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Mar-A-Lago Raid: The Complete Sovietization of the Democrat Party

Patricia McCarthy-Opinion : Aug 9, 2022
American Thinker

"This raid on Mar-A-Lago was pure misguided theater, just as the ridiculous and equally misguided J6 committee is theater. Thoroughly disconnected from reality, the participating Democrats seem to think all this outrageous posturing is going to change the minds of Trump supporters. It has not and will not..." -Patricia McCarthy

[] With the wholly illegal and unconstitutional FBI raid on President Trump's home at Mar-a-Lago on Monday, in search of documents they have long had access to, there can no longer be any doubt about the full communization of the American left... (Image: Unsplash-Andy Feliciotti)

The Democrats are so determined to destroy Trump, they are willing to reveal their true colors: They are all Stalinist communists now...

...Every Democrat voted against prohibiting China from buying U.S. farmland.  Every Democrat voted against a ban on selling our strategic oil reserves to China; Biden has nearly emptied our strategic reserves.  Every Democrat voted against a bill stating ythat pregnancy is unique to biological females.  Every Democrat is on board the for the sexualization of very young children, the authorization of pornography in elementary school libraries and the pharmaceutical and surgical intervention of gender transition even for children under twelve ... They all support unrestricted abortion up to and just after birth; they are in favor of infanticide.

Every Democrat has voted against protecting those who refuse the COVID vaccine.  They voted against stopping the government from monitoring and prosecuting the unvaccinated ...Democrats approve of the DOJ labeling parents who attend school board meetings as domestic terrorists... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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