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PRAY: Nigeria on the Brink of Rwanda-Scale Genocide

News Staff : Oct 13, 2021
Christian Solidarity International

"If Nigeria implodes into lawlessness or civil war, the entire West African region will quickly be affected. This would trigger an exodus to Europe." -CSI's Africa expert, Franklyne Ogbunwezeh

(Westlake Village, CA) — [Christian Solidarity International] According to the International Crisis Group, over 60,000 Christians have been killed in the past few years in Nigeria. Since 2013, Christian Solidarity International (CSI) has been providing material aid to Nigerians affected by terrorist violence. Last January, CSI issued a Genocide Warning to the United Nations Security Council citing the escalating struggle between the indigenous, predominantly Christian farming communities of the Middle Belt states and the Islamist Fulani militias. Christian Solidarity International's partner Masara Kim was recently interviewed on Fox Nation where he explained the conditions on the ground. According to the report, the Fulani militia uses tactics similar to the terrorist group Al Qaeda, including beheadings, crucifixions, sex slavery, and forced marriages. (Screengrab image: Nigerian Christian mass funeral)

CSI's Africa expert, Franklyne Ogbunwezeh says he sees similarities between the current situation in Nigeria and the 1994 Rwanda genocide.

"Fear is pervasive in central Nigeria, where Fulani Islamists are killing Christians," says Ogbunwezeh. "According to various reports, the police and the army are guilty of human rights violations. Many people want to secede. Kidnappings are taking place everywhere and ransom demands are increasing. Even through the media, the tribes abuse each other. If Nigerians cannot find a way to stop this explosion of hatred, genocide could be imminent. The 1994 genocide in Rwanda was also preceded by years of degrading rhetoric."

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Ogbunwezeh says that the current government is "weak and incompetent" and Nigerians have lost confidence in the government as a guarantor of security.

"If Nigeria implodes into lawlessness or civil war, the entire West African region will quickly be affected. This would trigger an exodus to Europe," says Ogbunwezeh.

Ogbunwezeh says that despite all the suffering, Nigeria could change their future for the better with intervention.

"Some 70% of Nigerians are young people under the age of 30," says Ogbunwezeh. "I believe that with good political organization, the potential of this young generation could unfold in such a way that Nigeria and other African states would become flourishing countries. But until this is the case, it is imperative that CSI draw attention to the persecution of Christians and moderate Muslims and its possible consequences." Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here