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NBA Great Jeremy Lin on How He Grew Closer to God Despite This Being the "Toughest Year" of His Life

"The key to real success isn't about me—it's about Jesus." –Jeremy Lin

(Los Angeles, CA)—Los Angeles Lakers point guard Jeremy Lin has revealed that while this past season in the NBA was "possibly the toughest year" of his life, his Christian faith served as a tremendous source of strength and comfort....(more)

What? New Ruling Allows Christian Events in Jerusalem ONLY if the City's Rabbis Approve

Ultra-Orthodox officials are fearful of Jews accepting Jesus accepted as the Messiah.

(Israel)—As thousands of Christians attended a conference at the Payis Arena last month, haredi ultra-Orthodox officials expressed their anger at the Municipality and the management of the Payis Arena for allowing a Christian organization to hold a conference at the venue last month. The event was eventually held as planned, despite the haredi outcry, due to legal issues involved in calling off the already approved event....(more)

Pope Francis tells Girl Scouts to Oppose 'ideologies' against God's Design for Marriage

"We are in a world in which the most contrary ideologies are spreading to the nature and design of God on the family and on marriage..."

(Rome)—Pope Francis told Girl Scout and Girl Guide leaders from across the globe last week that it is essential they promote respect for marriage and family according to God's design. (Photo by: John-Henry Westen/LifeSiteNews....(more)

This Church is Ready to Fight Back if Attacked Like Charleston; What Do YOU Think?

"We aren't looking to engage people in violence, but we are going to practice law enforcement."

airlift(Jackson, MI)—It was reported that the gunman who killed 9 in the Charleston, SC church had reloaded several times....(more)

An Historic Day as U.S., Cuba Announce Embassy Openings

The move restores diplomatic ties that were severed more than 50 years ago. The process to normalize relations, however, has not come without criticism.

[CBN News]—It's an historic day for the United States and Cuba. On Wednesday, the Obama administration announced the reopening of embassies in Washington and Havana....(more)

"Duck Dynasty" John Luke Robertson Marries Mary Kate McEacharn

"A lasting marriage does not depend [on what age] you get married. A lasting marriage depends on how forgiving you are and how much you love God Almighty. Those are the things that hold people together." –John Luke Robertson

(West Monroe, LA)—"Duck Dynasty" star John Luke Robertson married Mary Kate McEacharn Saturday night on the family farm in West Monroe, Louisiana....(more)

Jesus Helps Woman in Iconic 1972 Vietnam War Photo to Forgive

"The terrified little girl in the picture isn't running anymore, she's flying." –Kim Phuc

(Canada)—The iconic image that portrayed the horrors of the Vietnam War featured a 9-year-old girl running away naked from a napalm attack, suffering from burns back in 1972. That girl, Kim Phuc, recently met the photographer who shot that famous picture and is now a Christian....(more)

Americans Urged to be "Cautious and Vigilant" over Holiday Weekend in Light of Last Week's Terror in Tunisia, France and Kuwait

Although some in the FBI and Administration have downplayed the threat, Rep. Peter King warned, "There's great concern. I would say there's probably more concern now than at any time since September 11."

airlift(USA)—[CBN News] U.S. officials are sounding a holiday terror alarm that's one of the most serious in years. Their concern: recent attacks overseas combined with stepped-up recruiting in the U.S.—and a call-to-arms during Ramadan....(more)

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Jep and Jessica Robertson Reveal The Sin That Nearly Destroyed Their Marriage

"All in all we've been really blessed because of all the brothers and sisters-in-laws in our lives and especially Al and Lisa. They counseled us when we needed it, any kind of struggle in our marriage, we knew we could go to them and they would give us the best advice. I knew they weren't just going to take Jep's side. Whenever we had troubles we just sought help. We decided we'd fight for our marriage. We definitely didn't want it to end and have our kids separated between us....(more)

Christian Doctor Recalls 92-day Hostage Situation in Egypt: 'I Was at Peace during the Whole Ordeal'

"They kidnapped me because I'm a Christian. There's no other reason."

Christian orthopedic doctor Wadie Ramses was held as a hostage for 92 days by radical Muslim kidnappers in Egypt. He recalled details of his ordeal in an interview....(more)

ISIS Unleashes Deadly Wave of Terror in Sinai

The attacks came two days after Hisham Barakat, the nation's top prosecutor, was killed by a car bomb in Cairo.

(Israel)—[CBN News] Following massive terror attacks in the northern Sinai Peninsula Tuesday, including a suicide car bombing, the IDF closed the Kerem Shalom crossing with the Gaza Strip....(more)

The "Star of Bethlehem" in Tonight's Sky? Why a Spectacular Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus is Exciting Many

Jupiter (the brightest) and Venus (the second brightest)—although in reality very far apart in space—to us here on Earth, will seem to converge upon each other, aligned on almost the same line of sight, on June 30th, 2015.

In the research done by Rick A. Larson about the "Star of Bethlehem," (among other researchers) the "star" that heralded Jesus' birth was found to be most likely the conjunction of planets Jupiter, Venus and also the star Regulus. (Image: EarthSky....(more)

How Speaking in Tongues Saved This Woman's Life From a Horrific Death

A detective later confirmed that a miracle had happened.

Kathi and David Byker woke up abruptly at 4 a.m. on August 9, 2011 to the sounds of yelling in their bedroom. Two men wielding knives and dressed all in black stood over Kathi and her husband. They wore ski masks and all the couple could see were their eyes....(more)

Supreme Court Justices Blocked Texas Law that Forces Abortion Clinics to Upgrade Standards

The temporary block will remain in effect until the high court decides whether or not to hear the clinics' appeal of a lower court ruling.

(Texas)—[CBN News] The Supreme Court has temporarily blocked a Texas law that would force abortion clinics to upgrade their standards....(more)

Israel is Stepping Up Efforts to Protect its Christian Community

"There's certainly no comparison between the Christian population here and what's happening all through the Middle East and in many places in Africa and China—and certainly even in the United States. I would say that in many regards, we might have more religious freedom here in Israel than folks would back in the United States." -David Pileggi, Christ Church

(Jerusalem, Israel)—[CBN News] Israel prides itself on protecting minorities within the Jewish state....(more)

Alveda King: "God Will Have the Final Word on Marriage"

"Do not fear or be confused or deceived. Remain prayerful. Keep looking up. God will have the final word in this matter." –Alveda King

(Atlanta, GA)—The Supreme Court has spoken and ruled from a position of common law—human law—that gay and lesbian couples have a fundamental right to marry. This is the highest rule that humans can make. Yet this is not the final word....(more)

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