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Ugandan Parliament Passes 'Anti-Homosexuality Bill,' Infuriating the Pro-LGBT West

Stephen Kokx : Mar 23, 2023

"In our country, we will have our morals. We will protect our children. We are making this law for ourselves. We are making this law for our children. We are making this law for the children of our children." -Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni

(Uganda) — [] The Christian-majority country of Uganda voted to strengthen its commitment to Biblical marriage and sexuality this week by passing legislation that further criminalizes sodomy and other depraved behaviors. (Screengrab image)

On Tuesday, the African nation unanimously passed the "Anti-Homosexuality Bill." President Yoweri Museveni called on Parliament to support the measure earlier this month, stating at the time that the pro-LGBT West should "stop wasting the time of humanity by imposing their social practices on us."

Homosexual activity has long-been illegal in Uganda thanks to the country's penal code. However, in March 2022, an MP introduced the "anti-homosexuality" proposal, which was modeled after a 2014 law that was struck down in court, primarily due to pressure from international forces. Among other things, the bill that was passed Tuesday would: 

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