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Secret Service's FOIA Documents Reveal DNA was Found and Preserved in White House Cocaine Probe, Contrary to Prior Claims [VIDEO]

Jim Hᴏft : Nov 15, 2023
The Gateway Pundit

"Where did they get the DNA from? They got the DNA off the baggie. So the Secret Service lied, and so did the White House. They did find DNA on the baggie, and the DNA was processed and has been moved to an evidence vault for preservation..." -Jesse Watters

[] ...On Monday, the Biden regime released the first photos of the 2 grams of cocaine found at the Biden White House over the summer were released in response to a FOIA request filed by The Daily Mail. (Image: iStock)

According to [Jesse] Watters, this shifting narrative raises questions about the accuracy and transparency of the Secret Service's statements ...

Secret Service closed its investigation into the Biden White House cocaine scandal without conducting any interviews.

No suspect was identified, and allegedly no fingerprints, DNA samples, or leads were found! ...

However, the FOIA documents suggest the presence of three tubes of DNA, conflicting with the Secret Service's initial reports. It appears the DNA samples were not only found but also preserved in an evidence vault.

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