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'I Was Going to Do Protect These Kids': Gentle, Petite Teacher Hailed Hero after Tackling School Intruder

Billy Hallowell : May 24, 2022

"...All these kids feel like my kids." -Rachel Davis

airlift[] A Tennessee teacher is being hailed a hero after the petite educator boldly tackled an intruder to protect students from terrifying uncertainty. (Screengrab image)

The bizarre incident unfolded May 11, when kindergarten teacher Rachel Davis was outside with 32 children on the school playground at Inglewood Elementary School in Nashville, and saw something that concerned her.

She noticed a man approaching on the sidewalk. The individual wanted to get inside the building through the playground entrance, which Davis rebuffed, telling him instead to go to the front door.

When the man walked away and then came back, Davis and another teacher started getting the kids inside—and that's when chaos broke out.

The man reportedly jumped over a fence and started charging toward the door, the Tennessean reported.

"Get help!" Davis told the other teacher.

Within moments, Davis was joined by Nikki Thomas, the school secretary, and both women tried to prevent the intruder from getting inside. The man, though, was undeterred, knocking into kids as he barreled toward the door.

Davis, described as gentle and calm, jumped into action and put her arms around the back of the man to try and stop his advance.

"Run!" Davis yelled to the remaining students. "Go inside now!"

The man then made his way inside the building and began running after breaking free from Davis. Rather than back down, though, the teacher—fearing for her students—reportedly kicked into high gear... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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