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UK Preacher Who Was Reported as a Terrorist after a 'Misgendering' Arrest Wins BIG Following Legal Nightmare

Billy Hallowell : Mar 27, 2023

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, lamented the case earlier this month and the punishment, noting the preacher was "assaulted, abused, and has his belongings stolen simply for stating biological reality."

[] A Christian pastor in the UK arrested and found guilty of harassing and "misgendering" an individual who identifies as transgender recently saw his conviction overturned nearly two years after his legal nightmare began. (Screengrab image)

David McConnell was preaching in Leeds in June 2021, when an interaction with this individual ignited a firestorm that landed him behind bars and battling for his rights. McConnell told CBN's Faithwire he was preaching outdoors when chaos unfolded—something he frequently does to share the Gospel.

"I like to set up properly," he said. "I like to be on a stand so people can see me. I use amplification. I preach in a way which is interactive. People can ask questions and engage."

He recalled preaching for about 30 minutes on the day of his arrest when the individual in question purportedly approached him.

"As I was preaching ... there was a young man in women's clothes with a friend who turned up," McConnell said. "Then I was approached with a question from this individual who asked the question, 'Does God accept the LGBT community?'"

The preacher said he followed his standard protocol for responding, which is to say, "This lady or this man asked a question," before delivering his response. In this case, he said, "This gentleman asked a question," but the use of "gentleman" for a biological man who identifies as female began to rile the crowd.

McConnell said people started to heckle and take issue with his framing, with the crowd demanding he affirm the person was authentically a woman.

"I was just repeating back and said, 'No, I don't agree. This is a man. Let's move on. Let's, you know, deal with the question, try and answer the question,'" he recalled, noting the heckling eventually calmed.

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