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"Life-Changing Day" for Migraine Sufferers as FDA Approves First-Ever Drug to Prevent Chronic Headaches

It's a once-a-month injection, effective for people who suffer from migraines at least four days a month.

airlift(Washington, DC)—[] The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved Aimovig for the preventive treatment of migraine in adults. The treatment is given by once-monthly self-injections. Aimovig is the first FDA-approved preventive migraine treatment in a new class of drugs that work by blocking the activity of calcitonin gene-related peptide, a molecule that is involved in migraine attacks....


As Lava Overtakes Hawaii's Big Island, Residents Cling to Psalm 129

"God says that people will see Him in the creation, and if we don't praise Him that the rocks will cry out. I believe His creation is still speaking to people—that He is God, and who He is, and that's Jesus. And people need to know that, so that's what drives me." -Pam Rhodes

[] Crisis-trained Billy Graham Rapid Response Team chaplains are on Hawaii's Big Island to offer emotional and spiritual care to residents who have been displaced by eruptions from the Kilauea volcano....


Video: President Trump Lifts Santa Fe High School Shooting Victims Up to the Lord

"This has been going on too long in our country ... Everyone must work together, at every level of government to keep our children safe ... May God be with the victims, and with the victims' families..." -President Donald Trump

[] President Donald Trump lifted the Santa Fe High School students up to the Lord in his address after the shooting....


Dutch Christians Present Huge "Happy Birthday, Israel" Cake at Hague Parliament

"This was our way of saying we will always stand by Israel, even in these times when there is so much hatred and enmity against her. The Dutch Parliament is voting so often against Israel. This was an opportunity to show the Dutch politicians, the world, and Israel that so many of the citizens of the Netherlands still stand with Israel." -Karl van Essen

(The Hague)— [Breakingisraelnews....


Former Gays Join in Spiritual Fight to Help Put Down Toxic California Bill: "Jesus Died for Those Who are in Pain"

"We couldn't sit by and watch life and freedom and joy being taken away from a very important people group in society. Jesus died for everybody and He certainly died for those who are in pain." -Ken Williams

(Redding, CA)— []Churches and ministries across California are rising up to fight a state bill that would limit how they minister to people who are struggling with same-sex attraction....


President Trump's Proposal Targets Planned Parenthood: Protects the Unborn

It does not cut funding or family planning services but makes clear that abortion is not considered family planning.

(Washington, DC)—[CBN News] President Donald Trump will announce a proposal Friday aimed at protecting life in the Title X Family Planning Grant Program....


President Trump Scheduled to Be Keynote Speaker at This Major Pro-life Group's Event

"Unborn children, their mothers, and pro-life taxpayers could not have a stronger ally in the White House than President Trump, and we look forward to the many victories we can achieve together." -SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser

[] President Donald Trump will be the keynote speaker at the Susan B. Anthony List's Campaign for Life Gala on May 22....


Families of Copts Beheaded by ISIS in 2015 are United with Remains of Their Loved Ones

"None of us could imagine that their bodies would come one day; we had lost the hope of their return. But God is good, and we thank Him so much for their return. It is a great blessing for all of us."

(Egypt)— [] After a three-year wait and a number of broken promises, the Egyptian Coptic families of 20 men beheaded by IS in Libya in 2015 have finally received their loved ones' remains....


What This Catholic Marriage Counselor with a Stellar Record Wouldn't Do that Caused Her Employer to Fire Her

"Despite what many would have us believe, discrimination against Christians is a civil rights violation that will subject employers to legal liability." -Thomas More attorney Tyler Brooks

[Reprinted with permission from] A Catholic social worker says she was fired after she refused to compromise her religious beliefs regarding marriage....


Missouri Senate's Courageous Declaration about Pornography

"Pornography has become the cancer that nobody wishes to speak about. Almost everyone has been personally impacted by porn or knows someone who has... SCR 52 breaks the silence in Missouri by declaring to the world that pornography is a public health crisis." -Uriah Stark of National Decency Coalition

(Jefferson City, MO)—[] This week the Missouri State Senate passed Senate Concurring Resolution No....


Hamas Official Admits That Most of Those Killed in Gaza Protests Were Members of Terrorist Group

"This proves what so many have tried to ignore: Hamas is behind these riots, and the branding of the riots as 'peaceful protests' could not be further from the truth." -Israel Defense Forces' spokesperson Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus

(Israel)—[] A Hamas official admitted in an interview that 50 of some 62 Palestinians killed in clashes with Israeli security forces along the Gaza border were members of the Palestinian terrorist group....


Hawaii: Kilauea Volcano's 'Explosive' Eruption Sends Ash 30,000 Feet into the Air

[] An "explosive" eruption from Hawaii's Kilauea summit sent a plume of ash soaring 30,000 feet into the air Thursday morning that threatened to cover parts of the Big Island, as residents nearby are being urged to shelter in place... Click here to read and watch the video report....


Dr. Corinne: Sweet, Sweet Sleep, How to Achieve It: Part 1

This sense of needing to be aware of every little element of our lives (and more importantly, the need to be IN CONTROL of it) is what keeps our minds so active—not only at night time—but in the daytime, too. I am guilty of this, myself. Reminding myself to BE STILL and Know that God is in Control helps me to let go.

Being a mom, I've had my share of nights when I didn't sleep. Taking care of little ones can wear a person out, but somehow, I survived. Finally, when my kids got a little older I was able to enjoy sleep again. I am also a dreamer and often wake up with vivid dreams....


"Astonishing" Stats: American Muslims Are Losing Their Faith Faster Than Christians

"Americans are un-mosquing at an even faster rate than they are un-churching." -Michael David

(Washington, DC)—[] Many in the media, theologians and pollsters seem to be in a consensus that data shows American Christianity is in a steep decline. A series of polls from the last few years have revealed that the Church is hemorrhaging members at an alarming rate—particularly millennials....


Just Incredible How God Showed Up! Video Shows Hero Deputy Miraculously Saving Woman's 3-Month-Old Son

"God put me in the right place at the right time for the right reason. And obviously the proof of that is sitting in momma's lap today. I was just glad I was able to be there and be there for Nechole and Kingston." -Jeremie Nix

(Ocala, FL)—[] Incredible video footage has emerged of a Sheriff's deputy saving the life of a young child after he suddenly stopped breathing while in the back of his mother's car. (Image: YouTube/Marion Co. Sheriff's Office/via Faithwire....


Christian "March of Nations" Fills Jerusalem with Love and Prayer as the "Real Victory Over Nazism"

Outpourings of love for Israel always contain a moving spiritual element, but this gathering had an additional element.

(Israel)— [] On Tuesday, the three-day March of Nations conference culminated in a parade of over 3,000 Christians from approximately 40 countries who filled the streets of Jerusalem and displayed their love of God and the Land of Israel on the Jewish state's 70th anniversary....


Tony Perkins Appointed to US Commission on International Religious Freedom

"If it wasn't for God, Tony, and those working for religious freedom, I wouldn't be free today. I am excited that Tony will be serving in this new role." -Meriam Ibrahim

(Washington, DC)—[CBN News] Family Research Council (FRC) President Tony Perkins is the newest member of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF)....


Judge Rules California's Assisted Suicide Law is Unconstitutional

Although it's a huge victory, please pray, as it is anticipated that California's Attorney General, Xavier Becerra, will appeal the ruling.

(Napa, CA)—[Life Legal Defense Foundation] A California judge overturned the state's assisted suicide law this morning, ruling that the legislature acted outside the scope of its authority when it enacted the End of Life Option Act....


Ted Cruz Says Facebook "Muzzling" Is a "Real and Present Danger to Democracy": Calls on Congress to Solve Problem

He also offered a possible solution to the problem.

airlift(Washington, DC)—[] Sen. Ted Cruz, R-TX, warned Sunday that the United States' leading tech companies have become a "real and present danger to our democratic system" through their ability and willingness to censor conservative speech, but he also offered a possible solution to the problem. (Photo: Sen....


Justin Bieber's Mom Recalls Prophecies Over Her Son at Toronto's "Light the Fire" Gathering

"I believe young guys like Justin Bieber are going to bring this generation back to God like never before ... I think the Church missed it with Elvis. He loved Jesus, but the pressures of the music industry are formidable. We need to get behind these guys, even when they make mistakes, we must welcome them back with open arms." -John Arnott

(Canada)— [] The 2018 (more)

Judge Jeanine Pirro: Trump Fulfills a 'Biblical Prophecy' by Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem

"Trump has reassured the world that his word is worth more than former U.S. presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Obama, all of whom made the promise to move the American embassy to Jerusalem. His word is worth more than any treaty and stronger than any UN resolution. He promised and he delivered." -Judge Jeanine Pirro

[CBN News] Fox News Host Judge Jeanine Pirro says Monday's opening of the new US Embassy in Jerusalem is tinged with Biblical significance....


University of Minnesota Cancels Plans to Hire Abortionist After Student Outcry

"The University backing down in hiring a doctor to train in the methods of abortion is a great victory for life on campus. It shows that pro-life individuals have a strong voice and will not allow our public institutions to promote the unjust act of abortion." -Nick Johnson

airlift(Minneapolis, MN)—[] The University of Minnesota, Twin Cities has reversed its plans to hire a board-certified medical doctor to learn from Planned Parenthood how to train other doctors to commit abortions....


Prayer Alert: Hawaii Volcano Escalates, Threatening to Shoot Rocks 'the Size of Trucks'

"It's not like it's a hurricane where you can say, 'Hey, in three days it'll be here' and go," one resident said. "This is almost like a slow motion train wreck."

[CBN News] The threat is mounting from a volcano on the big island of Hawaii—19 lava outbreaks, a jungle on fire, homes destroyed, evacuations, and the worst could be ahead....


First Lady Melania is in 'Good Condition' Following Medical Procedure on Her Kidney

"Our great First Lady is doing really well. Will be leaving hospital in 2 or 3 days. Thank you for so much love and support!" -Tweet from President Trump

(Washington, DC)—[CBN News] First Lady Melania Trump is in good condition after being treated for a kidney condition....


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He's a Major-League Pitcher—and a Plumber—Whose Faith Helps Keep Him Focused

Fulmer said his goal—win or lose—is "to preach the Lord's name."

[] It's not hard to stay humble when you're unclogging a toilet....


"Praise God Almighty, for Never Leaving or Forsaking Us!": Teacher Donates Kidney to Student She's Never Met

"I simply wanted to thank an amazing woman for a selfless act of love and kindness." -Alana Brown

(Reynoldsburg, OH)—[CBN News] Ten-year-old Eva Brown of Reynoldsburg, Ohio was in dire need of a kidney when a teacher she never met stepped in....


'Unbelievable Pain': Pastor Responds Live From Santa Fe Shooting Site

"We should be moved to pray absolutely for the families of the victims, and we should be moved to pray for our nation as a whole ... When we walk away from God and we turn away God's standards, and we deny the reality and the necessity to talk in terms of Biblical matters, of sin and righteousness and good and evil ... But on the other side, there is hope and healing of people's hearts and their lives and actions and attitude, that only comes through Jesus Christ, who alone can heal broken lives and broken hearts. Until we start talking in those terms, these things will continue..." -Sam Rohrer, president of the American Pastors' Network


White House Faith Leadership Council Celebrates Embassy Move to Jerusalem: "It's a New Day and We Give Glory to God"

"Things have changed in the White House. Things have changed in America. It is a new day, and we give glory to God." -Pastor Mario Bramnick

(Israel)—[] The move of the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was a victory not just for Israel or the Jewish people, but for the large faith-based evangelical community in the United States that represents the largest voting bloc in support of U.S. President Donald Trump....


World Health Organization Holds Emergency Meeting as Deadly Ebola Reemerges and Threatens to Explode in the Congo

"This is a major, major game changer in the outbreak." -Dr. Peter Salama

airlift(Congo)—[CBN News] World health officials are today revising risk assessments after another case of Ebola was detected in Congo, this time in a bustling city potentially putting millions of people in danger of contracting the deadly virus....


Prayer Alert: At Least 8 Dead in High School Shooting in Santa Fe, Texas

"Unfortunately I have to begin by expressing our sadness and heartbreak over the deadly shooting in Texas ... We grieve for terrible loss of life at Santa Fe High School ... We send prayers and support for everyone affected in the horrific attack..." -President Donald Trump

[CBN News] UPDATE: Authorities in Texas are confirming at least 8-10 people are dead after a shooting at Santa Fe High School early Friday morning. And explosive devices have now been found at the school and nearby....


This Adorable Friendship Between a Little Boy and His Garbage Man Will Simply Melt Your Heart!

"We are SOBBING! How beautiful is this video?! "They're just friends, you know. They just know love and they know kindness. That's the great thing about this." -WBRC Fox6 News Reader Comment

airlift(Clinton, MS)—[] Tuesdays are not just any old day of the week for 3-year-old Kyler in Clinton Mississippi....


This WWII Vet Turns 100 on June 6th; He's Hoping for 100 Cards from across America for His Birthday

[] Ike, born in Texas in 1918, served in World War II from 1944 to 1946. His service took him to countries such as Germany and Norway. He nearly saw combat duty on D-Day on June 6, 1944, which also happened to be his 26th birthday. But he was pulled off a boat heading to the Normandy shore at the last minute ... Send Ike a birthday card at: Ike Fabela, C/O Nick Rodgers, PO Box 3112 Montrose, MI 48457. Continue reading his story here....


"Guatemalans Have Put Themselves on a Path Toward Blessing": In Jerusalem, Michele Bachmann Extols the Future of Israel and Her Allies

"I think that is where Israel is going to go—from strength to strength. Israel's purpose Biblically is to be a blessing for all nations. Nations can be enriched because of things Israel is doing. Things that emanate here, nowhere else, now will benefit the rest of the world." -Michele Bachmann

(Israel)—[] Throughout her years as a House representative for the state of Minnesota, conservative firebrand Michele Bachmann was never ashamed of mixing faith and politics. (Photo: Former Rep....


'Make Campus Great Again' Speaker: More and More Liberal Students Showing Up to Hear Conservative Views

[Fox News Insider] In a new op-ed, Lauren Cooley, Red Alert Politics editor for the Washington Examiner, said that leftist students don't often encounter varying viewpoints on campus and they are "starving for diverse ideas"... Click here to read and watch the video report....


Iowa's Attorney General Refuses to Defend Heartbeat Abortion Ban

But the announcement will not leave the heartbeat law defenseless.

airlift(Des Moines, IA)—[] The Democratic attorney general of Iowa is refusing to defend the state's new ban on aborting babies with detectable heartbeats, citing his personal opposition to the duly-enacted law....


Nikki Haley Walks Out of UN as Palestinian Envoy Starts Speaking

[] U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley made quite the statement on the Middle East at Tuesday's Security Council meeting—and it had nothing to do with her speech... Click here to read. (Photo: Nikki Haley leaving UN Security Council meeting/TownHall....


Watch the Stunning Moment 70 Indiana Cops Escort Little Boy to School After His Dad was Killed in the Line of Duty

"Our hope is that Dakota's first day back to school after his father's passing is one that he will remember forever and that he will always know how much his father's sacrifice meant to all of us." -Sullivan Elementary Principal Samantha Phegley

(Terre Haute, IN)—[] Footage has emerged of a young boy being escorted to school by some 70 Indiana police officers after his father was killed in the line of duty. Five-year-old Dakota Pitts headed back to school for the first time on Monday—but he wasn't to go it alone....


Photos that Speak Louder than Words: President Trump Honors Fallen NYPD Officer, While Holding Her Elderly Mother's Hand in Touching Tribute

These photos reveal the great heart President Trump has for America's police force and their families.

(Washington, DC)[] President Trump spoke at the National Peace Officers' Memorial Service this past Tuesday in Washington, DC, giving mention to heroes who had given their lives in the line of duty. (Screengrab via WhiteHouse....


Tim Allen Reveals Where 'Last Man Standing' Will Pick Up; 'Surprises' Coming

"When I heard the offer to create more episodes of 'Last Man Standing,' I did a fist pump so hard I threw my back out. It's the fans! I could not be more grateful for the fans who wrote petitions and kept up the passion and incredible support for the show." -Tim Allen

airlift[] ...Because of both its extreme popularity and conservative values, mixed with the fact that it was a sudden cancellation, many fans believed that ['Last Man Standing'] ended because of politics....


What Symbolism! Biblically-Based "David and Goliath" Winery Created a Special Blend of Wine for Historic US Embassy Move in Jerusalem

"We decided to have a special wine at the event because in Judaism, wine is what elevates. We use wine to sanctify the Shabbat, the holidays, and all Jewish lifecycle events whether under the chuppah (wedding canopy) or circumcision." -Rabbi Avi Berman

(Israel)— [] On the morning of the U.S. embassy opening in Jerusalem, U.S. and Israeli Leaders made their first public statements at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel over breakfast and a wine tasting of the new red wine, blended specially for the occasion....


College Student Wins Right to Talk about Jesus and the Bible in Graduation Speech

"We applaud the university for quickly recognizing that the First Amendment protects a graduating student's right to mention her faith in her own speech and has never required universities to purge ceremonies of all things religious..." -ADF lawyer Travis Barham

[] A Colorado Mesa University student has succeeded in her fight to be allowed to mention Jesus and the Bible in her graduation speech....


Nikki Haley Doubles Down at UN on Hamas' Responsibility for Gaza Deaths

"Who among us would accept this type of activity on your border? No one would. No country in this chamber would act with more restraint than Israel has." -Nikki Haley

airlift(New York, NY)—[CBN News] President Trump's UN Ambassador Nikki Haley is doubling down that Hamas, not Israel, is to blame for the violence along the Gaza border that left more than 50 Palestinians dead and 1200 injured by Israeli gunfire....


Planned Parenthood Sues Iowa for Banning Abortions of Babies With Beating Hearts

"We're not slowing down, we're not going to stop. We know that our work is not done, that we must continue to work together to change the hearts and minds. As governor, I pledge to you to do everything in my power to protect life." Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds

(Des Moines, IA)—[] Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) are suing Iowa over its law prohibiting abortions on most babies with detectable heartbeats, which is slated to go into effect on July 1....


Did This Man's Security Cameras Capture Footage of an Angel? You Decide...

"'That's an angel.' There wasn't any doubt in my mind that we were looking at something supernatural." -Pastor Deneille Moes

[] A Michigan man says his security cameras picked up footage of an angel with a sword recently....


Netanyahu's Cabinet Approves Huge New Projects for Jerusalem to "Reveal its Past and Build its Future"

We dreamed of returning to rebuild it, the city that is joined together—this is exactly what we are doing today." -Benjamin Netanyahu

(Jerusalem, Israel)—[] A series of new programs aimed at "deepening sovereignty" in eastern Jerusalem and investing in all sectors of the city were passed on Sunday at a festive "Jerusalem Day" cabinet meeting held at the Bible Lands Museum....


Doctors Recommended That She Abort Her 'Miracle Baby,' But He Grew Up to Become Her Kidney Transplant Savior

"The miracle of this whole thing is, I had a high-risk pregnancy, and they told me to get rid of Miles. If I had gotten rid of my son as a baby, I wouldn't have this kidney." -Evelyn Bowens

[] A New York mother who was encouraged by doctors to abort her baby 30 years ago has now received a life-saving kidney from the very son who may not exist today had she listened to the medical advice....


Joel Osteen Gets Emotional When John Gray Announces His Move

It was quite the heart-to-heart as the video reveals.

(Houston, TX)—[] John Gray is now the senior pastor of Relentless Church, previously called Redemption Church, in South Carolina. But before he took over the campus previously pastored by Ron Carpenter, Gray was on staff at Lakewood Church with Joel Osteen....


Chattanooga: A City Abortion-Free for 25 Years and Proud of It

"The closing of our last abortion clinic was an act of God." -Dr. Dennis Bizzoco.

(Chattanooga, TN)— [] Twenty-five years ago, Chattanooga was embroiled in a heated debate over abortion. Today, all is quiet. Both abortion clinics are closed. Six area hospitals stopped doing abortions and Planned Parenthood left town. Not one doctor in town will admit to doing elective pregnancy terminations....


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