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'Historic Moment': Woman With Down Syndrome Becomes among First to Finish NYC Marathon

Billy Hallowell : Nov 13, 2023

"Kayleigh didn't stop. She didn't want to give up." -Sandy Williamson, Kayleigh's mom

[] A 33-year-old woman with Down syndrome made history Sunday, when she became one of the first women with the condition to complete the New York City Marathon. (Screengrab image)

Kayleigh Williamson exuded joy throughout the 10-hour, 9-minute journey, with her mom, Sandy Williamson, running alongside her, People magazine reported.

Sandy said the entire experience was "emotional."

"New York changed the way I saw my daughter," the mom said. "Every time she heard music she stopped to dance. It was very emotional for her at the end—the last two miles." (Screengrab image)

Despite the pain and, at moments, tears, Kayleigh continued.

"Kayleigh didn't stop," Sandy said. "She didn't want to give up"... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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