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Canada: New Poll Shows Conservatives Would Win Massive House Majority to Overtake Trudeau's Liberals

Anthony Murdoch : Nov 16, 2023

A Nanos Research poll has conservatives winning 205 seats in the House of Commons, a gain of 91, and the Liberals winning only 53 seats, a loss of 107.

(Ottawa, Ontario) — [] A recent poll shows that were a Canadian federal election held today the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) under leader Pierre Poilievre would win a majority in the House of Commons over Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberals, whose popularity has taken a nose dive. (Screengrab image)

A Nanos Research poll released November 10 shows that conservatives would win 205 seats, a gain of 91s, and the Liberals would win only 53 seats, a loss of 107.

In a close third, the socialist New Democratic Party (NDP) under leader Jagmeet Singh would win 39 seats, a gain of 14.

When it comes to the overall vote, the CPC's support stands at 40 percent, with the Liberals showing about half that at 22 percent support, which is only two points ahead of the NDP, which has 20 percent support... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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