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'Not What America Is About': Chicago Cubs Co-Owner Breaks Down Free Speech Crisis, Unveils Innovative Challenge to Google

Billy Hallowell : Aug 8, 2022

"It's a little as scary ... and it's dangerous when you get into a situation where ... an administration and Democratic politicians along with the media, and along with big tech are trying to suppress the free flow of ideas. That's not the United States of America; that looks something that's more akin to like what you would expect in Russia or China." -Todd Ricketts

[] Many conservative and Christian groups have, in recent years, vocally expressed concerns and doubts about big tech, with claims and examples of viewpoint discrimination raging on search engines and social media properties alike. (Screengrab image)

Todd Ricketts, co-owner of the Chicago Cubs, is on a mission to bolster free speech, and he's tackling these concerns by creating a new search engine he believes could revolutionize Google's dominance and reinvigorate competition in the tech space.

The Impetus for Change

Ricketts recently announced the creation of FREESPOKE, a search engine devoted to the free flow of information—without the presence of ideological lenses or viewpoint restraints.

"For years, I felt like the results I was getting from Google and other search engines were coming with a little bit of a bias, like a left-leaning bias," he said. "And I wasn't getting results that I expected."

Ricketts' concern over the suppression of information led him on a quest to create a tool that "doesn't try to hide anything" as it serves up search results for its users.

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"Our country was built on free speech ... this idea, 'I don't have to agree with what you say, but I'll die defending your right to say it,'" he said. "Well, big tech has decided you don't have a right to say that anymore."

Diving Deeper Into the Problem

While some critics might dismiss claims of anti-conservative bias or charge these allegations against big tech are overstated, Ricketts said companies like Google do little to hide their suppression on topics like climate change.

His cultural argument at the core of FREESPOKE—and American ideals more generally—is that all views deserve to be heard. Rather than hiding opponents' perspectives, he encouraged sunlight...

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