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Military Chaplain Baptizes over 150 Army Soldiers During Basic Training: 'An Amazing Blessing'

Billy Hallowell : Sep 15, 2023

"It's great to see their spiritual strength grow through basic training." -Cpt. Logan Lair

[] Over 150 US Army soldiers were baptized during basic training this summer at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. (Screengrab image)

Cpt. Logan Lair, a Southern Baptist Convention chaplain, told Baptist Press trainees have been "hungry to learn about spirituality and their spiritual strength," with 73 getting baptized in August and 84 in July.

Lair said he's deeply encouraged by the response from these new trainees and called watching their baptisms, which unfolded the third Sunday of each summer month, a "joy."

"It's great to see their spiritual strength grow through basic training," he said. "It's an amazing blessing for me as a chaplain to be able to see where those trainees have come from and then to see where they are going."

These conversions and baptisms come amid the stresses of basic training, with Lair telling Baptist Press how the intense pressure and chaos of the experience can yield spiritual conversations.

He said the role of a chaplain can help these individuals meet the demands and challenges that come from their newfound military experience in basic training.

"The Chaplain plays a great role in all of that because we create a safe place for a trainee to process and vent," Lair explained. "As a Chaplain I get a lot of tears"... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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