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New 'Air Vax' Delivers mRNA Right to Your Lungs, Raising Serious Bioethical Concerns

Dr. Joseph Mercola-Opinion : Oct 2, 2023

Researchers say this new 'air vax' method could 'radically change the way people are vaccinated,' but it could also be used to rapidly vaccinate the masses without their knowledge or consent.

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Yale University researchers have developed a new airborne method for delivering mRNA right to your lungs. The team has also used the method to vaccinate mice intranasally, opening the door for human testing in the near future.

While scientists are hailing the creation as an easy way to vaccinate the masses, critics wonder if the development of an airborne vaccine could be used for nefarious purposes, including covert bioenhancements, which have already been recommended in academic literature.

Yale team develops airborne mRNA, delivers it to lungs

In a study on mice, Yale scientists created polymer nanoparticles to encapsulate mRNA, making it inhalable so it can reach the lungs. Courtney Malo, editor with Science Translational Medicine, which published the study, explained:

The ability to efficiently deliver mRNA to the lung would have applications for vaccine development, gene therapy, and more. Here, Suberi et al. showed that such mRNA delivery can be accomplished by encapsulating mRNAs of interest within optimized poly(amine-co-ester) polyplexes [nanoparticles].

Polyplex-delivered mRNAs were efficiently translated into protein in the lungs of mice with limited evidence of toxicity. This platform was successfully applied as an intranasal SARS-CoV-2 vaccine, eliciting robust immune responses that conferred protection against subsequent viral challenge. These results highlight the potential of this delivery system for vaccine applications and beyond.

The team, led by cellular and molecular physiologist Mark Saltzman, explained that the inhalable mRNA vaccine... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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