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Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin Changes 'Diversity Officer' Position to Be an Ambassador for Unborn Children, Free Speech

Ian Miles Cheong : Jan 21, 2022
The Post Millennial

[] Virginia's newly inaugurated governor Glenn Youngkin has signed an executive order to make the state's diversity officer an "ambassador for unborn children"–effectively turning wokeness on its head. According to the legislation, the Chief Diversity, Opportunity & Inclusion (DEI) Officer will "facilitate bringing Virginians of different faiths together in service to their communities and the Commonwealth; will promote free speech and civil discourse in civic life, including viewpoint diversity in higher education in coordination with the Secretary of Education"; [and] "will also promote ... ideas, policies, and practices to eliminate disparities in pre-natal care, and be an ambassador for unborn children"... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click here to read. (Screengrab image)