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Michael Bublé's Wife Says Son Noah's Miraculous Cancer Recovery Strengthened Her Faith in God

"Thank God, my son is well. When things like those that happened to us occur, your take on life changes. It happened to us. Now I value life much more; the now and the today..." -Luisana Lopilato

airlift[Gospel Herald] Michael Bublé's wife, Luisana Lopilato, has said their son, Noah, is doing well after being diagnosed with liver cancer—and that her son's miraculous recovery strengthened her faith in God....


Trump Insider Hints on "Historic" Visit: "There Are Always Surprises"

After arriving, President Trump flew to Jerusalem by helicopter, arriving at the President’s official residence, where the First Family witnessed the unveiling of an almond tree that was planted to commemorate the occasion. Inscribed next to the tree are two verses from Psalms, in Hebrew, English, and Arabic: "Pray for the peace of Yerushalayim; may they prosper that love thee. Peace be within thy walls, and prosperity within thy palaces. Psalms 122:6-7."


Former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn Will Reportedly 'Take the Fifth' during Senate Investigation

[Fox News] Former national security adviser Michael Flynn plans to invoke his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination and rebuff a Senate panel subpoena... Click here to read....


Major Jewish Group Praises President Trump's "Refreshing Honesty" and Call on Muslim Nations to Confront Islamist Extremism

"President Trump's refreshing honesty is welcome and needed in describing the Islamist extremist threat that developed in the Middle East years ago, and spread across the region and around the world." -David Harris, AJC

(New York, NY)—[The American Jewish Committee] The American Jewish Committee (AJC) praised President Trump for his clarion call on Muslim countries to take responsibility for leading the fight against Islamist extremism. "Drive them out of your places of worship....


Trump's Speech in Saudi Arabia Garners Twitter Praise as "Historic, Iconic"

"Historic speech! No apologies, fight between good and evil. Trump will turn out to become best president ever!" Wayne Dupree, broadcaster.

airlift(Saudi Arabia)—[] President Donald Trump's speech garnered wide-ranging praise Sunday for a speech urging Islam to "drive out" terrorists—including comparisons to former President Ronald Reagan's iconic speech to "tear down that wall" in Berlin......


President Trump in Israel "We Share an Unbreakable Bond Between Us"

The president has "hit the Holy Land ground running" and has a full day ahead of him. Stay tuned for news updates throughout the day and week.

(Israel)—[CBN News] Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu greeted U.S. President Donald Trump at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion International Airport....


Watch Tim Tebow Surprise a "Night to Shine" Guest on the Tonight Show

What a beautiful moment!

(New York, NY) — [Faithwire] Does it get any better than Tim Tebow? Over the past few months, he's decided to take up professional baseball just because he can, managed to save the life of a fan in the outfield, led an entire airplane in prayer after a passenger suffered a medical injury, and the list goes on....


Major University Launches a New Center on "The Work of the Holy Spirit"

"[We] want to learn from the extraordinary ways that the Spirit is working globally and for our students to experience this empowerment to impact the world for the Lord Jesus Christ." — Clinton E. Arnold

(La Mirada, CA) — [Christian Newswire] Biola University will launch the Center for the Study of the Work and Ministry for the Holy Spirit Today in fall 2017....


Fox News Anchors Get Emotional on Air Delivering News of Roger Ailes' Death

And tributes continue to pour in, such as this from Matthew Continetti, editor-in-chief of The Washington Free Beacon: "Talking about someone who basically defined conservatism in the post-Reagan era more than anyone else through the creation of Fox News."

(New York, NY) — [Newsmax] The news of Roger Ailes' death devastated the Fox News anchors who were nearly too emotional to deliver the news itself....


Supreme Court Justice Warns Students That Religious Liberty is Under Attack in America

Alito quoted his own dissent in the Supreme Court's landmark same-sex marriage case and cited reactions to other cases that show hostility toward people with traditional moral beliefs.

(Washington, DC) — [CBN News] Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has told graduates at an historic Roman Catholic seminary that freedom of religion and freedom of speech are under threat in the United States....


"MS-13 Gang Decapitated": Police Conduct Largest Gang Raid in LA History

[Breitbart] Federal and local law enforcement officers conducted 50 simultaneous raids in the pre-dawn hours Wednesday, taking down almost two dozen "high-ranking" suspected leaders of the notoriously violent MS-13 street gang, along with numerous Mexican Mafia leaders, in what is being described as the "largest gang raid in Los Angeles history…" click (more)

New Sheriff in Town: President Trump Hires a Big Name to Join Homeland Security

"I'm both honored and humbled to be appointed to this position by Secretary [John] Kelly working for the Trump administration ... We will liaison with state and local government and with the private sector, and in one that is very near and dear to me, we will liaison with local, state, and tribal law enforcement." -Sheriff David Clarke.


The Stunning Science Behind the Healing Power of Prayer

Even a mere 30 seconds of prayer, acknowledging God and giving thanks for all the blessings in your life, can have a powerful effect on your body, mind, and spirit.

[] If you have a regular practice of prayer, then you are well aware that benefits are very real and wide-ranging. Many people who engage in these activities report psychological and spiritual benefits such as a sense of greater clarity, purpose, gratitude, presence, sense of connection, and overall well-being. (Photo via DrColbert....


Report: U.S. Embassy to Stay in Tel Aviv for Now

"We've been very clear what our position is and what we would like to see done, but we're not looking to provoke anyone when everyone's playing really nice." -Unnamed Official

[CBN News] President Trump will not move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem immediately, but a final decision on moving it has not yet been reached....


Another Powerful Speech From President Trump to the Coast Guard: "You're Doing God's Work, Never Ever Give Up"

"To every new officer, and to every new Coast Guard member here today, or out protecting life around the world on some of the roughest waters anywhere, you truly are doing God's work." -President Donald J. Trump

airlift(New London, CT)—[Charisma News] President Donald Trump, during his commencement speech at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut, shared a short but powerful speech—once again invoking the Lord's name....


Car Slams into Times Square Pedestrians, Killing One, Injuring Others

[Reuters] A speeding car plowed into pedestrians on a sidewalk in New York City's busy Times Square on Thursday, killing one person and injuring a dozen, according to witnesses, and police said the incident did not appear to be an act of terrorism... Click here to read....


Chase CEO Jamie Dimon: "I'll Help Trump Because I'm a Patriot"

"He is the President of the United States. I believe he is the pilot flying our airplane. I would try to help any President of the United States because I'm a patriot." -Jamie Dimon

(New York, NY)—[Newsmax Finance] Jamie Dimon, the chairman and chief executive officer of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (and a registered Democrat), told shareholders that he supports President Donald Trump out of patriotic duty....


"Adulting School" for Millennials Teaches Them Basic Life Skills Like Handshakes, How to Talk on the Phone and Change Oil in Car

"Technology is changing some of the things ... like giving a good handshake, making eye contact, having a good telephone manner. Some of that is changing because so much is happening online with emails and texting. We need to keep up with some of those old-fashioned skills." -Rachel Weinstein

airlift(Portland, MA)—[EAG] The Adulting School is really taking off....


Cancer Stricken Evangelist Nabeel Qureshi's Heartbreaking "Goodbye" to Ministry

Evangelist Ravi Zacharias likened Qureshi's farewell to his ministry peers to Paul's Biblical farewell to the Ephesian elders in Acts 20:36-38.

(Atlanta, GA)—[Faithwire] Famed Muslim-turned-Christian apologist Nabeel Qureshi's harrowing cancer battle—and his recent announcement that radiation treatments didn't work—has captured the Christian world's attention. (Photo: Nabeel worshiping God/via rzim....


Dr. James Dobson Tells Congress Not to Draft Our Daughters: Share This With Everyone You Know and Contact Your Congressmen Today!

"As unbelievable as this may sound, I am saddened to report that this initiative is what Senator John McCain and his nine-member committee have been promoting behind closed doors." -Dr. James Dobson

(Washington, DC)—[Charisma News] Dr. James Dobson, in his May newsletter, is urging his supporters to contact their senators in Washington, DC, to convince them to vote against any measure that would force women to be included in the Selective Service Act....


Turkish President Erdogan in Washington: President Trump's Election Has Led to the Awakening of a New Set of Hopes in Our Region

"We are determined to expand our relations, and I believe my current official visit to the United States will mark an historical turn of tide." -President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

airlift(Washington, DC)—[Charisma News] Tuesday afternoon, President Donald Trump hosted his Turkish counterpart, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, at the White House for high-level discussions. (Screengrab: Whitehouse....


"Lord Jesus, Help Us Get Her Out": Watch This Intense Rescue of a Teen Trapped behind ISIS Lines

With all of the political bickering going on, it's videos like these that put what really matters into perspective. People being the hands and feet of Jesus when the world needs it most.

(Mosul, Iraq)—[] Stunning video is emerging of American missionaries dodging ISIS gunfire in the heart of enemy territory in order to save the life of a trapped teenaged girl. (Screengrab via Faithwire....


88-Year-Old Graduate: "With God All Things Are Possible"

"I know my granny is smiling down on him right now saying, 'I knew you could do it Horace.'" -Jill Brazier.

[CBN News] Rev. Horace Sheffield started college at Shorter University in 1959. Now, 58 years later he's finally a graduate....


This Court Just Rejected "Sexual Orientation" From Its State Discrimination Laws

The ruling takes a strict constructionist view of law, which strikes at the heart of attempts to expand old laws to create a special class of "hate crimes."

(Charleston, WV)—[LifeSiteNews] The West Virginia Supreme Court has ruled that laws against discrimination on the basis of a person's sex do not include "sexual orientation." (Photo: West Virginia's Supreme Court of Appeals justices, from left, are Robin Jean Davis, Menis E. Ketchum II, Allen H. Loughry II, Elizabeth D....


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"Counting On" Star, Jill (Duggar) Dillard Returns to the U.S., Attends Church after Revealing Tragic Murder of Friend

"Typically funerals are held in a family member's home and last several hours into the night. Our friend's funeral was held in their area and Derick and some men from church were able to share some words of encouragement with the family and guests. We have cried and continue to grieve the loss of our dear friend." -Jill (Duggar) Dillard

[Gospel Herald] "Counting On" star Jill Duggar Dillard and her husband, Derick, have returned to the United States and attended church on Sunday just days after revealing a friend was tragically kidnapped and murdered in Central America....


Magdala Stone, Known as the Christian-Jewish "Crossroads" is a Dream Finally Come True

"The stone has the highest number of symbols of the Temple ever found together in one object." -Father Juan Solana

(Israel)—[] Described as one of the most significant archaeological finds in modern Israel, the Magdala Stone, unearthed in 2009 near the shores of the Sea of Galilee, has been unveiled to the public for first time as part of a joint exhibition on the history of the menorah May 15-July 23 between the Vatican Museums and the Jewish Museum of Rome....


Historic and Meaningful; Trump Becomes the First Sitting U.S. President to Visit Israel's Western Wall

Wearing a kippah, President Donald Trump stood at the Wall alone. He paused solemnly for a moment, before placing a prayer or note inside a crack in the Wall—according to tradition.

President Trump made important history on Monday, as he flew into Israel from his first stop this past weekend, in Saudi Arabia....


Historic Milestone in Texas: Governor Signs Law to Protect Pastors from Being Persecuted for Religious, Free Speech

"SB24 will give pastors critical protection from forced testimony and shield sermons from government subpoena power." -Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick

(Houston, TX)—[] Texas Governor Greg Abbot is taking a huge step to defend religious liberty. (Photo via KHOU....


Trump is Building a "Framework of an Arab NATO" during Mideast Visit

The atmosphere was quite a change from the policies under former President Barack Obama, said Ret. General Jack Keane.

(Saudi Arabia)—[] President Donald Trump is building a "framework of an Arab NATO" during his visit to the Middle East, Ret. Gen. Jack Keane told Fox News... (Screengrab via Fox News/Newsmax....


These Billboards Lining Jerusalem's Streets Will Welcome President Trump to Israel

"Who could have imagined a US president coming to Israel in the first six months of his term of office and boldly going to the Western Wall - something no president has ever done before while in office?" -Dr. Michael Evans 

(Israel) — [PRNewswire] Billboards and signs proclaiming, "Trump Is a Friend of Zion" and "Jerusalem Welcomes Trump" have lined the streets of Jerusalem in a very public welcome to President Donald Trump who arrives in Israel next Monday, May 22....


Carman's Tumor Results are Back: God Answered "Ninja Prayer Warriors" Request!

"The past couple years I've been able to lead over 5,000 people to Christ, and in my heart I feel like there's a few more I still need to get to … I believe someday the end of my journey will indeed come, but not yet. There's still a bit more work to do." — Carman Licciardello

(Los Angeles, CA) — [(more)

This State Just Closed Its LAST Planned Parenthood Clinic!

It had been in business for 40 years.

(Casper, WY) — [LifeSiteNews] The state of Wyoming will soon be rid of America's largest abortion provider....


Fair and Balanced Report on James Comey Drama: "He's Trying to Take Down the President"

If you haven't yet been praying for President Trump, that, and other revelations about the former FBI Director, should have you on your knees now.

(Washington, DC) — [Charisma News] There is a perception, particularly in Washington, D.C., that former FBI Director James Comey was a man whose moral and ethical compasses were beyond reproach....


Worship Leader on 'The Voice' Snags Finale Spot With Spirit-Filled Praise

"Paying tribute to his church that holds viewing parties for him each week, Chris went deep into his Gospel roots for this powerful song about faith and overcoming personal struggles..." -Denton Davidson

[Charisma News] Chris Blue, a worship leader from Knoxville, snagged a spot on The Voice's finale with the incredible praise song, "Take Me to the King....


This Vice-Principal Should Get an Award for Compassion After Fulfilling a Grandma's Dying Wish in the Most Amazing Way

"For this to happen, it was a miracle." -Clinton Vest

(Houston, TX)—[] All Clinton Vest wanted was for his dying grandma to watch him walk the stage for his graduation from Kingwood Park High School. (Photo via KHOU....


Christians Are Our Brothers: Israeli President, Makes Powerful Statement after Visiting Syria

"We have all seen the pictures from Syria; I visited some of the injured being treated in Israeli hospitals. What has happened there to the Christian community—and to the whole country—is a stain on all of humanity." -Israeli President Reuven Rivlin

[Israel Today] Israel President Reuven Rivlin said during a meeting with church leaders in Jerusalem that Christians and Jews are "brothers....


Rep. Dennis Kucinich—a Democrat—Bucks His Party's Trend, Says the "Deep State" Within Intelligence Agencies is Trying to Destroy Trump Presidency

[] "Our first allegiance is to our country," Kucinich said. "This isn't about one president, this is about the political process of the United States of America being under attack by intelligence agencies and individuals in those agencies, yes, as you said there might be good people in there, but there are certain individuals who are lifers who want to be able to direct the policy of the country. And if the president stands in their way whether it's a Democrat or Republican they'll just try to run that person out"... Click (more)

Founder and former CEO of FOX News, Roger Ailes, Has Died at 77

"Roger was a loving husband to me, to his son Zachary, and a loyal friend to many. He was also a patriot, profoundly grateful to live in a country that gave him so much opportunity to work hard, to rise—and to give back."

[CBN News] Three days after his 77th birthday, former Fox News Network founder and CEO Roger Ailes died Thursday. The cause of death has not yet been released....


Sen. Marco Rubio Defends His Bible Tweets after Bloggers Mock, Insult Him

The haters won't stop him, so if they don't like it Rubio suggests they don't follow him anymore on Twitter.

(Washington, DC)—[CBN News] If you scroll through Sen. Marco Rubio's Twitter account, you will likely find a mix of political updates, Florida news, and inspirational Bible verses....


Trump's Israel Itinerary is Confirmed: NO MASADA—and Here's Why

Instead of Masada, which President Trump had hoped to give a speech at, he will visit the Israel Museum instead.

(Israel)—[Breaking Israel News] President Trump will arrive in Jerusalem on May 22, where he will meet with President Reuven Rivlin and proceed to lay a wreath at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial. Recent reports have hinted to Trump potentially giving a speech at Masada, but the plan was canceled on account of the desert heat. The Israel Museum in the Givat Ram neighborhood of Jerusalem was selected instead....


How the Prisoner Who Spoke in Tongues Before His Execution Came to Know Christ

The state of Arkansas recently made news after executing four prisoners in eight days. One of them, Kenneth Williams, is making waves with Christians because of his testimony.

(Little Rock, AR)—[Charisma News] He went into prison as a murderer. He left as Minister Kenneth D. Williams, child of God. (Photo: Kenneth Williams/Reuters/Arkansas Dept....


A Word of Encouragement in the Face of Political Confusion and Opposition in America

It would be easy to throw up our hands and give in to despair that the opposition is just too strong, too relentless, too tiring—BUT...

This has been a week of swirling political allegations and accusations by the media against President Donald Trump; to the point of nausea....


Dr. James Dobson Calls President Trump and VP Pence "Defenders of the Church" as They 'Go to Bat' for Imprisoned Pastor Andrew Brunson

"I thank God we have an administration that cherishes the freedom of religion as our founders hoped we would." -Dr. Ronnie Floyd

(Washington, DC)—[CBN News] The case of Pastor Andrew Brunson, who has been imprisoned in Turkey since October, was brought up not once, not twice, but three times during President Donald Trump's meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Tuesday....


Evangelist Alveda King: POTUS is REDIRECTING [Not Cutting] Funds to Save Lives!

Now, along with thousands and maybe millions of unborn lives; not to mention healing women and mothers, this policy will help heal America. Keep praying friends.  President Donald Trump is listening to 83 percent of Americans who asked him to end taxpayer funding of overseas abortion groups. I'm in that number. Are you? Pray about it!

airlift[Dr. Alveda King-Blog] Finally our tax dollars are being redirected from death care to health care. President Trump's "Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance" policy is simply amazing. Friends, he's not robbing the poor, he's saving lives....


"Chills Covered My Body": Photo Taken Just Moments after Fatal Car Accident is Providing Grieving Family with Peace

"Oh, my gosh. It's a pathway to Heaven." -Tara Noble

(Georgia)—[CBN News] A photo taken at the scene of a tragic car crash that killed two young moms and a 9-month-old baby last month is bringing hope and peace to the families of the victims....


Here's What President Trump is Doing for America's Police Officers this Week

"Words cannot express the depths of our gratitude, but I hope that our actions will show you how deeply we care and how strongly we feel about protecting those who protect us," he said. "America stands strong with our men and women in blue. Believe me, we stand strong together." -President Donald Trump

[Charisma News] Following an eight-year presidency in which law enforcement officers were under constant assault from the Obama administration, this year for National Police Week, the White House is being bathed in blue light at night....


France Rejects a Third Gender Category

The court ruled that the distinction between male and female was "necessary to the social and legal organization [of the country], of which it is a cornerstone."

(France)—[Christian Headlines] France's highest court last week rejected the notion of a "neutral" gender....


U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman Prays for President Trump at Western Wall

"I prayed for the president, and I wished him success, especially on his upcoming trip. I hope we all wish him success. We hope it's going to be an amazing trip." -U.S. Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman

(Israel)—[] U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman immediately went to the Western Wall to pray for President Donald Trump after the envoy arrived in Israel for the first time in his new post. (Photo: U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman prays at the Western Wall in Jerusalem/Credit: Rob Ghost/Flash90/via JNS....


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