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Miraculous: Alabama Shooting Victims in Different Hospitals Healed after Livestream Prayer

Christa : May 22, 2023

The first thing one of the girls said when she woke up was, "Jesus" and she began to sing...

[] Two of the recent Alabama shooting victims were miraculously healed after an Orlando pastor received a word of knowledge for healing during a Sunday service. (Image: Unsplash-Stephen Andrews)

Alabama Shooting Victims

Recently at a sweet 16 party, gunshots were heard and killed at least four guests. Many were injured and were rushed to the hospital.

Two of the victims, both girls, were severely hurt. They were [comatose] on ventilator[s] for weeks until a miracle happened.

Pastor Michael Koulianos of Jesus Image Church recalled he kept hearing the word "shooting" during their worship on San Diego Revival Night. He believed the Lord wanted to heal someone who had been injured in a shooting. So he began to pray during the live stream broadcast, not knowing who it was meant for.

Meanwhile, an Alabama resident was watching the live stream. She had been interceding for the two girls who [were] still in the hospital.

When Pastor Michael called out for the shooting victims God wanted to heal, she immediately shared the video. They agreed with his prayer and stood in the gap.

Miraculous healing

The two girls [who were] admitted to separate hospitals, woke up the next day.

Doctors were [shocked] by what they witnessed. Doctors were amaz[ed] because they believed that there was no way that the girls would recover. But with God, all things are possible.

The first thing one of the girls said when she woke up was, "Jesus." And then she started singing, "Jesus, do it for me."

[The same day], the second girl also woke up from her coma.

The two are still in therapy, but they are going to make it. Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

Click Here to hear the entire testimony in a video beginning at the 1 hour, 30 minute mark.