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Doctor Warns Test for Ebola Has One Fatal Flaw...

Dr. Khardouri says the best hope for containing the spread of Ebola is the vaccine currently being developed, which could be given on a mass scale as early as six months from now.

[CBN News]—Dr. Nancy Khardouri has been studying and treating infectious diseases for the past 30 years. She says the test is one of the main concerns with the Ebola virus. (Photo via (more)

Vicar of Baghdad: Iraq "a Million Times Worse" Since Americans Left in 2011

"It's really, really terrible, but (God's) glory is still there." –Canon Andrew White

airlift(Tacoma, WA)—Canon Andrew White—also known as the Vicar of Baghdad—spoke some difficult truths on the extreme hardships suffered by Iraq's minorities, during a service this past Sunday, according to a recent report by The News Tribune in Tacoma, WA....(more)

This Woman Was Told To Abort "Or You and Your Baby Will Die," See The Incredible Way She Proved Them Wrong...

"He shouldn't be here but he is, and he's a joy to look at every day."

Fifteen weeks into her third pregnancy, doctors advised the mom of baby Danny that she should abort him or they both could die, but Lisa Davison said she refused the advice based on an inner confidence that things would turn out well for both of them. (Photo via (more)

Actress Cybill Shepherd Now "Talking With Jesus," Years After Losing Touch With Church Roots

Like so many others who have taken experimental detours in their spiritual life, Cybill Shepherd seems to be hearkening to the call to "Come Home." Pray that it's so.

(Grand Rapids, MI)-64-year-old Golden-Globe actress Cybill Shepherd, who starred in movies like The Last Picture Show and Taxi Driver, and in the television series Moonlighting, was born in Memphis, Tennessee, into a Christian family....(more)

Idaho Ministers Threatened With Jail if They Don't Perform Gay Marriage

These ordained ministers have been marrying couples since 1989 in traditional marriage services without conflict until now.

(Coeur d'Alene, ID)—[CBN News] Their belief in the Biblical definition of marriage puts one Idaho couple center stage in America's culture war over same-sex marriage....(more)

My Husband Has "Seen Terrible, Terrible, Things!" Now Law Enforcement Retreat Gives Hope to Hundreds of Officers and Spouses

"My prayer is that these godly men, with their law enforcement background, would be able to speak life into my husband. And just give him hope." –Jennifer Talton

(Asheville, NC)—When Jennifer Talton's friend posted a link on her Facebook page about a retreat for law enforcement officers in the mountains of North Carolina, Jennifer was immediately intrigued. (Photo via BillyGraham....(more)

Ceasefire Agreement Reached in Nigeria, But Will Boko Haram Release Schoolgirls as Promised?

"We are monitoring the news with huge expectations." -"Bring Back Our Girls"

(Abuja, Nigeria)—The militant terrorist group Boko Haram has agreed with Nigeria's military on a ceasefire in hostilities and to free more than 200 schoolgirls they kidnapped last spring. (Photo via PRI....(more)

Spacecraft Reveals Mind-Boggling New Information about the Sun; Surprises Scientists

Solar heat bombs, tornadoes, nano flares, high speed jets, my oh my...

(Washington, DC)—NASA's Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) has provided scientists with five new findings into how the sun's atmosphere, or corona, is heated far hotter than its surface, what causes the sun's constant outflow of particles called the solar wind, and what mechanisms accelerate particles that power solar flares....(more)

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The Fervent Prayer Former Fiancée of Ebola Victim Thomas Eric Duncan Prayed for Community on Eve of Her Quarantine Release

"Our hearts also go out to the two brave women who have been infected by this terrible disease as they were trying to help him. We are also aware of how much this has affected many other people of my city, Dallas, my country, the United States of America, even as it has in the country of my birth, Liberia." -Louise Troh

(Dallas, TX)—On the eve of being released from her mandatory quarantine, Louise Troh, the former fiancée of Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan, prayed for her Texas community....(more)

History Made in Israel: Christian Child Registered as "Aramean" Rather Than "Arab"

"Finally, after 1,400 years of the Middle East being occupied and controlled by different forces, the Jews come along and recognize us, the Aramean people, who are even now being persecuted by Islamist forces (ISIS) in Iraq and elsewhere. Here, at the hands of the Jews, we receive justice." -Shadi Khalloul

(Israel)—Yaakov Khalloul, a two-year-old Christian child from the Galilee, made history on Mondaywhen he became the first person in Israel's modern history to be officially registered as an Aramean. (Photo via (more)

Singing Nun Who Won "The Voice" Redeems One of Madonna's Biggest Hits for the Lord

"I should be bearing witness. And I am happy to do so. I am really excited about having found Jesus and I would like everyone to find Him." –Sister Cristina

(Italy)-Is any music beyond redemption, if one's purpose is to worship the Lord? (Photo via Breitbart....(more)

North Carolina Magistrates Resigning Over Same-Sex Marriages; They Just Won't Do This...

Carrying out court-ordered government mandates not only violates religious beliefs, but "desecrates a holy institution established by God Himself."

airlift(North Carolina)—[CBN News] Some magistrates in North Carolina are choosing to resign rather than perform same-sex marriages....(more)

#HoustonWeHaveAProblem Petition Surpasses 10,000 Supporters as Pressure Mounts for City of Houston to Drop Subpoenas

“Faith Driven Consumers and people of conscience across the nation—including leaders at the local, state and national levels—are joining the call for the mayor and city officials to unequivocally reverse course and end their harassment of five respected area pastors and ultimately Christians throughout Houston.”

(Raleigh, NC)—Faith Driven Consumer™, the group that emerged on the national stage last year with its #IStandWithPhil campaign that played a leading role in Phil Robertson's return to Duck Dynasty, has surpassed 10,000 signatures for its latest petition campaign, despite being initially blocked by Twitter....(more)

Global Phenomenon: Christians Unite across 200 Countries to Pray for Peace of Jerusalem

"It is truly difficult to grasp the width and the breadth of this global, grassroots prayer movement until you begin to read the multitude of reports that have come in from churches—both large and small—from all corners of the earth." -Robert Stearns, Eagles Wings

(Israel)—A recent phenomenon swept the globe, which while still relatively unheard of, is gathering steam at an overwhelming pace. It involved a prayer initiative which was undertaken by individuals, communities, and churches all around the world praying on the same day, October 5th, for the peace of Jerusalem....(more)

Hope in Ebola Fight? These Two African Countries Declared "Ebola Free," Monitoring Lifted for at Least 43 in Texas-No Symptoms

The World Health Organization praised Senegal's swift response to the Ebola outbreak there, which included; identifying and monitoring 74 close contacts of the patient, prompt testing of all suspected cases, stepped-up surveillance at the country's many entry points and nationwide public awareness campaigns.

(Texas)—There may be a little brighter spot on the horizon in the fight against the deadly Ebola virus, according to a CNN report on Monday....(more)

Ugh! How Government Bureaucracy Prevented Dallas Hospital From Using Ebola Screening Machine on First Ebola Patient Thomas Eric Duncan

The US military were on top of the game with a screening machine they had developed that can quickly diagnose Ebola. So why was it left sitting on a shelf in Dallas at the hospital where Thomas Eric Duncan was initially treated?

Dallas(Washington, DC)—In yet another glitch in the fiasco surrounding the Ebola outbreak in Dallas, Texas, it has been revealed that the US military has an Ebola screening machine that could have been used to diagnose Ebola cases much faster, but government guidelines prevent hospitals from using it to actually screen for the disease. (Photo via DefenseOne....(more)

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