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Democrat Strategists and Soros-Linked Operatives Caught in MASSIVE Global Political Influence and Election Interference Op, Leaked Recordings Reveal (VIDEO)

Jim Hᴏft : Feb 23, 2024
The Gateway Pundit

"EXCLUSIVE: Check out what Soros is up to in Europe. His own Democrat operatives reveal how Soros throws around money to topple national governments and unleash chaos in the Ukraine! Watch them admit it all, then you'll understand his Texas plans." -citizen journalist Magababe, via X

[] In a series of explosive videos released by @MagaBabe on X/Twitter, high-profile figures have been caught on camera discussing behind-the-scenes activities related to US foreign policy. The recordings reveal a concerted effort to influence political outcomes in Poland, Hungary, Brazil, Turkey, and beyond. (Image: via Gateway Pundit-Screengrab)

The leaked conversations feature shocking admissions from several key players, including retired General Wesley Clark, former Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO...

...The spotlight also falls on Action for Democracy, an enigmatic organization with the stated goal of promoting the Democratic Party's foreign policy agenda across the globe... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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