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Doctor Warns of Suspicious Pattern Behind Monkeypox Outbreak: 'Could Be Used to Take Away Our Freedoms'

Patricia Tolson : Aug 19, 2022
The Epoch Times

[] There has been much speculation that the novel coronavirus was a bioweapon developed in a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) lab. Now, an American doctor has a theory that the new monkeypox outbreak may also have similar nefarious origins  ... [Dr. Syed Haider] explained: "It's not going to lead to a wildfire spread through society. What's going to lead to widespread transmission is contact with lesions or contact with the fluid that comes out of the lesions. So we need to educate people to know that if you think you have monkeypox, isolate yourself and you won't spread it to other people. This is the way to stop a pandemic. Masking is a ridiculous measure for monkeypox, even more ridiculous than it was for COVID." That being said, Haider explained that the monkeypox outbreak "can all be easily repurposed as a way to take control away from people, especially going into the midterm elections to try to get us to avoid going to the polls or to use mail-in voting rather than in-person voting." He said it can also be sued as "an economic weapon"... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click here to read. (Image: Pixabay)