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Good News: Some Businesses Are Ditching DEI and ESG

Yahoo Finance : Feb 27, 2024
Intercessors For America

BlackRock (BLK), the world's largest money manager, also ended its US involvement with the group...

[] Father, thank You for this answer to prayer. Disable the destructive DEI and ESG agendas, and strike them from our nation. (Screengrab image)

Many big businesses and financial groups have been ditching the ESG and DEI labels to avoid, as this article puts it, "the political heat." Will this change stick, or will these three-letter ideologies simply rebrand and reappear?

From Yahoo Finance: Big businesses keep backing away from "ESG" and "DEI" as the political heat around these buzzwords mount in an election year.

The latest retrenchment came last week when financial giants JPMorgan Chase (JPM), State Street (STT), and Pimco all pulled out of Climate Action 100+, a coalition formed in 2017 to encourage companies to reduce their emissions... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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