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Virginia School Board Approves 'Common Sense' Policy Revisions Restricting Trans Pronouns, Boys Using Girls' Spaces

Ashley Sadler : Nov 17, 2023

The new policy makes clear that students are to be referred to by the proper pronouns and that children who participate in gender-segregated sports and extracurricular activities must take part in the ones that align with their [biological] sex.

(Ashland, VA) — [] A Virginia school board this week approved a new policy to further reaffirm biological reality against transgender ideology. The move comes in spite of backlash from transgender advocates in recent years and a previous ACLU lawsuit accusing the board of discrimination. (Image: Pexels)

The Hanover County School Board permitted proposed revisions to their policy during a Tuesday board meeting, WRIC reported.

Under the new policy revisions, students may only be referred to in school by the pronouns listed in their official records unless a gender-confused student and his or her parent submits a written request.

The revision also makes clear that the district will not "compel staff or students to address or refer to students in any manner that would violate their constitutionally protected rights" and forbids the introduction of any "policy, guidance, training or other written material may encourage or instruct teachers to conceal material information about a student from the student's parents, including information related to gender," with a stipulation in the event that a child "is at imminent risk of suicide related to parental abuse or neglect."

The revised policy further specifies that children are only to participate in the sports and other extracurricular activities that align with their sex, including overnight accommodations.

"For any school programs, events, or activities (including extracurricular activities) that are separated by biological sex, the appropriate participation of students will be determined by biological sex rather than gender or gender identity," the policy states. "Overnight travel accommodations and other intimate spaces used for school-related activities and events will be arranged based upon the biological sex of the participants."

Exceptions in favor of gender-confused students "will be permitted only to the extent required by law."

The board also added the word "biological" to its restroom policy concerning gender-confused students who wish to use "facilities that align with their gender identity [sic] but not their [biological] sex"... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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