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Watch: Nail-Biting Moment Woman Falls on Subway Tracks, Hero NYPD Cops Save Her Just in Time

Billy Hallowell : Jun 24, 2022

...a subway rolled in just minutes after the rescue...

[] New York City police officers are being heralded for their heroics after rescuing a woman this week who suffered a medical crisis and fell onto subway tracks. (Image: NYPD)

Officers Muhammed Ghani and Rochelle Paulburton were clearly in the right place at the right time Monday morning—and their quick-thinking actions helped save a life.

"Watch as strategically deployed [NYPD 68th Precinct] officers who were on their daily transit inspection came to the rescue when a passenger suffered a medical episode and fell onto the tracks minutes before a train rolled into the station," a tweet from the New York Police Department reads... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

Continue reading and watch the body cam video here.