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God's Amazing Grace: a Father Adopts the Young Man Who Murdered His Son

Christel Berns : May 24, 2023

"Now I know that God is real..." -Takoya Kreiner

airlift[] A young man who murdered two boys encountered the love and mercy of God when one of the victims' fathers forgave him. What's more, he also officially adopted him into his family—a perfect demonstration of God's unfailing love and grace. (Screengrab image)

Officer's Son Murdered

On May 27, 2002, Jacksonville Police Officer Ike Brown received heartbreaking news from his colleagues. His Sergeant, Lieutenant, Chief, and Chaplain came to his home and told him his son had lost his life in a shooting incident.

Ike's son was a bright young boy, the class clown, and a basketball player. He was a kind young boy who loved his family and friends.

Shooting Incident

On the day the shooting happened, his son was playing video games at his friend's home. Then shots started going off inside the house, killing 21-year-olds "Isaac Brown Jr. and Jeffrey Hicks."

After the police investigation, they discovered that the two young men weren't connected with the murderer at all. They just happened to be there when the suspect, Takoya Kreiner, opened fire. A prosecutor attested that Takoya "went to Barry's South Side home that night to smoke pot and drink beer."

Father Adopts Son's Murderer

Three years after Ike Jr.'s burial, the trial began. And for the first time, Ike would face the man who killed his eldest son. He thought he would feel rage, anger, and revenge against him. But he was surprised that he felt compassion from the moment he laid his eyes on him.

airliftIke questioned God about the compassion he felt towards his son's murderer. Instead of hate, he chose forgiveness and even wanted to hug the man who murdered his son. Takoya was sentenced to life imprisonment for first-degree murder. (Screengrab image)

"I realized that something was happening inside of me that I wasn't even aware of," the father recalled. "I know without a doubt it was God."

Ike often prayed for Takoya. And a couple of years later, he sent him a letter forgiving him, that eventually led to his encounter with the Father's unconditional love. Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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