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Christians are being killed for their faith…

Paid Advertisement : Jul 17, 2018
Faith & Freedom Coalition

Sign The Petition Christians are being murdered, tortured, and persecuted for their faith across the world--and the mainstream media in our country is staying silent.

Faith & Freedom Coalition is taking action: launching a new petition to Congress, demanding that they put pressure on world leaders to stop the persecution of Christians.

But I’ll be honest: this petition will only make a difference if I can count on your help today.

Will you add your name--and tell our leaders in Washington that they must put pressure on foreign governments who are actively oppressing Christians?

Add your name, right away.

Recent studies show that 215 million Christians in more than 50 countries currently experience extreme levels of persecution--simply because they believe in Jesus Christ:
  • In the Middle East, some Christian communities in Syria and Iraq had existed for nearly 2,000 years--but, in the past decade, they’ve been wiped out.

    More than a million Syrian Christians have been killed, forcibly converted, or chased out of their own country by Islamic extremist groups, like ISIS. And Iraq, which was home to 1.5 million Christians, has just 200,000 Christians left after years of violence.

    In Iran, Christians face imprisonment, torture, and execution for their faith--including one man who, just earlier this month, was sentenced to 10 years in jail for being a Christian missionary.

  • In North Korea, a recent defector described a “life of Hell” for her nation’s Christian population--all of whom have to worship in private, under constant fear of torture, imprisonment, and death.

    And anti-Christian persecution is spreading throughout Asia--with Christians in Bangladesh, Laos, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka reporting dramatically worsening conditions.

  • In Nigeria, the killing of Christians because of their faith shot up by more than 62 percent from 2016 to 2017. And it’s a problem now spreading to other nearby countries, like Sudan.
The list goes on and on—in 50 countries all across the world. In countries like China, Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen, and Indonesia.

Even countries that are U.S. allies--like Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and India--are seeing dramatic increases in the number of Christians killed for their faith in Jesus Christ.

Congress has the power to put pressure on world leaders to take action--and defend the rights, liberties, and lives of Christians in their countries.

But I’ll be completely honest: our leaders in Washington will not act unless you and I force them to, right now.

Will you stand up for Christians--who face persecution and death for worshipping Jesus Christ--by signing Faith & Freedom’s petition to Congress?

Add your name to Faith & Freedom’s petition to Congress--demanding that they end all foreign aid to countries that persecute Christians for their faith.

If any group is able to turn the world’s anti-Christian bigotry into front page news, it’s Faith & Freedom Coalition.

As the nation’s largest grassroots army of Christian and conservative voters, when we speak, Washington listens. Our 1.7 million activists nationwide have a long history of taking on “impossible” fights--and taking home big victories.

But whether we’re mobilizing our activists to the polls to stand up for religious liberty in America--or whether we’re helping to draw attention to the horrific conditions that Christians face overseas--one thing remains true:

Faith & Freedom’s critical efforts are only as strong as the support and voice we can count on from Christian conservatives like you.

If we’re going to make our country, and our world, safe for Christians once more, we need your help. The stakes are simply too high for any Christian to stand on the sidelines in this fight.

Help Faith & Freedom defend the rights, liberties, and lives of Christians all across the world--by demanding that our leaders in Washington take action.

Add your name to Faith & Freedom Coalition’s petition right away--and demand that Congress end any and all foreign aid to countries who persecute Christians.

Thank you so much for your help and your voice.

God bless,

P.S. 215 million Christians face persecution in more than 50 countries--just because they believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ.

That’s why Faith & Freedom Coalition is demanding Congress take action--and cut all foreign aid to countries that persecute Christians.

Add your name to Faith & Freedom’s petition to our leaders in Washington--and help us stop the persecution of Christians across the world.

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