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Prayer Alert: 3 American Doctors Killed at Christian Hospital in Afghanistan

Please pray for the families of these three victims.

Cure hospital Afghanistan(Kabul, Afghanistan)—Thursday morning reports say that three American doctors serving at a Cure International Hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan were gunned down by an Afghan security guard....(more)

National Day of Repentance on April 30; Every Family, Every Nation

This April 30 is especially powerful because the next day, May 1, is the National Day of Prayer… fasting and prayer will be observed not only in the USA, but also by intercessors in another 30+ nations.

repentance(Middletown, CA)—We have an acute spiritual problem in this nation which has infected not only our politics but our entire culture. Our once Godly nation is rapidly sliding into a moral morass because we have looked to men, not God, and have followed other idols....(more)

The End of Heart Disease? Groundbreaking Experiment Stops Cholesterol Buildup

Using mice and rabbits, Johns Hopkins scientists were able to successfully prevent the development of arteriosclerosis by halting a single molecule responsible for purging cholesterol in blood vessels.

Heart Disease(Baltimore, MD)—Working with mice and rabbits, Johns Hopkins scientists have found a way to block abnormal cholesterol production, transport and breakdown, successfully preventing the development of atherosclerosis, the main cause of heart attacks and strokes and the number-one cause of death among humans....(more)

Chilling Video Unearthed: Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger Says, "No More Babies"

In 1934, Sanger published an article in America Weekly in which she said it had "become necessary to establish a system of birth permits in the United States." But in the newly unearthed video, she flatly states, "I believe that there should be no more babies." Period.

sanger(London, England)—A chilling video has surfaced of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger telling a British interviewer her goal is to see vast swaths of the world produce "no more babies....(more)

A "New Chapter of Hope Between Jews and Christians" in Israel

"This is a historic decision and the start of a new chapter, a chapter of hope between Jews and Christians in the State of Israel. It will allow young people from the Christian community to more seamlessly integrate into Israeli society." -Maj. (ret.) Shadi Khalloul

priest and Bibi(Israel)—The Israeli defense establishment this week decided to begin actively recruiting local Christians into the Israeli army. The move comes after years of encouragement by the Nazareth-based Israeli Christian Recruitment Forum for young Arabic-speaking Christians to voluntarily join the IDF so as to better integrate into Israeli society....(more)

Deranged, Violent Homeless Man Transformed by Jesus

"John's story is a wonderful example of God's love in action... Resurrection life invaded John's body, soul, and spirit making him not only a new creation but the essence of the righteousness of God. John's transformed life is a living picture of Romans 16:20" -Brian Lockhart

John(Lucknow, India)—Mentally disturbed, [John] lived in the streets of Lucknow, India, and responded violently to anyone who attempted to approach him. But God moved one pastor's heart to take him in, and the love of Jesus transformed the man's life....(more)

Amid Sorrow over Losing their Pastor-husbands' Lives at the Hands of Boko Haram, these Three Nigerian Widows are Filled with Joy that Comes from Jesus Christ

prayer As I set out, I knew that it was a dangerous journey. Just the week before, Boko Haram members killed hundreds of people in the state capital. These widows did not live far from there....(more)

Bill Gothard Repents; Breaks Silence on Harassment Claims by 30 Women

Bill Gothard "More than anything I want to make right what I have done wrong … I trust in God's undeserved mercy and pray that those whom I have offended would find grace to forgive me. I know that I do not deserve this. It is a grief to realize how my pride and insensitivity have affected so many people. I have failed to live out some of the very things that I have taught. I am committed to learning from my failures by God's grace and mercy, and do what I can to help bring about Biblical reconciliation as Jesus commands....(more)

You Won't Believe the Song the 9-year Old Sang That Made His Abductor Release His Terrified Kidnap Victim

"I really believe that God spoke through me to save that young man's life." -"Every Praise" writer Hezekiah Walker

Willie Myrick(Atlanta, GA)—Earlier this month, 9-year-old Willie Myrick went missing for three hours after a stranger—who is still on the loose—abducted him from the front yard of his home. Numerous sources say the young boy was so terrified, but he was able to quell his fear by singing the Gospel song "Every Praise" by Hezekiah Walker out loud. (Photo via 11Alive....(more)

"Friends of Israel" Organization Brings Amazing Group of Supporters to Israel… with an Amazing List of Former Presidents and Prime Ministers to Show their Support for Israel to the World

The Friends of Israel Initiative was established in 2010 to fight against efforts to delegitimize the Jewish state and to reaffirm Israel's right to exist in peace and security alongside its neighbors.

Aznar(Israel)—Israel is fearful that a collapse of peace talks with the Palestinians could result in an international boycott and isolation. In fact, even the Americans have been warning of such an outcome....(more)

"It's a Miracle," FBI Agent Says About a Teen's Survival of a 5-hour Flight—in the Wheel Well of a Jetliner??

"How he survived, I don't know. It's a miracle." -FBI special agent, Tom Simon

stowaway(Honolulu, HI)—A 16-year-old boy from Santa Clara, California, made headlines this week by miraculously surviving in the wheel well of a Hawaiian Airlines flight from California to Hawaii....(more)

'David and Goliath' - Epic Movie with a Huge Budget and "Biblically Accurate" to Begin Shooting Soon

"I'm excited that we can make a Biblically-accurate film about one of the most incredible stories in the Bible. People are already asking me how they can get tickets." -Tim Chey, Director

Tim CheyThe big-budget, epic movie, 'David and Goliath' commences shooting next month in Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria. Directed by Tim Chey ('Carry Me Home', 'Final The Rapture'), the film looks at one of the most powerful and beloved Bible stories of all time. The film will focus on the early life of David who fought against the Philistine giant, Goliath against all odds....(more)

US Military is Not Backing Away from National Day of Prayer Despite Urging by Group to Withdraw

"…the safety and prosperity of nations ultimately and essentially depend on the protection and blessing of Almighty God…" –John Adams, 2nd President of the US

Military(Washington, DC)—According to a Christian News Network report, the US Military is currently standing strong against the recommendations of atheistic activist Mikey Weinstein, president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, who maintains that the US Armed Forces should not be involved in any National Day of Prayer activities....(more)

Seniors Who Listen to Gospel Music Have Better Mental Health and They Don't Fear Death

Regardless of race, gender or social status, researchers say: "Religion is an important socioemotional resource that has been linked with desirable mental health outcomes among older U.S. adults. This study shows that listening to religious music may promote psychological well-being in later life."

Elders n music(Washington, DC)—A new (more)

Imprisoned Pastor Saeed Writes an Easter Message to the Body of Christ

Jesus said to His Disciples: "Whoever wants to be My disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow Me." (Matthew 16:24)

Pastor SaeedAmerican Pastor Saeed Abedini writes an Easter message reminiscent of Romans 12:1-2....(more)

Abortion Survivor Wows Dublin Crowd with Testimony of Forgiveness and the Value of a Human Life

"I was saved from an untimely death and I was placed in a home where I was loved and cared for and learned about the love of Christ. My admiration and my love for my parents has grown over the years as I've seen their day-in and day-out sacrifice for me and my siblings." -Josiah Presley

Josiah Presley(Dublin, Ireland)—Life News reports that 18-year-old abortion survivor Josiah Presley "brought a packed Convention for Life in Dublin to its feet with a moving and inspiring testimony on forgiveness and the value of every human life....(more)

Deadliest Day on Mt Everest, at Least 12 Killed in Avalanche

Mt EverestUSA TODAY: An avalanche left 12 dead and four missing in the worst-ever recorded disaster on Mount Everest....(more)

Easter Message from Will Graham: Redemption for Pain Endured Beyond the Cross

"Often as we think about the sacrifice of Jesus, we tend to focus on the unbearable physical pain He endured… but consider the emotional pain Christ endured as those who were closest to Him turned their backs." -Will Graham

BGEAOften as we think about the sacrifice of Jesus, we tend to focus on the unbearable physical pain He endured....(more)

Shocker: Extreme Abortion-on-Demand Bill Killed in Colorado Senate

"If you had asked everyone when this bill was introduced a month ago if it would have passed, everyone would have said 'yes'… This is my eighth session in Colorado, and I' e never seen anything like this. Congratulations to the people of Colorado who made their voices heard on this issue. God heard you and your prayers were answered." -Jenny Kraska, executive director of the Colorado Catholic Conference

Dan Wooding and Bob Yerkes (Denver, CO)—A bill that would have prevented any pro-life law from being enacted in Colorado is no longer being considered by the state's Senate....(more)

The Real Story of Ben-Hur Movie's "Tale of the Christ"

The tombstone of Lew Wallace, author of "Ben-Hur" is inscribed with a quote from his book: "I would not give one hour of life as a Soul for a thousand years of life as a man."

Ben Hur(Crawfordsville, IN)—As is the case with many movies, the 1959 blockbuster hit "Ben-Hur" was made from the best-selling novel Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ by Lew Wallace in 1880....(more)

Search for Survivors Continues; Text Messages thought to be coming from Inside Capsized South Korean Ferry, a Hoax

Please continue to pray for this ongoing search and rescue operation, and for the families and friends of those missing.

sunken ferryAdding to the distress and anguish of family members and friends waiting for any word on their loved ones missing in the S. Korean ferry disaster, the text messages that were purported to have come from people still on the ship, were all found to be fake....(more)

British Prime Minister David Cameron "Woo's" Christians saying He's an "Evangelical"

Cameron's comments come after Independent leader Nigel Farage said British politics need "a more muscular defense of our Judeo-Christian heritage."

Cameron(United Kingdom)—In a concerted effort to "woo back" Christians upset about his endorsement of gay marriage, UK Prime Minister David Cameron has declared himself an evangelical who wants to see a bigger role for religion in Britain, calling the nation a Christian country and urging other Christians to be more confident in spreading their beliefs....(more)

Teen Girl Launches Line of Modest, Age-appropriate Bras for Tweens and Young Teens

"This company is my effort to help other girls who feel the same way I do: that our society pressures us to look and dress a certain way at a very young age."

Megan(Wilson, WY)—"'Mary Margaret, you can't wear that!' I whispered to my 13 year old sister in the dressing room as she tried on a leopard push-up bra that was as empty and as fake as the ad on the wall beside her....(more)

Jews for Jesus Release "Controversial" Easter/Passover Video: "That Jew Died for You"

"Jewish artists have previously connected the sufferings of Jesus with the Holocaust, but this may be the first time it has been depicted on film. We want to show that Jesus is on the side of Jewish people, not the Nazis." -Susan Perlman, Jews for Jesus

Jews for Jesus film(San Francisco, CA)—In conjunction with Passover, Holy Week and Holocaust Remembrance Day, Jews for Jesus has released a controversial video, "That Jew Died for You," to help redefine the conversation and reshape views of Jesus and His relationship to the Holocaust....(more)

Victory for Life: ACLJ Obtains Judges "Stay" in Crisis Pregnancy Center—Pro-life Centers Can Continue to Advertise Their Services

"This is a significant win because the law violates our clients' constitutional rights…"

Pro life victoryThe American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) represents two non-profit organizations that operate numerous pro-life crisis pregnancy centers in New York City in a lawsuit challenging a City law that imposes burdensome disclaimer and confidentiality requirements upon crisis pregnancy centers. Today we received a stay from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit that will protect our clients' First Amendment rights while the case moves forward. (Photo via ACLJ....(more)

Celebrating Easter: Private Citizens Being 9-Day Prayer and Faith Vigil in Chicago's Famous Daley Plaza

"These Easter displays are privately funded and sponsored, bereft of any government aid or endorsement, and therefore are clothed and armored with the full protection of the First Amendment of our U.S. Constitution." -Tom Brejcha, Thomas More Society

Chicago(Chicago)—At midnight on Good Friday, April 18, 2014, a nine-day prayer vigil will commence in Daley Plaza to honor the passion, death, and resurrection of Christ....(more)

Former NFL Star Craig James Hired by Family Research Council after Being Dropped as Sportscaster for Supporting Biblical Marriage

"Craig has experienced the very workplace disqualification that cultural elites are seeking to impose throughout the country: expressing a politically incorrect opinion on a cultural issue, totally unconnected to employment, is enough to get you fired. Craig will play a critical role in educating Americans about what they can do to stand up for freedom." -Tony Perkins, Family Research Council President

Craig James(Washington, DC)-Craig James, a Fox Sports football analyst who was fired after the network learned that he had expressed his views in support of natural marriage during his race for the U.S. Senate 18 months earlier, has joined Family Research Council (FRC) as an Assistant to the President....(more)

"Christ Didn't Rise in Vain" Says President Obama at White House Prayer Breakfast

"I think it's amazing that the most powerful nation on the planet and probably the most important building politically speaking in the world, that we're having a moment where we're not only acknowledging but celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.” -Rev. Samuel Rodriguez

Pres Obama(Washington, DC)—According to a CBN News report, over 100 Christian leaders attended the Easter gathering at the White House on Monday, invited by President Obama....(more)

As Tributes Mark Boston Marathon Bombing Anniversary; #WeWillRun Inspirational Video Goes Viral in Anticipation of Next Week's Run

"We felt that by creating this video we could deter the negative things that surround last year's marathon and could encourage people to rally around this one memorable event and bring this city together again." -JJ Miller

(Boston)—Tuesday morning in Boston began with a wreath-laying ceremony, commemorating the three people who died and the 260-plus people who were injured in the Boston Marathon bombings last year....(more)

Desktop-size Synthetic Human Body to Dramatically Reduce Animal Testing

"By developing this 'homo minutus,' we are stepping beyond the need for animal or Petri dish testing: There are huge benefits in developing drug and toxicity analysis systems that can mimic the response of actual human organs." –Rashi Iyer, Scientist

Athena projectCreating surrogate human organs, coupled with insights from highly sensitive mass spectrometry technologies, a new project is on the brink of revolutionizing the way we screen new drugs and toxic agents....(more)

Prayer Needed: Ukraine Heats Up with Fresh Pro-Russian Violence

Please continue praying for the future of Ukraine, and wisdom for their interim president who is a Christian.

Pro russian violence(Ukraine)—Media reports note the escalation of violence by pro-Russian activists in east Ukraine, as protesters attacked a police station recently, throwing rocks, and ransacking the building in Horlivka....(more)

Pope Francis Calls Abortion an 'Abominable Crime' in Strongest Remarks to Date

"[Life is a] gift from God, [and] a valuable and intangible asset, to be protected by all means and not to be discarded." -Pope Francis

Pope Francis(Vatican City) Human life is "sacred and inviolable" and "every civil law is based on the recognition of the first and most fundamental right, the right to life," Pope Francis told an Italian pro-life organization today. (Photo via (more)

The Untold Story of How El Salvador Passed a Total Ban on Abortion

It took a national prayer campaign and a miraculous turning of hearts in politics.

Julia Cardenal(Toronto, Canada)—It is totally illegal for a mother to abort her child in El Salvador, the smallest country in Central America. But the amazing story about how a country with a name meaning "savior" came to constitutionally protect its unborn children from conception—despite ongoing massive international pressure to the contrary—remains practically unknown....(more)

Miracle in the Mudslide: How Mother and Baby Escaped Sure Death

"I know that God was with us because as it was going I cried out to Him and I said, 'Please save us!'" -Amanda Skorjanc

Miracle in mudslide(Oso, WA)—Still being treated at a Seattle hospital for injuries sustained in the catastrophic mudslide that devastated the community of Oso, Washington, 22-year-old Amanda Skorjanc spoke publicly for the first time about her, and her baby's, miraculous escape....(more)

Italian Legislator Introduces Bill to Protect Parents' Constitutional Rights Against "Gender Ideology"

"The school is particularly targeted by these insane ideologies… the result of the demolition of the father figure that comes from the 70's and are [subsequently moving politics into the realm of totalitarian Darwinian 'biologism']. Everyone is afraid to fight back, even if only to say that the father is a man and a woman is the mother. [In fact, to do so] has become an act of courage. -Stefano Zecchi, professor of philosophy, University of Milan

Eugeneia(Rome, Italy)—Italian Deputies Eugenia Roccella and Alessandro Pagano have introduced a bill in Parliament that would establish the rights of parents to make decisions about their children's education, particularly on moral issues....(more)

Scientists Discover Protein That Stops Gluten Health Problems

The key is Elafin, a protein with anti-inflammatory properties, which is less abundant in patients with celiac disease than in healthy people, and reduces gluten toxicity, opening promising prospects to treat the disease and gluten intolerance in general.

Gluten(France)—Celiac disease is an auto-immune pathology that occurs in individuals genetically predisposed to gluten intolerance. Affected people do not harbor the enzymes required to degrade gluten during digestion. Inflammatory reactions are induced by this abnormal digestion which can lead to the destruction of the gut barrier that is essential for nutrients absorption....(more)

Louisiana City Finds New Hope from a 'Good Samaritan'

The words vision, change, worth, respect, courage, forgive, unity, serve and impact, form a giant word mural on a 90- by 20-foot wall. The large letters and words are inescapable to anybody walking or driving through downtown Lake Providence.

Louisiana billboard(Lake Providence, LA)—Like Israel's king David who slew the Philistine giant Goliath with a sling and a stone, spiritual and civic forces in Lake Providence, Louisiana, are counting on words as weapons in the city's battle with foes who've hurled verbal abuse for too long and too many times....(more)

British PM Candidly Shares about the "Moments of Peace" that Stem from His Faith in Jesus Christ "Our Savior"

"I find a little bit of peace and hopefully a bit of guidance."

Cross and mosque (London, England)—British Prime Minister David Cameron opened up during his annual Easter reception Wednesday night, sharing a little about his Christian faith and how it brings him peace. (Photo via GodandpoliticsUK....(more)

Breakthrough: Caffeine Shown to Have "Positive Effect" in Treatment against Alzheimer's Disease

"We have taken a good step forward. The results of the study are truly promising." -Prof. Müller.

Alzheimer'sAs part of a German-French research project, a team led by Dr. Christa E. Müller from the University of Bonn and Dr. David Blum from the University of Lille was able to demonstrate for the first time that caffeine has a positive effect on tau deposits in Alzheimer's disease. The two-year project was supported with 30,000 Euro from the non-profit Alzheimer Forschung Initiative e.V. (AFI) and with 50,000 Euro from the French Partner organization LECMA. The initial results were published in the online edition of the journal "Neurobiology of Aging....(more)

Atheist-Turned-Christian Character in 'God's Not Dead' Movie is Inspired by a Harvard Educated, Chinese-Born Doctor

"I have always believed that I have a duty to help other students to see that life is not just about science. It is about faith and science [which] can, indeed, work together. Believing in God, in faith, in research guided by faith, has inspired me to do all that I have done; medicine, charity art—everything [When] I found Christianity [it provided] the answers to the questions that I was asking. I have come to realize that faith and science serve two different purposes, they are the two sides of a coin: science is about what things are, and faith is about why things are." -Dr. Ming Wang

Ming Wang(Nashville, TN)—The film God's Not Dead was inspired by Dr....(more)

"Everyone on Their Knees Praying" in Ukraine as Tensions Mount

"Young and old, fathers bringing their children, rain or snow—everybody is on their knees. People are more open than they've been in years and years and years." -International Mission Board worker

Cross and mosque (Ukraine)—As tensions mount in Ukraine over escalating threats from Russia, Christians are gathering together to pray in earnest throughout that country in response....(more)

Jesus Transforms Lives in Yemen

"Every time we do foot washing, the students weep uncontrollably."

Yemen(Yemen)—Greg Kernaghan, a writer for OM International, travelled through the [Middle East] last year. He discovered authentic hospitality, passionately committed Christians and a sense of good things to come. He observed and listened to the hearts of Christian workers who have invested decades in understanding and loving their Arab neighbors. Greg writes this collection of stories from the perspective of the OM workers in the Middle East, their story and their dreams, in their own words....(more)

ACLU Defends 9-year-old Student's Right to Read Bible at Public School

"Tennessee public school students cannot be denied the right to engage in religious activities." –ACLU

Austin Grayson(Tennessee)—A 9-year-old student received help from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) recently, when he was told he couldn't read his Bible during an after-school program....(more)

Spontaneous Rendition of Our National Anthem by Military Children Will Blow You Away!

It happened during April—"Month of the Military Child"—by forty US military children in Spain.

American Flags(Spain)—A spontaneous display of patriotism by a group of U.S. military children in Spain will blow you away and make you feel better about America’s future....(more)

Italian Parents Push Back Against "Gender Deconstruction" Project in Schools

While a project to make "diversity education" standard throughout Italy's schools has been successfully blocked in Parliament, the same work is proceeding at the municipal level. The Archbishop of Turin recently called the local efforts an attempt to turn schools into "re-education camps."

transgendersymbols(Italy)—This week, a group of parents told the city administration in the small Tuscan town of Pontassieve that they would not go along with the introduction of the homosexualist "gender" ideology in their schools....(more)

"Unprecedented Breakthrough" in Paralysis Treatment as Four Paraplegics Voluntarily Move Their Legs

"This is a wake-up call for how we see motor complete spinal cord injury. We don't have to necessarily rely on regrowth of nerves in order to regain function. The fact that we've observed this in all four patients suggests that this is actually a common phenomenon in those with complete paralysis." -Dr. V. Reggie Edgerton

paraplegic study(Bethesda, MD)—Four people with paraplegia are able to voluntarily move previously paralyzed muscles as a result of a novel therapy that involves electrical stimulation of the spinal cord, according to a (more)

Study: Green tea boosts "Connectivity" of your brain

This effect on connectivity also led to improvement in actual cognitive performance: Subjects tested significantly better for working memory tasks after the admission of green tea extract.

Green TeaGreen tea is said to have many putative positive effects on health. Now, researchers at the University of Basel are reporting first evidence that green tea extract enhances the cognitive functions, in particular the working memory. The Swiss findings suggest promising clinical implications for the treatment of cognitive impairments in psychiatric disorders such as dementia. The academic journal Psychopharmacology has published their results....(more)

Parents Say It's the Last Straw — They Will Homeschool Because a Lunchroom Monitor Tells Their Kindergartner "It is not good"

"But it's good to pray," 5-year-old Gabriella tells monitor.

GabriellaAccording to the Perez family, their 5-year-old daughter bowed her head over her food during lunch. A lunchroom monitor instructed her to stop, and when the young girl told the monitor, "But it's good to pray," she was told, "It is not good....(more)

Pinger Locater from US Detects Two Signals—Hopes Raised, but "Not Certain Yet" if it's from Missing Airliner

"I have always said to the families: 'miracles do happen.' We continue to hope and pray for survivors." –Malaysian Defense Minister

PingerSpeaking in a CNN phone interview, US Navy CMDR. William J. Marks cautioned that it will take time to find out if two signals received by a pinger locater are indeed coming from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which has been missing for a month....(more)

"Hercules" and "God's Not Dead" Star to Help Bring Abortionist Gosnell's 'House of Horrors' to TV

"This story has had almost no media coverage, because the media are so agenda-driven they don't want to talk about it." –Kevin Sorbo, actor

Kevin and Sam(Hollywood, CA)—The proposed $2.1 million true crime film about the life of abortionist and serial killer Kermit Gosnell just got a gargantuan boost of strength. Hollywood's Kevin Sorbo, known for playing "Hercules" and more recently starring in the breakout hit "God's Not Dead," has made a video asking people to help bring the story of the "house of horrors" murderer to the screen in living color....(more)

Two Signals Detected: Could it Be Missing Malaysia Flight 370?

pinger SKY News: The Australian defense vessel Ocean Shield picked up signals twice, around 370 miles north of where two signals were detected by a Chinese ship on Saturday....(more)

Watch This Skydiver's Frightening Brush With Death as Meteorite Hurls Past Him Before it Crashes to Earth

If the skydiver would have jumped even a second later than he did, the meteorite would have "cut him in half."

viral video(Norway)—Norwegian skydiver Anders Helstrup, along with several other members of the Oslo Parachute Club, made a jump two years ago that is historic for a very out of this world reason: he was almost ripped in half by a meteorite hurtling toward the earth....(more)

On Opening Weekend of "Noah," People Read or Listened to the Biblical Noah Story on Bible App 389,794 Times—YouVersion Data Show

Noah-Russell Crowe It's the highest number of people exploring that passage that they've ever experienced....(more)

Victory for Religious Liberty: Christian Employers Can Use Religious Criteria In Hiring

"The Free Exercise Clause provides the freedom for Christian employers to apply their faith, while the Establishment Clause bars the government from getting entangled in religious decision-making."

Fed CourtOn the heels of last month's jury verdict for a Christian professor punished by his employer for his conservative and Christian speech, the ACLJ team is pleased to report yet another victory for religious liberty. (Photo via ACLJ....(more)

Pro-life Couple intentionally Buys Building with Abortion Clinic so they could kick the clinic out!

Michelle Reimer said she and her husband took "a stand for the prolife position in a legal, peaceful and non-confrontational way, purchasing the building in order to advance the cause of life."

Michelle Reimer(Kalispell, MT)—In January, the owner of the only abortion clinic in Flathead County, Montana was told that she had 90 days to move her business off of the premises. Little did she know the new owners of the building where her clinic was located were Michelle Reimer, Executive Director of pro-life pregnancy center Hope Pregnancy Ministries, and her husband....(more)

Yesterday's Fort Hood Shooter was being Treated for Depression, and Brain Injury

"My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. And my sympathies go out to this strong and resilient community, which has experienced this kind of senseless violence all too recently." -Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel

Ft Hood(Texas)—As investigations into Wednesday's deadly shooting at Ft. Hood army base in Texas continue, reports are surfacing that the shooter was being treated for depression and a brain injury, along with possible post-traumatic stress disorder. (Photo via FOX News)

Wednesday's shooter was identified as 34-year-old Army Spc. Ivan Lopez, who was an Iraq War veteran. He was also married and had a family....(more)

Mississippi to Become Next State to Ban Abortions After 20 Weeks

"This is not about a woman's body. This is about the life of an unborn 20-week baby." -Sen. Angela Hill

Gov Phil(Jackson, MS)—Mississippi is poised to become the next state to bar abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Gov. Phil Bryant announced he intends to sign a bill that passed the state legislature by wide margins....(more)

New Magnetic Nanoparticle Treatment Causes Cancer Cells to Self-destruct

"The clever thing about the technique is that we can target selected cells without harming surrounding tissue."

Prof RenstromUsing magnetically controlled nanoparticles to force tumor cells to 'self-destruct' sounds like science fiction, but could be a future part of cancer treatment, according to research from Lund University in Sweden....(more)

Mississippi OK's Religious Freedom Protection Bill; Adds "In God We Trust" to State Seal

"This is a victory for the First Amendment and the right to live and work according to one's conscience. The legislature gave strong approval to a bill that declares that individuals do not have to trade their religious freedom for entrance into public commerce." -Tony Perkins, Family Research Council

Mississippi(Jackson, MS)—Mississippi lawmakers this week passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, a bill that says governments cannot put a substantial burden on religious practices. It will also add "In God We Trust" to the state seal....(more)

Deadly Shooting at Fort Hood; Four Reported Dead Including Shooter, 14 Injured

baby FOX News: A shooting at Ft. Hood that reportedly left at least four dead -- including the shooter -- and 14 injured Wednesday was a "soldier on soldier" incident without any preliminary terrorism link, a senior Department of Homeland Security source told

U2's Bono Talks about His Faith in Jesus Christ, and the Band's Relevance in 2014

"[Jesus] either—in my view—was the Son of God...or nuts...[and] I find it hard to accept that millions of lives, half the earth for 2,000 years, have been touched; have felt their lives touched and inspired by some nutter…" –Bono

BonoAn article in the Gospel Herald highlights U2's latest work, and specifically the faith of frontman Bono, about which he has become more outspoken....(more)

Here Comes the First of the "Blood Moon Tetrad"—a Remarkable Four Blood Moons in 2 Years… a Sign of End Times?

"The sun shall be turned to darkness and the moon to blood, before the day of the Lord comes, the great and magnificent day." –Acts 2:20

blood moonIt's undeniable; something very special—and rare—is about to happen in the sky. (Photo by Fred Espenak via Earthsky....(more)

Street Preacher Wins $21,600 Settlement for Speaking against Homosexuality

The preacher was following a centuries-old tradition of British street evangelism, but the activity, which is a common sight in many northern towns and cities, is becoming suppressed by recently passed equalities legislation.

John Craven(Manchester, UK)—The spate of Christian preachers being arrested for repeating the Biblical prohibitions against homosexual activity may be coming to an end with the awarding of £13,000 [about $26,000] in damages to 57 year-old street preacher John Craven of Manchester. (Photo via LifeSiteNews....(more)

Deadly 8.2 Magnitude Quake in Chile Leaves Thousands Displaced

"The earthquake even triggered microscopic seismic measurements in New York's Central Park." -CBN News

On Tuesday night at 8:46pm local time in Chile, an 8.2 earthquake struck off the South American country’s coast, forcing thousands from their homes and prompting multiple tsunami warnings....(more)

Missy Robertson 'God is sometimes not politically correct'

"Our faith is something we have deep in our bones because of what Jesus Christ did for us on that cross. There is no way we can ever repay Him for that. We can try our hardest to live to be worthy of it." -Missy Robertson

Duck Dynasty galsIn a recent Fox 411 Entertainment interview, Robertson women—Kay, Korie, Missy, Jessica and Lisa—shared some fascinating insights into their lives....(more)

Documentary Movie, "Building the Machine" Explores and Exposes "Common Core" State Education Standards

"We've been very clear from the beginning that our goal is not to produce a hit piece against the standards. Rather, our goal has always been to explore the strongest arguments on both sides of the debate. In fact, we asked Michael Petrilli of the Fordham Institute, an ardent supporter of Common Core, to fact check the film, and he thanked us for fairly and accurately presenting what he believes about the Common Core."

CC Movie(Purcellville, VA)—The Home School Legal Defense Association today released its highly-anticipated (more)

When Lexi Came to My Office She Already had the Abortion…but We Found a Heartbeat!

The pro-lifers seemed desperate and Lexi couldn't understand why. Wasn't this just a blob of tissue?

UltrasoundLexi was pregnant and felt she had no choice. She went to the abortion clinic to get "rid of" her 13 week "problem" so that she could get on with her life. The clinic verified her pregnancy, placed three seaweed sticks in her cervix to dilate her and asked her to return for a surgical abortion because of how far along she was. Lexi was scared, but did not know what else to do. She was not with her boyfriend anymore and her mother wasn't going to help her raise a child....(more)

Rick Warren Speaks about His Son: "Matthew had a Tender Heart and a Tortured Mind; He was a Brilliant Kid"

The megachurch pastor, and his wife, Kay, share memories of their youngest son, Matthew, who at the age of 27, committed suicide a year ago.

Matt and Rick Warren(Lake Forest, CA)—It was almost a year ago when Rick and Kay Warren received the unimaginable news that Matthew Warren, 27, the youngest of their three children, had killed himself with a self-inflicted shotgun wound at his Mission Viejo, California, residence....(more)

Incredible Sight as a Quarter MILLION turn out in Peru March for Life

Highlighting Peru's officially recognized Day of the Unborn Child, artists sportsmen, TV personalities, politicians, clergymen and musicians posed for photos endorsing the country's March for Life.

Lima Peru(Lima, Peru)—"We all have a child within us," was the slogan for this year’s March for Life in Peru on March 22, which summoned 250,000 people in Lima alone, according to organizers. The turnout more than doubled that from last year and broke the record in Latin-American as the biggest pro-life demonstration ever. (Photo via LifeSiteNews....(more)

Former Creed Lead Singer Returns to God—after Going to "Hell and Back"

Former Creed lead singer and Grammy Award Winner Scott Stapp nearly lost his life to his addictions—which "cost him a marriage and in 2006 led him to a suicide attempt in which he plunged some 10 stories off a hotel balcony, landing on a section of the roof designed to catch droppings from seagulls." Today, he's a new, reborn man through the grace of God.

Scott Stapp(Lawrence, KS)—Former Creed lead singer Scott Stapp, 40, seemed to have the world by the tail years ago when he was in his 20's....(more)

The Young Thief Who Was Surprised by a Carpenter's Grace

But Ernie kept the key he came to cherish on a string, hanging from his mirror, as a reminder of someone who had trusted him and given him a second chance.

Pete CaponeWhen a young man tried to steal tools from a neighbor's shed in a suburb of Detroit one night, he had no idea his foiled attempt would teach him a life-long lesson about the mercies and grace of God....(more)

"Tonight Is Gonna Be The Best Night Of Your Life," Will Graham Said To A Sea of Young Faces

The bleachers rumbled as [Will Graham] gave the invitation to accept Christ. Students streamed down the aisles, and tears streamed down the faces of people who had been praying for that moment for years.

Will Graham in Miss.(Clinton, MS)—"Tonight is gonna be the best night of your life," Will Graham said as he looked out at a sea of young faces....(more)

Christian Politician "Willing to Go to Jail" after Delivering Passionate Speech, Prayer, in Defiance of Court Order

"I'm willing to go to jail over it. I believe this is a fundamental [right] of American[s] and if we cease to believe that our rights come from God, we cease to be America. We've been told to be careful. But we're going to be careful all the way to communism if we don't start standing up and saying 'no.'" -Robin Bartlett Frazier, Carroll County Commissioner

Frazier(Westminster, MD)—On Tuesday U.S. District Court Judge William D. Quarles Jr. signed an injunction barring prayer at government meetings in Carroll County, Maryland....(more)

"Waves of Revival" in Colorado: Buddhists Coming to Christ and Christians Crossing Denominational Lines

A 69-year old pastor, himself a former Buddhist, spoke at the three-day conference, sharing his testimony of coming to faith in Jesus Christ. After hearing J.R. Polhemus, pastor of The Rock Church in Castle Rock, Colorado, [a Buddhist woman in attendance] agreed to speak with him privately and shortly afterward turned to the Lord herself.

Convergence (Loveland, CO)—In fulfillment of Jesus' prayer for unity among His followers, 13 pastors from diverse personal and church backgrounds rallied around two common denominators at a recent conference in the Rocky Mountain West: the finished work of the Cross and the Lordship of Jesus Christ....(more)

Texas Pro-Life Law's Key Provisions Upheld by Appeals Court

The judges ruled that requiring abortionists to have admitting privileges and to follow the FDA-approved use of abortion-inducing drugs "on its face does not impose an undue burden on the life and health of a woman."

ruling(New Orleans, LA)—Two key provisions of Texas' hotly debated pro-life law have been upheld by an all-female panel of judges from a U.S. Appeals Court today in a ruling that invoked the notorious case of abortionist Kermit Gosnell....(more)

Willie Defends His Father, Phil Robertson and the Bible on CNN

"Any gay, straight, black, white—anybody who knows Phil—knows that he is about love and his message is about God's love and His forgiveness, ultimately." -Korie Robertson

Willie and Korie Robertson(New York, NY)—Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson, and his wife Korie, appeared on CNN and were pressed by host Kyra Phillips to respond to criticism of Phil Robertson's comments last year referring to Biblical support of traditional marriage....(more)

Alarm on Capitol Hill over Russian Troop Buildup, "More Indicators that Russia could Invade Eastern Ukraine"

Please be in prayer over this situation, and the people of Ukraine.

Earth's aura (Ukraine)—According to US Intelligence sources, the latest buildup of Russian troops is an indication that an invasion into eastern Ukraine may be a possibility....(more)

The Statue of Liberty Now Protected by Israeli Technology

"For over a hundred years, as people arrived at Ellis Island from every part of the world, they would see the Statue of Liberty and feel they had reached a safe haven in the USA. Today, we're extremely proud to be part of the team bringing 21st century safety and security technology to this long-standing symbol of hope and freedom." -Dror Irani, CEO, BriefCam

Liberty Island(Israel)—Total Recall Corporation, a security technology provider specializing in surveillance solutions, has reportedly put together a "dream team" to enhance public safety at the Statue of Liberty in New York City....(more)

Pastor Saeed's Wife, Naghmeh, Bares Her Soul to Franklin Graham

"It's not possible to pretend peace. When my whole world is falling apart… I can't fake peace. It has to be supernatural. It has to be from a real God. When we cling to Him, we receive this amazing, living God and His joy and peace and favor," she said. "And the world wants it, because they are going through trials without Jesus. So they say, 'How are you thriving in these trials?' I say, 'Because I have a relationship [with Jesus]. I don't have religion. I have relationship.'" -Naghmeh Abedini

Naghmeh Abedini(Charlotte, NC)—It's been more than a year and a half since Naghmeh Abedini last saw her husband, Saeed....(more)

Bin Laden son-in-law convicted in NYC of Conspiring to Kill Americans on Sept. 11, 2001


AP: (New York, NY)-Usama bin Laden's son-in-law, the voice of fiery Al Qaeda propaganda videotapes after the Sept. 11 attacks, was convicted Wednesday of conspiring to kill Americans for his role as the terror group's spokesman....(more)

"Last Joyride?" Pilot of Missing Jet in Wrong State of Mind to Fly Says Friend, as 122 Objects Discovered that could be Parts of MH370

A fellow pilot of Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, the pilot of missing jet Flight 370, says Zaharie was in the midst of a family crisis, was "terribly upset" and may have taken the jet on a "last joyride" over a part of the world he had never flown before.

Zaharie Ahmad Shah(New Zealand)—As news comes from France that one of their satellites has spotted 122 "potential objects" in the southern Indian Ocean in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet, other news has surfaced pointing to the strong possibility that the pilot of Flight 370, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, may have commandeered the aircraft due to mental instability....(more)

Kansas Can Strip Planned Parenthood of Taxpayer Funds, Appeals Court Rules

"The Wichita and Hays clinics actually solicit abortion business for their Overland Park counterpart and serve as partners in the abortion business. Blocking funding to them is consistent with the federal law against spending tax money for abortions." –Troy Newman

Sam BBThe state of Kansas can implement a law that effectively strips Planned Parenthood of state taxpayer dollars, a federal appeals court ruled today....(more)

Hall-of-Fame Quarterback Jim Kelly Battling Cancer-Prayers Flooding In

"Just the overwhelming support and prayers we've been getting is unbelievable. Jim reads those messages on PrayforJimKelly, and it's encouraging to him and gives him strength." -Dan Kelly

Prayers for Jim Kelly(Getzville, NY)—During last Sunday's service, folks at Chapel at CrossPoint knelt in prayer to intercede for Buffalo Bill's renowned NFL quarterback, Jim Kelly, currently in a New York Hospital undergoing treatments for the recurrence of an aggressive oral cancer....(more)

History Shocker! Ancient Persians Saw Abortion as Murder—Priests, Doctors Were against It

So much did the Persians value the "fetus as a living person equal to others" that they did not even have a rape or sexual abuse exception.

Prolife PersiansAbortion advocates turning to history in an attempt to find justifications for the killing of children in the womb will have to skip over the entire history of ancient Persia it appears....(more)

Governor Scott Walker Stands Firm - will not give in to atheists, Bible Verse Stays on His Social Media Accounts

Acts 4:18-20—"So they called them and commanded them not to speak at all nor teach in the name of Jesus. But Peter and John answered and said to them, "Whether it is right in the sight of God to listen to you more than to God, you judge. For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard."

Gov walkerAccording to reports, Wisconsin's Governor Scott Walker is standing firm on his faith and convictions, even when challenged with a lawsuit....(more)

Bill O'Reilly on His Faith, my Ideas "come from the Person who created me!"

"Listen, I'm an ordinary guy. I don't consider myself extraordinary. I have ideas that come to me. And as a Christian, I believe those ideas; when they're positive they come from the Person who created me. And the person who created me is God, and in Christian theology God is made up of three elements. So, of course it would be the Holy Spirit [who helped me write my books]. It's all logical." -Bill O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly(Washington, DC)—It's not every day a well-known newscaster is open about his or her faith, but true to his legendary bull-dog personality, Fox News pundit Bill O'Reilly unapologetically shared his beliefs recently with OnFaith editor Sally Quinn. (Photo via billoreilly....(more)

Hobby lobby at Supreme Court Today to Challenge Health Care Law Mandate to provide Contraception Coverage to Employees

The companies and their owners oppose the HHS Mandate because, to implement the Mandate, they would have to violate their pro-life religious beliefs by providing and paying for abortion-inducing drugs and devices for their employees.

Supreme court[Today] March 25, 2014, the Supreme Court of the United States will hear oral argument in two cases dealing with the Obama Administration's HHS Mandate, which requires many employers—despite their religious objections—to arrange and pay for employee health insurance that covers abortion-inducing drugs, contraceptives, and sterilization....(more)

Pakistani Christian Mother-of-Five's Trial "suddenly cancelled"—She Remains on 'death row' for Alleged Blasphemy

Gill… asked for Christians around the world to "to pray for wisdom, resources and courage [for his legal team] to deal [with] and give legal assistance in these sensitive cases."

Asia Bibi(Lahore, PAKISTAN)—Following the shock news that Asia Bibi, the Pakistani Christian mother of five, had suffered yet another setback, and remains on "death row" in an isolation cell at the women's prison in Sheikhupura, Punjab, a Pakistani human rights defender has stepped forward to say that he and his organization plan to do all they can to help free Ms. Bibi....(more)

Deathly Ill Boy Spurs Worldwide Prayer for Dying Baby: Both are Healed

While on a ventilator, the actions of 14-year-old hospital patient Tristan Wiggins ignited worldwide prayer on behalf of fragile baby struggling for her life.

baby scarlett(Shreveport, LA)—When six-week-old Scarlett Johnson was released from a hospital in Shreveport, LA, in March 2014, her parents Jake and Whitley Johnson, were grateful for the doctors and nurses who saved their daughter's life from a near-fatal case of whooping cough. But the Johnsons were more than grateful for their daughter's roommate at Louisiana State University Hospital, 14-year-old Tristan Wiggins, whose actions ignited worldwide prayer on behalf of fragile Scarlett. (Photo via (more)

Saudi Arabian Sheiks Legally Importing Bibles

cuppa tea "This was the work of local Muslim sheiks, partly motivated by financial gain, but also by a renewed sense of duty as Muslims to make the Injil available to people. It took a three-and-a-half year conversation, a thousand cups of tea and the building of trust. God is able....(more)

Spotted Today: Likely Flight 370 Debris brings Grim Statement by Malaysian PM on Fate of Missing Jetliner

"It is therefore, with deep sadness and regret, that I must inform you that according to this new data that flight MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean."

flight 370 According to SKY and FOX News reports, Malaysian PM Najib Razak spoke in a press conference Monday morning, to convey the latest findings of the investigation into the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight 370....(more)

40 Days for Life-DAY 17: Making a Difference that Lasts Forever

40 Days for Life The volunteers were able to speak to a young woman, "who changed her mind and chose life for her baby! Our prayerful witness made a difference in their lives....(more)

Not Enough Sleep Last Night? Pulling that All-nighter Can Actually Cause Brain Damage, New Study Shows

"No one really thought that the brain could be irreversibly injured from sleep loss. It's now clear that it can be."

Tired(Philadelphia, PA)—Most people appreciate that not getting enough sleep impairs cognitive performance. For the chronically sleep-deprived such as shift workers, students, or truckers, a common strategy is simply to catch up on missed slumber on the weekends. According to common wisdom, catch up sleep repays one's "sleep debt," with no lasting effects. But a new Penn Medicine study shows disturbing evidence that chronic sleep loss may be more serious than previously thought and may even lead to irreversible physical damage to and loss of brain cells....(more)

Jerusalem Treasure Find! Nine Tiny Unopened Dead Sea Scrolls

The cache of scrolls from the caves at Qumran date from the second and first centuries before Christ and the first century AD—"a critical time in the development of Judaism and early Christianity."

Tiney Sea Scrolls(Jerusalem, Israel)—Scholars have announced the opening of 9 ancient parchments, not much larger than the size of lentils, that were discovered with Dead Sea Scrolls in the 1950's, but were "administratively forgotten" for decades....(more)

Doctors: This Baby 'incompatible with life,' - This Touching Video Proves Otherwise

"Sweet Avonlea… is very much alive."

Avonlea(Charlotte, NC)—Geoff and Cheyenne Schultz became photographers "to create art that matters and to genuinely care for people." They say that, thanks to their latest project, "living out our mission statement was taken to another level....(more)

Homicide Detective Applies "Cold Case" Investigations Techniques to Jesus Death and Resurrection

The public is invited to witness "evidence-based techniques" applied to Biblical claims about Jesus Christ, presented by Liquid Church of NJ.

Dan Wooding and Bob Yerkes (Morristown, NJ)—How can we know the Bible is telling the truth? Would the evidence regarding Jesus' death stand up to today's standards for reliable eyewitness testimony? Liquid Church, a non-denominational Christian church in New Jersey is hosting a special investigative series called, Cold Case Christianity. The message series will feature homicide detective J. Warner Wallace as he applies his cold case investigation skills to the Bible. The public is invited to attend the cross examination sessions during March and April....(more)

Alzheimer's Breakthrough: Protein in Brains of Preborns Reactivated Later in Life to Protect Against Memory Loss, Other Age Related Diseases

REST"This is the first study that is really starting to provide a plausible pathway to explain why some people are more vulnerable to Alzheimer's than other[s]....(more)

Sailors and Marines Baptized in Jordan River during Israel Visit

"The opportunity to watch people's personal and spiritual life grow as they participated in the baptisms is an honor. It was a unique experience, some of the Sailors and Marines were recommitting their lives to God, others it was a renewal of their faith and passion for Christ. I believe that this experience will be a life-changing event for the Sailors and Marines who participated." -Lt. Michael Monroig, Chaplain

Jordan River(Haifa, Israel)—Sailors attached to amphibious transport dock ship USS Mesa Verde (LPD 19) and Marines assigned to 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit (22nd MEU) were baptized in the Jordan River while exploring the Holy sites of Israel during a scheduled port visit March 8....(more)

Victory: Connecticut High School Restores Pro-Life Student Free Speech

"Public schools should encourage, not shut down, the free exchange of ideas."

Students for Life(Branford, CT)—Yesterday, Branford High School in Branford, CT caved into demands made by Alliance Defending Freedom on behalf of Branford High School Students for Life. More than one year after starting the pro-life group at her public, high school, Sam Bailey-Loomis, founder and president of Branford Students for Life, has been promised equal treatment....(more)

Missing Flight 370? Debris Found In Indian Ocean

"I have hope. From the very beginning, I firmly believe that everyone on board is alive." -Man whose son was aboard missing jetliner.

(Perth, Australia)—According to a live blog, bad weather and darkness on Thursday has hampered the search for the missing Malaysia Airliner, so the investigation has been postponed until Friday. (Graphic via CNN....(more)

Florida Spring Breakers Finding Jesus Saves Lives on Beaches too!

"BeachReach is one of the most important ministries we do. We see both souls and lives saved each week. [Our outreach] often save young women from dangerous and destructive evenings. The ministry our BeachReachers extend is life-saving." -Faith Whatley

Dan Wooding and Bob Yerkes (Panama City Beach, FL)—BeachReach is a collaboration of college students and an older generation who believe service and friendship makes a difference in reaching out to the lost. Especially, in this case, young people opting to spend spring break in hedonistic style on sunny Florida beaches....(more)

Healthcare Mandate vs. Christian Alternative That's Exploding as Deadline Nears

"Since the launch of on October 1, membership at each of the [Christian healthcare alternative] ministries has exploded, with nearly 30,000 new enrollees—more than the number of people who selected a plan through ObamaCare in 24 states."

Christus Health(Washington, DC)—A nationwide network of Christians have developed an alternative to government healthcare called Medi-Share, in which they share each other's medical bills through what is called "health care sharing ministries....(more)

5,000 "Jesus Wells" to be Drilled in Asia by Year's End

"I am so grateful for every village that can now have access to clean water for all. It's another opportunity for people to experience the love of Jesus and know His grace in their lives." -Dr. K. P. Yohannan

Jesus Wells(Carrollton, TX)—Gospel for Asia (GFA) plans to drill 5,000 water wells across India and South Asia over the course of this next year for those struggling to find clean water. GFA is highlighting its "Jesus Wells" ministry as World Water Day approaches on March 21....(more)

Flight 370 Mystery Deepens: Did Plane Deliberately Make "hard left turn" Toward West?

"The Thai data is the second radar evidence that the plane did indeed turn around toward the Strait of Malacca." –CNN report.

Hard turnAccording to new information, it seems the pilot or co-pilot of missing Malaysia Flight 370 may have "programmed" a "hard left turn" toward the west, which was reportedly detected by the Thai military in the form of an unknown signal. (Graphic via CNN....(more)

No More Handing Out Bibles: New Rule on Alabama Air Force Base

"They told us, 'Get your Bibles out.'"

bible(Alabama)—According to a report by Todd Starnes for Charisma News, the new recruits at Maxwell Air Force Base Gunter Annex, located in Alabama, will no longer receive a new Bible from the Gideons....(more)

New Video brings Hope to Women Suffering after an Abortion

The Spanish-version received "many women (and some men) calling for more information, and to request help with post-abortion healing."

Video(Santiago, Chile)—A Latin American pro-life group dedicated to post-abortion healing has released a short, but touching, new video that it hopes will reach those who are suffering after abortion....(more)

Coming Soon: "Ragamuffin" Movie About Rich Mullins, Famous Musician and Missionary to Native Americans

"A lot of Rich's fans would say he would never want a movie made about him. I think if Rich saw the truth and redemption in the movie, and if he thought it would help even one person, relationship-wise, he would say, 'Have at it.' I think he would appreciate the healing part of this movie." -Kathy Sprinkle

Ragamuffin(Los Angeles, CA)—Produced by Color Green Films, Ragamuffin: The True Story of Rich Mullins is set to premiere nationwide in select theaters on Friday, May 2, 2014. Pre-sale tickets may be purchased at

Despite Boycotts, St. Patty's Day Organizers Refuse to Bow to Political Correctness

The St. Patrick's Day Parade "is a celebration of Irish heritage and culture—nothing more, nothing less. There's another parade in New York City that celebrates being gay and lesbian, and that's the Gay Pride Parade." -Hilary Beirne, Secretary of New York's St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee

St patrick's day (New York, NY)—They don't call them "The Fighting Irish" for nothing....(more)

Georgia Lawmakers Approve Bill to Place Ten Commandments Monument at State Capitol

"Knowing that we put 'In God We Trust' on our money, and we are a Judeo-Christian nation, and we are proud of those beliefs, wouldn't you further agree that if a private party wants to put a statue with private funds to honor God and His commandments that we as a legislature should support that?" -Senator John Albers

Georgia capitol(Atlanta, GA)—Georgia lawmakers have approved a bill to place a monument portraying the Ten Commandments at the state capitol. Governor Nathan Deal, a Baptist, is expected to sign it....(more)

Call to Prayer: Pakistan Court Finally Hears Case of Persecuted Christian Asia Bibi

Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian mother-of-five, was accused of blasphemy by a co-worker and has been languishing in prison since 2009. Four years after she was convicted and sentenced to death, her appeal is due be heard by a double bench at the Lahore High Court on March 17.

Asia Bibi(Lahore, Pakistan)—The Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement (CLAAS) has told Assist News Service that the appeal in the long awaited blasphemy case of Asia Bibi is due to be heard soon....(more)

Analysis Reveals: Malaysian Flight 370 may have Crashed in Indian Ocean or Bay of Bengal

fl370CNN is reporting: A classified analysis of electronic and satellite data, conducted by the United States and Malaysian governments, calculates Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 likely crashed into the Indian Ocean on one of two possible flight paths, CNN has learned.(Photo via CNN....(more)

A Loving Dad's Letter to His Miscarried Son; and the Photo That Says it All

"I held you on Friday night for the first and last time ever. It was one of the saddest, proudest, most heartbreaking and beautiful moments of my life. It was an honor to hold you." -Tom Riles

Tom Riles(Washington, DC)—Tom Riles and his wife lost their unborn son, Scotland Bansely Riles, in a miscarriage when he was 20 weeks old....(more)

Duck Dynasty Stars Promote Their Faith in New Film, "God's Not Dead"

The film will reportedly educate, entertain, and inspire moviegoers to explore what they really believe about God, igniting important conversations and life-changing decisions.

Dan Wooding and Bob Yerkes (West Monroe, LA)—On March 21 the film "God's Not Dead" debuts, starring Kevin Sorbo (of Hercules fame) and Willie and Korie Robertson of Duck Dynasty....(more)

Dr. Ben Carson Announces New Magazine for Black Conservatives: "I Hate Political Correctness"

"I will continue to defy the PC police who have tried in many cases to shut me up!" -Dr. Ben Carson

Ben Carson(National Harbor, MD)—When Dr. Ben Carson, the renowned former director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins, spoke recently at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, DC, he probably had no idea portions of his speech would continue to reverberate in the media for weeks to come....(more)

Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson Says Fame is No Excuse to Lose Your Faith

"We wouldn't have anything that we do have if it weren't for God, and we have to give Him the glory for everything." -Sadie Robertson

Sadie Robertson(West Monroe, LA)—Willie and Korie Robertson's daughter Sadie may only be 16-years-old, the Duck Dynasty offspring has a wealth of wisdom to share with others—especially those in the entertainment industry who seem to have lost their way....(more)

Spanish Christian Church was there over 70 Years before Wednesday's Harlem Explosion

"Life is too short, time is too short, it's all about love and family—tomorrow's not promised."

Spanish ChurchThe death toll has risen and there are still some missing after an enormous explosion obliterated two buildings in Harlem on Wednesday morning....(more)

Five Tips for Talking to Kids About the Story of Jesus

American Bible Society expert equips parents to answer hard questions about the story of Jesus.

poster(New York, NY)—As Son of God hits theaters, many parents will struggle with how to explain the more difficult aspects of Jesus' life—such as the virgin birth and the crucifixion—to their children. Fortunately, American Bible Society's Children's Ministry Senior Advisor Margi McCombs is offering tips to help parents navigate the complicated conversations....(more)

Pastor Saeed Abedini, had been Taken to Hospital, Suddenly Shackled and Forced to Return to Prison

They are refusing to provide him with anything more than mere pain medication. They have denied him surgery–the only treatment that will help. They have even denied him test results.

Saeed(Iran)—American Pastor Saeed Abedini’s case has taken a turn for the worse. He has been shackled and refused medical treatment at a hospital, as Iranian guards forcibly ban visitors....(more)

Happy Birthday, WWW: The Internet Turns 25 Today

"I spent a lot of time trying to make sure people could put anything on the web, that it was universal. Obviously, I had no idea that people would put literally everything on it." -Sir Tim Berners-Lee

WWWIf my daughter—turning 30 this year—thinks hard, she can likely remember a time growing up, when few people had computers and the only "web" was the icky kind that occasional spiders created in her room (which we would be quickly called in to remove)....(more)

Search for Missing People Continues in Deadly NY City Building Explosion; 2 Confirmed Killed at Least 24 Injured

One of the buildings housed an evangelical church.

BNPS photo (New York, NY)-According to reports, New York City firefighters and rescue workers are still searching for about 12 unaccounted for people after a huge explosion that ripped through two buildings in Spanish Harlem....(more)

Maryland Pregnancy Care Center Wins Decision against 'NARAL-Driven Attacks'

"These attacks backfired because the court recognized there was simply no evidence pregnancy centers are harming anyone." -ADF Senior Counsel Casey Mattox

Maryland(Montgomery, MD)—A Maryland-based pregnancy care center has won its lawsuit against a county law that requires it to post a notice stating it does not have doctors on staff. The law, which exempts abortion clinics from the same requirement, was permanently blocked by the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland....(more)

Developing Story: Planned Parenthood guard told to watch pro-lifers, but instead he asks them to help him leave job

Look for future updates on this developing story.

PP(Bryan, TX)—A Planned Parenthood security guard tasked with spying on Abby Johnson's pro-life charity And Then There Were None–dedicated to helping abortion workers escape the industry–was so impressed with what he saw that he asked the group to help him leave as well....(more)

40 Days for Life Report: Bringing light into the darkness

At least 61 babies saved from abortion so far, during the Spring Campaign.

40 Days for LifeAbortion facilities are dark places, their rooms are filled, not with hope and relief, but with despair and loneliness....(more)

Thirteen Captive Nuns Released in "rare prisoner exchange" with Syrian Rebels

"God did not leave us." -Mother Superior, Pelagia Sayaf

Nuns released(Masna, Lebanon)—When 13 Greek Orthodox nuns—along with three of their helpers—were seized by Syrian rebels, in Maaloula back in December, it confirmed the fears of many Christians there that they were being targeted during Syria's upheaval....(more)

King James Still Preferred Bible, Says Scholars; Bible Reading, Memorization Highest Among African Americans

"There are no measures, individually or in congregations, where 'black' is not strongly correlated with the most conservative, most active, most involved level of Scriptural engagement, no matter which other group comes closest.”

KJV(Indianapolis, IN)—2011 marked the 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James Bible....(more)

North Korea to Execute 33 Christians found to be Working with Baptist Missionary

Please be praying for a miracle for these 33 Believers and missionary Kim Jung-wook, and strength for them to stand in their faith in the meantime.

Kim Jong-wook(North Korea)—According to a Charisma News report, North Korea's Kim Jong Un, has ordered 33 Christians thought to be working with South Korean missionary Kim Jung-wook, to be executed....(more)

Israel Asks Christians to Avoid "Christ at the Checkpoint Conference": Presents a "Serious Long-Term Threat to Israel's Security"

Government officials believe the goal of the conference is clearly to drive a wedge between Christians and in an unprecedented move, the State of Israel issued a strong warning as it became clear that Palestinian evangelicals at Christ at the Checkpoint Conference (CatC) are misusing Christian teachings to inflame anti-Israeli passions. Government officials are concerned that the "blame Israel" propaganda coming out of events like CatC ultimately serves, even if unintentionally, to encourage violence and stir up even more radical Islamic terror.

Earth's aura (Israel)—Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has issued a last-minute statement suggesting Christians steer clear of the "Christ at the Checkpoint" (CatC) conference that opens today in Palestinian-held Bethlehem....(more)

For RNC Chairman, March for Life Was a "Wake-Up Call"

"The Church can't just be vanilla ice cream and cotton candy on Sunday morning. There is joint responsibility in talking about issues of faith. I tell a lot of pastors… 'I got a deal for ya. I'll be as strong on these social issues as you're willing to be on Sunday morning. 'How about that deal?'" -RNC Chairman Reince Priebus

RNC Chairman(Washington, DC)—Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said that attending the 2014 March for Life gave him "a little bit of a wake-up call" about the fact that the Republican Party needs to lay greater emphasis on its commitment to the pro-life cause....(more)

Low Income Families Treated to Dinner and Son of God Movie

"I have always been fascinated by the Matthew 22 parable in the Bible. The poor were invited to a wedding banquet in place of the wealthy, who were too busy to come. When I heard 'Son of God' producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, along with Pastor Rick Warren, talking about the film being for everyone, something just clicked. It really is thrilling to give this kind of gift." -John David Ware

Son of God event(Glendale, CA)—Some low income families in NW Pasadena are in for a treat....(more)

"Baby Safe" Opens in South Africa—8 Babies Saved and Counting

So far, every baby received at the baby safe has been brought inside, which has allowed the mother to receive counselling and support, as well as provide the baby with a history. It also allows the ABBA House to retrieve important medical information so that the baby can be best cared for.

MSIn early 2013, the OM South Africa AIDS Hope team realized a grim truth told by workers at the Mamelodi City Dump: Dead babies found in plastic bags are not uncommon. In fact, it usually occurs a couple times every month (Photo via

Ukraine's Acting President Grants First International Interview Exclusively to Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

"I see God's hand in every little detail that took place as unarmed people went out to defend their freedom and the independence of their country against a fully armed professional army, many times bigger in size. Their faith was victorious. God granted them victory."

Oleksandr Turchynov(Kiev, Ukraine)—Viktor Hamm, the Vice President of Crusades for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA), traveled to Ukraine this week, to meet with interim President Oleksandr Turchynov, a devout Evangelical Christian....(more)

Dr. Alveda King: Abortion Supporters Making War on Women's Wombs, Pro-Lifers Love Babies

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s niece also lambasts a recent Rolling Stone magazine article, which denies abortions are often devastating to a woman's body and mind.

pregnant(Atlanta, GA)—Note: On February 26, The Rolling Stone published a pro-abortion article by Lauren Rankin titled, "The Seven Most Common Lies About Abortion." Those so called "lies" Rankin listed flew in the face of the truth of abortion in the eyes of Dr. Alveda King, niece of the late Martin Luther King, Jr....(more)

Arizona Advances Bill for Surprise Inspections of Abortion Clinics

"This is not a pro-life versus pro-choice issue. This is about the healthiness of a facility where a woman goes to get a procedure done. What is it that they have to hide?" -Representative Debbie Lesko

AZ house(Arizona)—Lawmakers in Arizona have advanced a measure this week which would allow "unannounced inspections of licensed abortion clinics," according to a Reuters report....(more)

Pro-Life Good News: 2 More Abortion Clinics in Texas Closed Thanks to Legislation that Protects Women

"Of the 20 remaining clinics, only six meet [the] standard and are likely to remain open." –National Review

BNPS photo (Texas)—The restrictions put in place by legislation passed last November have led to the closure of ten clinics prior to this week, and two more are reportedly closing as well....(more)

Minutes Old, Newborn Baby Doesn't Want to Let Go of Mom in this Viral Video

Illustrating the bond of dependency of a child to his mother…

NewbornWriting for LifeSiteNews, Rebekah O'Brien describes a video that has gone viral in the past week, and for good reason....(more)

Frozen Again: Remarkable Photos of Niagara Falls Suspended in Ice after its Second Big Freeze of the Season

Special colorful lighting at night further enhanced the frosty spectacle.

Niagara frozen(Niagara County, NY)—The return of the Polar Vortex that caused temperatures, especially in the Eastern US, to plummet into single digits and below, may not have been enough to freeze the most powerful waterfall in North America—Horseshoe Falls—but it did partially halt the flow of another part of Niagara Falls this week....(more)

Entire Families Coming to Christ in Saudi Arabia

"I am an Iranian and was not only a Muslim but also part of a terrorist family. Jesus appeared to me in a dream and changed my life. Do not miss this!"

Saudi Map(Saudi Arabia)—In November 2013, Greg Kernaghan, a writer for Operation Mobilization (OM) International, traveled through the Middle East interviewing and recording Christian workers in those areas. Note that the names and some of the places he mentions have been changed to protect Christians from persecution....(more)

Last Hope for War Memorial Cross? Vets Ask US Supreme Court to Overrule Order to Take it Down

"The veterans group said it hopes appealing straight to the Supreme Court will quickly resolve the case." –CBN News.

war cross(San Diego)—According to a CBN News report, a veterans group has appealed to the US Supreme Court, asking for an order to be overruled which would remove the war memorial cross at Mount Soledad, in Southern California....(more)

Netanyahu Blasts Iran, Boycott Israel Movement in Speech; Praises America and Scarlett Johansson

Earth's aura "If you want to understand the moral divide that separates Israel from its enemies, just listen to Hassan Nasrallah, the head of Hezbollah, Iran's terror proxy in Lebanon. He said: Iran and Hezbollah love death and Israel loves life. And that's why, he said, Iran and Hezbollah will win and Israel will lose. Well, he's right about the first point. They do glorify death, and we do sanctify life. But he's dead wrong on the second point. It's precisely because we love life that Israel shall win… 70 years ago, our people, the Jewish people, were left for dead. We came back to life. We will never be brought to the brink of extinction again....(more)

Urgent Prayer and Support Needed for Crisis in Ukraine, says Russian Ministries leader - "I cannot justify the actions of the Kremlin"

Please pray with us specifically that evil forces would be stopped in any attempt to destabilize, divide and conquer Ukraine and that there would be no bloodshed as a result of this conflict and peace would be restored.

prayer(WHEATON, IL)—Sergey Rakhuba, President, Russian Ministries, has issued an urgent call for urgent prayer and support for the crisis in Ukraine....(more)

Will a Vintage Version of The Bible become Louisiana's Official State Book?

"The official state book shall be the Holy Bible, published by Johannes Prevel, (Prevel, Jean, active 1510-1528, printer... the oldest edition of the Holy Bible in the Louisiana State Museum system."

Bible (Louisiana)—According to a report in The Blaze, Louisiana state Rep. Thomas Carmody, who represents the Shreveport area, has introduced legislation that would make The Bible the official state book. (Photo via arklatexhomepage....(more)

University to Pay $25,000 Settlement to Pro-Life Students for Denying Them Free Speech

After allowing a pro-LGBT event to proceed on campus, Oklahoma State University made the mistake of not giving the same freedom to a campus pro-life group.

OK(Oklahoma City, OK)—Oklahoma State University has agreed to pay $25,000 to settle a lawsuit accusing the public university of denying pro-life students their First Amendment rights....(more)

Hundreds of Crosses to be Carried Through Portland, Oregon, on Easter Weekend

It will be an amazing scene in "Portlandia" as the line of crosses could be a half-mile long, or longer.

Carrying a  cross(Portland, OR)—Three years ago, while attending a men's conference in New Hope Community Church in Happy Valley, Oregon, Scott Stuart heard a message by Joe White, founder of Men at the Cross ministry which caused him to envision literal crosses being carried in the city of Portland....(more)

"The Romeikes can stay!" – Stunning Turn of Events, Homeland Security Says German Homeschooling Family is Now Allowed to Stay in USA Permanently

"This is an incredible victory that can only be credited to our Almighty God." -Michael Farris

RomeikesEarlier this week, the US Supreme Court refused the case of the German homeschoolers, the Romeikes, who sought asylum in the US so they could home educate their children legally....(more)

Man Survives being Buried Beneath 600 Pounds of Dirt; Shouted Prayers during Ordeal

"He is a very religious guy" -Danny Russu's co-worker

cave in(Portland, OR)—Danny Russu, 21, an employee for Apollo Drain & Rooter Service, was replacing a sewer line when the dirt he was working in collapsed and buried him. Completely....(more)

US Supreme Court Denies Hearing German Homeschool Case: "Last Judicial Hope For The Family"—Supporters: "We will not give up and see this family returned to Germany where they will face certain persecution"

"...I am just glad that the Pilgrims did not face this anti-religious policy when they landed at Plymouth Rock." -Home School Legal Defense Association

Dan Wooding and Bob Yerkes (Purcellville, VA)—The Romeike family fled to the United States from Germany in 2008 to avoid losing custody of their children to the German government. The initial immigration judge hearing the case granted the Romeikes' request for asylum in 2010 on religious freedom grounds, but the Obama Administration appealed that decision....(more)

Detained Australian Missionary Freed by North Korea

"I'm really, really tired."

John ShortAccording to The Australian, 75-year-old missionary from Australia, John Short, who had been arrested and held by North Korea last month, was freed this week....(more)

Believers Say God Is at Work despite Severe Persecution in North Korea

"Of course God is at work! Of course prayers help. I am such a weak person. I hardly had any Bible knowledge, but God used me to explain the Gospel to others. …Please, tell your friends that they need to continue to pray. God is answering their prayers." -North Korean Believer

NK camp(North Korea)—"Is God at work in North Korea? Because we don't see it." Some Open Doors supporters feel disappointed. Even after years and years of prayer for North Korea, ranked No....(more)

"Son of God" Opening Weekend Dazzles; Staggering Success Blows Away Expectations

"The film confounded Hollywood elites, mainstream critics and industry experts with a staggering $25.5 million dollar box office take." -Newsmax

Son of God movie (Hollywood, CA)—Approximately ten years ago, Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" blew moviegoers and film critics away with its cinematic message of redemption. Results were immediate. People's lives were touched and saved, hearts were rededicated to Jesus, and Hollywood was forced to sit up and take notice....(more)

Buried in an Avalanche, Survivor Recalls Prayer, Tells Miracle Story

"I pray for my boys all the time. I pray for His protection, constantly, on their lives. This is a confirmation that God is hearing us. God is so amazing!" -Pastor Mike Walsh, father of son who survived an avalanche

Walsh family(Powell, WY)—Assembly of God (AG) News has released an amazing (more)

CBS Hit Show "The Doctors" Hosts Pro-Life Activist

"The Doctors' comments indicated that they recognized that unborn children have value and are worth defending, and their kindness made it a safe place for Heather to be a Voice for Brady." -Jennifer Mason

Heather S.(Denver, CO)—Heather Surovik, sponsor of Colorado's Amendment 67, was featured on the Emmy award-winning daytime television program "The Doctors." The program aired last Friday on CBS....(more)

Mississippi Governor Signs Historic Legislation Limiting Abortion and Protecting Women

"This new law helps correct the shocking reality that as a result of Roe v. Wade, the United States is one of only four nations along with China, North Korea, and Canada that allows abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, for any reason whatsoever and sometimes with tax payer subsidies."

Mississippi Gov(Washington, DC)—Americans United for Life (AUL) President and CEO Dr. Charmaine Yoest commended Mississippi legislators and Governor Phil Bryant, who signed Mississippi HB 1400 into law, limiting abortions at 5 months of pregnancy when the procedure becomes extremely dangerous to the woman's life....(more)

Syrian Youth Transformed From Death-Metal Band Rebel and Gang Member to Lover of Christ

"It was totally the Holy Spirit It was so clear to me that it was all true."

Lebanon(Syria)—A participant in OM's Transform short-term outreach to the Near East Field shared his own transformation story with a group of Syrian death-metal music fans....(more)

Alabama Supreme Court Says Unborn Child Has "Inalienable" Right to Life "At All Stages of Development"

"In ruling that a child is a child whether born or unborn, the Alabama justices have cut through decades of tortured, twisted rationales and issued a national call for courts to recognize the obvious—all humans have the right to life." -Fr. Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life

BNPS photo (Montgomery, AL)—Children in the womb should have the same legal standing as other children, the Supreme Court of Alabama ruled [recently]....(more)

Irish Worship Band, "Rend Collective" Discusses the Joy of the Lord, and the "Art of Celebration"

"Celebrating the fact that (through Christ) we are free from sin, free from condemnation. God created and commanded celebration." - Gareth Gilkeson, Rend Collective

Rend CollectiveEDITOR'S NOTE: Below are excerpts from an article by Tiffany Jothen, interviewing Irish worship band, 'Rend Collective' posted on Click Here to read the full report. 'Rend Collective' can also be heard on Internet Radio. –Aimee Herd, BCN. (Photo via BillyGraham....(more)

Discovered: Sophisticated Hamas-Built Tunnels Linking Gaza to Israel, Suggesting More Conflict To Come

The tunnels are a cause for alarm as they're a threat to Israel's security, notes Prophecy Newswatch, because they would allow "passage into the country within minutes for dozens of Palestinian militants who are seeking to ambush areas of vulnerability within the Holy Land."

Gaza terror tunnelAccording to a Prophecy Newswatch report, there have been four concrete tunnels discovered beneath Israel that are not from ancient times....(more)

He's Called the "Oskar Schindler of the Music World," Who Rescued Hundreds of Jews from the Nazis; Revealed in New Documentary

"For a man to stand up against intolerance and to sacrifice so much of himself and to change himself in doing it. He saw something happening in the world that demanded a response. And so many people today—and I hope this is the lesson of the film—so many people are so quick to look the other way." –Josh Aronson

HubermanMost people—thanks to Spielberg's "Schindler's List"—have heard of Oskar Schindler. But the name of Branislav Huberman is relatively unknown, outside of Israel....(more)

Haven't Heard of H. Pylori Yet? It's Time You Knew—It's Linked to Autoimmune Diseases and Shocking—Half of US Adults Over 60 are Already Infected!

The good news is, there may be a vaccine coming for this common gastrointestinal bug. The bad, and ugly news is, untreated, the lurking Helicobactor pylori can be the source of myriad health problems.

Vaccine(Providence, RI)—Researchers from the University of Rhode Island are championing a recent breakthrough in the laboratory with hopes it could lead to a vaccine against the pathogen responsible for stomach cancer and to therapeutics for inflammatory diseases. (Photo by: (more)

Global Morals? Pew Poll Reveals Majority of Nations around the World find Abortion, Homosexuality Immoral

"There's no doubt that placing a greater importance on practicing the tenets of their faith and on building strong families has played a major role in protecting moral values in Africa, Asia, and Latin America." -Adam Cassandra, Human Life International

EarthNot a single nation in the 40 countries surveyed by Pew Research Center said abortion is morally acceptable....(more)

Have You Noticed? Is Hollywood Really Beginning to Embrace "God Movies?"

"Since its release, 'Heaven is for Real' has garnered an impressive $21.5 million—nearly double of what Depp's 'Transcendence' earned the same weekend."

Heaven is for RealMaybe it's just my own perception, but it seems like Christian movies have been getting better… and Hollywood appears to be taking notice....(more)

How God Confounded Terrorists and Worked a Miracle at Christian Day Care Center

"By the grace of God, it's really a miracle, that's all I can say." -Heidi Kuhn, Roots of Peace

Day Care Rescue(Afghanistan)—Five Taliban attackers targeted what they thought was an underground church celebrating its first anniversary in Kabul. After they blew up a car at two adjoining gates, God confused their thinking and they mistakenly entered a heavily armed compound next door....(more)

Breakthrough Treatment on Horizon for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Huntington's Disease

GAIM molecules can not only prevent the formation of new toxic protein aggregates but can also clear existing aggregates in the form of both soluble oligomers and insoluble fibers, such as plaques and tangles.

GAIM(Cambridge, MA)-Researchers from NeuroPhage Pharmaceuticals, Inc. have engineered a series of molecules with the potential to treat most neurodegenerative diseases that are characterized by misfolded proteins, such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Huntington's diseases. These molecules are based on what the Company calls a general amyloid interaction motif, or GAIM, which recognizes a characteristic common to many toxic, misfolded proteins, not just one type of misfolded protein....(more)

20 Years After the Genocide, Rwanda's Future is Being Rewritten-and Here is How they're Doing It…

“The anniversary calls us to stand alongside the people of Rwanda in remembering, while also reflecting on the new story that is being written in their country—a story of healing, reconciliation, rebuilding and hope.”

RwandaRecently, Rwanda commemorated the 20 year anniversary of the devastating genocide in which over 1 million people lost their lives, and now the world's attention is once again focused on the horrors that took place there two decades ago....(more)

Muslim Woman Facing Death Calls Out to Jesus and then the Miracle Happened..

boat"Four months ago I made my decision. I wanted to believe in Jesus. I wanted Him to be my Savior. Truly He has answered many of my prayers. Life is still difficult but I'm thankful. I have an inner peace. I am a new person....(more)

Christian Couple Married 70 Years-Inseparable in Life, Man Dies Hours after His Wife

"At Dad's bed we were singing his favorite hymns, reading Scriptures and praying with him. It was a going away party, and we know he loved it."

Helen and Kenny(Nashport, OH)—Helen and "Kenny" were so in love that they just could not wait the 2 days till Kenneth was 21—the legal age to marry in Ohio in 1944—the couple crossed the river into Kentucky and eloped....(more)

Fact Check: New Study Finds Meat-Eaters are Actually More Healthy Than Vegetarians

It may be counter-intuitive, but vegetarians were found to be twice as likely to have allergies, had a 50 percent increase in cancer and heart attacks even though they drank less alcohol.

"Accept the one whose faith is weak, without quarreling over disputable matters. One person's faith allows them to eat anything but another whose faith is weak, eats only vegetables. The one who eats everything use not treat with contempt the one who does not, and the one who does not eat everything must not judge the one who does, for God has accepted them. Who are you to judge someone else's servant? To their own master, servants stand or fall. And they will stand, for the Lord is able to make them stand....(more)

"God is Here, but I am Getting so Tired"; Syrian Christian Mother Mourns Killing of Children While Praying for Hope, Peace

"In our school we gathered the children to pray for the victims. I told the children: no matter what bad things are happening around us, our God is still good; even if we're in danger of death, our God is still good and worthy of praise. So we raised our hands and started worshipping God. The parents of one of our Muslim pupils were present while we did that, and they were so impressed they said: 'Our child is safe here. He is under the protection of God.'" -Hannah

Dan Wooding and Bob Yerkes (Santa Ana, CA)—Hanna is a Christian woman living in Damascus, Syria with her husband. She and her husband have two young daughters. Hanna works in a school....(more)

James Dobson Wins Temporary Injunction against Abortion-Causing Treatments Part of Health Care Mandate

Meanwhile, the US Supreme Court is considering similar challenges from Hobby Lobby and other employers.

DobsonAccording to a CBN News report, Christian broadcaster James Dobson recently won a temporary injunction against the HHS Mandate regarding providing abortion-causing drugs to employees of his Family Talk radio show....(more)

Look What USA Today is Saying about "Heaven is for Real"

"The movie may fail to convince skeptics, but it takes a position in a manner digestible for the masses. The desire for an afterlife is almost universal, and its existence is something most people have considered." -Claudia Puig, film critic

Heaven is For Real Todd Burpo, whose young son Colton is the main character in the book/movie "Heaven is for Real," reacted recently to scattered theological criticism about their story saying, "The atheists… I expect that from them. But when you see a person who claims to be a Christian attacking, you're like, 'This is awful.'" (Photo: Connor Corum playing Colton via heavenisforrealmovieresources....(more)

Pregnant at 14—Now TD Jakes' Daughter Releases Book About Teen Pregnancy—"Lost and Found: Finding Hope in the Detours of Life"

"I always say that I considered finding the pieces that you gave away of yourself along the way. When I had my son at such an early age, I dealt with a lot of shame and pressure and found myself in bad relationships and just giving myself away." -Sarah Jakes

Dan Wooding and Bob Yerkes Sarah Jakes, daughter of Pastor TD Jakes, found herself pregnant at 14; a seemingly unconquerable event in her life. But to her credit and the grace of God, today Sarah leads the women's ministry at The Potter's House and has authored a book called "Lost and Found: Finding Hope in the Detours of Life," chronicling her pregnancy experience and four-year-marriage and divorce from former NFL player Robert Henson....(more)

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Signs Legislation to Protect Women and Babies

"This legislation will ensure that the Arizona Department of Health Services has the authority to appropriately protect the health and safety of all patients."

Gov Jan Brewer(Arizona)—According to a Citizen Link report, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed the "Women's Health Protection Act," this week, which forces clinics that perform abortions to meet the same inspection standards as medical facilities....(more)

Iraqi Christians Observing Easter, but Real Dangers Exist

Easter is a significant celebration for Christians in Iraq. Two Iraqi Believers share how they will celebrate the resurrection of our Savior this week. Riham lives in the north. She is in her twenties and lives with her mother. Sana is in her thirties and also lives in the north, together with her husband and young child. Iraq is the one of the most dangerous countries in the world for Christians; ranked No. 4 on Open Doors' 2014 World Watch List.

Iraqi Christians(Santa Ana, CA)-The following is an (more)

USA TODAY: Jews In East Ukraine ordered to register and List Their Property or Be Deported

"…masked men were waiting for Jewish people after the Passover eve prayer, handed them the flyer and told them to obey its instructions." -Emanuel Shechter, through friends in Donetsk.

Donetsk(Donetsk, Ukraine)—In a chilling throwback to the beginnings of the Holocaust, there has been disturbing news this week that pro-Russian militants—who've reportedly 'taken over' government buildings in Donetsk, Ukraine—are ordering Jews in the area to "register" with them....(more)

Still 287 Missing off South Korean Coast Hours after Ferry Sinks

UPDATE:4/17-7AM PT CNN Reports: More than 24 hours have passed since the 6,800-ton ferry sank Wednesday morning. Rescue crews continue search for missing. Nine people are dead. At least 179 have been rescued.

But no one knows whether the missing 287 are alive, perhaps on the ship, or if they succumbed to water that's about 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit.)

The captain of the ferry broke down in tears when asked if he had anything to say to the missing passengers' families.

"I am sorry, I am at a loss for words," captain Lee Joon Suk said, his head and face covered. Lee faces possible charges of negligence and accidental homicide. No one knows exactly why the ship sank....(more)

Chuck Pierce to Explain the Significance of this Year's Passover Celebration—Online: Apr 17-20

"This year, 2014-5774, a year of the door, I believe this Passover is particularly important as we celebrate pressing through a narrow place of confinement to enlargement and from captivity to freedom!" -Chuck Pierce

Chuck PierceWriting for Charisma News, Steve Strang highlights a message by Chuck Pierce—President of Global Spheres, Inc. and Glory of Zion International Ministries—on the importance of remembering Passover, and the significance this one in particular holds....(more)

Famed First Convert to Christianity from Tribe Reached by Legendary Slain Missionaries Passes Away

Dayuma was a member of the Huaorani tribe and a citizen of Ecuador. She was a central figure in the Operation Auca saga (the famous missionary outreach that claimed the lives of Nate Saint and Jim Elliot, among others) in that she was the first Huao convert to Christianity, as well as the missionaries' key to unlocking the Huaorani language. Later Dayuma also became an influential figure in her tribe.

Dayuma(Ecuador)—The first Believer among the Waodani, previously known as Auca, language community in Ecuador, Dayuma Caento, died on March 1, 2014....(more)

Pop Evil Rock Star Turns From Evil, Trades Fame for Salvation, and Becomes Class President of Bible College

In 2011, after a Christian book store clerk told him, "You're at a crossroads in your life—choose the cross," Tony Greve left the band 'Pop Evil' and gave up everything to get right with God. Carrying and reading his Bible wherever he went, he worked out his salvation as he traveled seemingly aimlessly about the country. Yet at every place he paused, God brought people into his life and the Holy Spirit was with him.

Anthony GreveTony Greve was lead guitarist for the popular hard rock band, Pop Evil. Naturally, it followed that his life was consumed with drugs, alcohol, sex and partying....(more)

"Science Does Not Disprove God": Renowned Mathematician Declares God Exists

Though Dr. Amir Aczel reportedly does not promote any specific religion, his conclusion that God exists is not sitting well with atheists, and despite criticism from god-less camps, Aczel is unflinching in his assertion.

Dr. Renowned mathematician and author Dr. Amir Aczel—who is also a visiting scholar at Harvard and a research fellow at Boston University—has written a new book called "Why Science Does Not Disprove God....(more)

Former Worker for Abortionist Kermit Gosnell Accepts Christ After Serving Prison Time

"We currently have a worker in our ministry who was a part of Gosnell's clinic. She has served her time in prison and is working to get her life back in order. It has truly been amazing to see her life transformed through the power of Christ." -Abby Johnson

Dan Wooding and Bob Yerkes (Round Rock, TX)—Abby Johnson's ministry to abortion workers has reached a big milestone in less than two years. On Monday, Johnson announced her group, And Then There Were None, has now helped over 100 abortion workers leave the industry....(more)

"Heaven Is for Real" Director Faced Near-Devastating Spiritual Warfare Before Production

"Heaven is not some strange place we go to. Heaven is home." -Randall Wallace

EDITOR'S NOTE: The movie "Heaven Is For Real" is released in theaters across America tomorrow, April 16th. To read more about this movie, and an interview with "Heaven Is For Real" book author, Todd Burpo, Click Here.

Randall WallaceAward-winning producer Randall Wallace, famous for movies like Braveheart and Secretariat, saw his mother pass away in January 2013. His latest film project gave him peace about it....(more)

Churchgoers Have Better Love Lives

"I have found that church attendance is not the key, but it is a result of a less selfish and more selfless life style. That awareness changes everything. We churchgoers believe there is something bigger than ourselves in the world. There is a great shared adventure in that reality. That's the good news." -Ron Rose, director of Faith Coaching Network

Couple in churchRegular churchgoers, married people, or those who enjoy harmonious social ties, are most satisfied with their love life. This also goes for people who are currently in love or who experience the commitment and sexual desire of their partners, says Félix Neto and Maria da Conceição Pinto of the Universidade de Porto in Portugal....(more)

Israeli PM Netanyahu Sends Condolences to Families of Kansas Jewish Center Shootings—all Three Victims Were Churchgoers

"We condemn the shooting which, according to all the signs, was perpetrated out of hatred for Jews." -PM Netanyahu

Dan Wooding and Bob Yerkes (Kansas City)—On Sunday, a 73-year-old Missouri man—who is reported as having a history of racism and anti-Semitic activities, as well as association with the KKK—opened fire outside two Jewish facilities, killing three people....(more)

40 Days Spring Campaign Complete: 547 Babies Saved

…we're still counting the blessings God has provided!

40 Days for LifeMore of our local campaign leaders will be sending in their reports soon......(more)

Victory for Student-led Bible Study Club in New York High School

Upon receiving this information, the school allowed the student to start up her after-school Bible study club. -ACLJ

Student bible studyThis week the ACLJ aided a New York high school student start up an after-school, student-led Bible study club. A senior at a high school in Amsterdam, NY, received approval from her principal to begin the after-school club, but on the day the club was to begin, the school superintendent informed the student that the club needed an insurance policy to use school facilities after hours. (Photo via ACLJ....(more)

2014 Masters Golf Champ Bubba Watson Uses Twitter to Spread Love of Jesus

Watson is an outspoken Christian golfer and he uses his Twitter account—along with his platform as one of the PGA Tour's magnetic personalities—to share about his faith in Christ.

Bubba WatsonBubba Watson won his second Masters in three years, firing a 3-under-par on Sunday to finish 8-under-par and three strokes ahead of the field. Below is an article from a 2012 BGEA interview, shortly before he won the Masters on an incredible 155-yard wedge shot from the woods....(more)

Americans Unite with One Voice in Prayer on the 63rd Annual Observance of the National Day of Prayer, Thursday, May 1st

"This 63rd annual, national observance on May 1st, will have profound significance for our country. By joining together in prayer, we have an unprecedented opportunity to see the Lord's healing and renewing power made manifest as we call upon citizens to humbly come before His throne." -John Bornschein

National Day of Prayer(Colorado Springs, CO)—As our nation struggles with continued economic insecurity, vast healthcare change, and continual challenges to basic constitutional rights, citizens of the United States are preparing to exercise one of their most precious freedoms—the right to gather, worship, and pray to God....(more)

Watching God's Heavens—What is He Saying through Blood Moon Tetrads and Solar Eclipses?

"Israel as a nation is 'God's time clock,'" –Pastor John Kilpatrick

blood moonsBy now the term "blood moon" is likely no longer alien to you, and may even have been discussed around the water cooler this week. (Photo by Luc Viatour/via EarthSky....(more)

As Drama Unfolds, Prayer is Requested for Christians Boldly Defending the Cross in China

Three million Christians live in the coastal megacity of Wenzhou, known as "China's Jerusalem" where Communist authorities were "shocked" to find 1,800 Christian churches operate openly. Using the excuse that one church was displaying a cross that was too "conspicuous," the authorities set about to demolish the church. Since then, 5,000 Christians have flooded the city to protect the church and make a bold statement of their faith.

Dan Wooding and Bob Yerkes (China)—With a population of some 10 million, Wenzhou, in China's eastern Zhejiang Province, is one of China's great coastal megacities....(more)

"Academic freedom…a constitutional right for all professors, even Christian conservatives"—Federal Court Rules that University Must Promote and Pay Christian Professor

"This is a great day not only for Dr. Adams but for all who value academic freedom. The court's order reminds universities that they cannot retaliate against those who simply express opinions that some officials do not like." –Senior Counsel Kevin Theriot

Prof Mike Adams(Greenville, NC)—A federal court Tuesday ordered the University of North Carolina–Wilmington to promote a professor to the rank of full professor, a position it originally denied him, and to pay him $50,000 in back pay. In March, a jury found that university officials had retaliated against criminology professor Dr. Mike Adams for expressing conservative views in his opinion columns, books, and speeches when those officials denied him a promotion in 2006....(more)

Israel Called a "Paradise for Christians"—Where Believers Say "We Enjoy Our Freedom"

Christians in Israel "live in peace and security; we are not discriminated against…"

Young Believers in IsraelIn an interview with Italian media, Israeli Christians from Nazareth once again debunked assertions that Israel is an apartheid state with their own powerful testimonies....(more)

Jesus More Popular on China's Twitter than Current President and Chairman Mao

"Lack of interest in Communist ideology and rising interest in Christianity may help explain the relative frequency of Christian-related content" on Weibo, China's version of Twitter. -Bethany Allen, Tea Leaf Nation

Jesus more popular(China)—Newsmax reports that on Weibo—the Chinese version of Twitter—Jesus is more popular than former communist Chairman Mao Tse-tung....(more)

Send in Your Prayer Requests; Guideposts to Pray on Good Friday, April 18th

There is no greater way to ask for God's blessings upon this world than in prayer. We receive thousands of prayer requests throughout the year and are privileged to pray for each one by name and need." -Rev. Dr. Peola C. Hicks

logo(Danbury, CT)—May We Pray for You? The Guideposts OurPrayer Ministry, announces its 44th annual Good Friday Day of Prayer event, scheduled for April 18 at Mizzentop Day School (formerly Peale Center) 66 East Main Street in Pawling, NY....(more)

Israel "Stunned" by Kerry's Comment Regarding Palestinian Peace Talks—Netanyahu Ready to Resume Talks, But "Not at any Price"

"The Palestinians' threats to appeal to the UN will not affect us. The Palestinians have much to lose by this unilateral move. They will achieve a state only by direct negotiations, not by empty statements and not by unilateral moves. These will only push a peace agreement farther away and unilateral steps on their part will be met with unilateral steps on our part. We are ready to continue the talks but not at any price." -Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu(Israel)-Israel Today (more)

Fortress Where Solomon was Crowned King Discovered in City of David

It's an "enormous" ancient structure; the largest Canaanite fortress discovered thus far in Israel.

Spring Citadel(Israel)—Calling it "the most complex" excavation ever conducted in Israel, The Jerusalem Post reported that after 15 years of digging archaeologists have finished uncovering a "massive Canaanite fortress dating back to the time of Kings David and Solomon....(more)

British Politician to Atheists: We're a Christian Nation—Get Over it!

MP Eric Pickles has been successful in fast-tracking new laws to override a court's decision to ban prayers at official government meetings. He continues driving home the point that Christianity is here to stay and is not to be marginalized.

MP Eric Pickles(United Kingdom)—British MP, Community Secretary Eric Pickles, believes militant atheists should "get over" Britain being a Christian nation, and has called for them to stop imposing their "politically correct intolerance on others....(more)

How Mickey Rooney's Encounter with an Angel Led to His Faith in Jesus Christ

…the busboy leaned toward him and whispered in his ear, "Mr. Rooney, Jesus Christ loves you very much." Then the mysterious busboy vanished…

Mickey Rooney and Judy GarlandLegendary actor Mickey Rooney, one of Hollywood's last surviving stars of its classic era, passed away April 6th from natural causes. He was 93…....(more)

"Game-Changing" Discovery: US Navy Converts Seawater into Fuel

"It's a huge milestone for us." -US Vice Admiral Phillip Cullom

seawater(Washington, DC)—It appears the US Navy will no longer have to rely on tankers to fuel up while at sea....(more)

Supreme Court Rules that it's "The Price of Citizenship" in Case of Christian Photographer Who Declined Gay Wedding Job

"Americans oppose unjust laws that strong-arm citizens to express ideas against their will. Elaine and numerous others like her around the country have been more than willing to serve any and all customers, but they are not willing to promote any and all messages." -David Corman, ADF Senior Counsel

Earth's aura (Washington, DC)—The U.S. Supreme Court Monday has declined to hear Elane Photography v. Willock, the case of a photographer who was told by the New Mexico Supreme Court that she must, as "the price of citizenship," use her creative talents to communicate a message with which she disagrees or suffer punishment....(more)

Happening Tonight: Planets Mars, Earth Aligned with the Sun

Mars the closest to Earth the day before next week's Blood Moon.

alignmentProfessional and backyard astronomers will enjoy peering into the sky tonight as three heavenly bodies will align together: the sun, Earth and Mars....(more)

Professional Healthcare Chaplains Online Now To Help Those In Distress and Trauma

Professional health care chaplains created the content for ChaplainsOnHand to respond to the big issues people in spiritual distress face due to illness and grief. The counseling, information and resources provided come from first-hand chaplain experience and can significantly help in the healing process.

Chaplains on Hand(New York, NY)—A new website for online health care chaplain services launched recently at the annual HealthCare Chaplaincy Network conference in New York....(more)

Unprecedented Revival Breaks Out in Land Once Hostile to Christianity: Visions, Miracles, Healing

"I saw Algerians worshipping God with all their hearts and it touched me." -Zino, a convert to Christ

RevivalCBN reports that a Christian revival is touching the northernmost reaches of Africa. In a region once hostile to the Gospel, now tens of thousands of Muslims are following Jesus in record numbers....(more)

Mickey Rooney: "I was sent here to do my Father's work"—goes Home to Jesus at 93

"I always say, 'Don't retire—inspire.' There's a lot to be done. " -Mickey Rooney

Mickey Rooney(Hollywood, CA)—Beloved movie star, Mickey Rooney died of natural causes on Sunday, according to news reports, he was 93....(more)

Christians Form Human Shield Around Church in "China's Jerusalem" After Demolition Threat

It all started when communist officials condemned a church in Sanjiang for demolition because of "illegal construction. Located in China's heavily Christianized eastern province known as "Jerusalem of the East," Christians from all over China have now flocked to the city to defend the church from destruction. "I slept here last night," said an 81-year-old Christian demonstrator, "and I will do the same thing tonight... We feel at peace and fearless when we are with our God."

shielding church(Sanjiang, China)—International Christian Concern (ICC) has (more)

Dr. Alveda King Outraged Over Death of Woman in "Abortion House of Horrors"

"Abortion is taking places in houses of horrors. Babies and women are dying. It is shameful. We must pray, we must expose the truth, we must demand regulations of these butchers. We must not allow Lakisha's death to pass us by in vain."

death by abortion(Atlanta, GA)—"Today is a rainy day in Atlanta, and like the song says, 'I feel like it's raining all over the world," said Dr. Alveda King, Director of African American Outreach for Priests for Life....(more)

Cliff Barrows' (Music Director for Billy Graham) Advice at 91: "Hide the Word of God in Your Heart"

Billy Graham's famed musical director shares his testimony, being widowed, remarriage, his years on the road with Graham, and through it all his biggest piece of advice for Christians today.

Cliff Barrows(Charlotte, NC)—Cliff Barrows has quite a few birthday memories. But as he celebrates 91 years on Sunday, he can point out one favorite....(more)

Americans Divided on the Importance of Church According to New Barna Poll

Church attendance did not crack the top-10 list of what helps American Christians grow in their faith.

American Church(Ventura, CA)—What, if anything, helps Americans grow in their faith? When Barna Group asked, people offered a variety of answers—prayer, family or friends, reading the Bible, having children—but church did not even crack the top-10 list. (Photo via Barna....(more)

Physicists: Noah's Ark Would Actually Float, Even with Two Each of 35,000 Species of Animals

"You don't think of the Bible necessarily as a scientifically accurate source of information, so I guess we were quite surprised when we discovered it would work. We're not proving that it's true, but the concept would definitely work." -Thomas Morris

Noah's Ark(United Kingdom)—Physics students at the University of Leicester have found that [Noah's] ark would have indeed been able to float with all of the animals on board. (Illustration by (more)

"God Was Trying To Tell Me Something," Said this Mom Who Was Attempting To Get An Abortion—But Her GPS Kept Taking her To PRO-LIFE Centers!

"God is in control and He does know best. I can't imagine my life without either one of my beautiful girls."

GPSAccording to Online For Life, reported by Citizen Link, one mom who was thinking about having an abortion after finding out she was pregnant during a time when her marriage was shaky....(more)

Chaplains Ask for Prayer for Ongoing Washington Landslide Deployment

"So many don't [have a relationship with Jesus], and they're trying to go through all this grief and sorrow and pain by themselves. They don't have that cross that was given to us to lay our problems at the foot of." -Ray Thompson, BGRRT Chaplain

Mudslide(Oso, WA)—More than a week after Billy Graham Rapid Response Team chaplains Ray and Suzanne Thompson arrived in Snohomish County, Washington, there are still almost two dozen people missing and at least 29 dead from the landslide that totaled the town of Oso....(more)

"It Felt Like an Electric Current was Flowing through My Body, and Immediately I Knew this Book was Not Like any Other Book"

Broken Man Considered "Beyond Hope" is Transformed After Being "Electrified" by Word the of God


"Left Behind" Revisited—This Time Starring Nicholas Cage—Hollywood No Longer Afraid of Faith Movies?

"What makes 'Left Behind' different is that it is a contemporary story that could actually happen at any moment…" -Paul Lalonde, Producer.

Nic CageFourteen years after the Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins novel about the Rapture (see 1Thess. 4:16-17 in the Bible) was made into a movie, "Left Behind" is back and is slated to be in theaters at the beginning of October of this year. (Photo via Leftbehindmovie....(more)

Share Your Prayers Campaign about Child Abuse— You're Urged to Make and Add Your Own Online Prayer Video

The campaign encourages everyone who cares about children to participate, regardless of video experience. Shepherding the Next Generation will "Retweet" many videos.

Blue Sunday(Washington, DC)—Each year, more than 680,000 children are abused or neglected, and as many as 1,500 die as a result. In an effort to protect these vulnerable children, Shepherding the Next Generation, a network of more than 300 evangelical pastors and faith leaders, is encouraging people nationwide to share their prayers through online videos in advance of the Blue Sunday Day of Prayer on April 27....(more)

Boy Born Blind Becomes Professional Surfer, with God's Power—Now a Movie is Being Made about Him, "BEYOND SIGHT"

"Many surfers with sight do not venture out even after they see that others can do it. With no eye sight, you're literally in the moment of what the feel is right at that second, and that is all Derek had as he surfed Pipeline." -Kelly Slater, World Champion surfer.

Derek surfing(Carlsbad, CA)—When the odds are stacked you can give up or face the challenges head on with determination to succeed. One young surfer is making waves in the surf community for doing just that....(more)

Supreme Court Strikes Down Limit on Overall Amount a Person Can Give to Political Campaigns

"Money in politics may at times seem repugnant to some, but so too does much of what the First Amendment vigorously protects." -Chief Justice, John Roberts

Dan Wooding and Bob Yerkes (Washington, DC)—According to reports, the US Supreme Court, on Wednesday, ruled that limits on the total amount of money one can donate to political candidates, parties or PACs, are unconstitutional....(more)

Prayer Alert for Afghanistan as Country Faces First Democratic Transfer of Power

"Afghanistan is such a critical country. It's so critical for the Gospel… [we need] a measure of protection for the Church, for the Christians there in Afghanistan. They're a very rough and hardy people, but they're weary and they're praying for some change." -Tom Doyle

Cross and mosque (Afghanistan)—Presidential elections are scheduled to take place in Afghanistan on Saturday, April 5th. As is too often the case, Middle East elections in particular are fraught with strife, and Afghanistan—where US troops are scheduled to completely withdraw by the end of the year—is no exception. Indeed, the Taliban has threatened attacks on anyone who dares to show up to vote at the polls....(more)

Historians Claim Original Simple "Cup of Jesus" Encrusted in Jeweled Case by Christians in Middle Ages as Gift to Spanish Queen, is the Holy Grail Hitler Was Looking For

Can such legends be used to expand God's Kingdom?

Holy Grail(Spain)—Although Jesus Christ most definitely drank wine from a cup during His "Last Supper" on earth, ever since His death and resurrection, that cup—coined "The Holy Grail"—has been the focus of many a myth and much speculation, stirring the cultic curiosity and obsession of madmen like Adolph Hitler (who believed being in possession of such artifacts would give him "supernatural powers") and fictional movie characters like Indiana Jones....(more)

Pastor Saeed "Doing Better" in Iranian Prison, but Still Needs Surgery, Says Wife, Naghmeh

Make your voice heard asking for Pastor Saeed's release—Click Here.

Pastor Saeed(Iran)—According to a report by CBN News, Pastor Saeed Abedini—American pastor imprisoned in Iran for his Christian faith—is now receiving much needed food and "some" medicine, while behind bars for Christ....(more)

40 Days for LIFE-Spring Campaign DAY 28: 362 Babies Saved and Counting...

40 Days for Life has shown that prayer and persistence can end abortion where you live. Be encouraged by Steve Karlen, our North American outreach director!

40 Days for LifeSteve has traveled since Day 1 of this campaign and has shown no sign of wearing down. However, there was one late night when Steve's energy level was up...but his car was running out of gas in zero degree weather....(more)

Jesus Appears in a Dream to Suicidal Buddhist Woman

In the dream, Jesus looked deeply into her soul and said, "Believe in Me and pray, Yulia, and I will save you."

Yulia and childFilled with despair, a Russian Buddhist woman attempted to take her own life. But Jesus appeared to her in a dream offering new hope and peace, and the beginning of a new life in Christ....(more)

Egyptian Wants to Sue Israel for Damages Caused by Biblical Plagues

"We want compensation for the [Ten] Plagues that were inflicted upon [us] as a result of the curses that the Jews' ancient forefathers [cast] upon our ancient forefathers, who did not deserve to pay for the mistake that Egypt's ruler at the time, Pharaoh as the Torah calls him, committed." -Ahmad al-Gamal

Locusts(Egypt)—Ahmad al-Gamal, a columnist for Al-Yawm Al-Sabi daily newspaper, has proposed that Egypt sue numerous countries—including Israel—for damages inflicted over the past few thousand years....(more)

Federal Judge Blocks Administration from Enforcing Contraception Mandate in Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta

A federal judge has blocked the Obama administration from enforcing its controversial contraception mandate against Roman Catholic-affiliated organizations in the Archdiocese of Atlanta and the Diocese of Savannah.

obamacare(Atlanta, GA)—A federal judge has blocked the Obama administration from enforcing its controversial contraception mandate against Roman Catholic-affiliated organizations in the Archdiocese of Atlanta and the Diocese of Savannah....(more)

"Blue Sunday: April 27" - Day of Prayer for Abused Children

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. The last Sunday in April is called Blue Sunday Day of Prayer. It's the day when individuals and churches pray for the victims of child abuse and for those who rescue them.

Dan Wooding and Bob Yerkes April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. The last Sunday in April is called Blue Sunday Day of Prayer. It's the day when individuals and churches pray for the victims of child abuse and for those who rescue them. It's free. No membership - just prayer....(more)

"Amazing," Divine Appointments in the Middle East

One day I placed the Bible in his hands so that he would read aloud what it said. His hands began to tremble and he asked, "Did you see that? What is happening? That never happens when I read the Qur'an."

Middle EastWriter Greg Kernaghan travelled through the Middle East in November 2013. He discovered authentic hospitality, passionately committed Christians and a sense of good things to come. He observed and listened to the hearts of Christian workers who have invested decades in understanding and loving their Arab neighbours. Greg writes this article from the perspective of the OM workers in the Middle East, their story and their dreams, in their own words. (Photo via ScienceWatch....(more)

Basketball Star's Incredible Friendship With Child Battling Cancer: "She's My Sister"

"He's just been phenomenal. We love him to death. He's been able to wiggle his way into our family, and Lacey just has him wrapped around her finger. We couldn't be more proud of him." -Matt Holsworth, father of Lacey

Payne and Lacey(East Lansing, MI)—Michigan State basketball player Adreian Payne is part of a winning Championship team and Lacey Holsworth is an 8-year-old girl battling a rare form of cancer called neuroblastoma and their unique friendship, which has been ongoing for two years, has suddenly been catapulted into headline news....(more)

In Case of Santa Barbara Professor Who Went Berserk on Pro- Life Students, Christian Lawyer Warns Pro-life Supporters to Keep it "Civil"

Ironically, Life Legal Defense Foundation Legal Director Catherine Short is the mother of 21-year-old Joan Short and 16-year-old Trin Short, two of the young women assaulted by the professor. The professor's actions have provoked much justified online criticism of her as well as unwarranted personal attacks via social media. In response to this, the senior Short has asked the public to be civil and has called upon the university administration to welcome the pro-life presence on campus. 

teens (Santa Barbara, CA)—A University of California at Santa Barbara professor made headlines when she went berserk on a group of pro-life advocates on campus earlier this month....(more)

What You Need to Know about the HHS Mandate Arguments Happening Now in US Supreme Court

"No one has ever been harmed because an employer didn't pay for these drugs. No one seems to have trouble obtaining them… why is this issue even before the Supreme Court?" –ADF Attorney David Cortman

HHS arguments in SCOn Tuesday, the case of the Hahn family (Conestoga) and the Green family (Hobby Lobby) was argued at the U.S. Supreme Court. Here's what you need to know about what happened both outside and inside the court. (Photo via (more)

Prayer: Ebola Epidemic in Guinea—Doctors Without Borders Sends Teams to Help

"We are doing everything we can to treat the patients with dignity, whilst at the same time protecting the community and family from possible contamination."

Ebola virusIn response to the Ebola epidemic that has broken out in Guinea, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) continues to reinforce its teams in Guéckédou and Macenta, two towns in the south of the country where the virus has spread. Thirty staff members are already on the ground and more doctors, nurses, and sanitation specialists will be joining them in the coming days. (Photo via Telegraph....(more)

Kid President Writes a Letter to "A Person on Their First Day" On Earth

"Love is always louder, no matter what. Even if hate has a bullhorn, love is louder. So let your life be loud…" –Kid President

If you do an internet search on "Kid President" you'll find that young Robby Novak's official title is "Inspirer." That's very accurate as each one of the Kid President YouTube videos do just that…inspire....(more)

After a Storm of Criticism, World Vision US Reverses Decision to Hire Christians in Same-Sex Marriages

President Richard Stearns, says: "Certain beliefs are so core to our Trinitarian faith that we must take a strong stand on those beliefs."

(Federal Way, WA)—Following a storm of criticism from many evangelical leaders, and only two days after announcing it would hire Christians in same-sex marriages, World Vision U.S. has reversed its ground-breaking decision....(more)

The Only Church in Washington Landslide Disaster Area is on Front Lines; Desperate for Prayer

"Pray. That is what we need most, and what the families here need most. We need people to pray." -Pastor Gary Ray of Oso Community Chapel

OSO Community Chapel(Oso, WA)—As the grim search continues, and more bodies are found, in the massive mudslide that swept through this small town of 500 in Washington State, Baptist Press News reports that one church is on the front lines there helping to minister to the community....(more)

New York Times' Best Selling Author Says Ukraine Jews Should be on Planes Heading to Israel

New York Times' best-selling author Joel C. Rosenberg lists reasons how Russian President Vladimir Putin fits into some aspects of Scriptural end-times prophecy, but warns it's still too early to tell if he is part of the Gog mentioned in Ezekiel.

Joel RosenbergNew York Times' best-selling author Joel C. Rosenberg is a born-again Christian of Jewish descent. Recently, he was asked by CBN News reporter George Thomas how the current crisis in the Ukraine, and President Vladimir Putin himself, may fit into Biblical prophecies....(more)

God 'bent the bullet,' Stopped it from Harming Syrian Christian Women

As they passed through a somewhat dicey neighborhood, they suddenly heard the sound of gunfire…

DamascusThree Syrian Christian women were on their way to the hospital to pray for a sick friend. When their car was struck by gunfire intended for the driver, God miraculously intervened to spare their lives....(more)

Washington State Mudslide: Death Toll Rises—16 Confirmed Dead; Up to 176 Missing

UPDATE: [Wednesday, March 26, 6am PT] SKY NEWS: Sixteen people are now known to have died and emergency crews believe they have found another eight bodies but they have yet to be recovered.

As many as 176 people remained missing after the mudslide smashed through the small community of Oso, about 55 miles (90km) north of Seattle, on Saturday morning.

Mudslide(Oso, WA)—Days into a search for survivors, the wall of mud that swallowed up nearly an entire community in Snohomish County, Washington, seems impenetrable....(more)

Israeli Christians Demonstrate Outside EU: "Stop Christian Ethnic Cleansing in Arab Countries"

"Nations, organizations and international missions are quick to raise an accusing finger against Israel at every opportunity. Those same nations and organizations don't lift a finger against the ethnic cleansing of Christians in the Middle East." -Father Gabriel Nadaf

Christians(Tel Aviv, Israel)—Some 150 Israeli Arabic-speaking Christians on Sunday demonstrated outside the European Union mission in Tel Aviv, demanding that the international community stop nitpicking against Israel and start combating the severe persecution of Christians everywhere else in the Middle East. (Photo via (more)

"Growing Tsunami" of Personhood Movements in USA, Baby's Rights at State Ballot Boxes

If their goal of 385,000 signatures is reached by July, the Ohio Personhood Amendment will be on the ballot in November and a simple majority vote could protect every preborn child statewide by January 1, 2015—including children threatened by abortion-inducing drugs.

Personhood Ohio(Zanesville, OH)—Abortion-threatening legislation is gaining momentum in several states, posing a major threat to legal abortion this year....(more)

Mother's Prayers Break Stronghold over Strip Club-But what Happened with the Owners will Amaze You!

"When you realize that you've poisoned a community, it's hard to accept. I know that God has paid my debt, but I still feel like I owe a debt." -Aaron Bekkela

sign(Fort Collins, CO)—When your family owns a strip club and one of your young topless dance employees tells you that she has a message from her mother it's probably not the kind that's designed to boost your self-esteem....(more)

BCN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: "HEAVEN IS FOR REAL's" Todd Burpo—Father Whose Son Experienced Heaven—Talks About His Story and the New Movie

The movie, "Heaven Is For Real" opens in theaters on April 16th!

HIFRHaving recently screened the new movie adaptation of the book, "Heaven Is For Real," I spoke with Colton Burpo's dad, Todd, about all that his son experienced, and what he thought of the movie that tells their story....(more)

Just Exposed: Aborted, Miscarried Babies "incinerated" and Used as Fuel to Heat Hospitals in UK

The practice has now been banned as of Sunday night by the Department of Health—Health Minister Dr. Dan Poulter called it "totally unacceptable."

baby(United Kingdom)—An investigation in the UK found that at least 15,500 pre-born babies who had either been aborted or miscarried had been incinerated by some of the country’s hospitals as "clinical waste," unbeknownst to their mothers....(more)

Despite Death and Destruction, Disaster Chaplains See Nothing but God's Love for This World

"I had a gal who would pray for me. I wasn't even thinking about [prayer], and she'd call and say, 'I'm praying for you,' and it's like, 'Uh…thanks.' But there are those people in your life who consistently cover you, even when you're not asking." -Sandy Bender

BGEA Chaplains(Jersey Shore, NJ)—When Chuck and Sandy Bender met almost 30 years ago at a Southern California marina, they never expected God would eventually lead them thousands of miles away, into the heart of disaster zones from the Gulf Coast to the Jersey Shore. As chaplain coordinators for the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team, Chuck and Sandy drop everything at a moment's notice to travel to the country's worst crises....(more)

Stunning Victory—Jury Rules in Favor of Atheist Turned Christian Professor—University Retaliated Because He was a Believer

"We are grateful that the jury today reaffirmed the fundamental principle that universities are a marketplace of ideas, not a place where professors face retaliation for having a different view than university officials. As the jury decided, disagreeing with an accomplished professor's religious and political views is no grounds for denying him a promotion." -Travis Barham

Cross and mosque (Greenville, NC)—A jury issued a verdict Thursday that found the University of North Carolina–Wilmington retaliated against one of its professors for his views....(more)

Washington Reporter—"Why I No Longer Hide My Faith in the Newsroom"

"The unspoken and spoken bias meant that I didn't talk about my faith at work. And I certainly didn't talk about my volunteer work at a pro-life pregnancy center… [but following a period of deep reflection] it wasn't lost on me that all around the world Christians die for the right to bear witness in public, and yet in our free country, I hid my beliefs in the name of the news god." -Lauren Ashburn

Lauren Ashburn(New York, NY)—Lauren Ashburn is a Fox News reporter who has written a piece defending her faith in the wake of the resignation of acclaimed CBS News investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson....(more)

Governor Scott Walker Angers Atheists with "I Can Do All Things Through Christ" Posting

Atheists from the Freedom from Religion Foundation say the governor's Scriptural message "seems more like a threat, or the utterance of a theocratic dictator, than that of a duly elected civil servant."

Scott Walker(Madison, WI)—Governor Scott Walker has raised the ire of atheists after a posting in which he highlighted a Bible Verse: Philippians 4:13....(more)

Israeli Scientists: New Big Bang Evidence Supports Creationism

"In fact, the modern theories, which don't yet explain all the observed cosmological facts, bestow new meaning to the Biblical verse in Psalm 92:6-'How great are Your deeds, O Lord! Your thoughts are very deep.'"

Big Bang(Israel)—This week's announcement that scientists had finally confirmed the existence of gravitational waves rippling through the universe, thereby bolstering the Big Bang Theory, would presumably be a blow to those who believe in the Bible....(more)

"God's Not Dead" Opens Friday - 4 Stars, the Movieguide Review

"There are a lot of stories in GOD'S NOT DEAD, but they work because they end up in the same place. The direction and acting are very good. The ending is terrific. GOD'S NOT DEAD is a powerful evangelistic movie."

God's Not DeadThe new movie "God's Not Dead" opens in theaters across the US on Friday, according to Movieguide, it's a film worth making the drive to see (because you may not find it in a theater close to you)....(more)

Christian and Muslim Leaders Join Forces to Combat Modern Slavery

"We are struggling against evil in secret places and in deeply entrenched networks of malice and cruelty." -Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

human trafficking(Vatican City)—The Church of England, the Roman Catholic Church, and Al Azhar, a Cairo-based Sunni Muslim group, have reportedly joined forces to end modern slavery within 20 years....(more)

"Truly historic" Group of 24 Veterans Awarded Medal of Honor after having been Unjustly Overlooked due to Bias

"No nation is perfect. But here in America, we confront our imperfections and face a sometimes painful past, including the truth that some of these soldiers fought and died for a country that did not always see them as equal… today we have the chance to set the record straight." -President Obama

Medal of HonorThough long overdue, on Tuesday, 24 wrongs were made right when President Obama awarded a Medal of Honor to 24 recipients who served during WWII, the Korean War and Vietnam, who had been overlooked because of racial or ethnic discrimination. (Photo: Evan Vucci/AP Photo/via (more)

"Goose Bumps Moment" Behind Viral Photo of Patriotic Groundskeeper Outside Texas School

"It was phenomenal. It was an instant impact kind of thing. A goose bumps moment. To find out that he was 21? That really brought home the moment." -Garrett Hartman

Grounds Keeper(Cypress, TX)—Every morning at Smith Middle School, students recite the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a moment of silence....(more)

Newsboys' New Hit "We Believe" a "Billy Graham Message in a Song"

"We believe in God the Father. We believe in Jesus Christ. We believe in the Holy Spirit. And He's given us new life. It's a creed. That's who we are. That's our mission. That's our salvation. That's our eternity." -Newsboys' band member Michael Tait

Michael Tait(Charlotte, NC)—Michael Tait, [Newsboys band member] knew something was up. (Photo via BGEA)

Everywhere he went and every time he flipped on Christian radio, it seemed like he kept hearing the Newsboys' song "We Believe....(more)

Atheist Professor Finds Christ, Loses Promotion, Files Lawsuit

A former atheist, Dr. Mike Adams frequently received accolades from his colleagues after the university hired him as an assistant professor in 1993 and promoted him to associate professor in 1998. His conversion to Christianity in 2000 impacted his views on political and social issues. Subsequently, the university subjected Adams to a campaign of academic persecution that culminated in his denial of promotion to full professor, despite an award-winning record of teaching, research, and service.

Mike Adams (Greenville, NC)—In a trial that begins Monday, a jury will consider whether the University of North Carolina-Wilmington retaliated against one of its professors for his views....(more)

Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty Patriarch, Grants New Jersey Man's Amazing Request after He Drove 20 Hours to Robertson's Church

"You're going to be buried—the old you—and the new one will come forth. God will seal you with His Spirit and you will be guaranteed to be raised from the dead one day and live forever. Good news, you know?" -Phil Robertson

Phil Robertson(West Monroe, LA)—Brian Richards drove 20 hours from his home in New Jersey recently to White's Ferry Roach Church of Christ where Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty's patriarch, is an elder with a special request....(more)

Miraculous! Decades-old Bible Left "unscathed" after Deadly NY City Blast that Leveled Two Buildings

"Through all of the rubble, through all of the destruction, his Book survived."

Old bible(East Harlem, NY)—Last week's huge explosion in New York City's East Harlem that reduced two apartment buildings to rubble and killed 8 people, miraculously left a decades-old Bible untouched....(more)

In a Country Rife With Loneliness, Will Graham Tells Japanese, "With God You're Never Alone": Countless Will Come to Christ

Loneliness is a very real issue in Japan, especially among young people. "Hikikomori," a phenomenon of withdrawing from society, has become more widespread. Many Japanese won't leave their home for several months at a time. "When the clouds clear," says Will Graham, "we can see the stars here in Fukuoka and those are going to be the number of people to come to Christ for years to come. By faith we can see that."

Will Graham in Japan(Japan)—With two large screens flanking the stage and projecting a crystal clear image of Will Graham at the Fukuoka Kokusai Center on Saturday evening, it was hard not to admire the advanced technology so prominent in Japan....(more)

Israel Prepares in Case of Terrorist Attack by Missing Malaysia Flight 370

"A plane filled with nuclear material would not need to be in Israeli airspace long to do catastrophic damage, even if shot down." -Breitbart report.

IDF(Israel)—As some officials are stating that it’s very possible Malaysia Airlines flight 370, which has been missing since March 8th, could have been hijacked, authorities in Israel are preparing for a possible attack, in case it is the target. (Photo via Breitbart....(more)

People Worldwide Urged to Sign Global Pro-Family Declaration: The Natural Family is Entitled to Protection by the State

"Never before has there been a universal banner uniting all peoples to rally in protection of the natural family, and never has it needed protection as urgently as now. We have created the World Family Declaration to address that need and be that banner." -Doug Clark

World Family Declaration(Rockford, IL)—The World Family Declaration, an initiative of the World Congress of Families and endorsed by pro-family organizations across the globe, is now online at and available for electronic signature....(more)


Please continue to pray for the situation in Ukraine.

Crimea(Ukraine)—This weekend Crimea—located on the southern peninsula of Ukraine that juts out into the Black Sea—reportedly held a referendum, voting on whether or not to secede and come under the umbrella and control of Russia....(more)

St. Patrick, His Prayer and His Special Day

"I would say as many as a hundred prayers, and almost as many in the night, and this even when I was staying in the woods and on the mountains; and I used to get up for prayer before daylight, through snow, through frost, through rain." -St. Patrick

Celtic cross(Reprinted and Updated)—Phillip Freeman, a professor at Lutheran College in Iowa and author of St. Patrick of Ireland: A Biography, shares the facts about Patrick's life in a National Geographic News article (written by John Roach), and how today's St....(more)

Missionary's Outreach to LGBT Community: "Compassion Without Compromise"

"I could sense the Spirit's leading and His peace. I shared why I came to the conclusion same-sex attractions were not God's will for my life and how Jesus changed me from the inside out. The Lord gave me unusual grace…" -Linda Seiler

Linda Seiler(Carbondale, IL)—Linda Seiler, an Assembly of God missionary, recently led a "Compassion without Compromise" outreach at Southern Illinois University aimed at reaching out in love and truth to the LGBT community—a group she is familiar with having been set free from transsexuality herself....(more)

Massive 'Museum of the Bible'—The Size of Seven Football Fields with 40,000 Ancient Biblical Texts and Artifacts to Open in Washington DC, 2017— Hobby Lobby's Steve Green is Chairman

The future yet-to-be-named museum will be located in a reconstructed 400,000+-square-foot space that once was the Washington Design Center. It will include one of the world's largest private collections of Dead Sea Scrolls…

bible museum(Washington, DC)—The Museum of the Bible, a nonprofit organization that will oversee a yet-to-be-named museum focusing on the story, history and impact of the Bible, has announced the hiring of two top-level management executives. The new museum will be located in the nation's capital and is projected to open in 2017....(more)

After International Outcry, Iran Removes Shackles from Imprisoned Pastor Saeed Abedini

One of Abedini's family members went to Rajai Shahr Prison to find out why he was denied medical care. He was told by prison officials that the whole ordeal was a "mistake," and that the warden called the hospital and ordered Abedini be unchained and allowed to visit the family member.

BNPS photo (Washington, DC)—Iran now claims that the violent treatment of imprisoned American Pastor Saeed Abedini—who was shackled and ordered to return to his prison cell before receiving the critical medical treatment he needs—was a "mistake" and should not have occurred....(more)

Gaza Terrorists Rain Missiles Down on Southern Israel; Netanyahu Vows Retaliation

At a joint press conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu vows retaliation, saying, "If there is no quiet in our south, no quiet for the residents of Israel, there will be noise, lots of noise in Gaza… and that's putting it mildly."

Gaza Rockets(Israel)—Israel's government met in emergency session on Thursday morning, hours after Palestinian terrorists operating out of the Gaza Strip fired scores of missiles and mortar shells at Jewish towns in southern Israel....(more)

Ukraine PM Visits White House as Crimea Crisis Deepens; Prayers Coveted

"The Body of Christ in Ukraine has shown deep passion and amazing courage sharing the love of God amidst the fighting in Kiev and now the Crimean crisis. With the escalation of military activity in Crimea and eastern Ukraine, we must all pray for a miraculous peaceful solution to these developments. May the Church of Ukraine continue to be an example of courage and compassion during these uncertain times." -Jeff Thompson, Mercy Projects

Arseniy Yatsenyuk(Washington, DC)—The White House is stepping up its criticism of a planned referendum in Crimea as it [played] host on Wednesday (March 12, 2014) to the Ukrainian prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, in a last ditch bid to prevent Russian annexation of the peninsula....(more)

Americans Think Hurricane Katrina Worse Crisis Than Syria

Syria kids "Each day, millions of children are caught in the middle of the Syrian crisis, struggling for the basics of survival like food, somewhere to live and a safe place to call home. They face the threat of bombs, gunfire, early marriage, and being forced to work to provide for their families. Yet many of us turn away, sometimes purposely turning a blind eye to all that is happening. Although it's painful to see the reality, it's vital that we do so. An entire generation is depending on us....(more)

Billy Graham to be Honored with the Hope Medallion for Contributions in Producing Life-Changing Films

"Mr. Graham long ago recognized the impact that various forms of media had on people and culture, both as a method for communication and as a means to influence opinions and perceptions, or more viscerally, to impact hearts and minds..." -Dr. Erick Schenkel, Executive Director of the JESUS Film Project

BGEA web(Asheville, NC)—The JESUS Film Project®, a ministry of Cru and the organization behind the most watched film in history, JESUS, will honor Rev. Billy Graham and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) with the Hope Medallion for Graham's worldwide leadership in creating life-changing films through his unswerving commitment to the Gospel message....(more)

Japan Remembers the Devastating Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami of 3-11-11

"Many disaster survivors are still experiencing difficulties. It is important that all people of Japan unite their hearts and stand by each other for a long period so that they can live without losing their hopes and in good health." -Japan's Emperor Akihito

Cross and mosque (Japan)-Throughout Japan, on March 11 paused to observe a moment of silence at precisely 2:46 pm in memory of the record-shattering tsunami and earthquake that devastated the nation in 2011, killing tens of thousands....(more)

Lakewood Church Robbed, Some $600,000 in Donations Missing

"We are working with the police to fully investigate the incident. The funds were fully insured, and we are working with our insurance company to restore the stolen funds to the church."

Cross and mosque (Houston, TX)—According to reports, Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church was robbed this past weekend when almost $600,000 in donations—collected during services on Saturday and Sunday—were reported missing on Monday....(more)

How this Daughter of an Egyptian Military Intelligence Chief Left Islam

"I can't dwell in fear or I would do nothing. I am trying to wake up America and protect the Judeo-Christian culture."

NonieAs a child she was taught to believe the Jews were monsters that wanted to kill Arab children. By God's grace, she overcame a culture of hatred and found a new reason for hope after she settled in the United States....(more)

The Difference a Latrine Can Make—Man Instructed by Samaritan's Purse Learns How to Build Better Sanitation and Hygiene for his Family in Niger

"…'It's he who loves you that gives you advice.' Samaritan's Purse loves us, and that is why they have taught us many things about hygiene."

latrine(Niger)—After receiving instruction from Samaritan's Purse, a man decided to build a latrine that has greatly improved his family's life....(more)

New Hope for Alzheimer's Sufferers: Cell Regeneration may Alleviate its Symptoms

"Until 15 years ago, the common belief was that you were born with a finite number of neurons. You would lose them as you aged or as the result of injury or disease. We now know that stem cells can be used to regenerate areas of the brain."

BrainAlzheimer's disease is the most widespread degenerative neurological disorder in the world. Over five million Americans live with it, and one in three senior citizens will die with the disease or a similar form of dementia. While memory loss is a common symptom of Alzheimer's, other behavioral manifestations—depression, loss of inhibition, delusions, agitation, anxiety, and aggression—can be even more challenging for victims and their families to live with....(more)

Students for Life Ask Pro-Life Activists for Help

"We cannot sit back while our pro-life students are denied their constitutional rights and bullied by their school administrators. At Branford High School, there is double standard for pro-life students, and we intend to expose this injustice and correct it. We commend Sam and the members of Branford High School Students for Life for their courage and willingness to step up and demand that their school respect their rights, and I am looking forward to witnessing another pro-life student victory." -Kristan Hawkins

SFL(Branford, CT)—Students for Life of America is asking pro-life activists to e-mail the Superintendent of Branford Public Schools, Mr. Hamlet Hernandez, at hernandez@branfordschools....(more)

Promoting Peace in the Holy Land Through "Breaking Bread Together"

An Israeli Jew and Christian Palestinian create joint business venture from vision to break down barriers.

Elisa Moed, christina Samara(Israel)-Breaking Bread Journeys is a Palestinian-Israeli experiential tourism joint-venture headquartered in Jerusalem, based on the concept that sharing food while traveling can create deep connections and a better understanding of diverse cultures....(more)

Bishop Calls on Men in the Church to Recommit to Purity and Renew Sacred Commitment to Wife and Children

The largest consumer demographic for internet pornography is the 12-17 age group and 80 per cent of 15-17 year olds experiencing multiple "hard-core" exposures. Ninety percent of 8-16 year-olds have viewed porn online, most while doing homework on their personal computers and laptops.

Bishop Loverde(Arlington, VA)—The growth of pornography use, particularly on the internet, is "a matter of utmost urgency for every son and father today," Bishop Paul Loverde of the Catholic diocese of Arlington, Virginia said in a letter to his flock released this week....(more)

Are Films Like "Noah" Testing Christ's Commandment to Love?

As Hollywood continues to produce movies for faith audiences and celebrities become more outspoken in their beliefs, Christians are being watched and judged by their reactions. Says Christian film critic Phil Cooke, "[Noah] will be a national conversation that millions will participate in and will be a water-cooler conversation for the next six months. What an opportunity for the Christian community! Instead of condemning it outright, let's join the conversation. Rarely does an event come along that begs us to present our side of the story. But if we don't see the movie, we'll be wasting the opportunity."

Noah(Hollywood, CA)—I never used to care how the world viewed Christians....(more)

Missing Malaysian Airliner: Faith in Christ Holds Family Together as Search Continues

"It's devastating, but I know in my heart that Philip's with God and I plan to be there with him because I have a deep faith in my God." -Sondra Wood, Philip's mother.

BBC PhotoWhile authorities and rescue workers search for any sign of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which went missing on Friday, family members and friends of loved ones aboard await any word, hoping for the best but bracing for the worst....(more)

Evangelist, Revivalist, Steve Hill Now in Heaven With His Savior

"A mighty warrior is fallen, earth is the better for his life and the poorer for his passing. May the Lord raise up a 100 like him...." –John Jeffs

Steve HillAfter a long battle with melanoma, a deadly skin cancer, for pastor and evangelist Steve Hill has passed into the arms of His Savior....(more)

Candace Cameron Bure Addresses Her "Religious" Detractors

"I won't ever stop being the real me to be an illusion of a better but fake Christian version of myself." –Candace Cameron Bure

Candace Cameron BureRecently, actress (and now author) Candace Cameron Bure had to defend her position regarding her Facebook page....(more)

Dramatic Thunderstorm Down Under, Captured by Social Media Users

“He sends it forth under the whole heaven, His lightning to the ends of the earth. After it a voice roars; He thunders with His majestic voice…” -Job 37:3-4

Sydney Storm(Sydney, Australia)—Social media users chronicled a powerful thunderstorm in pictures on Wednesday, as the ominous “shelf cloud” filled the sky over Sydney....(more)

Doctor Cured Her Multiple Sclerosis with Diet after Seven Years of Medication Left Her Bedridden

"I'm incredibly blessed to have had my illness. It motivated me to relearn basic science and nutrition." -Dr. Terry Wahls

MS(Iowa City, IA)—My husband and two of my children struggle with an inherited auto-immune disorder which doctors have told us puts them at high risk for other diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis. As a Christian I rebuke what I feel is a generational curse on our family, and I pray diligently for their healing and protection....(more)

"Son of God" Producer: The Truth is, Many in Hollywood Love Jesus and Many Americans Love Family-Friendly Films

"I will tell you there's a lot of Christians who love Jesus, who love God, in Hollywood. I've got news for everybody out there. Hey, the mass of Americans love family-friendly [movies and they] love God. It's one nation under God. Get over it." -Mark Burnett

Mark Burnett(Hollywood, CA)—In a recent interview with Newsmax, "Son of God" producer Mark Burnett was outspoken about a community of Christians in Hollywood and the beliefs of Americans in general....(more)

The "Jewish Obama" Visits Art Exhibit by Holocaust Survivor Sara Atzmon

Years ago, Mark Obama visited Israel. He said that visit had been important as a way to connect to his roots and honor his mother and grandmother, who had fled anti-Semitism in Lithuania.

Mark obamaThe opening of an exhibition of paintings by a famed Holocaust survivor in Hong Kong had a surprise guest of honor: US President Barack Obama's half-brother, Mark, who is Jewish. (Photo via (more)

Saved at the End of his Life, he Saw Heaven Open and 10 Million Angels

"He was seeing Heaven and it was awesome."

Mike and AndySometimes, a good man seems like the most difficult person to save. In Mike Proctor's family, his wife and children were never quite sure where he stood with the Lord, but God gave them a gift at the end of Mike's life....(more)

Silk-Based Surgical Implants Could Revolutionize the Repair of Broken Bones; Knee, Hip Replacements

The use of silk plates and screws can spare patients the complications of removal of metal devices or potential inflammatory hydrolytic products from synthetic polyesters.

Silk parts(Boston, MA)—When a person suffers a broken bone, treatment calls for the surgeon to insert screws and plates to help bond the broken sections and enable the fracture to heal. These "fixation devices" are usually made of metal alloys....(more)

Biola 'Lent Project' Layers Scripture, Art, Music to Create Meaningful Lenten Experience

"Lent can be a beautifully reflective time for us to quiet our hearts and lean in to the spectacular reality of the Cross, the Crown and the empty tomb."

Lent (La Mirada, CA)—The Christian season of Lent has been underemphasized in many evangelical circles in recent history, but there is much this liturgical period preceding Easter can offer, according to Biola University President Barry H. Corey....(more)

40 Days for Life Begins their Spring Campaign of Fasting, Prayer and Seeing God Move

"The abortion facility installed sprinklers – but not for the landscaping. The sprinklers are on the top of their privacy fence, where they're aimed right at the prayer volunteers!"

Soledad againIt's Day 1! And 40 Days for Life is already off to a big start....(more)

Thousands of Youth Showed Up in Washington to Support Israel, Hear Netanyahu Speak

Over 2,000 youth traveled from around the country to make their voices heard in support of Israel.

student(Washington, DC)—At the annual American Israel AIPAC event held on March 1 and 2 in the nation's capital, 14,000 supporters of Israel traveled to attend the conference which featured Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as keynote speaker....(more)

Hope and Dignity for India's 'Blamed and Rejected' Widows through Christian Program

"When they ask us, 'Why are you helping me?' we tell them about Jesus and His great love for widows, children and other vulnerable people. This is a surprising message for them, and they want to know more. They are very open to the Gospel." -Dr. Manasseh.

Esther and children(Swindon, England)—A church-based program is helping tens of thousands of widows in India each year to lift themselves out of poverty and isolation—the fate that awaits many Indian women who lose their husbands....(more)

Miss Pennsylvania, Conceived in Rape, Shares God's Calling on Her Life

"I knew God put me here for a purpose, and He's the reason my mother and I were saved. I want to do Him proud and my family proud." -Valerie Gatto, Miss Pennsylvania

Valerie Gatto(Pittsburgh, PA)—When the newly crowned Miss Pennsylvania, Valerie Gatto, was in third grade, she found out the difficult truth that she had been conceived when her mother was raped at knifepoint....(more)

Why Passion's Louie Giglio Believes Young People—Said to be Leaving the Church—Are Really Walking Toward Jesus

"Everywhere we go to do an event, there is an arena of some kind full of young people, full of 18-year-olds, 20-year-olds worshipping Jesus. So I think the Church is actually gaining ground with Millennials and not losing ground. I just think at this point it's just hard for us to quantify that." -Louie Giglio

Passion(Atlanta)—In a Christian Post interview, Passion founder, and pastor of Passion City Church; Louie Giglio discussed the dilemma some recent surveys have pointed out; young people leaving the familiar church settings in which they grew up, for everything outside of it....(more)

Evangelist Marilyn Hickey: Healings and Breakthrough in Indonesia, Iran

"In Indonesia, all ages respond to the Gospel. The young are getting saved and getting powerful in their witness and prayer life… [and] I believe Iran is going to have a visitation of the Holy Spirit. God is good and magnificent to open powerful doors at this time." -Marilyn Hickey

Marilyn Hickey(Indonesia)—Evangelist Marilyn Hickey returned recently from her 10th trip to Indonesia, where she ministered for three weeks, and has reported several "unusual" miracles that occurred during her meetings. (Photo: CharismaNews....(more)

Cancer Treatment Revolution: Gene Therapy Works and is Already Changing the Future

So says top medical analyst Robert Goldberg of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest.

mutation(New York, NY)—In the not too distant future, using chemotherapy to fight cancer, will be a thing of the past. So believes top medical analyst Robert Goldberg of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest. (Photo via slate....(more)

Billy Graham Team Sends Member to Encourage Ukraine's Church Leaders, Meet with Interim President Turchynov

Viktor Hamm, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association's Vice President of Crusades, knows the region well. Born inside an infamous Soviet labor camp in what is now northwest Russia, he became a Christian preacher—against all odds—and has preached the Gospel on Ukrainian street corners, military bases and in stadiums as a BGEA associate evangelist.

Kiev(Kiev, Ukraine)—Viktor Hamm arrived in Kiev, Ukraine, Monday in the midst of an escalating crisis that has grabbed the attention of the world....(more)

Christians Make History on Capitol Hill: Washington, A Man of Prayer 2014 Prayer Event

"I believe the impact of this event could be a spiritual turning point for the nation as Americans witness members of Congress reaching out to God in penitent prayers from inside the nation's Capitol." -Pastor Dan Cummins

Man of Prayer(Washington, DC)—According to its website, "Washington—A Man of Prayer commemorates the events of April 30, 1789, when, after being sworn in at Federal Hall, President Washington, accompanied by Congress, proceeded to St. Paul's Chapel where, as one of his first official acts, the president offered a prayer of dedication to God on America's behalf....(more)

Pro-life Prayer and Racing Go Together in 4,000-Mile Relay Race to Support Mobile Pregnancy Centers

"We are all in for this exciting effort that raises awareness, funds and most importantly prayers for the unborn."

LifeRunners(New York, NY)—On March 5, thousands of dedicated pro-life athletes will begin a cross-country relay race that will take over a month to complete....(more)

Ukraine's Interim President Calls for Prayer, Meanwhile Ukrainian Believers Thank Christians around the World for Interceding

"Alexander Turchinov (interim president) is a good Christian man. He belongs to one of the largest Baptist churches in Kiev. We are praying, and [we] ask you to pray with us that God will grant wisdom to our brother and to the other elected officials to head the country." - Sergei Gladishko, SGA.

Oleksandr Turchinov(Ukraine)—Ousted Ukrainian president, Victor Yanukovich has reportedly fled the country, seeking refuge in Russia, while he calls the acting president and parliament of Ukraine "unlawful....(more)

An Eye-witness Account, as Nigerian Death Toll Rises in Monday's Brutal Boko Haram Attack-Closure of All Schools Considered

"I was also counting myself among the dead because some attackers came from behind, and I heard them passing very close to where I was hiding. But God saved my life." –A student who escaped the attack

boko haram terrorEarlier this week, BCN reported on the horrendous slaughter of students in Nigeria on Monday, from which the death toll has risen to at least 59....(more)

Actress Patricia Heaton: More Christians in Tinseltown than We Think

"It's unusual that really two shows I have been on have had that in common, 'Raymond' and 'The Middle'—both families were churchgoers, and they never made a big deal about it. It was just part of the fabric of their lives which is true for many, many families in the United States, but it is never portrayed."

Dan Wooding and Bob Yerkes (Hollywood, CA)—Emmy Award-winning actress, and outspoken Christian, Patricia Heaton spoke with The Blaze recently, about being a Believer amongst the Hollywood community, and the fact that she is not alone there, in her faith....(more)

Netanyahu Promises Not to Change Temple Mount Status Quo

The promise came a day after Israel's Knesset held its first ever debate on extending Jewish sovereignty over Judaism's holiest site.

temple mount(Israel)—Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday vowed that his government would not alter the status quo regarding the Temple Mount, a day after Israel's Knesset held its first ever debate on extending Jewish sovereignty over Judaism's holiest site. (Photo via (more)

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