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'We Have Never Refused Negotiations': Vladimir Putin Explains His Position on Ukraine War in Tucker Carlson's Controversial Interview

Patrick Delaney : Feb 9, 2024

"...You should tell the current Ukrainian leadership to stop and come to a negotiating table." -Russian President Vladimir Putin

(Moscow) — [] In a much-anticipated interview with popular commentator Tucker Carlson, Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed his motivations behind invading Ukraine two years ago, the many decisions the United States and their partners made to provoke the war, the CIA's ability to disregard the policy of US presidents, and the notion that Russia intends to invade Western Europe as obviously "imaginary." (Image: Screengrab via LSN)

After a long, detailed presentation on the history of the region and the immediate run-up to Russia's February 24, 2022, invasion of Ukraine, Putin made the case for how the US broke its verbal commitment to expand NATO eastward after the collapse of the Soviet Union. With five waves of expansion, this came to a critical point at the 2008 NATO summit in Bucharest that declared the alliance's intention to welcome Ukraine and Georgia despite the Bush administration having a clear understanding this could set the stage for war with Russia.

He also described the process behind the 2014 coup d'etat of the democratically elected government in Ukraine as being orchestrated by the CIA to facilitate the utilization of this nation as a springboard of aggression against the Russian motherland. This included the government of Kiev's war against native Russians within their own borders in the east.

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"So, in 2008, the doors of NATO were opened for Ukraine. In 2014, there was a coup (and) they started persecuting those who did not accept the coup," Putin said. "They created the threat to Crimea, which we had to take under our protection. They launched the war in Donbas in 2014 with the use of aircraft and artillery against civilians. This is when it all started."

"They launched a large-scale military operation. Then another one. When they failed, they started to prepare the next one. All this against the background of military development of this territory and opening of NATO's doors."

"How could we not express concern over what was happening? From our side this would have been a culpable negligence," he said. "It's just that the US political leadership pushed us to the line we could not cross because doing so could have ruined Russia itself. Besides, we could not leave our brothers in faith, in fact, a part of Russian people, in the face of this war machine."

He recalled the efforts to bring about a peace agreement in April of that year in Istanbul, Turkey. Stating they had a deal agreed upon, including Ukraine's "de-nazification" of their nation, he was told by European officials that he had to "create conditions for the final signing of the documents."

"My counterparts in France, in Germany said, 'How can you imagine them signing a treaty with a gun to their heads?'" demanding he pull back troops from Kiev, the Russian president explained. "As soon as we pulled back our troops from Kiev, our Ukrainian negotiators immediately threw all our agreements reached in Istanbul into the bin and got prepared for a longstanding armed confrontation with the help of the United States and its satellites in Europe."

He explained the real presence of Nazi ideology in Ukraine and elsewhere, which strikes a prominent chord in the memory of the Russian people due to Hitler's atrocities against them and others during World War II... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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