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Former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo reveals he is suffering from COVID vaccine side effects

Clare Marie Merkowsky : May 7, 2024

Chris Cuomo, who pushed the experimental COVID vaccine on CNN during the so-called pandemic, seems to have completely reversed course, recently revealing the shots made him 'sick' and vowing to continue reporting on the effects of the jab.

[] In an interview with a vaccine-injured nurse practitioner, pro-vaccine former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo revealed that he too was injured by the COVID shot. (Image via Pixabay)

During a May 3 interview, Cuomo, who is known for pushing COVID regulations and the experimental vaccines, admitted that he is suffering from side effects from the shot while discussing the censorship of those harmed by the shots with nurse practitioner Shaun Barcavage.

"We know that vaccines can have unintended consequences, a.k.a. side effects," Cuomo said in his opening. "But nobody's really talking about it because they're too afraid of blame, and they just want it to go away."

"But the problem is, people like Shaun and me and millions of others who still have weird stuff with their blood work, and their lives, and their feelings physically are not going away," he added.

During the interview, Barcavage recounts being injured within "15 to 20 minutes of my first dose" which he received in 2020.

"I had paresthesia with numbness, tingling, up and down my injected arm that over days spread to my face and my eyes," he explained... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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