. He embodied all that's best about the Irish—sturdy work ethic, faith in God, love of family, patriotism. And those are the enduring contributions of people of Irish descent in the history of this country." -Vice President Mike Pence

(Washington, DC)—[] Ireland's Taoiseach (pronounced TEE-shuck)—the country's term for its prime minister and head of government—is visiting President Donald J. Trump at the White House for St. Patrick's Day....


President Trump's Childhood Bible on Display in DC's Museum of the Bible

[] According to a press release issued by the museum, Trump carried that Bible with him to Sunday school classes at First Presbyterian Church in Queens, New York. When Trump graduated from primary school in 1955, the Bible was inscribed by his Sunday school teachers and pastor... Click here to read....


Nikki Haley Makes Good on Threat: No Aid for Voting against Jerusalem

The paper proposed reviewing the aid given to nearly 40 countries that received a total of $100 million in 2016 yet vote against the United States 54 percent of the time.

airlift(Israel)— [] US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley is making good on her threat to cut US aid to countries that vote against the US in the United Nations. (Photo: Nikki Haley at the UN/AP/Richard Drew/via Breitbart....


Abortionist: Babies Can't Scream While I Abort Them Because I Cut the Cord First

While it's unclear if abortionist Leah Torres was referring to vocal cords, the spinal cord or the baby's umbilical cord, the sickeningly cold meaning is the same: the pre-born baby won't be able to scream before the abortionist silences her permanently.

[] Pre-born babies don't scream as they're aborted, because "I transect the cord 1st so there's really no opportunity," according to a prominent abortionist. (Photo: Leah Torres, abortionist/Twitter/via LifeSiteNews....


Dr. Corinne Weaver: Don't Fall Victim to Seasonal Allergies This Year!

Amazingly, allergies are the 6th leading chronic disease in the U.S. among all ages, and the annual cost of allergies is estimated to be nearly $18 billion, according to the CDC. Most people turn to Benadryl, Claritin, and other medications to try to find some relief. I was a huge allergy drug consumer and spent many dollars to find relief for 11 years. The good news is that you might not necessarily need to take any of medications to help control your symptoms.

For many, springtime means the start of little league games, gardening, listening to the birds, or long walks with your dog....


Evangelist Alveda King: As MLK 50 Looms, Babes and Millennials Proclaim; We are not Color Blind

Acts 17:26 says that we are One Blood. In that context, we are the Human Race. Skin Color is a gift from God. We are not color blind; we are not designed or intended for racial division; we are praying to unite in love and in living color.

[Alveda King's Blog] As we approach theApril 4th50th Anniversary of the earthly departure of my Uncle Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., may we truly seek after the(more)

A Bride and a Stranger Caught in a "Comedy of Errors": Add Prayer Warriors and a Young Leukemia Patient and It's Positively Providential!

It just shows the amazing blessings that come from how we respond to mistakes.

(United Kingdom)A recent article featured on Yahoo News, claiming to be "the sweetest story you'll read all week," is, indeed, that and could easily be made into a Hallmark movie....


'Contempt and Defiance': Britain Expels Russian Diplomats Over Nerve Gas Attack on British Soil

"This use of a military-grade nerve agent, of a type developed by Russia, constitutes the first offensive use of a nerve agent in Europe since the Second World War. It is an assault on the United Kingdom's sovereignty and any such use by a state party is a clear violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention and a breach of international law. It threatens the security of us all." -Part of joint statement issued by President Donald Trump, French President Emmanual Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and UK Prime Minister Theresa May.


As President Trump Readies to Meet with N. Korea's Kim Jong Un, Families of Three American Christians Imprisoned There Hope for Their Release

"These are hard days for our family. My family and I long to make contact with my dad." -Sol Kim

[CBN News] Tony Kim was on his way back home to the United States when North Korean authorities intercepted him just before he boarded his flight at Pyongyang international airport....


Ivanka Trump Has a Framed Copy of Her Father's Jerusalem Speech in Her Office

"It was deeply personal for me ... standing at the Western Wall in a moment of privacy, because it was really just us, it was our family that was there. It was beyond special—for each of these moments it's hard to find the words to adequately describe them." -Ivanka Trump

(Israel)— [] Ivanka Trump keeps a framed copy of her father's speech recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in her White House office, alongside the handwritten lyrics to the rock classic "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey....


Did Geologists Just Discover the "Fountains of the Deep" From Genesis Flood?

"I see these discoveries through the lens of science that is coming closer and closer to seeing the world through the lens of Torah. After all, science and Torah have the same author." -Dr. Gerald Schroeder

(Israel)— [] A team of scientists studying diamonds found as far as 500 miles underground has discovered a form of crystallized ice that has never been observed in nature before....


UPDATE: Sweden Tries to 'Starve' Out Christian Asylum Seeker; How You Can Make Your Voice Heard on Her Behalf

Strandsson and other Christian asylum seekers in Sweden have faced deportation at the same time that the Swedish government has given 150 protected identities to former ISIS fighters who have returned to Sweden, so that they can find jobs.

(Stockholm, Sweden)—[CBN News] Aideen Strandsson is a woman without a country. She may live in Sweden, but she is a stateless person, with no passport, no citizenship and no way to get a job. She lives every day with the knowledge she could be deported to her native Iran where, as a Christian, she would face grave danger....


Famed Atheist, Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking Has Died

He leaves behind a wife, Lucy, and two sons, Robert and Tim. Please pray for his grieving family.

(England)— [] Early Wednesday morning local time, Nobel Prize-winning physicist Stephen Hawking died, a family spokesman told ABC News. The famed atheist was 76 years old....


'It Must Be on American Terms': Why the Pompeo Pick Is Crucial for North Korean Nuke Talks

"I think if there is any diplomacy between the US and North Korea it must be on American terms and must share the definition of denuclearization. We can't have one definition in Washington and one in Pyongyang and Pompeo seems like to me is one person who will stick to that definition." -Behnam Ben Taleblu of the Foundation for Defense Democracies

[CBN News] Members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee say Mike Pompeo's confirmation hearing for Secretary of State will be in April, but they didn't specify a specific date....


Professor Jordan Peterson Defies Howling Mob to Give Students Life-Changing Advice: "Don't Pander to Identity Politics!"

This is advice every college student in the West needs to hear.

airlift(Canada)— [] While a howling mob screamed obscenities and pounded on the windows, freedom-of-speech advocate Dr. Jordan Peterson gave hundreds of university students life-changing advice....


President Trump Welcomes World Series Champions to the White House

From the photos, it appears the team had a fun-filled and comical time at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

(Washington, DC)— [] On November 1st of last year, the Houston Astros took the winning title of the 2017 MLB World Series Champions against the Los Angeles Dodgers. The final score ended with a whopping 4-run lead—the Dodgers had 1, while the Astros came out with 5....


"King David Made a Big, Bold and Bright Return to Jerusalem": Futuristic High-Tech brings Biblical David "Back to Life"

The pictures are amazing!

(Israel)— [] King David made a big, bold and bright return to Jerusalem Sunday evening at an advance showing of the Tower of David Museum's new Night Experience....


"Humans are Not Just Animals": What's Really Behind the Pro-Life and Anti-Euthanasia Battle

"The only reason that abortion became illegal is that Christians evangelized the Roman Empire with the big picture of Christianity. The whole message about a loving God creating the world, human beings being made in the image of God, of the fall in need of redemption, of the Incarnation, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The prohibition of abortion was one part of that big evangelical picture about reality." -Dr. Benjamin Wiker

airlift(Independence, OH)—[] The pro-life battle is not primarily about overturning Roe v....


'No Evidence of Collusion': House Panel Ends Russia Investigation

"We found no evidence of collusion. We've seen some, perhaps, meetings that were inappropriate or ill-advised to have taken place. We've seen chance coincidences where people bump into each other in various places, but no evidence of collusion." -Rep. Mike Conaway

(Washington, DC)-[CBN News] Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee announced they are ending their investigation of Russia and the 2016 US election, much to the surprise and outrage of House Democrats....


The HUGE Blessing This Teen Server Received after Her Simple, Kind Gesture for an Elderly Patron went Viral

"It's something I would do any other day. He was like, 'My hands are not functioning too well.' He needed me to cut his food. And I did." -Evoni Williams, server

airlift[] A teenage waitress's kind gesture for an elderly customer has inspired thousands-and now there's a new twist in the story....


'God is Watching Over Me': This Successful Woman with Down Syndrome is Blazing a Trail against Abortion

"I think the Iceland story was so shocking to so many people. They just didn't know that this is a situation." -Jeanne Mancini, president of March for Life

[] Karen Gaffney is an extraordinarily successful woman. She has swum the English channel, given a stunning TEDx talk and even received an honorary doctorate. She is also a fierce advocate for the unborn. (Photo credit: Heather Adams ‏via Twitter/via LifeSiteNews....


'She Wouldn't be Here': Quick Thinking Husband Credits Simple Skill Everyone Should Know With Saving His Dying Wife

Incredibly, Andrea recovered without any brain damage or lasting effects, largely because of the quick-thinking of her husband. Had her brain been left starved of oxygen for a prolonged period of time, it is likely that she would have suffered severe disability. Doctors later diagnosed Andrea with a previously unknown heart condition...

[] A Wisconsin man has been hailed a hero after administering life-saving CPR to his wife. Luke Benrud walked into his kitchen to find his spouse Andrea lying motionless on the floor....


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