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Sick: Planned Parenthood Targets Youngest Audience Yet with Their 'Ice Cream Abortion' Truck

Nancy Flanders : Mar 16, 2022
Live Action News

"They outlawed using cartoon characters to sell tobacco, as it was actually targeting children. This is no different. What an awful thing to do." -Social media user who saw McGill Johnson’s tweet

Editor's Note: When I first saw this marketing scheme by PP, I couldn't help being reminded of the "child catcher," evil ice cream truck in "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" that kidnapped kids. But this isn't fantasy—unfortunately. This is beyond foul. How low will they go I wonder? -Aimee Herd, BCN

[] Planned Parenthood, which targets children in the womb for death by abortion, also promotes sex to children in schools, ensuring future customers. But the abortion giant's latest stunt involves the use of an apparent ice cream truck to distribute condoms and lies about abortion—and its marketing is drawing ire with good reason.

The truck is slated to be present at SXSW, a festival currently underway in Austin, Texas, which features music, film, exhibits, and other events. The truck is decorated with hot pink posters that say: "Ice cream as cold as TX politicians" and "Ice Cream You Scream: 'Abortion Rights for All.'" Next to the image of an ice cream cone is a condom and a number to text to "join the fight to defend abortion access." The truck also features images of what appears to be ice cream products—but they actually display types of condoms.

It is unclear if there is any actual ice cream on board—but it is clear that Planned Parenthood is using symbols associated with childhood to draw people to their condom truck.

"Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for abortion rights!" tweeted Planned Parenthood president Alexis McGill Johnson in promotion of the truck. "Catch us around SXSW and stop by to grab some free Bans Off swag, condoms, and education on the cold hearted policies of the Texas legislature #BansOffOurBodies #SXSW"

"They outlawed using cartoon characters to sell tobacco, as it was actually targeting children," wrote one social media user who saw McGill Johnson's tweet. "This is no different. What an awful thing to do."

Is Planned Parenthood using something kids love to lure them in and to promote the killing of children still in the womb? Some social media commentators clearly thought so, and reacted with outrage.

"I'm very pro-choice...but this is pretty ****ed up," wrote one Twitter user. "Making money on a human rights issue, really? Sure seems like you're fighting for it cause you care, and totally not because you want to get rich."

Another person tweeted, "A kids ice cream truck advocating for child killing. Gross," while another wrote, "Well, this isn't psychotic at all. Also, does anyone else find it ironic that an organization dedicated to killing children is using as a tool something kids love?"

Yet another commented, "They are putting a brand new twist on the idea of 'child predator'!"

Planned Parenthood has long attempted to gain access to children. As Live Action News previously reported, the abortion industry leader targets children with its sex-ed programs. Advocates for Youth, the Planned Parenthood-backed organization that created the youth sex-ed website AMAZE and the comprehensive K-12 sex-ed curriculum currently used by more than 100 schools, markets explicit video content to children in order to normalize sexual behavior.

The AMAZE Jr. site is marketed to children ages 4-9 and includes a cartoon of a woman telling a young boy and girl to take a bath together and touch each other. It also promotes masturbation. AMAZE is for kids 10 and up and continues to promote masturbation while also encouraging children to have sex. See the details in Live Action News' shocking four-part series.

Every business wants to bring in new customers, and grooming children just as sexual predators do is how Planned Parenthood creates its new and future customers. Encouraging children to have sex creates a demand for birth control, STD testing, and abortion. The sooner Planned Parenthood begins to groom a child with sexually explicit material and to convince the child that the corporation cares for him or her, the more likely that child will be to have sex at a young age, have an increased number of sexual partners, and turn to Planned Parenthood for "help."

review of 103 studies on comprehensive sex-ed programs in the U.S. and other nations revealed that a large number of the programs actually caused increases in promiscuity and risky sexual behavior among children. These behaviors then led to "increased pregnancies, STDs, ... [number of] sex partners, increases in forced sex/rape, and increases in paid sex." None of the programs reduced STDs or teen pregnancies. Instead, these programs seem almost designed to fail and instead merely groomed children to have sex, allowing Planned Parenthood to financially profit from them.

Despite the apparent desire to reach children at younger and younger ages, much of society turns a blind eye and entrusts our children to Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion business in the country. Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here