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South Carolina Passes Ban on Transgender Surgeries for Children, Secret 'Transitions' at School

Raymond Wolfe : May 13, 2024

South Carolina Republicans, backed by Gov. Henry McMaster, voted to ban 'gender transitioning' children, taxpayer funding for 'sex changes,' and secret 'gender transitions' at school.

(Columbia, SC) — [] South Carolina has become the latest US state to crack down on mutilating transgender surgeries and hormones for children and taxpayer funding for "gender transitions." (Image: iStock-Dave Allen)

On Thursday, South Carolina's Republican-led legislature approved House Bill 4624, which prohibits medical professionals from giving puberty-blocking drugs or cross-sex hormones to children under 18 years old or subjecting minors to "genital or nongenital gender reassignment surgery."

"A physician, mental health provider, or other health care professional shall not knowingly provide gender transition procedures to a person under eighteen years of age," the bill states.

Physicians who violate the bill would risk losing their licenses and would be "guilty of inflicting great bodily injury upon a child" if they commit transgender surgeries on children. A person subjected to a "gender transition" while still a child would have a three-year window to bring legal action against the medical professionals responsible for their mutilation.

South Carolina was one of the last Republican-led states not to have passed restrictions on transgender mutilation of children.

The bill cleared the state Senate 28-8 and the House 67-26, with the backing of only three Democrats.

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The bill requires minors who began using puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones before August 1 this year to be weaned off of the sterilizing drugs by no later January 31, 2025. It also outlaws the use of public funds "directly or indirectly" for "gender transition" practices and bans Medicaid from reimbursing or covering the procedures... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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