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US House Speaker Boehner: "There's nobody in the world who can talk about the threat of radical terrorism… but Bibi Netanyahu"

"The agreement now being forged between the major powers and Iran is unacceptable to Israel," -Netanyahu

(Washington, DC)—Despite the criticism he has received, U.S. House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner does not regret the decision he made to invite Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress in early March....(more)

Tough Winter Conditions in the Middle East for Refugees who Fled ISIS; What Christian Leaders are Asking the International Community to Do

...The goal of the Christian community is to ensure that Christians living in the Middle East "can stay in their respective countries and preserve their Christian tradition and mission."

Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant leaders recently met in Bkerke, Lebanon to call for international support for Christian refugees in Iraq and Syria and urge the Middle Eastern countries to stop funding terrorists, who have displaced over 90% of the region's Believers. (Photo via (more)

Mitt Romney Announces He Will Not Run for President in 2016

"I've decided it's best to give other leaders in the party the opportunity to become our next nominee."

airliftAccording to reports, former Governor of Massachusetts and presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney announced on Friday morning, that he will not run for president in 2016....(more)

This Mom Wouldn't Quit Trying to Find Her Trafficked Daughter; But What She Accomplished Left the Police Amazed

"Had it not been for that mother's involvement, we certainly wouldn't have been aware of [the trafficking ring] as quickly as we were, and may not have been aware of it at all." -Pierce Co. Sherriff

(Washington)—Never underestimate the life-changing power of a mother's bond with her child....(more)

Will the Alabama Supreme Court Justice Be Able to Uphold Traditional Marriage After All?

"The people of Alabama voted in a constitutional amendment to define marriage as being between man and woman." -Gov. Bentley

(Alabama)—[CBN News] Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore said he plans to uphold the state's current law that limits marriage to heterosexual couples only. (Photo via AL....(more)

American Pastor Saeed Writes Letter Thanking President Obama for "Standing Up" for the "Persecuted"

During his weekly visitation yesterday, Pastor Saeed was allowed to talk and pray with a family member from Iran for about 20 minutes in the Iranian prison.

American Pastor Saeed Abedini has written a letter from his Iranian jail cell to President Obama thanking him for meeting with his wife and kids. (Photo via ACLJ....(more)

Prayer Alert: Bizarre Truck Accident Causes Huge Gas Explosion At a Maternity and Children’s Hospital in Mexico City; Casualty Reports Just Coming In…

The Red Cross reported that it provided 23 ambulances and more than 40 rescuers to the efforts. The agency said it transported nine babies to area hospitals.

airlift(Mexico City, Mexico)—According to a CNN report, Thursday morning, nearly 40 have been injured and 7 people killed (four of them children) in an enormous natural gas explosion outside a Mexico City Children's hospital....(more)

VIDEO: How Does This Cute 4-year Old Little Girl Save Her Mother’s Life?

How Does This Cute 4-year Old Little Girl Save Her Mother’s Life?......(more)

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Franklin Graham on Why He is Speaking Out against Secularism When His Father, Billy, Did Not Address It

"I gave my life to Christ. He died for me; He shed His Blood for me. I'm not going to back up, and I'm not going to run." -Franklin Graham

Times have changed. And no politician or political party can save us. (Photo via BillyGraham....(more)

What this Man Created Helped Revolutionize "Everything from Medicine to Manufacturing"

"My own view is that, while science and religion may seem different, they have many similarities and should interact and enlighten each other." -Charles Townes

(Oakland, CA)—[CBN News] Charles Townes, the co-creator of the laser and a Nobel Prize winner, died Tuesday in Oakland, California. He was 99 years old....(more)

Vaccines Brought Control Over This Disease Back in the '60's, So Why Is It Making A Comeback Now?

While most can recover, it can be deadly and sometimes cause brain damage and pneumonia.

[CBN News] Fifteen years after a vaccine helped eradicate measles in the United States, the disease is making a comeback....(more)

In America's Heartland, Three Federal Appeals Courts to Rule Soon on Significant Abortion Cases

Clearly the issue of life is being openly deliberated in the public square.

Over the past seven weeks, three separate federal appeals courts have heard important cases related to abortion policy in America—all with far-reaching implications for pre-born lives. (Photo: (more)

Seahawks' Marshawn Lynch Wouldn't Talk to Reporters, but What This Seattle Player Shares Will Blow You Away

"Our hope isn't in this world, as Believers, it's in the eternity. To be absent of body is to be present with the Lord, so they are dying for something that is real and will last forever." -Russell Okung, Seahawks Left Tackle

(Arizona)—Prior to Sunday's big game, some of the Seattle Seahawks football team members have been granting interviews to the press. (Photo via Breitbart....(more)

Is He Still Alive? ISIS Releases New Audio Tape of Japanese Hostage and What He Says Gives His Family Some Hope He Won't Be Beheaded remains unclear whether or not ISIS would exchange both Goto and al-Kasaseabeh as part of the deal in swapping al-Rishawi.

A man walks past screens displaying a television news programme showing an image of Kenji Goto, one of two Japanese citizens taken captive by Islamic State militants, on a street in Tokyo Jan. 25, 2015....(more)

What in the World is Duck Dynasty's Miss Kay Robertson Involving Herself with Prostitution for?

While some might think that women who prostitute themselves do so voluntarily, most prostitutes have been drugged and coerced into selling themselves to willing clientele.

"Duck Dynasty" star Kay Robertson is scheduled to participate in a fundraiser for Restored Hope Ministries (RHM), a faith-based organization which aids women and children who have been prostituted and abused. Mrs. Robertson—whose testimony is one of heartbreak and of restoration in Christ as well—will speak at their "Overcoming Life" luncheon fundraiser on February 20 in Dallas, Texas....(more)

Two IDF Soldiers Killed after Hezbollah Attack across Border in Golan Heights; Here's How Israel Responded...

"To all those who try to challenge us on the north, I suggest you look at what happened in the Gaza Strip." -Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

airlift(Israel)—Israeli artillery [is] on high alert after they responded to several rockets hitting the Mount Hermon Resort, in the Golan Heights, northern Israel, January 27, 2105. At least two rockets hit the Israeli Golan Heights earlier today....(more)

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Are You Praying for Our Government Leaders?
Are You Praying for Our Government Leaders?
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