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Sen. Tim Scott Creates MLK Day Videos, Hopes to Rebut Biden Speech

Associated Press : Jan 17, 2022
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[] With a video series on issues he sees as pertinent to the Black community, the US Senate's only Black Republican, Tim Scott of South Carolina, is putting forth what he characterizes as a positive response to partisan rhetoric on race that he's best-positioned to rebut. But that approach comes with some harsh words about President Joe Biden's recent rhetoric ... "To compare or conflate people who oppose his positions as being racists and traitors to the country is not only insulting and infuriating, it's dead wrong," Scott told the AP last week. "All you have to do is know the facts, and you realize that the president wasn't misleading us only, he was actually fibbing to us, in order to amass political power—basically lying to us"... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click here to read. (Screengrab image)