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Dr. Corinne Weaver: 3 Easy Steps to Improve Your Mood

I hope my column speaks to you and you can wake up each morning with a purpose. What I do every day is a calling, and I give God the glory for allowing His gifts to work through me. I do believe in miracles, because I get to see them every day!

What Three Steps Can You Take Today to Improve Your Mood?

Why I am starting out my first column with improving your mood? Well, as a kid who was sick all the time and as a frustrated parent with a sick kid, I know that it's hard to be happy....


Mexico City's Rich and Poor Had Little in Common UNTIL the Earthquake...

[] the space of 24 hours, a sense of terror shifted to a spirit of solidarity as friends, neighbors, relatives and often complete strangers came to one another's aid, transcending Mexico's usually rigid class divisions... Click (more)

Planned Parenthood Hooks Up with OkCupid. Guess What This Cynical Partnership Is REALLY About

[] The dating website OkCupid, which has admitted in the past to doing social experiments on their users, has partnered with Planned Parenthood. Those who want to find a date on the website will have to answer this question: "Should the government defund Planned Parenthood?" If they answer in the negative [meaning they don't want the abortion giant defunded] then a cute pink badge will appear on their profile photo along with the hashtag #IStandWithPP... Click (more)

How Mexican Quake Victims are Receiving Much Needed Help and Comfort

So far 225 people—including nearly two dozen school children are dead. The death toll is likely to rise as emergency crews remove more debris from hard-hit neighborhoods.

[CBN News] Operation Blessing International Vice President David Darg has worked in many disaster zones over the years. (Click (more)

Republicans Give Final Push to Repeal Obamacare, Defund Planned Parenthood

Besides defunding Planned Parenthood for one year and eliminating Obamacare's forced abortion coverage mandate, the legislation would transfer money allocated by Obamacare for Medicaid expansion and federal subsidies to the states ... "I believe that most Republicans like the idea of state-controlled healthcare versus Washington DC-controlled healthcare," said Sen. Lindsey Graham.

(Washington, DC)—[LifeSiteNews....


Sorry to Tell You, But Jesus Is Not Returning on September 23

"...let's live with readiness, with urgency, with focus, with purpose and with a long-term, multi-generational plan. And if the Lord chooses to interrupt our plans along the way with His return, that would be a welcome prospect." -Michael Brown

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Some of us who are a bit older (I'm 62) find ourselves more often than not, correcting then re-correcting and then correcting yet again, another prediction of a date of the Lord's return. This includes predictions of the rapture, or of something LIKE those things, but with another name or description....


One-Half Million U.S. Public Students Are Expected to Bring Their Bibles to School on Oct. 5

Alliance Defending Freedom is offering students free legal representation if their rights are violated at school.

(Colorado Springs, CO)— [Focus on the Family/] About 500,000 public school students from all 50 states are expected to join Focus on the Family's Bring Your Bible to School movement on Thursday, Oct. 5, participating in the fourth annual student-led religious freedom event. (Photo: via CFBoston....


Victory: Judge Allows Christian Farmer, Banned from City Market for Traditional Marriage Beliefs, to Return—for Now

"The Constitution ensures everyone the right to speak freely and to make their own decisions about what they believe." -Kate Anderson, Alliance Defending Freedom

airlift(East Lansing, MI)—[LifeSiteNews....


Netanyahu Praises President Trump's UN Address: "Never Heard a Bolder, More Courageous Speech"

[] "In over 30 years in my experience with the UN, I never heard a bolder or more courageous speech. President Trump spoke the truth about the great dangers facing our world and issued a powerful call to confront them in order to ensure the future of humanity..." Click here to read....


London Bombing Update: Police Make 3 More Arrests

[Fox News] Police in Britain have arrested three more suspects in connection with Friday's London subway bombing, bringing the total number of detainees to five... Click here to read....


#PrayForPuertoRico: Hurricane Maria Slams U.S. Island with 155 MPH Winds

"This is without a doubt the most dangerous storm in our generation." -Gov. Ricardo Rossello

[CBN News] Hurricane Maria is battering Puerto Rico today as a powerful Category 4 storm with sustained winds of 155 MPH, threatening to decimate the island. (Satellite image via NOAA....


How Nabeel Qureshi Shared the Power of the Gospel Til the Very End of His Life

"I left Islam because I studied Muhammad's life. I accepted the Gospel because I studied Jesus' life." -Nabeel Qureshi

(Houston, TX)— [CBN News] Christians around the world were saddened this weekend to learn about the death of Christian thinker and apologist Nabeel Qureshi at the young age of 34....


While Still Imprisoned for Her Faith, Asia Bibi Has Been Nominated for the EU's Prestigious 'Sakharov Prize'

"Supposedly her final appeal hearing on October 13, 2016, was meant to wind up the most high profile case of the country, however, it was delayed as one of the judges refused to be a part of the three member bench that was to hear the case."

(Pakistan)— [] Pakistan's most famous Christian prisoner, Asia Bibi, has been nominated for the European Union's high-status award, the Sakharov Prize....


"Unprecedented" Surprise: King of Bahrain Urges Citizens to Visit Israel, Reject Boycotts

At a Simon Wiesenthal Center event, several guests formally signed the Bahrain Declaration, including the king's son, Prince Nasser bin Hamad al Khalifa.

(Los Angeles, CA)—[] Bahrain's King Hamad bin Isa al Khalifa has condemned the Arab world's boycott of Israel, saying its citizens are free to visit the Jewish state, in a declaration of worldwide religious tolerance facilitated by the Los-Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center....


Historic: First Permanent U.S. Base in Israel to Defend Against Missiles

"The United States and Israel have long planned together, exercised together and trained together. And now with the opening of this site, these crucial interactions will happen every day. We'll have Israeli airmen, U.S. soldiers living and working side by side." -U.S. National Guard in Europe's Deputy Commander Maj. Gen. John Gronski

(Israel)—[CBN News] On Monday, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced the establishment of the first permanent U.S....


President Trump's Historic First Speech to the United Nations General Assembly (Full Transcript and Video)

In remembering the great victory that led to this body's founding, we must never forget that those heroes who fought against evil, also fought for the nations that they love. Patriotism led the Poles to die to save Poland, the French to fight for a free France, and the Brits to stand strong for Britain. Today, if we do not invest ourselves, our hearts, our minds, and our nations, if we will not build strong families, safe communities, and healthy societies for ourselves, no one can do it for us.

This transcript is provided by Vox....


Family Watches in Awe as 66-Year-Old Dad Sees Color For the First Time

"I haven't seen this—forever!" -William Reed

[] It doesn't matter how many times you see it, watching someone who has been colorblind their whole life see colors for the first time is incredible. Thanks to new technology and advanced new glasses, people who have seen the world only in black and white are being introduced to their own Oz for the first time....


The Dead Sea Is a "Special Diamond" for Future Generations: What Prophets Said about This Wonder of the World

Biblical prophets said that the Dead Sea would go through a change when the Messiah returns. Ezekiel prophesied that one day the waters of the Great Salt Sea would be healed and teaming with fish.

(Israel)—[CBN News] Sunrise over the Dead Sea is a magnificent sight.  A soothing atmosphere surrounds this Biblical landmark and mineral treasure. The Dead Sea is a natural wonder that is actually giving life, but this unique jewel is in danger of drying up....


Meet the Epic 13-Year-Old Boy Who Used an Air Mattress to Save 17 of His Neighbors During Hurricane Harvey

His mom, Lisa Wallace, said her faith got her through as she watched her son in action.

[] An amazing story about a "surprising hero" has emerged in the wake of Hurricane Harvey: a 13-year-old boy from Dickinson, Texas, who reportedly used an inflatable air mattress to save 17 of his neighbors. (Photo: Virgil Smith/KTRK-TV/via Faithwire....


"The Sky is Never the Limit": President Trump Honors the U.S. Air Force on 70th Anniversary

"We carved out a home in the New World, gave birth to the modern world, and we will shape tomorrow's world with the strength and skill of American hands. Because for America—the sky is never the limit. There is no distance too far, no speed too fast, no challenge too great, and no height too high that will keep the United States Air Force—or the American people—from total victory." -President Donald J. Trump

airlift(Washington, DC)—[Department of Defense] Celebrating the 70th birthday of the U.S. Air Force, President Donald J....


The Paris Agreement, N Korea Tensions and a UN Address: The President's Busy Week

"Our position on the Paris agreement has not changed. @POTUS has been clear, US withdrawing unless we get pro-America terms." -Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders

(Washington)—[CBN News] Should we stay or should we go? (Photo: President Trump's official portrait/ via WhiteHouse....


Four GOP Senators Propose a New Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood and Replace Obamacare

"I commend Senators Graham and Cassidy on introducing a pro-life bill to replace the disaster that is Obamacare. This bill does the right thing by defunding Planned Parenthood and directing funding towards Federally Qualified Health Centers." -Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America

(Washington, DC)—[LifeSiteNews....


Selena Gomez "Incredibly Blessed" After Receiving Kidney Transplant From Her BFF

"I honestly look forward to sharing with you, soon, my journey through these past several months as I have always wanted to do with you. By grace through faith." -Selena Gomez

[CBN News] Pop music sensation Selena Gomez shocked her fans by revealing she had a kidney transplant this summer....


Popular Film Star Stuns Nation by Radically Following Christ

"God provide us with more than we need. Today, we are doing the same thing to others who are in need. We help them to know the love and grace of our Lord, Savior. Everything belongs to Him, ONLY." – Lin Qing Tai

(Taiwan) — [CBN News] In Taiwan, one popular movie star amazed the island nation when he announced he was becoming a Christian, and now he is encouraging his fellow countrymen to do the same....


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Teen Finds Wallet Stuffed With $1,500 in Cash—Cameras Caught What He Decided to Do With the Money

"I'm getting so much exposure over something that everybody should do." -Tyler Opdyke

[] A California teenager who was passing out flyers in a Sacramento Neighborhood didn't hesitate to do the right thing when he came across a wallet with $1,500 cash inside. (Photo: Tyler holding up the wallet he found/via Faithwire....


Just in Time for Rosh Hashanah: How Kathie Lee Gifford's Jewish Heritage Influenced Her New Book "The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi"

With a father who was Jewish, Kathie Lee has always felt what she calls "a deep resonance in my very being for the Jewish people and the Land of the Covenant—Israel."

(Nashville, TN)—[] As a lifetime student of Scripture, Kathie Lee Gifford has been traveling to Israel since she was 17 years old. In a continuation of that love for this astounding land of faith, Kathie Lee will release "The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi" on March 6, 2018, with the W Publishing Group, an imprint of Thomas Nelson....


America's Got Talent Star Gave Tear-Jerking Tribute for Late Father at Finale

"My dad taught me, after I started something, to always finish it. That's why I'm fighting to the end, just like he did."

[] A few weeks ago, the beloved 13-year-old singer on America's Got Talent, Evie Clair, shared some heartbreaking news. Clair announced that her father passed away. (Photo: Evie Clair on 'America's Got Talent'/via FaithFamilyAmerica....


Poll Finds That Most Millennials Support Private School Vouchers, But Favor Censoring 'Offensive' Political Views

A whopping 88 percent of Latino millennials think suppressing free speech is warranted under certain circumstances, followed by 81 percent of Asians, blacks and whites.

(Washington, DC)—[] Millennials support charter schools and private school vouchers in overwhelming majorities, particularly to help low income and minority students stuck in terrible public schools....


An Irish Pro-lifer is Taking This Extreme Measure to Challenge the Pro-abortion Prime Minister of His Country

"I don't expect, quite honestly, that they're going to speak to me. But hopefully [my hunger strike] will change opinions." -Tim Jackson

airlift(Dublin, Ireland)— [] A young Irish aid worker has begun a hunger strike in hopes of persuading the Irish prime minister (or Taoiseach) to watch a video about abortion. (Photo: Tim Jackson/via LifeSiteNews....


Puerto Rico 'Destroyed' by Maria: Power Gone, Telecom 'Collapsed'—How You Can Help

As people took stock of the damage, officials are warning it could be months before power is restored on the island.

[CBN News] First responders are out on the streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico after the strongest storm in 83 years slammed into the Caribbean island....


100-Year-Old Woman Simply Refuses to Quit Helping People With the Gift 'The Lord Gave Me'

"I love it. The Lord gave me hands with no arthritis. I'm doing what the Lord has asked me to do." -Eva Bossenberger

airlift[] Living to 100 is one of the ultimate life goals for many people, but most don't think they'll be doing much work if they are lucky enough to get there. (Photo: Eva Bossenberger/via Faithwire....


The Invisible Christians of North Korea: Where They Came from and How They're Surviving by God's Grace Alone

Did you know that from the late 19th century until 1942, Pyongyang, North Korea's Orwellian capital city today, was known as the "Jerusalem of the East"?

[] If you think North Korea's dictators are bad for the world, just imagine what it's like to be a Christian there. (Photo: via Christian Headlines....


Netanyahu's UN Speech: Warns Iran's Leadership, But Gives Message of Hope to Iranian People

"One day, my Iranian friends, you will be free from the evil regime that terrorizes you. When your day of liberation finally comes, the friendship between our two ancient peoples will surely flourish once again." -Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

(New York, NY)—[] In a resounding speech to world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that Iran would expand its "vast Islamist Iranian empire" across the Middle East if the Iranian nuclear deal is not "fixed or nixed....


Charlotte, NC Voters Oust Left-wing Mayor that Spearheaded Transgender Bathroom Ordinance

(Charlotte, NC)—[] In February 2016, Mayor Jennifer Roberts ramrodded a city ordinance giving transgendered individuals the right to use either restroom in city businesses, which prompted state lawmakers to respond by passing a bill to overturn it. In last week's primary election, Roberts was defeated in her bid for re-election... Click here to read. (Photo: via OneNewsNow....


Second Powerful Quake Kills More Than 200 in Mexico: Rescuers Desperately Search for Dozens of Missing Children at a School that was Partially Crushed

"This quake is a hard test, and very painful for our country. Mexicans, we have had difficult experiences due to quakes in the past, and we have learned to respond to these episodes giving all, and with a spirit of solidarity." -Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto

(Mexico)—[CBN News] For the second time this month, Mexico has been struck by a powerful earthquake....


Patricia Heaton's New Movie, and Powerful Message about Jesus and Salvation: 'Our Lives Here Are Really Brief'

Unlike so many classic Christmas movies, Heaton said "The Star" will actually focus on the real meaning of Christmas.

airlift[] Actress Patricia Heaton is known for her iconic roles in "Everybody Loves Raymond" and "The Middle," but this fall she'll also star in a new, animated movie about the Christmas story—and she's hoping it makes a big impact on the culture. (Photo: Patricia Heaton/via LifeNews....


You Won't Believe What Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church is Doing Now

It has to do with Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

(Houston, TX)—[] Houston's massive Lakewood Church will host a significant portion of the Jewish community for their High Holy Days, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Joel Osteen and his church, which meets in the former Compaq Center, volunteered to host the Congregation Beth Yeshurun after its Meyerland, Texas, facility sustained water damage from Hurricane Harvey. (Photo: Joel Osteen speaks with refugees at Lakewood Church/Joel Osteen Ministries/Facebook/via CharismaNews....


Atheist's "Satanist Group" is a Bust in Washington: Forced to End After-School Club

Only one child joined the club.

(Tacoma, WA)—[Liberty Counsel] Atheists masquerading as a so-called Satanist Temple group recently ended its after-school program at Point Defiance Elementary School in Tacoma. The After-School Satan Club ceased meeting soon after teachers from the Seattle Satanic Temple offered their first meeting in December 2016. Apparently, only one child joined the club. (Photo: via WND....


President Trump Issues High Holy Days Message: "We Reaffirm the Unbreakable Bond between the United States and Israel"

"We ask God to deliver justice, dignity, and peace on Earth." -President Donald Trump

airlift(Washington, DC)—[] On behalf of all Americans, I want to wish Jewish families many blessings in the New Year.  The High Holy Days are a time of both reflection on the past year and hope for renewal in the year to come....


Hurricane Maria Wreaks "Mind-Boggling" Devastation in Caribbean: "We Shall Survive by the Grace of God!"

"My roof is gone. I am at the complete mercy of the hurricane. House is flooding. The winds are merciless! We shall survive by the grace of God!" -Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit

(Dominica)—[CBN News] Hurricane Maria is churning through the Caribbean after the Category 5 storm devastated the island of Dominica last night with 160 mile per hour winds....


Best-Selling Christian Song of All Time becomes Hollywood Movie

"It didn't take you 10 minutes to write that song, it took a lifetime." (Quote from "I Can Only Imagine"-movie)

airlift[] MercyMe's "I Can Only Imagine" is the only Christian single to be certified Double Platinum by RIAA. The song's reached millions of people around the world....


I Sat Next to Jesus. Here's the Only Way to Describe My Incredible Experience

[Fox News] When I wrote my first book, I referred to this presence rather vaguely, I'll admit. There, I called Him an "angel, messenger, Christ, or teacher." But why didn't I share the true identity of the man next to me? I did know who He was, and without a doubt... Click here to read....


Christians Help Solve 2,000-Year-Old Murder Mystery of Rebel Jews: Solved with Secret Burial Ceremony

"The Evangelicals involved in the study were absolute professionals in their fields, but it was very touching how they also understood the urgency of the mitzvah to bury the dead." -Yaakov Ehrlich

(Israel)—[Breaking Israel News] A Christian archaeologist's discovery of ancient bones in a cave in Samaria unraveled a 2,000-year-old murder mystery, and led to the local Jews performing a rare and powerful Torah commandment they believe will help bring the Third Temple....


Wow! Prayer Spared the Island of Antigua from Wrath of Irma, while "Sister" Island was Completely Destroyed

"As I've shared the miracle some people have asked, 'Why Antigua? Weren't people praying all over the Caribbean?' I can't answer why other islands were devastated." -Terry Somerville

(Antigua)—[CBN News] Hurricane Irma totally demolished the island of Barbuda, damaging 90 percent of structures, according to the nation's Prime Minister Gaston Browne....


Trump is Openly Empowering Women, and It's Time for Mainstream Media to Report on it

[Fox News] ...The President of the United States, who feminists hate so much, has handed his entire communications operation over to women. Talk about female empowerment. This is not an issue of nepotism, but an issue of competence. Yet feminists will still not be happy because the women at the White House do not support killing children... Click here to read....


Nabeel Qureshi Dies at Age 34: "Rest in Peace with the Risen Lord Jesus Christ"

In the last video before his death, Nabeel said he hoped he leaves behind a legacy of love. "As you consider my ministry, I hope it leaves a message of love, of peace, of truth, of caring for one another. Our God is a God of love."

[CBN News] Ex-Muslim turned Christian apologist, Nabeel Qureshi, passed away Saturday after a year-long battle with stomach cancer.
The 34-year-old left behind a wife and two-year-old daughter....


This Imam hated Christians until Jesus raised him from the dead

"I was dead and demons tried to take my soul but Messiah Jesus came and gave my life back…" -Imam

[God Reports] He not only hated Christians, he directed his followers at the mosque to attack them. But after he died and was being prepared for burial, he stunned his family by returning to life with a new message of salvation....


"Passion of the Christ" Actor to Star in New Film of the Apostle Paul

He is also working on a sequel to The Passion of the Christ with Mel Gibson. It will tell the story of the Resurrection.

(Hollywood, CA) — [] Jim Caviezel, the actor who played Jesus in The Passion of the Christ, will play St. Luke in a new movie about the apostle St. Paul....


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