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A Look at Memorial Day By-the-Numbers

Above all else, Memorial Day honors Americans who have died in service to their country...

[WalletHub] Memorial Day is more than just a day off, an excellent occasion for a backyard barbeque or a chance to travel, though all of those awesome staples ultimately speak to the holiday's true spirit....(more)

Israel Digs against the Clock to Save Desert Scrolls from Looters

"We have an obligation to protect these unique treasures, which belong to the Jewish people and the world as a whole." Israel's Culture and Sport Minister, Miri Regev

(Israel) [] Israeli authorities are stepping up the fight to save the country's unrecovered ancient scrolls from the hands of antiquities robbers. (Photo Credit: Yuli Schwartz/IAA....(more)

My Boyfriend and I Decided on Abortion Then Everything Changed in Prayer

A few years ago, I met a young man who was raised Catholic. Jeremy ended up coming to our church through a mutual friend, and we became friends. Soon after, we knew we wanted to go deeper in relationship.

[Bound4LIFE] Initially I followed the dating guidelines discussed with my parents, who are pastors. But then it became difficult because we lived only 15 minutes away from each other, both attending the same college with a similar circle of friends....(more)

Christians Honor This Fearless Governor With Prestigious Award

He showed inflexibility in matters of truth, yet was committed to the welfare of his fellow man.

(Washington, DC) — [PR Newswire] Last night, Family Research Council (FRC) President Tony Perkins was pleased to honor Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant with the first ever "Samuel Adams Religious Freedom Award....(more)

New Reports Out of Germany of Muslims Flocking to Jesus

One Persian-speaking congregation claims more than 600 people got baptized this year alone.

(Germany) — [CBN News] Scores of Muslims are reportedly turning to Christianity in Europe....(more)

Shrewd Netanyahu Bypasses American and French Peace Talks: Asks This Country, Instead, to Host Meeting

The Israeli PM says he prefers direct talks with Abbas.

airlift(Israel)—[] Egypt is reportedly moving forward with plans to hold a trilateral summit in an effort to forge an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal....(more)

Powerful Testimonies from World's First Surviving Septuplets as They Graduate from High School

Two of the septuplets, Alexis and Nathan, have overcome overwhelming odds despite being born with forms of cerebral palsy: Nathan taught himself how to walk, and Alexis still uses a walker but went on to become the co-captain of her high school cheerleading squad. She is also a member of the National Honor Society.

(Carlisle, IA)—[(more)

Eleven States Sue President Obama Over Transgender Directive

This administration has "conspired to turn workplace and educational settings across the country into laboratories for a massive social experiment, flouting the democratic process, and running roughshod over commonsense policies protecting children and basic privacy rights." -Wording of lawsuit

(Washington, DC)—[(more)

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Ladies Backpacking in Italy Don't Make the Mistakes I Made

Packing minimally doesn't always pay off. Not if you feel like you're cheating yourself.

[] Recently I traveled to Italy, taking only a backpack. I have since come home and realize that I have a greater appreciation for America and all of our benefits in this country. I'm also thankful for the little things that make my house a home....(more)

WATCH Emmy Award-Winning TV Show Commemorates the Pro-Life Message of Memorial Day

"I interviewed a young widow who had lost her husband in battle, then found out four days later she was pregnant with their child. We talked about the blessing her child is in her life. I spoke to a mother who, on her birthday, got word that her son had died in combat. Behind the scenes, people were praying I wouldn't break down sobbing on camera; I came close several times..."

[Bound4LIFE] America marks Memorial Day this coming weekend, a federal holiday originating (more)

"We've Been Taken Hostage!": Labor Strikes Paralyzing France

The financially desperate French socialist government, which is trying to extend France's traditional 36-hour work week, isn't backing down.

(Paris, France) — [CBN News] A strike against government attempts at welfare reform is slowly paralyzing France … French drivers are hunting for gasoline and waiting in long lines to get it because of strikes and blockades at the nation's fuel refineries....(more)

Prayer Alert: Storm-Battered Texans Battle More Severe Weather

Residents are warned to stay vigilant as severe systems can come on quickly.

(Houston, TX) — [CBN News] Another severe weather system hit Texas. In the Houston area, officials say a storm brought more than five inches of rain Thursday....(more)

Manny 'Pacman' Pacquiao, Boxing Icon and Born-Again Christian, Wins 15 Million Votes in Philippines Election, and Makes This Vow...

"The poor people and the needy are the ones I will prioritize in extending help..."

[Gospel Herald] Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao punched his way into the Senate, garnering over 15 million votes to take the fifth place among the 12 slots in the Senatorial race in the May 9th elections in the Philippines....(more)

Romania Aims to Enshrine Natural Marriage in Their Constitution as Europe Moves in a "Conservative Direction"

"Goodness, the latest polling shows 88 percent of the country opposed to same-sex marriage. People are absolutely tired of the direction things are moving in." -Peter Costea

(Bucharest, Romania)—[LifeSiteNews] An alliance of Christian churches and family groups has signed three million Romanians to an initiative to enshrine natural marriage in the nation's constitution....(more)

My Dad Was Transgender: Why I Still Think Gender Can't be Changed

"Pumped full of unnatural hormones and chemicals and adorned in women's clothing, [my father] died a sad, confused, forgetful and regretful old man." -Denise Shick

[Charisma News] Yes, we really do live in a nation in which our government tells us girls and boys should be able to share restrooms and locker rooms. We really do live in a culture that values transgender rights over basic morality and children's safety....(more)

Donald Trump Now Has Enough Delegates to Secure the GOP Nomination... or Does He?

And while the headline alone is likely to send Trump supporters into a tizzy, it should be noted that numbers based on unbound delegates aren't the most reliable means of keeping count.

[Charisma News] The Associated Press made headlines all around the world Thursday morning by reporting Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has now secured the support of more than 1,237 delegates—the "magic number" needed to win the GOP nomination....(more)

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