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Spain's Conservative Leader Issues Stark Warning About Radical Government in Tucker Carlson Interview

Ashley Sadler : Nov 20, 2023

"There is this curious alliance between the extreme left and global multi-millionaires. It is a strange alliance for this left-wing that has been anti-globalization but which now joins forces with the multi-millionaires who want to rule the world and want to tell us how to live our lives while they live like kings." -Santiago Abascal told Tucker Carlson

(Spain) — [] The leader of Spain's right-wing party told conservative media titan Tucker Carlson [last] week that his country's assent to radical woke ideology and control by a socialist government is part of a "cancer" that "can ultimately infect the rest of Europe." (Image: via LifeSiteNews /Screengrab from X)

"I think it's important for the rest of the world to understand that for many years Spain has been the testing ground for extreme wokeness, extreme climate agendas, and incredibly radical gender laws since 2004," Spain's right-wing Vox party leader Santiago Abascal told Carlson in an interview posted Friday to X.

"Spain is also the gateway to the Islamization of Europe given its geographic position," Abascal said, adding that his country has become "one of the main victims of mass immigration."

He concurred with Carlson's observation that Spaniards' national birthrate is below replacement levels, and pointed to countries like France, Germany, and Sweden where "Islamization and social change have been brutal."

Abascal also noted that Spain has connections to the Latin American countries, explaining that his country "can either slow narco-communism or become the spearhead for narco-communism."

According to Abascal, the conquest of national governments by "narco-communism" "could very well happen in Europe" as well.

Moreover, the Vox leader pointed out, Spain is the only European country to have openly communist ministers in its government. He lambasted the European Union for cracking down on conservative nations like Poland and Hungary while failing to take action against the communists within the Spanish government.

He told Carlson it's important that people around the world recognize what's happening to Spain due to its potential to spread to other parts of Europe and the west more broadly.

"A cancer that begins to infect Spanish politics can ultimately infect the rest of Europe," he said.

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Abascal said his party has staked out alliances with the prime ministers of Poland and Hungary, Italy's new conservative PM Georgia Meloni, and former US President Donald Trump.

"Vox is a political party with important international connections because we're sure that even though we're defending our own homeland, we are also defending many other citizens around the world who face the threat of globalism and feel they are losing control entirely over their future," he said. "I think we face common enemies and must be able to respond in kind"... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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