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Dr. Robert Malone: Endless mRNA Jabs Are in the Works as the CDC and FDA Play 'Hide the Data'

Robert Malone M.D. : Aug 19, 2022

"The FDA is clearly failing to do its job to protect the American people from what could be an extremely unsafe platform technology."

[] This weekend, while speaking at the Liberty Forum of Silicon Valley, I was asked a question about the status of the development of an influenza/COVID-19 mRNA vaccine. (Image: Pixabay)

A quick search on (which is a government website where clinical trials are registered), found the following combined influenza/COVID-19 clinical trial, which is currently recruiting:

A Safety, Reactogenicity, and Immunogenicity Study of mRNA-1073 (COVID-19/Influenza) Vaccine in Adults 18 to 75 Years Old

This is a phase 1 and 2 combined randomized clinical trial which anticipates enrollment of 1,050 participants.

Today, a reader sent me a link to the article below, which clearly shows that the pre-clinical phase of these combination vaccines has been concluded and APPROVED by the FDA. Enrollment for the clinical trials is about to begin.

Clinical trials for 'entirely new' mRNA flu vaccines launching soon. Will they work better?

Based on COVID-19 'messenger' RNA or mRNA vaccines, the new flu vaccines could better protect people from multiple types of flu. First up for testing: older people.

   • Moderna has created a new vaccine that aims to provide combined protection against both flu and COVID-19, including the most recent variants of COVID-19.

   • (The clinical trial director) expects to start testing Moderna's combined flu/COVID-19 vaccine in the late summer or early fall.

Colorado (UC Health) already has an "mRNA vaccine for influenza" clinical trial that is already enrolling, and this one is about to enroll. What does this mean?

   • This means that these mRNA combo vaccines are again being given status as a "vaccine," and not a gene therapy product. Otherwise, pre-clinical development would have taken much, much longer.

   • That the use of pseudouridine has been given the green light again, without further preclinical testing on safety. That the length of time the mRNA continues to make protein once in the body and levels of protein expressed over time has not been assessed in an animal body prior to the onset of these trials. This is shocking.

   • It appears that the FDA also did not require more testing of the nano lipid particles for safety, reproductive toxicity and bio-distribution in an animal model. This assumption is again based on the short timeline to clinical trial for these products.

   • This also implies that there have been no further pre-clinical studies regarding the spike protein as a toxin in the combination flu/COVID-19 mRNA vaccine candidate.

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