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Doctor Whose Censorship Case Is at the Supreme Court: 'We Had to Speak Up'

Joy Pullmann : Oct 2, 2023
The Federalist

[] When he saw US institutions ignoring Swedish data out in June 2020 showing children hardly transmitted or contracted Covid-19 at school, Harvard University Professor of Medicine Martin Kulldorff decided to start speaking more on Twitter (now called X). "I have three children and I need to be able to see them in the eyes," Kulldorff told The Federalist when asked why he risked his position at Harvard, government research grants, even friendships, for publicly opposing lockdowns and vaccine mandates. "If I'm a scientist, I have to humbly seek the truth and honestly communicate that. I don't think there's another choice as a scientist. ... It was obvious that we had to speak up"... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click Here to read. (Image credit: Taleed Brown /Creative Commons-Wikimedia)