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Wyoming Bans Gender-Confused Male Students from Competing in Girls' Sports—However...

Mary Zwicker : Mar 22, 2023

...Despite choosing not to veto the bill, [Governor] Gordon said ... that he believed the new law to be discriminatory. The new law makes Wyoming the 19th state in the US to restrict men from competing in women's sports.

[] The state of Wyoming has enacted a bill that will ban biologically male students from female sports. (Image: Unsplash-Pascal Bernardon)

On Friday, March 17, Governor Mark Gordon of Wyoming allowed a bill to become law, albeit without his signature, banning male public school athletes in grades 7-12 "from competing on a team designated for students of the female sex" in any interscholastic sport. This new legislation, which will come into effect on July 1, makes Wyoming the 19th state in the United States to enact a law regarding men in women's sports.

However, despite choosing not to veto the bill, Gordon said in a letter to Wyoming's Secretary of State, Chuck Gray, that he believed the new law to be discriminatory, with "victims on both sides." 

Gordon said that while he was willing to let the bill pass into law without veto in order to avoid "these very divisive debates," he said that he chose to do so without his signature because it would be "difficult" for him to "sign legislation into law that knowingly will cost the State and taxpayers money" in the form of lawsuits.

The bill has caused controversy among those who support society's indoctrination of gender ideology, with various activists speaking out against the new legislation... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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