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The Singing Contractors 'Nail' This Favorite Christmas Tune; and It Soon Goes Viral

"We are so excited to see how God is using 'The Singing Contractors' to lift up His name and to encourage others. Please continue to pray for us daily as we are swinging our hammers and singing for Christ!!"

[CBN News] ’Tis the season that many try their hand at singing their favorite Christmas tunes, but rarely does that lead to viral videos and a music album....


WATCH: 'American Idol' Winner Stops Her Concert, Drops to her Knees to Praise the Lord; and Fans Come to Jesus

"Man, This girl has ALWAYS BEEN FILLED with the SPIRIT of CHRIST and for those that couldn't resonate, they should check their own relationship and spiritual connection and awareness! She is Not YOUR Mold of Christianity! Every vessel, do your own part and be used in your own way!"

[Charisma News] Fantasia Barrino of American Idol fame turns her concerts into a worship services at the end of each performance....


After nearly 10 years and 12,668 babies saved, 40 Days for Life CEO moves on

“Though my season on staff has come to a joy-filled end, I love 40 Days for Life and will continue to pray for, and participate in, 40 Days for Life campaigns and the pro-life movement.” — David Bereit.

[LifeSiteNews] “After a long season of prayer and discernment,” David Bereit is stepping down as CEO of 40 Days for Life after nearly a decade to begin a new venture, he announced Wednesday....


Trump Just Added Another Evangelical Christian to His Administration and, Boy, is the Left Really Mad About This One!

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt will make seven evangelicals at Trump’s Cabinet table.

(Washington, DC) — [Charisma News] Thursday morning, President-elect Donald Trump announced his intent to nominate another evangelical Christian to a Cabinet-level post in his administration....


Bethel Church Pastor Bill Johnson Weighs in on Attacks Against Chip & Johanna Gaines: Homosexuality is a "Violation of God's Design"

"God made us a certain way; doing stuff His way was never meant to be punishment or a restriction - it was supposed to be, 'here's a focus on how you were designed.' Following His design always brings about the greatest amount of honor for God, and pleasure and delight for you and me. Let's do it His way." – Pastor Bill Johnson

(Redding, CA) — [(more)

Israel Braces for "Tidal Wave" of Hostile UN Resolutions: "Shameful!"

“It is known that the Human Rights Council has become an anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli body, but it cannot be that the UN is continuing to assist in this surreal process.” – Danny Danon, Israel’s UN Ambassador

(Israel) — [Breaking Israel News] The United Nations will vote next week to allocate funds, implementing a resolution for a “blacklist” of companies operating directly or indirectly in Judea, Samaria, the Golan, and East Jerusalem....


Actor Mark Wahlberg Has Tough Words for Celebrities Who Push Their Politics

"It just goes to show you that people aren't listening to [them] anyway." -Mark Wahlberg

(Hollywood, CA)—[Movieguide /Charisma News] Actor Mark Wahlberg of Deepwater Horizon and the upcoming Patriots Day recently told a news outlet geared toward veterans that his fellow celebrities should stick to entertainment and stop pushing their politics on the public....


Macy's is No Longer Funding Planned Parenthood: Merry Christmas!

"In the spirit of thankfulness and celebration that comes this time of year, we have a special update to share with you ..." -Lance Wray

(New York, NY)—[CBN News] The Macy's department store chain has announced it is no longer giving money to Planned Parenthood....


John Glenn, Astronaut and Former US Senator, Dead at 95

(Columbus, Ohio)—[Fox8]Former astronaut and U.S. Sen. John Glenn has died ... He was 95. Ohio Gov. John Kasich tweeted: "...As we bow our heads and share our grief with his beloved wife, Annie, we must also turn to the skies, to salute his remarkable journeys and his long years of service to our state and nation..." Click here to read more....


Vatican Re-affirms that Homosexual Men Should Not be Admitted to the Priesthood

"One must in no way overlook the negative consequences that can derive from the ordination of persons with deep-seated homosexual tendencies..."

(Rome)—[LifeSiteNews] A new document from the Vatican's Congregation for Clergy released today reiterates that "those who practice homosexuality, present deep-seated homosexual tendencies or support the so-called 'gay culture'" are not to be admitted to seminaries or be ordained Catholic priests. (Photo: LifeSiteNews....


Did You Miss the President-elect's Statement on Pearl Harbor Day, Yesterday? It's Worth Reading...

"Today we are the bearers of the torch of freedom these brave Americans passed on to us..."

airlift[] "We pause today to remember the 2,403 American heroes who selflessly gave their lives at Pearl Harbor 75 years ago, on a date that will forever live in infamy. We also honor the 1,178 Americans who were wounded, and the countless others who instinctively did their duty, rushing to their posts in the midst of the chaos....


Judge Stops Recount in Michigan, But Trump Battles Continue With "Divisive" Democrats

Many believe that Senate Democrats will try to block, or at least slow down some of Trump's nominees. They could also hamper his efforts to reform immigration and cut taxes. In addition, some on the Left are promising to do everything they can to defend Obamacare.

(Washington, DC)—[CBN News] Donald Trump's narrow victory over Hillary Clinton in Michigan is now effectively sealed, with a federal judge ruling that Green Party candidate Jill Stein has no legal standing to request a recount....


119 Sheep (Yes, Sheep) Descended From Genesis 30, Return to Promised Land

This is the first time the sheep have been in Israel since Biblical times.

airlift(Israel)—[Charisma News] One hundred nineteen sheep reportedly descended from Jacob's flock have returned to their Biblical homeland....


How Could YouTube Ban This Video as Hate Speech? It's of a Former Radical Muslim Denouncing Hate!

"It's disturbing that a video about how I don't hate Jews anymore is flagged hate speech. George Orwell would blush." -Kasim Hafeez

airlift(Herndon, VA)—[Christian Headlines] YouTube has censored a Prager University (more)

Massive Protests by Tens of Thousands in Taiwan after their Government Initiates Gay Marriage Bill

"Only a heterosexual marriage can create the possibility of bearing children, and only then can we sustain the nation's next generation," a pastor representing the group said. "Marriage is a human right, but like all human rights there are limitations."

(Taiwan)—[Gospel Herald] It was in October of this year when the Democratic Progressive Party drafted a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage in Taiwan....


Meet Trump's Pick for Secretary of Education: A "Solid Christian" Whose Vision for Education Reform was Inspired in Israel

Betsy DeVos is known for her work nationally in the school choice movement.

(Washington, DC)—[CBN News] Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump's nominee for Secretary of Education, says that a late 1990s trip to Israel helped shape her vision for contributing to education reform....


Breaking! Ohio Senate Passes Pro-life "Heartbeat Bill"

The Ohio House must agree to amendments and specific language, and then the bill goes to Governor John Kasich's desk.

airlift(Columbus, OH)—[LifeSiteNews] After years of political maneuvering, vote avoidance, and pro-life division, the Ohio Senate passed a bill that will ban abortions once the baby's heartbeat is detected. (Photo: Fetal heartbeat on ultrasound/via fetalheartbeat....


Pearl Harbor is Still "Burned" on This Survivor's Mind and His Body: Remembering A Day of Infamy, 75 Years Ago

In his new memoir about Pearl Harbor, USS Arizona survivor Don Stratton talks about Captain Mitsuo Fuchida, the pilot who led the attack on Pearl Harbor. After the war, Fuchida met a missionary and accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

(Colorado Springs, CO)—[CBN News] December 7, 2016, marks the 75th anniversary of the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, an attack that launched the United States into war with Japan....


Journalist Shannon Bream: One of the Things I'm Most Thankful for Today

I ... prayed and cried to God more times than I can remember. "Please help me to find that ring. Please show me where it is if it's still in this house somewhere. Please don't let it be gone forever." I just couldn't bear the thought.

airlift[] Months ago, while traveling from city to city, I lost something very valuable. I called hotels and restaurants, scoured every inch of my luggage and retraced my steps dozens of times....


Three Christian Men Imprisoned in Iran Are Miraculously Set Free

"The circumstances in the prison were very difficult so to stop it from affecting me emotionally and physically, I started praying, even singing aloud and the guards didn't even stop me!" -Eldar Gurbanov

(Baku, Azerbaijan)—[CBN News] Three Christians who spent months in one of the worst prisons in the world are now free....


Christ Will Stay in Christmas in the UK: It's Officially OK ... For Now

"Lots of employers have now become really worried about doing anything discriminatory regarding their Muslim or Jewish staff." -David Isaac

(United Kingdom)—[CBN News] British officials are encouraging people around the country to embrace their Christian faith during the holidays—even at work....


Turnaround: Germany's Angela Merkel Endorses Full Burka Ban Where Legal

(Germany)—[The Sun UK] Angela Merkel today completed an astonishing U-turn as she formally endorsed a full burka ban following a backlash over her open-door migration policies... Click here to read....


"This Targeting of Christians Needs to Stop!" Congressmen Come Out in Support of Chip & Joanna Gaines

You can also sign a petition defending the Gaines from the "witch hunt" being waged against them.

(Washington, DC)—[LifeSiteNews] Two Republican congressmen have expressed their support of HGTV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines after a Buzzfeed hit piece on their church questioned whether the couple believes in man-woman marriage. (Photo via LifeSiteNews....


Starting with Jack Nicholson; The Surprising List of Hollywood Celebrities Speaking Out against Abortion

"I have experienced the great joy of God's presence in my children, so I'm inclined to be against abortion of any life." -Martin Sheen

[God Reports] Jack Nicholson's teenage mom very nearly aborted him, which is why he opposes killing fetuses in the womb....


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Meet the Bethel Church Member Who Helped Rescue Abducted Northern Californian Sherri Papini

Sherri was allegedly abducted Nov. 2, disappeared for 22 days, and then re-appeared on the side of the road early Thanksgiving morning.

(Redding, CA) — [Charisma News] The mainstream media labeled Bethel Church member Cameron Gamble "shady," but the hostage negotiator is anything but, according to those who know him best....


Ouch! Navy Admiral Slammed Colin Kaepernick's Unpatriotism in Pearl Harbor Speech

[New York Post] A decorated US Navy admiral took the time to troll Colin Kaepernick during the 75th anniversary Pearl Harbor Day commemoration ceremony on Wednesday—saying those who died on that fateful day “never took a knee and never failed to stand” during the national anthem... Click here to read....


World-Famous Geert Wilders, a Voice Against the Dangers of Radical Islam, is Found Guilty of Hate Speech

Wilders and his family have been living in a government safe house, under police protection for more than a decade because of serious death threats against him.

(The Netherlands) — [CBN News] A Dutch court has convicted lawmaker Geert Wilders of hate speech for speaking out against the dangers of Islam....


WOW! Tim Tebow Shares Stunning Story About 'John 3:16' With Harry Connick Jr.

Not only did the story go viral at the time, but it made unique football history.

(Los Angeles, CA) — [CBN NewsJohn 3:16 may be the best-known verse in the Bible, but it's also the subject of an amazing story told by Heisman Trophy winner and professional athlete Tim Tebow....


CNBC Admits "Surge in Optimism" Since Trump Election: Support for President-Elect is Up, Even Among Democrats

The 56 percent of respondents who now back the president-elect represent a sharp change from the 43 percent who were asked the question just before the election in November by NBC News and The Wall Street Journal… continue reading here....


Alveda King and Friends Launch a New Project to "Say Merry Christmas Again!"

As Christians let us remember the admonition of Christ Himself in Luke 9:26 and boldly proclaim "Christ is the reason for the season" by saying "Merry Christmas" as we consecrate His holy and miraculous birth in the language of our everyday lives.

(Atlanta, GA)—[] Just after Thanksgiving, Dr. Day Gardner called Evangelist Alveda King and said: "We need to say Merry Christmas again." (Photo: From Left To Right: Alveda King, Walter Hoye, Dean Nelson and Day Gardner/via TruthPR....


After This Jewish Synagogue Was Destroyed by Israeli Fires, These Muslims Donated Wood to Rebuild

"I had tears in my eyes when I heard what was happening. It was so emotional to hear that Muslims were asking to donate to a Jewish synagogue. I've invited them to evening prayers to personally thank them." -Rabbi Dov Hiyon

airlift(Israel)—[] The Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Israel put out an international call for donations to help the Moriah synagogue rebuild from the ashes after the recent week-long wildfires that raged across Israel. (Photo via Israel21c/courtesy of Masorti....


Powerful Earthquake Rocks Solomon Islands, but Tsunami Warning Canceled

[Daily Mail UK] A powerful magnitude 7.7 earthquake has hit close to the Pacific's Solomon Islands prompting a tsunami warning. The quake was centered about 120 miles south-east of Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands... Click here to read....


A Living Nativity Comes to the Supreme Court of the United States

The reason it's held right in the shadow of the Supreme Court each year is to show Americans they all have the right to do the same in their town or county.

(Washington, DC)—[CBN News] You may think the so-called separation of church and state might stop a celebration of Christ's birth at the U.S. Supreme Court or your local city hall. But it's perfectly legal, and you can do it, too....


Yes, There Was "Fake News" During the Election, But the Truth Is...

"Thanks to a public education system that indoctrinated millions of children—who are now adults—that truth is relative and flexible, not an absolute, and that failed to teach them how to interrogate the information they receive, the liberal mainstream media had a monopoly." -Bob Eschliman

[Charisma News]—Since the conclusion of the presidential election campaign, I've been struck by the liberal mainstream media's crusade against "fake news" and conservatives' knee-jerk dismissive reaction....


Ohio's 'Pastor Protection Act' Clears House Committee

"No ordained or licensed minister ... or religious society ... is required to solemnize a marriage that does not conform to the ordained or licensed minister's or religious society's sincerely held religious beliefs," the bill says.

(Ohio)—[Gospel Herald] An Ohio bill protecting pastors who refuse to perform weddings that do not conform to their convictions cleared the House Committee....


In Case You Missed It: Dolly Parton Brings Christ to 'The Voice'

[] It's rare these days to hear about Jesus Christ on prime-time TV—but that's exactly what Dolly Parton brought to "The Voice" [last] Tuesday night. The country music icon partnered with Jennifer Nettles and "The Voice's" top 10 from this season... Click here to read and watch the video....


University Students Wear Hijabs for "Islam Appreciation Week": Can You Imagine the Lawsuits if They Were Encouraged to Wear Crosses for "Christian Appreciation Week?"

The "Hijab for a Day" events are spawned in part by recommendations from the U.S. Department of Education on how schools can counter anti-Muslim bias in schools. But, notes one critic, "How little ... liberals and feminists really know about the real world of Islam."

(Madison, WI)—[EAGnews] University of Wisconsin students are participating in a "Hijabi for a Day" event that's designed to spread awareness about the Muslim headscarf and counter "islamophobia....


Chip Gaines Tells Fans to Respect the Reporter Who Accused Them of Being Anti-Gay

"In times of trouble, you'll find the Gaines family at church." -Chip Gaines

(Waco, TX)—[Christian Headlines] Despite Buzzfeed's recent article criticizing them for allegedly being anti-gay, Chip and Joanna Gaines are refusing to retaliate and have instead asked their fans to respect the author of the article....


Time Magazine Names President-elect Donald Trump as Its "Person of the Year"

[Fox News] The magazine's managing editor, Nancy Gibbs, said that the choice of Trump this year was "straightforward." "It's a great honor. It means a lot," Trump said... Click here to read....


He Led the Attack on Pearl Harbor, but Then His Enemy Led Him to Jesus

"That date, April 14, 1950—became the second 'day to remember' of my life. On that day, I became a new person. My complete view on life was changed by the intervention of the Christ I had always hated and ignored before. Soon other friends beyond my close family learned of my decision to be a follower of Christ, and they could hardly understand it." -Mitsuo Fuchida's testimony in "From Pearl Harbor to Golgotha."


Why a Video of Kids Telling the Christmas Story is Captivating the Internet

If you need a smile today, click here to watch this cute video, where Mary does laundry and Wise Men bring gold, "Frankenstein" and Myrrh; oh yes and milk, diapers and wipes...

[Christian Headlines] Last Christmas season, Southland Christian Church released a video of kids telling the Christmas story. That video went viral and has now received nearly 24 million views....


This Muslim Immigrant Led 600 Iranians to Jesus

When I saw this unconditional love and the grace of God in my life I couldn't keep this Good News to myself." -Shapoor

(United Kingdom)—[God Reports] He was uncertain and purposeless when he immigrated to the UK from Iran as a Muslim. But eight years later, God is using Shapoor to build His Kingdom among the refugee population....


Why Church Attendance is Good Not Just for Your Health, But Your Marriage Too

This, from Harvard researchers who studied 75,000 women!

(Boston, MA)—[CBN News] Most people attend church in order to strengthen their relationship with God. However, Harvard researchers have discovered regular church attendance strengthens our physical and mental health and especially our marriages. In short, compared to people who do not attend religious services, those who do tend to live happier, healthier lives....


Explosive Reveal: Trump Mulls Release of Details of Iranian Nuclear Deal

"The American people know the Iran deal is bad. I can tell you it's even worse than most people think." -Rep. Peter Roskam, R-IL

airlift(Israel)—[CBN News] President-elect Donald Trump may release details of the Iranian nuclear deal the Obama administration kept hidden from the public, The Daily Beast reported on Monday....


Benham Brothers Call For Pushback against Radical Gay Agenda: "Enough is Enough. Stand Up and Be a Voice"

"We're pushing back for little guys—the bakers, florists, photographers and all the others who've been bullied into submission by the thought mafia." -Jason and David Benham

(Washington, DC)—[Charisma News] Last week, we went to bat on "The Kelly File" for HGTV's "Fixer Upper" stars, Chip and Joanna Gaines, after Buzzfeed did a hit piece on them for attending a church that believes in Biblical marriage....


What Christians Are Doing to Show Support for HGTV's 'Fixer Upper' Couple

"[The LGBT community] want nothing less than to prohibit from the public square Christianity itself." -Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage.

airlift[CBN News] Thousands of Christians are supporting HGTV's "Fixer Upper" hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines. The couple is facing heat because they attend a church that believes in the Biblical definition of marriage....


Stunning Miracle: Numbers 14 Biblical Pillar Shields Israel From the Islamic State

"This strange storm of what appears to be dust, cloud and rain did not cross the border fence into Israel. It sat like a barrier between ISIS and Israel."

(Israel)—[Charisma News] A cloud of dust and rain, just as described in Numbers 14, appeared recently to shield Israel from the Islamic State....


Indonesia Governor—a Christian—Asks for Prayer for a 'Fair Trial' in So-called Blasphemy Case

"I ask you to pray for me so that the legal process is fair and transparent, and I hope I can get past this trouble as soon as possible. Therefore, I can use my time to provide better services to Jakarta residents." -Gov. Basuki Tjahaja Purnama

(Jakarta, Indonesia)—[Gospel Herald] Jakarta's Christian governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, popularly known as Ahok, was emotional and spoke softly as he asked people to pray for him while he goes on trial for blasphemy....


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