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New York City Union Workers Backing Trump 3 to 1 Over Biden; Chant 'We Love Trump' during Impromptu Visit

Todd Starnes : Apr 26, 2024

"We built a lot of great buildings in this city with these people. They've given me great support. They're really amazing." -President Trump to Fox News

(New York City) — [] Thousands of blue collar workers greeted President Trump during a surprise visit to a construction site in New York City [on Thursday]. The men boldly chanted, "We Love Trump" and "USA USA" as the president shook hands with the hard hats. (Screengrab image: via X)

Watch videos from X Here. (Screengrab image: via X)

"We basically built New York We are a very patriotic union and we are pro-America," Bob Bartels, the manager of the local steamfitters union, told Fox News. "President Trump is leading Joe Biden 3 to 1 in my presidential poll out of my 9,000 members. We are very tired of the situation with groceries, inflation, gas prices, illegal immigration and crime." Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here