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Turning Point's Charlie Kirk Reveals Truth Behind Ronna McDaniel's' Re-Election as Republican Party Chair … and It's Deeply Disturbing

Teresa Neumann : Jan 30, 2023

Thank goodness Charlie Kirk has given us an inside look at the truth behind the Republican Chair election. It gives The People a clear road map of how to continue forward. Every conservative who cares about the direction this country is going should contact their local, and/or state Republican office and demand to know who their representatives voted for. And, if their elected leaders are not representing them, make it public so that they will not win re-election. As Steve Bannon just wisely said: "Divine Providence works through human agency."

[Twitter] -- Charlie Kirk, founder of the young conservative group Turning Point USA, attended the Republican National Chair election last weekend at the exclusive Waldorf Astoria Resort in Dana Beach, California. In a series of tweets, he detailed the percentage of state Republican Committee voters who expressed support for the will of the people they represented vs. the establishment anti-Trump faction. (Screengrab Image)

Kirk began by tweeting, "I learned so much from being at the RNC today. There are some amazing members who truly love the grassroots."

After detailing specifics about who supported Harmeet Dhillon and Mike Lindell over Ronna McDaniel, he concluded: "I am truly shocked at how disconnected the RNC country club is from the people they beg for donations."... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

Check out his must-read tweets here.