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Australian State Announces Lockdown for the Unvaccinated That Could Last 'For Years to Come'

David McLoone : Jan 18, 2022

"Life will become very difficult for the unvaccinated ... no pubs, no bottle-shops, no gym, no yoga classes, no gigs, no dancefloors, no hospital or aged care visits." -Premier Mark McGowan

(Perth, Australia) – [] The government of Western Australia (WA) has announced a raft of restrictive new coronavirus measures, barring those who have not received two doses of a COVID-19 shot from most public settings and warning the un-jabbed that the rules "will not be removed any time soon." (Screengrab image)

In a January 13 announcement, Premier Mark McGowan unveiled that extensive state-wide restrictions on the un-jabbed would commence on January 31, introducing "the broadest proof of vaccination requirements in the nation."

The premier said that utilizing "wide-ranging proof of vaccination requirements" will help to curb the spread of COVID-19 since "we have seen [it] work in other jurisdictions."

McGowan's assertion sharply contradicts data out of several countries that have introduced vaccine passes, like the UK, which earlier this month reported record infections and higher COVID rates among vaccinated people in all age groups over 18 years old. The vaccinated have likewise come to dominate COVID hospitalizations and deaths in the UK and other highly vaccinated European nations, as well as parts of the United States.

Leading medical experts have also warned of serious injuries linked to the injections. The spike proteins in mRNA COVID vaccines, like those produced by Moderna and Pfizer, are "pathogenic" and "lethal to some," Texas cardiologist and COVID-19 expert Dr. Peter McCullough lamented last fall.

He noted that autoimmune conditions may directly result from the jabs, echoing experts like Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche and former Pfizer vice president Dr. Mike Yeadon. "So, in the most kind of perverted way, it's hard to say this, but the vaccine is, in a sense, giving people a dose of a product of bioterrorism, by injection," McCullough said.

The introduction of the punishing and coercive measures in Western Australia comes despite some 94.4 percent of over 12s in the region having received their first dose of the shots and 87 percent already having taken the second. 18.1 percent of the eligible population had taken a third booster before the announcement. Research has shown that the vaccines cause greater harm than the virus particularly for younger age groups and young men, who have a heightened risk of potentially fatal heart inflammation after the jabs.

Western Australia had already employed a proof of COVID shot status requirement within its borders for what was deemed "higher risk venues and events," including gatherings where large numbers of people could crowd, such as music festivals... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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