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The Truth about Slain Missionary John Chau Reveals a Pure Heart That Drives Secularists Crazy, and Exposes a Deadly Double-Standard

Teresa Neumann-Opinion : Dec 4, 2018 : God Reports

What do you have to lose by laying down your "arrows" and extending a welcoming hand to a messenger who comes to you in peace?

"Don't judge." Christians are told this all the time. And yet, judging is exactly what the world is quick to do the moment a Christian steps out in faith to follow Jesus. Nor does the double standard end there. Here are a few more: (Photo: John Chau/via God Reports)

"Primitive cultures should be left alone," say humanists who elevate the concept of stone-age living over the miracles of modern-day medicine. Such a policy means tribes, such as the Sentinelese, who recently murdered missionary John Chau, are deliberately denied access to basic healthcare that would heal, and certainly, save lives. In effect, women and children die needlessly in childbirth. Teeth and gum diseases have surely killed many of them, as have untreated infections. Simple vision and hearing problems endanger their lives and livelihoods.

"Me Too." Western women advocate for women's rights around the world, hoping to protect their sisters from abuse and improve their lives. And yet, how were women treated in earth's most primitive societies? Imagining that Sentinelese women are subjugated and abused is a fair deduction. Would you, as an American woman, trade places with them? Enough said.

"Open borders" is the mantra "woke" people are supposed to be chanting. Illegal immigrants are deemed victims. Globalism is the new cause célèbre, don't you know? Mention diseases that might be present among refugees in the southern caravan parked at the U.S. border and you're labeled a fear-monger; a bigot. Yet critics rage: How dare John Chau do what he did? How dare he try to "infect" a superior civilization with diseases they have no immunity to? (Not true, by the way. He was immunized).

"Children have rights," insists the U.N. Indeed, they do. Except children in places such as North Sentinel Island who are left to the mercies of a society one can only pray is not barbaric. Do the Sentinelese practice child-sacrifice to appease their gods? Do they kill children born with albinism, club feet or cleft lips?

Who would know for sure? Other than a random clinical anthropologist perhaps, apparently, nobody. No one seems to care about the men, women and children of North Sentinel Island other than "preserving" them for the sake of their culture; as though they're nothing but specimens in a museum.

No one, that is, except for John Chau, who gave his life to bring a better life to the Sentinelese. A life of "holistic" wellness so highly valued in American and European medicine: Wholeness of body, mind and spirit.

That's right: SPIRIT. FAITH.

If John Chau had been a Muslim, Buddhist, or Hindu, his death would have been ignored. If he had been a secular anthropologist attempting to take photos or study the Sentinelese, he would have been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. But Chau was a Christian carrying the greatest hope and healing message mankind has ever known in the form of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He appreciated the natural, but he understood the power of the SUPERnatural.

You may disagree.

You may be trapped, isolated, in your "ancient" mindsets and ways of living, like the Sentinelese.

You may look fine to others, but inside you're broken, abused, and without hope. Heck. At times, most of us are.

So what do you have to lose by laying down your "arrows" and extending a welcoming hand to a messenger who comes to you in peace?

The Sentinelese had nothing to lose, and everything to gain by doing so.

Someday, gain they will, because I'm convinced John Chau's death was not in vain. Hope for them will come in other forms—visions and dreams perhaps—and, in time, they will experience the Desire of Ages. (Photo: Teresa Neumann, BCN) Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

Click here to read how John Chau was immunized and quarantined before trying to reach the Sentinelese, as well as his amazing faith and thankfulness for his multi-racial heritage.

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