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GiveSendGo Campaign for 'Good Samaritan' Daniel Penny's Legal Defense Fund Reaches over $2.6 Million

Nick Kangadis-Opinion : May 18, 2023

"This isn't about race. This is about people of all colors who were very, very afraid, and a man who stepped in to help them." -Subway passenger witness, via Fox News

[[UPDATE: Daniel Penny's Give-Send-Go legal defense campaign is now over $2.6 million. Click Here for more info] At least some people understand reality when they see it and aren't easily led into believing whatever the propaganda media are pushing as their narrative. (Screengrab image: via Give-Send-Go)

By now, most of you who follow the headlines know the name Jordan Neely. He was the career criminal who was subdued by 24-year-old Marine Daniel Penny on a New York City subway recently. Penny stayed at the scene and put Neely in a recovery position with two other people while Neely was still allegedly breathing until authorities showed up.

For being a good samaritan, Penny had to surrender himself to authorities last week so that George Soros-funded, Trump-chasing, far-left activist Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg could charge him with second-degree manslaughter.

In the wake of his persecution—I mean, prosecution—Penny's lawyers started a GiveSendGo campaign in order to raise money for their client's defense. As of this writing, the campaign has raised over $2.4 million.

Neely had reportedly been arrested an astounding 44 times, including for "multiple assaults, attempted child abduction, drugs and indecent exposure.

The propaganda media is framing this story in favor of Neely, because Neely was black and Penny is white. They want you to believe he was a good person, because he occasionally danced like the late "King of Pop," Michael Jackson... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here