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Hamas' Nightmarish Terror Exposed in New Stage Play Forced to Open Under Police Protection: 'We Want to Tell the Truth'

Billy Hallowell : May 13, 2024

"We interviewed about 20 people. We have cut it down to 13 stories. ... There's stories of tragedy, there's stories of heroism, there's stories of people fighting back, there's stories of survival, resilience." -Phelim McAleer

[] A journalist and filmmaker known for exploring tough issues through film, stage plays, books, and podcasts is on a mission to expose the true horrors of Hamas' Oct. 7 terror attack. (Screengrab image: via YouTube/

Phelim McAleer's new play, "October 7," is set to open May 13 in New York City.

It's a stage show motivated by his quest to tell the real story behind the deadly attacks, the related hostage crisis, and Israel's military response.

"We realized very quickly that journalists in the mainstream media— they want[ed] to talk about Oct. 8. They wanted to talk about Oct. 9," McAleer said. "Nobody wanted to talk about Oct. 7. There was a story that wasn't being told, and that's what we specialize in: telling untold stories."

The conservative journalist and filmmaker said people fail to understand there would be no Israeli response and no war in Gaza had Hamas not unleashed terror on Israel.

"We want to tell the truth," McAleer said. "We wanted to bring the truth to people"... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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