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VIDEO: Need Help Carrying in the Groceries? Just Call "Millie"

Need Help Carrying in the Groceries? Just Call "Millie"......(more)

ISIS Planting Sleeper Cells Along Syria-Israel Border

The Free Syrian Army, known as the moderate rebel group opposing Syrian President Bashar Assad, have fought alongside ISIS in several intense battles over control of Syria.

New information about ISIS activity concerning Israel was revealed on Sunday. According to a report in the Times of Israel, the terror group has been secretly operating sleeper cells in southern Syria in close proximity to the border with Israel. (Photo via (more)

"If You Don't Like Me, I Won't Be Here Forever," British PM's Appeal for Scots to Remain with the United Kingdom

On Tuesday morning, polls showed an edge for the "Yes" votes for Scotland's independence (54%).

(United Kingdom)—A Telegraph UK report said that British Prime Minister David Cameron was "close to tears" as he "begged" the people of Scotland not to separate from the United Kingdom in the upcoming referendum....(more)

NASA Unveils Most Powerful Rocket in the World; A "Game-Changer" for Deep Space Exploration

"This rocket is a game changer in terms of deep space exploration and will launch NASA astronauts to investigate asteroids and explore the surface of Mars while opening new possibilities for science missions, as well.” -Charles Bolden

(New Orleans, LA)—The largest spacecraft welding tool in the world, the Vertical Assembly Center officially is open for business at NASA's Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans. The 170-foot-tall, 78-foot-wide giant completes a world-class welding toolkit that will be used to build the core stage of America's next great rocket, the Space Launch System (SLS)....(more)

"Duck Dynasty's" Sadie Robertson Garners "Amazing" Score in her "Dancing With the Stars" Debut

Sadie's new book is called, "Live Original: How the Duck Commander Teen Keeps It Real and Stays True to Her Values."

"Duck Dynasty's" Sadie Robertson had her "Dancing With the Stars" debut on Monday's start of the show's new season....(more)

VIDEO: A Woman from Manhattan Visiting Boston for a Day Goes for Her Morning Jog... and Ends Up a Hero!

A Woman from Manhattan Visiting Boston for a Day Goes for Her Morning Jog... and Ends Up a Hero......(more)

Stunning! "Vicar of Baghdad" Canon Andrew White Actually Insists "God's Glory has Never Left Us" in Iraq

"I do pray each day that I may see the signs, wonders and miracles that Smith Wigglesworth saw, and by God's grace I do." -Canon Andrew White

Canon Andrew White(Baghdad, Iraq)—In Iraq, the huge crisis for the Christian community continues. The enormity of it is just beginning to sink in, says one Anglican vicar who lives and works in the region....(more)

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Ebola Crisis a "National Security Priority," Obama Sends US Troops, Funds to West Africa

"We're going to have to get U.S. military assets just to set up, for example isolation units and equipment there, to provide security for public health workers surging from around the world." –President Obama

Thousands of American military personnel are headed to West Africa as the US ramps up its response to the Ebola crisis....(more)

Discovered in Jerusalem: Just Look At This Rare Treasure Trove of Ancient Gold

"A young British volunteer from London was brushing a shelf in the wall and suddenly, like a casino, golden coins started falling down—264 coins, the largest golden treasure found in Jerusalem."

artifacts(Jerusalem, Israel)—The city of Jerusalem is often called the city of gold. Now a new exhibit shows that gold often played a big part in the city's history....(more)

"GET OUT!" BCN Founder Says Regarding Cycle Of Domestic Violence And Abuse

"Too many well-meaning counselors, friends and relatives have counseled Christian woman to just work it out. And in many of these cases, this 'working it out' has taken years and years and still there is no change in the violence."

It's BIG in the news the last few days… Wife abuse (or abuse of women in general) is front and center on all news broadcasts....(more)

She Escaped! 14-Year Old Girl Gets Away from ISIS Commander Who Received Her "As a Gift!"

"Suddenly several vehicles drew up and we found ourselves surrounded by militants wearing Islamic State uniforms. Several people screamed in horror; we were scared for our lives. I've never felt so helpless in my 14 years. They had blocked our path to safety, and there was nothing we could do." -Narin, a child-bride given as a "trophy" to ISIS commander

(Iraq)—At only 14 she was captured from her dusty village on the western Ninevah plains by ISIS fighters, then given as a bride—a trophy of war—to one of their 50-year-old commanders. By God's grace, she was able to escape one Friday evening, while he bowed before Allah in the mosque....(more)

What are Gripping Eye-Witness Reports Saying about the Fate of Christians Inside Iraq?

"Caught up in a sea of bodies, [the pastor's] face was shining with a tangible sense of the presence of Jesus. Those I've worked with, who walk most closely to situations of despair, who minister to the needs of the most desperate, are sometimes marked by this joy. Not bleakness or a sense of world-weariness, but a sense of God's presence that is unstained by the vileness of this life that washes over them in their daily encounters." -Disaster Response Specialist in Iraq

Refugees(Iraq)—A disaster response specialist with Operation Mobilization recently led a week-long assessment of the current crisis in northern Iraq....(more)

Prime Minister Netanyahu on 9/11 and War Against ISIS: "I Have a Word for the American People"

The War on Terror requires "clarity and courage—clarity to understand they're wrong, we're right; they're evil, we're good. No moral relativism there at all. These people who lop off heads, trample human rights into the dust—are evil and they have to be resisted. Evil has to be resisted... all you have to imagine is what would have happened if on 9/11 al-Qaeda had nuclear weapons. You know they would have used them against New York and against Washington." –Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

PM Netanyahu(Israel)—On September 11, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (more)

Maine Governor Shocks Media With Sickening Story Explaining Why He's Against Abortion and Domestic Abuse

In 2012, Governor LePage flexed his pro-life muscles by signing a budget defunding a Planned Parenthood affiliate, and recently he opposed an effort by state health officials to enforce a "Do Not Resuscitate" order against a one-year-old girl against her family's wishes.

Maine Governor(Augusta, ME)—Gov. Paul LePage of Maine has a deep-seated, personal opposition to domestic violence and abortion. For the first time, he has revealed the dark, painful story that helped cement those convictions. (Photo via (more)

What did President Obama Just Promise to do for Middle East Christians?

For the first time in history, five Christian Patriarchs representing Catholic and Orthodox communities in the Middle East, visited the White House to discuss the protection of Christians from Islamic terrorists.

(Washington, DC)—President Barack Obama pledged to help protect Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East....(more)

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