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[Watch] US Rep. Spartz' Fiery Questioning of AG Garland: 'Are You Aware That Americans Are Afraid of Being Persecuted By Their Own Government?'

Ian Schwartz : Sep 22, 2023
Real Clear Politics

[] Rep. Victoria Spartz (R-IN), who was born in Soviet Ukraine, admonished Attorney General Merrick Garland at Wednesday's House Judiciary hearing. Spartz said the Durham report makes the FBI look like the KGB, adding the DOJ has a "nice playbook." "It's like KGB. But when I read Durham reports, we have this—you have a nice, you know, playbook," Spartz said. "First, let's have a special counsel and then you don't have to answer any questions here. Then let's extend slow walk investigation on Hillary Clinton, on Hunter. Everything is slow walk. We were very quick on Donald Trump, but you were very slow walk"... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click Here to watch the video and read the transcript of Rep. Spartz' questioning of Merrick Garland. (Screengrab image)