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Could the "Pokemon Go" Craze Actually Help Syrian Child Victims of War?

Syrian activists are posting photographs of children posing with drawings of Pokemon characters on social media to draw the world's attention to their plight as the... Click here to read....(more)

Tim LaHaye, Author of "Left Behind" Series, Passes Away at Age 90

"Thrilled as I am that he is where he has always wanted to be, his departure leaves a void in my soul I don't expect to fill until I see him again." -Jerry B. Jenkins, co-writer of "Left Behind"

(San Diego, CA)—[Christian Headlines] Tim LaHaye, the co-author of the popular "Left Behind" series, passed away this morning after suffering a stroke....(more)

Showdown in North Carolina: State Leaders Won't be Bullied by NBA Threats

"What is happening in North Carolina is bigger than a basketball game. Lt. Governor Dan Forest was right when he said, 'A sovereign state is being blackmailed by a private business, the NBA, who is being threatened by a national LGBT lobbying effort, all to force North Carolina to open female restrooms, showers and locker rooms up to men. North Carolina will never value a dollar over a woman's or child's safety and security.'" -Jim Quick, North Carolina Value Coalition

(New York, NY)—[(more)

"Definitely Not Terrorism": Police on Latest Deadly Florida Nightclub's Teen Party Shooting

Two were killed and 17 were wounded in the glow Party-turned nightmare.

(Southwest Florida)—[Christian Headlines] A shooting at a Florida nightclub where teens were attending a party has resulted in two deaths and as many as 17 people being injured....(more)

Email Scandal Spoils Party, DNC Head Stepping Down

"I am not an atheist. But aside from all of that, it is an outrage and sad that you would have people in important positions in the DNC trying to undermine my campaign." -Bernie Sanders

airlift(Philadelphia, PA)—[CBN News] The Democratic convention in Philadelphia was supposed to be a coronation for Hillary Clinton as the first woman ever nominated for president by a major party. Instead, the Democrats are embroiled in controversy over e-mails and the head of the DNC is resigning....(more)

A Big Win against Birth Control Mandate

Still a long way to go to protect religious freedom, but this new ruling will set a precedent in courts.

(Washington, DC)—[CBN News] A federal judge ruled Thursday that forcing insurers to include birth control coverage despite their conflicting religious convictions is unconstitutional....(more)

If the "Black Lives Matter" Movement is Truly Concerned with Black Lives, Why Does This Keep Happening?

"More than half of those 20.4 million innocent Black babies killed by abortion would be of voting age today..."

[Charisma News] In the past year, 136 young black men have been killed in confrontations with police. However, the hypocrisy of the left is revealed in that they ignore the continuing slaughter of innocent black babies....(more)

Olympian Shawn Johnson Shares How "Failure" Led Her to Christ

Failure. That's how a lot of the world saw Shawn Johnson in 2008. She was supposed to be the next great American... click here to watch the I am Second interview with Olympian Shawn Johnson....(more)

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Actor James Caan in Israel: Says He Wants to be Drafted into the Israeli Army

"I'm waiting for my mandatory draft paper for the IDF—I'm willing to fight for this country. Whenever this country suffers, I suffer with it." -James Caan

(Israel)—[] Hollywood actor James Caan—best known for his role in The Godfather as hot-tempered Sonny Corleone—is in Israel on a five-day visit....(more)

Israel Sending Biggest Olympic Team Ever, Including Granddaughter of a Holocaust Survivor, to 2016 Olympic Games

Team Israel will consist of 47 athletes and will compete in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil against athletes from around the world in 16 sports.

airlift[United With Israel] Israel will send its biggest delegation ever to compete this summer in the 2016 Olympic Games, according to the Business Standard....(more)

"God Put Me in the Right Place" to Stop Sexual Assault Says University of Florida Football Player

Several reports have Cristian Garcia crediting Gator's head coach Jim McElwain for teaching his players the value of "doing what is right."

(Gainesville, FL)—[Christian Headlines] A linebacker for the University of Florida stated that "God put me in the right place at the right time" to prevent a sexual assault....(more)

For These Olympic Athletes Headed to Rio, their "Identity is Rooted in Christ"

Competing in the 2016 Olympics in Rio will be a dream-come-true for the many athletes, but especially for American diver, Steel Johnson, because his teammate is Olympian and fellow Christian Believer, David Boudia... Click here to read....(more)

Prayer: SoCal Firefighters Battle 'Almost Unprecedented' 51-Square-Mile Wildfire

(Santa Clarita)—Thousands of residents remained out of their homes Monday morning as the 51-square-mile Sand Fire continued to burn in Southern California's... Click here to read....(more)

China: Churches Banned from Worship during 2-Day Global Economy Summit

"But the Bible teaches that we can't stop meeting."

(China)—[Christian Headlines] Churches in China are banned from creating "safe environments" for world leaders attending the G20 summit in September....(more)

Battleground Vermont: Healthcare Workers Fight to Protect "Conscience Rights" in Assisted Suicide Push

"These doctors and other healthcare workers deeply believe that suffering patients need understanding and sound medical treatment, not encouragement to kill themselves. The state has no authority to order them to act contrary to that sincere and time-honored conviction." — Steven Aden

(Burlington, VT) – [LifeSiteNews] Vermont healthcare professionals are suing to be able to abide by the medical profession's ancient creed, "I will do no harm." (Photo Credit: Shutterstock....(more)

Israel: Flag Burners Now Face Up to 3 Years in Jail and Denial of State Benefits

"I presented this bill following the incitement and riots we have been seeing in Arab towns in Israel... It is time to impose a harsher sentence and a hefty fine to end this disgraceful phenomenon." — Nava Boker

(Israel) — [JNS News] The Israeli Knesset on Monday passed an amendment to Israel’s Flag and Emblem Law that makes burning the Israeli flag a criminal offense punishable by a roughly $15,000 fine or up to three years in jail. (Photo Credit: Gedalya AKA David Gott via Wikimedia Commons....(more)

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