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These Two Amendments Are Trump's Friend Right Now

Ned Barnett-Opinion : Aug 17, 2022
American Thinker

The recent Mar-a-Lago raid will go down in history as one of the more egregious violations of any individual's constitutional protections...

[] ...This is why this absurd violation of Trump is unprecedented... The US attorney general (A.G.), the FBI, and the federal Judiciary have all done themselves and our country irreversible harm... (Screengrab image)

In the future, any A.G., with the complicity of the FBI and just one federal judge, will be permitted to do the same thing to anyone, all in the name of whatever faux reason they can "trump up."

However, Trump has a constitutional option to overturn this outrageous search. Any fair court must recognize that this search was "permitted" by a bogus warrant, issued by a radical Obama judicial appointee, US Magistrate Bruce Reinhart, based on counter-factual information from a single unreliable "insider."

This judge previously represented men involved with the Jeffrey Epstein pedophilia sex ring. Before becoming a judge, Reinhart financially supported far-left Democrats...

If Trump is going to get justice, he'll need to do so through higher courts, ultimately leading him to the Supreme Court...

What are the grounds for the court to overturn the warrant, disallowing all "information" seized? Trump has three claims under the Bill of Rights, under the Fourth and Fifth Amendments... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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