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Teenager Who Confronted Bullies for Friend is Attacked by Mob of 15, Dies from Injuries

Brandon Drey : Nov 13, 2023
The Daily Wire

[] A Las Vegas teenager [Jonathan Lewis, Jr] reportedly died last week after he was severely beaten by a violent mob of about 15 attackers near a local high school ... Lewis [senior], 38, said on a GoFundMe page that, from his understanding, a smaller friend of Lewis Jr. had an item stolen by a group of 15 who then threw the boy in a trash can. When Lewis Jr. confronted the mob, they attacked him ... He described his son as "a loving, giving, kind, fierce young man who loved community and caring for others. This horrific tragedy is reflective of the divisive, conflict based, uncaring state that our society and humanity is currently facing with how we interact with our community..." Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click Here to read and watch the video.  (Screengrab image)